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I know it is kinda recent since the last one, but I have a few things I wanna talk about here.

For starters, I'm back to temporary modding Tabletop. We've had some more visitors there, but my tenure is coming to an end in about a month. I've wrote my thoughts in the RFS thread and you guys have been kind to me there. In short, I think I've accomplished what I needed to in the two months I've been back. I wanted to do a bit of housekeeping which is done now and I thought maybe being back on top would be a good way to get the place kicking again. I had a few new ideas which we're playing, but really it doesn't matter if I'm modding it or not.

What's different this time around is I'm not saying I outright failed the forum. I think I did an okay job with it, but I also don't think I necessarily "deserve" a permanent spot. I wanted to make my time worth it and I think I've accomplished that. It was good for the Tabletop Lore as well. Count Dracula's gaze is on the horizon once more. Time to push back, friends of Tabletop. Though we all know sword_of_omens is still his minion.

Secondly, I guess I should update you all on my current struggles. I've been good to my word, but I've still been in an abusive relationship with myself. Didn't give myself a black eye this time, but I did cause substantial bruising on my stomach and sides. My mind is continuously going to bad places and wishing for bad things. It's just hard to let go. I have a nephew now. I had uncles who died young. Do I do that to my nephew too? I don't know. My relationship with the outside world gets more frayed by the day and I kind of fear the point where I just don't care anymore.

But I am working on it. I just don't know like...if it is working.
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I was debating on if I wanted to make this a thread or not and ultimately decided a NeoBlog was the better idea.

Today, I'm officially giving up on alcohol. I've done a lot of thinking and I think it might just be for the best.

My relationship with alcohol is limited but slightly interesting. When I was really little, a first cousin died due to an accident with a drunk driver. When I got older, my uncle died due to addiction to alcohol when his liver failed. A lot of friends I knew got in situations due to being too drunk. So, I was kind of against drinking most of my life. I honestly didn't really have a single drink until my 25th birthday. It was always this kind of dark lurking thing that scared me.

Alas, I too eventually ended on a dark-ish path. My depression in my late 20s was an all time high. It was like weekly bouts of harming myself which included hitting the bottle a lot. I think the last time I was very drunk was when I was looking for a hammer to break my hand. Couldn't find it so I ended up beating my face in and giving myself a black eye.

Anyway, I haven't drank heavily in some time. I'm currently working on myself sorta and while I still hate myself and want to die constantly, it's better. I've been trying to enjoy life and stuff. Shoutout to Willow for checking in on me.

That said, you guys enjoy it, but please for your old buddy Cap, drink responsibly. Please.

And if I ever see a lot of you, while I won't wanna get a pint with you, let's get a cuppa coffee, yeah?

Thanks to pals
sword_of_omens Chad ChaosTheory Bri Praetorian_Lord Kinetic Kingy Misato

I'll see you at Cap's Casino
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Wow it feels surreal to be back on here. I don't know if I'll really get on again since I'm out of the habit of forum posting but what's up everyone! I wonder who even still comes on here that I have added lmao
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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Completion Progress: February 2024 - April 2024 (Update #1)

Shrines: 68/128
Korok Seeds: 167/900
Heart Containers: 25/30
Stamina Wheels: 1/4
Armor: 54/65

Main Quests: 14/20
Shrine Quests: 11/42
Side Quests: 33/90
Memories: 8/18

Creatures 66/83
Monsters 52/81
Materials 34/36
Equipment 156/196
Treasure 4/4
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Like clockwork, February 12th always rings a vague bell in my mind. "Hmm? Wasn't this day important for some reason? Oh, right. It's the day that I signed up for Neoseeker."

I haven't used this site in years and it only serves as a blog to the void now, but the decision to make an account here has had a pretty profound impact on my life in at least that I'm still talking to Vermillion and Virtue and they're my two best friends of 18 years. We've all known each other for over half of our lives now and supported each other through university, work, random venting, relationships, and just life. I can't even imagine what my life would be like without them.

Til death do us part, my bros.
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Psychedelics, often associated with counterculture movements and the 1960s, are making a remarkable comeback as a subject of scientific research and therapeutic potential. These mind-altering substances have been receiving increasing attention for their ability to facilitate profound and transformative experiences, providing a new lens through which to address mental health issues and explore the human consciousness. While there are valid concerns and risks associated with their use, the potential benefits and promising research surrounding psychedelics make them worthy of exploration and discussion.

