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Being here is like Groundhog's Day. You know what movie with Bill? Yeah that one. Like, you can try to go but you don't really go until you figure out how to break the curse. For me, it is my inability to do anything or make anything of myself. The lot of you that end up not logging on for months at a time claim "life is in the way" and stuff which I never understood because life is not in the way. I have nothing important to do because I am not doing anything important. I am not worth anything and therefore my actions in life aren't worth anything.

Maybe I am giving these people too much credit. Maybe "life" is just them working and then coming home and watching reruns on Net Flicks. If so, it's not too much different from my own.

There's a lot of framing in the world. Frame something bad to look better. Rain ruined your plans on going to the beach? Well, now it is time to get to that chore you're putting off. It sucks. I hate framing and I hate living. I'd say I wanna go back to when I was a kid, but it was then I was doing all the cleaning and school. It's never been a happy time ever. Always some sort of burden to do. Nothing is fun. Everything is joyless. The breaks we get from the joyless are just distractions. So here's my break. The site. Doing the stupid little games I do. It's all a way to avoid talking to people or seeing people or going to the grocery store. It's a way out of hating everyone at work.

Ah well, right? I got more trivia and stuff next week so take a look at Tabletop if you want. Or don't. It's a free world.
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I'm not exactly where I want to be. But I am damn proud of myself. It's been storming nonstop for the last 2 weeks. A mere 2 years ago, you would've seen me crying and raving on about how life isn't fair for this. Now? Now I don't care. I don't like storms. But they no longer scare me like they did when the tornado hit back in 2020 March. And yes, I do drink weekly. But back then? I would drink every other day. I'm strong enough, I ONLY drink weekly. And by god? I deserve that week. I'm at an impressive feat in my life. And honestly? I'm gonna make it better. I'm gonna try my best to make sure I start working out every day, too. (I already started small by doing 10 "lady" pushups every time I go to the bathroom.) It's small, but I'm proud of how far I came compared to how I was 3 years ago. Please be proud of yourself, too. I'm sure you've came far.
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My brother is getting two Xbox 360 games in the mail that we can play together! :D Watchmen, and Street Fighter x Tekken!!! Cannot wait to play 'em with him!!! We're gonna game HARD!!! :D
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A lot of times when I go to the Goodwill, I notice that people OBVIOUSLY either donated their own collection, or their relative's collection. For example, the store was just FILLED with M&M merch (as a Skittle, this insults me) but clearly with the sudden influx of M&M merch, somebody gave away a collection. Likely a dead relative's. And this has me thinking... I've spent thousands on my Riddler collection; this collection has been around for a few years, and will continue going with the next years. But what will it mean once I'm dead? I may someday have the largest Riddler collection. But what if my future relative gives it all away? Sure, my child may likely keep it if I pass away. But it's a little more unlikely my grandchild will. And then my GREAT grandchildren??? Nah. They'll very likely give it away. The idea of them selling all my hard work for profit or giving it away makes me physically ill.

So, I have two ideas to preserve my Riddler collection for as long as possible. 1) I construct a vault like building in some remote location where no laws will tell me I can't build there or whatever. Then I secure my Riddler collection THERE. Or 2) I become a famous celebrity and after death, my house is turned into a museum, and all my fans can see what a dedicated collector I was. Thus, my Riddler collection is secured in the room it's always been.

This 19th on May I was become 25 years old (or "young" as Neoseeker puts it) So, I think it's time to really start planning out life goals. Especially if I wanna save my Riddler collection.
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Recently got my Ruby battery changed and thought what better way to start than shiny hunt for a starter? Soft resetting on RSE is not as time-consuming as other games. Plus to soothe my soul for losing my shiny Tropius from my old save file a shiny of my first Pokémon would be a great way to start my journey! Lo and behold a week of soft resetting later I got him... and I can finally relive my childhood again! Meet Beetroot the shiny Mudkip :')

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The last few weeks have been awesome! Other than the stress of my mother's personal choices. Everything else has been going swimmingly! It's been nearly 4 weeks since we've last had severe weather where I am - even a CHANCE for severe weather hasn't been around! That's awesome!!! I hope severe weather goes away for the rest of the year! Especially this Spring! There hasn't even been that much rain. Ever since the tornado in 2020, it seems like it's been raining more than usual. Feels more like we're living in England than the States. But this MONTH has felt like a typical Spring here. Last month was scary, though. But this month has been better.

