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Oct 8, 18 12:12am

What's on my mind? Who's asking?

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Oct 1, 18 5:31am

Many people imagine dinosaurs as big lizards dwelling the lush, tropical jungles of prehistoric times. But that is not entirely true. Dinosaurs, as a whole, were very successful and survived over 150 million years and dominated every continent; so one could expect some diversity.
The thought of dinosaurs enduring the cold, living through months of darkness, trekking through snow, and slipping on ice is certainly not the first thing people think of. But the fossil record does not lie.

One dinosaur, Leaellynasaura amicagraphica, lived during the midst of the Early Cretaceous in what is now known as Dinosaur Cove, Australia and during this time Victoria was within proximity of the Antarctic Circle. Nowadays this region is extremely cold, but during Leaellynasaura's reign it was significantly warmer. Not only that, but as a result of the Earth's tilt the animals living here would have faced longer days and longer nights. So during the winter Leaellynasaura could have gone weeks or months without a ray of warm sunshine.
Yet, nonetheless, Leaellynasaura adapted to these conditions and with the assistance of larger eyes these little dinosaurs managed to scrounge through the chilly times just a bit better.

If we take a look at the Early Jurassic Period in the Hanson Formation of Antarctica we will come across another unique dinosaur; Cryolophosaurus ellioti. Granted, at this time Antarctica was indeed closer to the equator and the overall global temperature was higher when compared to the present day...but Early Jurassic Antarctica was still a cool temperate climate. The coastlines rarely dipped much below freezing (32°F or 0°C), but the more extreme environments existed further inland.
Despite these harsh conditions, this primitive theropod still scratched out a living alongside other dinosaurs.

The fossil record has shown paleontologists numerous examples of dinosaurs inhabiting frigid climates and has opened the eyes of all scientists to the near unlimited possibilities.
With each new discovery, new questions need answering. If some dinosaurs lived in cold climates then are dinosaurs endothermic or ectothermic? And did the dropping temperatures contribute to the dinosaur's extinction? But those topics are better suited for their own article.
Thurlow blogged
Sep 27, 18 1:25pm

Racism is an awkward topic but this is different, I'm not talking the on going black and white, stepping a side from that. There is something I've been pulled up on at work and it's not the first job it has happened to me in. This may seem controversial to some and maybe over stepping i don't know.

Anyways this is what happened. I work with a lot of Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian. I have no problem with them personally or with where they come from, my only issue is the refusal to speak English and it's not their lack of it. It's talking over and going off into their native language whilst in a conversation with them regarding work. The reason I have been spoken to by my manager is because if things i said and this is how it started.

"Guys, things would be easier if we could all speak the same language when working together"

Now before I even said those words, i thought about what i was going to say because of previous issues, so I ensured I did not swear or sound rude. I don't personally beleive anything wrong with what I said.

This is then where the problems occurred. One of the responses I received was "Stupid English Guy" another was "Not our problem you don't understand, the Bulgarians have learnt Polish why not you"

Now these could be taken as jokey comments but its when they start on the whole being English and issues with England and how horrible it is, how shit it is here, how English people where lazy idiots (we know we have a few trust me) but when i then return with "if you don't like it go home" it is taken as offensive. I've been called effing English this effing English that, however another comment I said is "If it's so great back home why the f you here?"

I left it at that walked off feeling quite pissed off, got on with work and thought well tomorrow is another day.

Anyways later on I get pulled into the office. I'm told they have received complaints regarding racist comments. I was like WTF, so I explained what happened. Despite explaining everything I'm told that I cannot say things like what I did say to them. So I asked is it ok for them to say things to me about being English. Response was "it's different"

So once again I'm in this situation where I get all sorts of abuse, yet when i return it I'm the racist. I've often had it in work places where I have politely asked if they could speak English when working with me, i dont care what language any one speaks when I'm not involved and what annoys me more is it seems to be a one way street.

Years ago I had an opportunity to work and live in Hungary. My ex girlfriend was Hungarian and it was something we were considering, however I was really struggling with the language, could only master the pure basics. She and others told me, it doesn't matter they will accommodate me there, most Hungarians know some English and can just speak English at work. I was like yeah great, but that would make me a hypocrite. I turned down the opportunity because of not speaking Hungarian and i felt I'd be insulting people and annoying people.

I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks like this, i dont know if I'm 100% correct, everyone entitled too their opinion, but i hate and am annoyed as being labelled a racist for this
Captain blogged
Sep 27, 18 9:44am

I'll tell you what
My reign is over, along with my presence, hence
A graceful exit, I'll leave your inheritance
Knowing one day you too will be consumed
By absolute power of which no man is immune
Thurlow blogged
Sep 22, 18 1:58am

As i was jogging through the park earlier, i couldn't help but stare at these massive tits that were bouncing up and down. After staring at them unblinkingly for several minutes i then realized i had a problem. I'm a Fat Bastard
Luciano700 blogged
Sep 19, 18 7:07pm

I been trying to battle my urge more and more lately to just be online over here and not get some productivity going, battle is getting better at a slow pace though.
Thurlow blogged
Sep 11, 18 2:48pm

So I enter a competition at work, i never win, but still thought I'd give it ago. Winners receive VIP tickets to watch Bristol City (my local team) on Saturday inclusive a 2 course meal and drinks. Sounds great. Well I didn't win, however some people mainly the Polish lot entered on my behalf said they'd give me ticket if won.