Psychedelics, such as psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms), LSD, and MDMA, have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures for healing, spiritual rituals, and personal growth. The Western perspective, however, largely dismissed these substances as dangerous and with little scientific value. But in recent years, academic and medical institutions have been revisiting psychedelics with a fresh perspective, conducting rigorous studies to explore their potential therapeutic applications.

One of the most promising areas of research lies in the field of mental health. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have proven challenging to treat with traditional methods alone. However, studies have shown that psychedelic-assisted therapies can offer profound relief and long-lasting positive effects. For example, research conducted at renowned institutions like Johns Hopkins University and Imperial College London has demonstrated the potential of psilocybin to alleviate treatment-resistant depression and anxiety. Patients reported significant reductions in symptoms and improvements in overall wellbeing, with the effects lasting months or even years after treatment.

The transformative experiences induced by psychedelics can lead to heightened self-awareness, introspection, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around us. Such experiences can pave the way for personal growth and self-improvement, breaking through the barriers that hinder our emotional well-being and fulfillment in life.

Psychedelic substances have also shown potential in addressing addiction. Studies have indicated that addiction is often rooted in deep-seated emotional issues and traumatic experiences. Psychedelic-assisted therapy has been shown to facilitate profound healing and can help individuals confront and process these underlying issues. MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, has garnered attention for its potential in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Clinical trials have reported remarkable success in reducing PTSD symptoms, allowing individuals to regain control over their lives.

Another captivating aspect of psychedelics is entheogenic spirituality, whereby individuals report transcendent and mystical experiences during their psychedelic journeys. These experiences can foster a sense of interconnectedness and unity with the world, leading to increased empathy, compassion, and an overall positive change in perspective. They have the power to dissolve the boundaries we construct between ourselves and others, opening possibilities for societal transformation and healing.

While it is essential to acknowledge the potential risks associated with psychedelics, including adverse psychological reactions and the possibility of triggering underlying mental health conditions, these risks can be minimized and managed in appropriate clinical settings. Proper screening, preparation, and integration support are crucial components of psychedelic-assisted therapies, mitigating potential adverse outcomes and maximizing the benefits for individuals seeking healing and personal growth.

Considering the growing body of scientific evidence and the transformative potential of psychedelics, it is evident that we need to shift our perceptions and embrace these substances as valuable tools in the realm of mental health and personal development. Encouraging legislative changes are underway in various jurisdictions, allowing for expanded research and regulated therapeutic use of psychedelics. The future integration of psychedelic-assisted therapies into mainstream healthcare holds immense promise for improving outcomes in mental health treatment.

In conclusion, the resurgence of psychedelics as a topic of scientific research and therapeutic potential represents a paradigm shift in our understanding of mental health and personal growth. By embracing the transformative power of psychedelics and conducting further research, we have the opportunity to revolutionize the field of mental health and facilitate profound healing experiences. It is essential to approach these substances with respect, caution, and responsible use, but their potential rewards make them a promising frontier for creating a more compassionate and enlightened society.

Source: These statements are based on scientific studies conducted by reputable institutions such as Johns Hopkins University and Imperial College London.

Source: Tripsitter
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I didn't think my thoughts on these bands would be long enough for their own individual blog posts, so I'll be talking about them in one blog post.


Just like with Three Days Grace, I still really like BB's older stuff, and the stuff I listened to as a kid. But now I can't get into their newer stuff. But... this is for a different reason than I had for Three Days Grace. Breaking Benjamin's new stuff just all... sounds the same. Like the songs bore me because they all sound too similar to each other. I don't know if it's a refusal to evolve their sound or what, but I just feel that a lot of their new songs can be described as a "generic Breaking Benjamin" song. I think it would benefit them if they did experiment. Which is funny, because a lot of fans hate it when bands try to change their sound. But I think many bands should try to experiment now and then, or else their songs all just end up getting boring.