And I'm not hangover! I thought FOR SURE I was gonna get a real bad hangover cuz whenever I drink more than a few times a week, I get the WORST hangovers! Yikes! But surprisingly??? Nothin!!! Of course, I'm not gonna let this give me false confidence. As I stated in last blog post! I DO plan on slowing down the drinking again :) As much as I love the funny juice, it's simply not healthy! I will go the rest of the week without any booze until next Monday! Or at least, TRY TO. My brother likes to drink on his days off (Wednesday and Thursdays) so it makes it a lil harder to resist when he has 'em. ):

Our dog got loose a few days ago cuz my mom forgot to close the kennel door. It took us hours to find her, and even then, she wouldn't come to us! (The lil rascal was too busy having too much fun! All while worrying us!) Luckily, she did safely return to us on her own, albeit sprayed by a skunk LOL. My mom got her microchipped just in case that ever happens again. It was bad luck, but really good luck, too - 'cos she returned home in the end!

Anyway. I hope things continue going smooth, and I hope this year will be a very good year as the previous years have been kinda lame! Too much bad things happen... so hopefully lotsa good things or just plain things happen this year! Hope y'all have an amazing 2023, too!! Peace! ✌️ :D
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I've been drinking way more this week than I usually do. Truth is, I'm drinking rn. I've been more depressed than usual since the start of 2020. Seems like lots of bad things have happened these last few years. And it makes me hyper paranoid. But I'm sitting here, and I remembered how sad I was at the start of 2010, specifically 2012 and 2013. But yet... here I am. I'm listening to Victorious music right now, and watching Big Time Rush. I also rewatch a lot of Smosh, and luv to behave like I'm still in 2009-2012! Despite the fact I was saddened back then by life's events. Now? It seems like I'm remembering nothing but the good stuff - the shows I enjoyed, the internet life I've enjoyed (like Neoseeker! :D) And all the trends and stuff. And it made me realize - despite the bad. I have so many good memories 10 years back.

And it made me think... Despite the trauma I endured in 2020 - there will be a day where it doesn't affect me anymore. Where like now with my problems of 2010, I won't think of it as much. And now I'm realizing, would my memories of 2020 be as good in 2030 if I spent a lot of it drunk? Possibly. But I'd like to look back on healthier 2020s.

I often say I'm gonna stop drinking. Truth is, I'll probs just go back to slowing down again. But eh - that'll be a win, too. I suppose. Anyway, hope y'all are having an amazing night. Love you all.
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Was originally gonna post this on Loungin, but realized it was too grim. It'll be a personal blog post instead.

She has diabetes. At FIRST she took it seriously. But for the last two months, she's back to eating whatever. She found out her blood sugar was 306 LAST NIGHT!!!! And claimed she'd eat better. But really? She's not today. She's eating "better" compared to how she was. But definitely not better for a diabetic person. I'm preparing for her death because it's gonna happen. She talked about how she'll SURELY make it longer than my father who has a terminal kidney disease. But now? I'm not sure. I have a feeling she knows it, too. She even said she better read her comics before she "kicks the bucket." She's only 58. It's crazy how she's literally gonna kill herself simply because she can't stop eating. How she doesn't give a damn how this will affect her loved ones. I hate it. I hate it.
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Everyone knows Riddler's biggest enemy for the last 73 years has been Batman. And throughout history, he's even gone against the likes of Green Arrow, and even the Flash. But who would make for the PERFECT rival for Riddler? If you're thinking what I'm thinking, you're absolutely correct...