Anyways we come to work tonight and no one on our shift was announced as winners, so I tell my girlfriend to go ahead and book plans with her friends and partners as was waiting to see if i had won or not.

Bookings confirmed so I have a joyful afternoon with partners friend an partner then one of the lads come to me and says I've just received this email, won ticket for the watch, said he just needed my details so it could e put in my name.

I wanted to go to the corner and cry, was too late to change my other plans. Truly gutted and thought I would share, this is the cleaned down polite version of what actually happened there were a lot of swear words involved and the poor guy who offered me his ticket looked very confused
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Sep 11, 18 11:29am

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Luciano700 blogged
Sep 10, 18 7:41pm

My cousin went on a rampage because Spider-Man was taking forever to install, he also decided to get so badly the new Spider-Man-skinned PS4, even though he may as well had stick to the basic model he has had for almost 4 years.
Thurlow blogged
Sep 10, 18 4:17pm

I decided it’s time to start playing football again and i have joined a local football team called “The Musketeers.”

We have started the season well, with three wins and a draw...

all 4-1...and one 4-all...
Daydreaming blogged
Sep 4, 18 10:26pm

It’s always cool to see what became of the people you used to talk to, so here’s what’s been up with me! :DD

It’s 2018, and I forgot my password for five years. (Last time I logged in was in before this was 2013). In this period of time, Hotmail somehow disappeared so I couldn’t do the “forgot my password” stuff.

I FULFILLED ONE OF MY CHILDHOOD GOALS: I met up irl with an online friend! C: I happened to be attending an engineering conference in Texas, and I met Zanshouken in person. He’s one of my first ever friends here from way back when we were playing around in the Tales of Phantasia (GBA) forums, and it was a fantastic experience! 10/10 would do it again.

I’ll have my Civil Engineering degree with a minor in Structural Engineering by the end of this year. It's my last semester and in 2 days I'll have my last "first day of school" in my life. :c I don’t play video games as much anymore… I finish about 2 new games a year now, I think. My hobbies are in a huge spectrum now. I enjoy parties, raves, hanging out with friends, all forms of art, writing, long walks listening to music. I’ve been going boating, longboarding, skiing, and lots and lots of travelling. (University literally funds all of my adventures, I’m not rich ok) The past year, I’ve been to 7 different countries! :DD

I’ve been dragged into adulthood and into my first professional job. I’ve represented my company in front of city officials, and have been given enough responsibility that even a typo could cost everyone thousands of dollars. (And yes, I have made that mistake. It went by okay, though!) Life has been a wild and fun ride!!

Intrinsically though, the major difference between myself now, and the kid I used to be back when I made the profile “Day_dreaming” is that I got out of my “shy” phase. I’m pretty much the same person irl as I am online now. c: In other words, I grew up, but I’m somehow still a child at heart! I wouldn’t have it any other way. C; I still haven’t forgotten Neo, just because I will never forget how grateful I am for the community here ((for all the good and bad things that have happened!!)) because Neo was such an essential part of me growing up.

Just knowing someone you can’t physically meet is doing well is a relief. I’ll try to keep this updated, every couple of years!
Thurlow blogged
Sep 4, 18 4:19pm

Can't sleep joys of being a night shift worker and trying to adapt to day life when off. Thought id update profile first time since signing up, first time posting here too
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Aug 6, 18 2:42am

Devil Frog, Devil Toad, Frog from Hell are all common names given to this amphibian by popular media. This is Beelzebufo.
Fossils of this frog have been uncovered from the Maevarano Formation on the island of Madagascar and was described in 2008. Beelzebufo lived approximately 70 million years ago during the time of the dinosaurs.

What made Beelzebufo so fascinating was its relatively large size. The species could max out at 16 inches (41 cm) long and weigh 10 pounds (4.5 kg). In addition to their size, Beelzebufo also possessed a gargantuan head! And when compared to their ill-tempered living relatives, the ceratophyrines, who rely on their vice grip-like jaws to takedown prey… Beelzebufo was similar in more ways than one. In fact, it is estimated that Beelzebufo could wield a bite force of 500 - 2,200 newtons! With a crunch equivalent of medium to large sized mammalian carnivores, Beelzebufo should have no trouble killing its prey.
• Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-11968-6
And these prey options are pretty much anything that could fit into its mouth... and yes, that includes baby dinosaurs.
Angelus de Lioncourt blogged
Jul 31, 18 6:37pm

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