I actually listened to their newest album, and it was pretty fire! EXCEPT... they have ONE major issue, and that's... all the songs have the same meaning. Like, these guys just sing about the same damn thing now! Usually their new songs sing about how they felt imprisoned (to sin, struggle, their past, and/or an oppressor) and how they're now breaking their chains and choosing to be Strong and Free with a hint of Faith. Srsly, so many songs are just about this, see; Surviving The Game, Destiny, Shout Your Freedom, Rise Up, Breaking Free, etc, etc. And although a lot of the mentioned songs are cool, it does get boring and repetitive hearing the same topic again and again. Classic Skillet also didn't have that many songs which were practically the same meaning.


Evanescence used to be my all time favorite band when I was a kid. I loved every song on both their albums, and I remember even eagerly awaiting their third album in 2011 - which I liked all songs on it, too. I've stopped listening to them as much for years, not sure if I grew eternally sick of them, or simply just outgrew my taste for them. Lately, I have been listening to them more often, so it might've just been the former. However, I just can't get into their newer stuff. I don't know why either. It just bores me... but unlike the other bands I've spoke of, I can't really explain why this is. Maybe I'm just not vibing with their current sound because I know they had an album, Synthesis, I think, where they redid their songs, kinda making them sound like Epic Versions of the originals and I just... didn't like it at all. It sounds like they were trying too hard to make their songs sound more emotional and deeper - but they were emotional and deep, I just preferred them with a heavier, faster sound. I think I liked one song off the Bitter Truth, which is their most recent album, and their FIRST real album of original music since their self titled one in 2011. But I just couldn't get into it... really sucks when I used to love every song on their albums. Hopefully, the next one will be better... when they make it in another 10 years lol!
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KoRn is actually STILL my favorite band! I wasn't sure if I should consider them a "childhood" band as I hadn't listened to them for as long as I did the other bands mentioned. But I have been listening to them for 12 years now, and I was 13 when I first got into them. (Might've been nearing 14...) Unlike a lot of my childhood favorites, I still listen to KoRn CONSTANTLY. Somehow, I can just never get sick of them. However, I do feel their new stuff isn't nearly as good as their old. Ever since the release of The Serenity of Suffering. Why? I feel their lyrics and song subjects have gotten lazier, and the writers have lost passion. Lots of people criticize KoRn for their simplistic lyrics and their edgy sounds. But KoRn albums used to have a variety of topics. Jonathan Davis used to sing about the following: Bullies, politics, self worth issues, r*pe, anger and fighting others, sex, drug abuse, the music industry, people in his life, etc, etc. But now if you listen to most songs since the Serenity of Suffering, the songs have become more unclear and the lyrics are definitely more vague. A lot of songs are now about him struggling with "demons" and "darkness", but it's never clear what the demons or darkness is actually supposed to represent. For example, in the song "Hopeless and Beaten" off their most recent album, "Requiem", the lyrics are "help me, this THING is feeding" and "it did THINGS to me". See how vague that is? What is "thing"? Is it abuse? Is it drugs? Is it death? Meanwhile if you listen to "Trash" "Daddy" "Shoots and Ladders" and "Love Song" - it's much more clear what the lament the narrator is going through.

This makes me think that it's possible that ... Jonathan Davis just doesn't feel the same pain he had when he was younger, but KoRn isn't about lighter songs, so he has to keep with dark subjects... except he doesn't know what to write about anymore based on experience. So, he just writes generic topics about demons, darkness, and unclear statements of pain. Why I think this is because The Nothing was their best album of recent years. Whilst not as good as the older stuff, it still had better topics/lyrics, and even brought back interludes similar to the ones on Issues. Jonathan Davis described this album as a "concept album" and you can tell it is. As it feels like the whole theme is about abandonment. This is likely because Jonathan Davis' estranged wife died, and Jonathan was writing about his feelings regarding this. Therefore, he had genuine emotion to pull from.

Of course, I don't want anything bad to happen to Jonathan Davis just for the sake of KoRn. But I do believe they're running out of topics to write about, and lacking the stronger emotions they had when they were younger since a lot of their tragedy happened to them when they were younger.

Unlike Three Days Grace, I still enjoy their newer music. But... it's just lackluster compared to their older stuff, is all.
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I was considering doing a blog post on Three Days Grace only and how they suck now, but I think I'll write more than one regarding bands I like.