Bubsy Bobcat! THINK ABOUT IT! Why else would he have an exclamation on his shirt? It's to complement Riddler's question marks! Riddler has the questions, and Bubsy's got the ANSWERS! Also Riddler's a total geek. What better person to go up against a geek than the coolest cat ever??? Riddler is known for being a suave smart ass who throws baby tantrums when he loses. But Bubsy is loud, rambunctious, and NEVER loses his cool! They're a match made in heaven!

Here's a pic I photoshop of them fighting each other. :3 Pls make this happen, DC!
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Doing my Universe playthrough! Speedrunning it a little since I'm only getting trophies I'm missing, picking up Roger and Peppita this time and for 4D it'll be Peppita and Albel (peppy is just too fun to use)
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When The Sims 4 was announced nearly a decade ago, I was very excited for it. However, when it FINALLY released, I was met with... disappointment. It lacked a lot of features that the previous installments had. No swimming pools, no toddlers, no cars, and all lifespans practically looked the same. (Seriously, teenagers and young adults were identical.) And I continue to be highly critical of this installment for years to come. Especially when the laughable "Cats & Dogs" EP was released, and lacked all the animals that Sims 3: Pets had. (No birds, rodents, deer, or horses.) and then instead of adding more pets as a free update, they gave us DLC FOR OUR DLC. It was ridiculous. Despite having been a Sims fan since 2005, and Sims 4 coming out in 2014. I would not officially play Sims 4 until 2018-2019, and that was because they offered base game free for a limited time. I refused to purchase a game that still lacked content and gameplay, and was more of an expensive dress up game than it was a simulation.

However. 2022 was the first time I bought a Sims 4 EP and officially supported the game. And 2023 is when things started to get better. I will say after all these years of my criticism, I am starting to warm up to the Sims 4 installment quite well. Yes, I am STILL critical of it. Teenagers are STILL the same height, and appearance of Young Adults (and practically adults, too - other than adults having a cometic change of more wrinkles.) But the games DLC has improved a lot. Whilst we still get our typical S4 cheap & glitchy EPs like Wedding Stories, and High School Years. We've gotten ones that felt like they do indeed focus more on the game itself. The Sims 4: Werewolves, for example. That's the first DLC I bought WITHOUT waiting for it to go on sale, and I bought it on its release date. And I have to say - the Werewolf state in TS4 is the best werewolf state in ALL of the games. Not just by their appearance, but the attention to their behavior, and the interactions they can have. As well as their home world that allows for exploration.

I also bought Growing Together right away, as well. It has "milestones" which feels like the better way of bringing back the "memory" system of TS2 than TS3 had with their "photo album." I also love that Sims can now have "first impressions" of other Sims, and they can even change their traits as time goes by. It feels way more realistic this way, and guess what? Adds to the gameplay. Infants are the best TS4 babies we've gotten yet. The Sims community including myself always made fun of the babies being literal objects in TS4, and you couldn't take them anyway. They were restrained to one bassinet. But Sims 4 proved they could do babies well finally with the infant update. I find them more enjoyable teaching them how to simply CRAWL than I did with other babies in the previous series. It really feels like you can interact with your baby now, and they can really learn.

Sims 4 is still flawed, and it sucks it took them nearly 10 years to get better. But truth is, it is becoming a more enjoyable game. Whilst I still enjoy Sims 3 more, and maybe even Sims 2. I am now excited to build my Sims 4 collection more! (Which I have built it immensely, but still have lots to go...) and I am excited to see what else they'll do with it. Before I'd suggest people NOT to play Sims 4, but now I'll tell them go ahead... although, unlike Sims 3, it still needs EPs to really have fun with.
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How someone will go out of their way to assume something (the word cis) was forced on them by trans folks, when in reality it's just that there were cis people who aren't babies like you are who came up with the term? Delete that.
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Did he touch you better than me?
Did he watch you fall asleep?
Did you show him all those things, that you used to do to me?

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Username Changed, I think I'm finally done with Neoseeker, To anyone who received a PM from me I wish you have wonderful futures and that you get all the luck and happiness you desire in life.
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I check back here every few years tbh LOL because i had such good childhood memories here. Imma come back some other time to upload my new art and wander around here, but i just wanted to say hello again!