I stopped listening to Three Days Grace after Human Race was released and Adam Gontier was replaced. While I do think bands can still strive after its lead singer departs, this just wasn't the case for Three Days Grace. They were already declining in quality during Adam's last album, Transit of Venus. I loved their first 3 albums, but Transit of Venus just wasn't as good to me (though I do like a few songs off it).Then when Human came along, it was just... horrible.

The lyrics were very lazy and the songs were too generic. What do I mean by lazy lyrics? Repetition and "yeahs." Just listen to "Human Race", which may be the worst song.

Started with a kick and a punch
A claw to the face
And I was in the race
I was in the race
You know it's hard sometimes
Being humankind
Keeping up with the pace
Keeping up with the pace

I'm sick of running
Sick of running
Sick of running
The human race
The human race
If it's an eye for an eye
Then we all go blind
Is it hard to see?
Is it hard to see?

These aren't even all the lyrics, but there isn't much after this. Most of the song is literally repeating these lyrics, that aren't very creative, and already repetitive, to begin with. If I recall correctly, Adam Gontier stated he left the band because he felt they didn't care about the music anymore, and cared more about profit. I feel he was definitely correct and Human was evidence of that. Adam Gontier went on with another band called "Saint Asonia", whilst better than post-Adam Three Days Grace, I just couldn't really get into that band either, not like I could classic Three Days Grace. I know I didn't grow out of TDG, just because I still listen to their first three albums all the time.

Adam Gontier was replaced by the vocalist of My Darkest Days, Matt Walst. Which I'm gonna talk about him very soon. Because even though I think TDG is now trash, I do try to give them second chances every now and then. Whenever I hear a new album is out, I do listen to a few of its songs to see if they've improved. They actually do improve each album, I think. Still not good, but definitely better than Human was. For example, "Strange Days" off their 2018 album, Outsider, is actually really good and definitely my favorite from Post-Adam TDG. The song is fun, the lyrics aren't repetitive, and it tells a story about the approaching end (of the world) and how the narrator has a careless attitude regarding this. I've also recently listened to "Explosions" which was their album from 2022, so most recent one. Just like the other albums, I didn't really like this one much, either. Songs just sounded too generic or predictable, despite the lyrics not being as repetitive. The only two songs I liked off it was "No Tomorrow" and "Neurotic." With No Tomorrow, I only really like the first two verses and the chorus, and usually I replay it after the chorus repeats the second time. And Neurotic is a funny case, but also a revelation. As I was listening to it, I wasn't liking it... until the featured vocalist started singing, and this made me come to a realization.

There IS something wrong with Three Days Grace's replacement. Matt's vocals aren't actually good, and it makes the songs even worse. What made me started liking Neurotic, was because the featured artist's (Lukas Rossi) sung his verse with such strong emotions, his vocals had range and sounded like he was really getting into the song. The song became more emotional and relatable because of this. Meanwhile, Matt's vocals just fall... flat. Matt lacks range and emotion for these type of songs. Ironically, I do like some of My Darkest Days songs, not many... but a few. But all the ones I liked are the ones concerning sex or attraction (Casual Sex, Move Your Body, Porn Star Dancing). Which, his vocals are fine for tracks like those. But when he has to sing songs regarding anguish and emotion, I just don't think Matt's vocals are cut out for it. And yeah, My Darkest Days probably has songs similar to Three Days Grace, considering their band name. But I've never listened to them. And even if I did, I'm sure Matt's vocals are just the same on them, too, flat. I don't know if Matt's just not all that great at singing or if he just doesn't wanna bother giving it his all, but I feel these new Three Days Grace songs could highly benefit if they had a better lead singer, if they had someone like Lukas Rossi.

So paired with a singer that isn't very talented, along with lyrics that usually aren't that special, it's very understandable by Three Days Grace just sucks now. Adam has said recently that he's willing to tour with Three Days Grace, and I think he's even sung the classic TDG songs with them. While I'm not sure if Adam could return them to their former glory, I think his vocals would vastly help the songs. Of course, I wouldn't want him to return to it if he's happy with Saint Asonia, but that's just my thoughts on what could help the band.

Anyway, I don't recommend any of Three Days Grace's stuff from 2015 to now. It's best just to relisten to the classics.
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Well, this is it. January 7th, 2024 marks the 20th year I've been on Neoseeker (at least as far as account creation goes, since I actually found the site sometime during 2003). It has been a wild ride.

I very rarely do blog posts here, and this is my first one since 2017, but this is a special occasion.

For my Neoseeker history up to 2016, you can refer to my blog post from that year. Of course, some things have changed since. In 2018, I got my first moderator position, which took me 14 years since joining, but better late than never. I was lucky enough to get Gaming Lounge as my first position. A little bit later, I also briefly had positions in the Soul Calibur VI and Mortal Kombat 11 forums. But considering the state of game forums since roughly 2013, I couldn't keep them active as long as I would have liked to, so after a few months of moderating each, I would step down. Unless Neoseeker miraculously sees a decent increase in activity again, I'm content with just having Gaming Lounge.

As for the game forums, despite my first few years posting almost exclusively in them, I've nearly (but not completely) given up on them at this point. I didn't want to come to this, but they are just a lost cause. Let's hope that the forum for the recently-announced Grand Theft Auto VI will at least have some good activity with the coming years (the game won't actually be out until 2025, and chances are, it'll get delayed to an even later date). I still do try and get a little activity in them here and there, but not like before. In fact, new games forums no longer even really get created, so we resort to using either one of the franchise forums, or the forum for the latest game in the series that has a forum. If I had the power, I would get certain forums created, and change the name of other forums to reflect their repurpose.

On a related note, my posting has slowed down significantly since 2020. I just don't have the motivation to be posting everyday or nearly everyday anymore like I did for many years on here. I still log in almost everyday, but I often only do so to check up to see if I have any notifications, or any mod reports for Gaming Lounge, then log back out if I don't. Besides not having as much motivation, another reason I don't post as much now is because I go out and about in real life more now, within the past couple of years. I came to realize that Neoseeker kind of sheltered my life, and I regret spending so much time during the previous two decades. It's to the point that I wish I could relive those years, and it makes me sad thinking about it. I know a few other users way long ago told me to get a life, and looking back, they actually had a point. Why waste so much time on an internet forum, when there's so much to do in real life? It got so bad at one point that I made a huge deal when I got "permanently" banned from Loungin' during 2007. My ban was lifted after roughly two and a half months, and I think the only reason my ban was lifted as soon as it was, was so they could finally to get me to just shut up about it. As for why I was banned in the first place, I would rather not get into that. This was 16 years ago, so why bother?

Looking ahead, I don't know how much time I have left on Neoseeker. Within the past couple years, I've been wondering when I'll finally move on from Neoseeker. Most things don't last forever, and that includes my time on this site. I'm still probably holding onto my Gaming Lounge position, until I decide to up and leave Neoseeker altogether, and it could very well be sooner than later. Within the next two or three years, at least.

Actually, quite a few of my old Neofriends have been gone from Neoseeker for many years now. Eventually, I'll follow suit. But for now, I'll just hang in there, continue to log in nearly everyday, and post a bit here and there.
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Not only was last post depressing, BUT! It was also STEROID FUELED DEPRESSING!!! OKE. So there was a reason I was feeling so so "hopeless"! And I should've disclosed that sooner after I found out! Luckily, it wasn't 'cos my brain was finally saying "WE'VE HAD IT!" But it was actually induced by the steroids I was taking for my allergies/lungs! I didn't realize those steroids could give you bad anxiety!!! I looked 'em up online and so many people on Reddit was saying they gave 'em bad anxiety! I figured it was the steroids, 'cos I was feeling CRAZY ANXIETY like none other! I've always been a tiny bit anxious... but the anxiety I was going thru when taking those steroids was unreal. I felt constantly on the verge of a panic attack, I literally had to keep a Shadow the Hedgehog squishmallow by my side 'cos it'll slightly help soothe me! I was also really scared because so many people were saying the anxiety from those steroids stayed with them for YEARS. I was horrified I might've fricked up my mental health for good...

But luckily after I stopped taking them (never took the last one!) I started feeling better. It took a few days for the Extreme Anxiety to go away, but it did! I was so scared it was gonna last a long time. I guess 'cos I only took 'em for 5 days, and it wasn't that high of a dose. I just know I'm NEVER taking those again! If I have bad allergies again, they're gonna have to give me an alternative! I think if I get prescribed any medication, I will always ask the potential side effects!

And luckily, despite skipping the last dose, my lungs are better! The doc told me they sounded clear now! However, my breathing isn't perfect... not nearly as bad as it once were, but I still notice I'm having times when I need to breathe in deeper, or days where it feels worse. Doc said since there's a lot of mucus running down my throat due to allergic reactions, it could be my throat that's making it harder to breathe. Funny enough! my throat never feels bad... but I dunno. I'm gonna keep taking my allergy pills and spray (NONE OF THEM BEING STEROIDS!) and hope I keep improving!

I'm really hoping 2024 will be epic. :) Hopefully the best of the 2020s so far, 'cos the '20s have been SUCKING so far!!!! But I thiiiink I'm 8 weeks sober now, and I'm def not going back to drinking 'cos it caused a lot of issues for me. And I think I've been feeling much better without it. My heartburn isn't nearly as bad as it was (tho I still get it! It just doesn't feel AS bad when I do!) My heart palpitations are minimum. They only happen every now and then rather than every night. And it just made my body feel overall bad. And as fun as being silly and getting drunk was, I probs did or said a few things I regretted. I don't really recall having any regrets here, but other places, mostly irl.

Anyway, hope y'all have an awesome 2024 too!!!
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In order of raw power with 1 being the strongest.
1. AscendedSaiyan (SS2)
2. SuperSaiyan G4
3. SuperSaiyan G3
4. SuperSaiyan G2
5. SuperSaiyan G1

It's not a matter of who vs who as it is which form each are using.
In a scenario going by just Raw Power.
If it was an absolute perfect clone of FutureTrunks 1 using SuperSaiyan G4 & the other only used SuperSaiyan G3.
SuperSaiyan G4 FutureTrunks would be stronger in terms of raw power.

If it was an absolute perfect clone of FutureTrunks & 1 used AscendedSaiyan (SS2) & the other only used SuperSaiyan G4.
AscendedSaiyan (SS2) FutureTrunks would be stronger in terms of raw power.

It's as I said.
quote VampireWicked
Because what Potential the Elder Kai unlock was his Potential at that point of what he was physically capable of handling.
I thought the same thing to awhile ago but I starting thinking about it using the logic behind SuperSaiyan G4.
It's the same amount of Potential Power, it's a matter of how much can be drawn from the well.

It's said Gohan has tremendous Potential right.
So how is it he has this tremendous Potential & yet still gets stomped by enemies like Dabra, Buu, Frieza, etc etc & has problems getting it up in DragonBall SUPER ResurrectionF.....Why tremendous Potential Gohan still go SuperSaiyan.

Because he physically have to be capable of handling the power.
The weaker & ruster he becomes then the less tremendous Potential power his body is capable without that Power Potential overwhelming him stressing him to the point of total exhaustion or death in zero to 10 seconds lol.

Think of it like a glass container that can increase/decrease in size & Potential Power is the size of an ocean.
When they train the glass container gets thicker & larger, so more water gets poured into it.
When they don't train the glass container becomes thinner & starts reducing in size, so they can't pour as much water in unless it runs the risk of distorting the glass container even breaking it.

Beat Form means his glass container has gotten much larger so more water gets poured in.
SuperSaiyan, SuperSaiyan G2, G3, FullPower, AscendedSaiyan, SuperSaiyan 3, SuperSaiyan God, Blue, etc all the same logic behind them.
Transformations is just a way to increase the glass container in a quicker way, G2, G3 is when you force too much into an unchanged glass container.
What how the Grades functioned & the refinement of raw power were explained in the material from Anime/Manga this is very easy to follow & DragonBall fans should not be stuck on this.
The notion of bigger muscles equal stronger is very much clouding people's understanding, Akira Toriyama went against that precieved understanding on purpose.

quote "Akira Toriyama"
I always draw strong protagonists; it’s not just Goku, they’re all like that. I think it’s easy to draw superhumanly strong guys, and fun too. If you take fairly ordinary, everyday stuff and add in one guy with extraordinary strength, then he becomes the center of attention, right? And I guess I like when some dumb, goofy guy turns out to be crazy strong. Like in kung-fu movies where the scrawny old geezer turns out to be a martial arts master; I love stuff like that.

Yeah. I prefer to put most of the focus on the story, so I gave them plain designs, but beyond that I think it boils down to the idea that it’s more interesting to have the weak-looking, plain guys be strong. With Goku, he started out just being a straight-up monkey. Then I thought about it some more and made him a human, but Torishima-san2 said that he needed to have something to set him apart, so I gave him a tail… but it just kept getting in the way. (laughs)

Yeah, like with Kibito I gave him a stern face, but it turns out he’s really nothing special. Pretty much all of my strong-looking guys turn out to be weak. I guess I like inverting expectations.


There was no definitive PowerLevel or displayed maximum effort given for Android18, so showing how easily & repeatedly Android18 knocked them to the ground & how easily she avoided their attacks, Android18 displayed anywhere between little to half effort can be justifiably claimed.
The Daizenshuu says on par meaning equal to, As good as, equal to , as in This violinist may be an amateur but he's on a par with professional orchestral players. The noun par has meant “that which is equal” since the mid-1600s; the idiom here was first recorded in 1832.
so they KidGoten/KidTrunks matched whatever little effort she put into it..

KidGoten/KidTrunks as MightyMask was on par with an Android18 who wasn't trying very hard.

Base Sayains not being stronger than 50-100% FinalFormFrieza is not Akira Toriyama going back on him never establishing limits, this is just him establishing they didn't reach a particular level at that point in time.

What happen in DragonBall Z & Beerus/Akira Toriyama establishes still works still fits.
Z's proclamation is Goku etc can get stronger YES, however the resources to have make such power leaps weren't as abundant & lack the innovation.
The best thing they had for training & improvement was the RoomOfSpirit&Time.
Redundancy, lacking innovation, lacking resources, that added with their reliance on Transformation so soon into battles doesn't equal huge leaps in PowerLevels & it make perfect sense for Sayain's Base to be weaker than 50-100% FinalFormFrieza at that point. It does justice to the logic Akira Toriyama put behind it.

Fan logic that doesn't accept this is 100% based on The Death of the Author a literary theory that argues that the meaning of a text is not determined by the author's intention, but rather by the reader's interpretation.
More often than not many FanBased PowerLevels are so ridiculous because of this, no matter if you have a mountain of given official stated material, no matter if Akira Toriyama flat out clearly tells them they are wrong.
Logic under The Death of the Author notion is the attempt at forcing given established material to fit into a FanBased understanding & not the other way around with the attempt at understanding work of the artists & getting a feel for the concept behind DragonBall.
Beerus makes the clear statement after Goku transforms, "Well Now I understand just how you managed to defeat Frieza."
It was written, it was stated, It is absolute fact Base Sayain were weaker than 50 to 100% FinalForm Frieza at the time from Namek Frieza Saga to BattleOfTheGods. No excuses.

One cannot successfully claim content which is officially part of the material to be true or false by using content not officially part of said material.

My estimated PowerLevels after Frieza's defeat on Namek to BattleOfTheGods based on the material.

Namek SuperSaiyan Goku 150Mil
Yardrat SuperSaiyan Goku 150 Mil
SuperSaiyan FutureGohan 2 Arms 130Mil
SuperSaiyan FutureGohan 1 Arm 130 Mil
SuperSaiyan FutureTrunks 120 Mil
Future Android 17 Half Power170Mil
Future Android 18 Half Power 168Mil
Future Android 17 Full Power 340Mil
Future Android 18 Full Power 336Mil
Present Android 17 400Mil
Present Android 18 398Mil
Metal Frieza 50% 70Mil
Metal Frieza 100% 140Mil
Base KidTrunks Buu Arc 2.5Mil
Base KidGoten Buu Arc 2.2Mil
SuperSaiyan Buu Arc KidTrunks 125Mil
SuperSaiyan Buu Arc KidGoten 110Mil
Piccolo Nail/Kami Fusion 390Mil
Kaioshin Buu Arc 520Mil
SuperSaiyan Grade 2 FutureTrunks 850Mil
SuperSaiyan Grade 2 Vegeta 870Mil
SuperSaiyan Grade 3 FutureTrunks 990Mil
SuperSaiyan Grade 3 Vegeta 1Bil
SuperSaiyan Grade 4 Goku Half Power 1.5Bil
SuperSaiyan Grade 4 Full Power 1Bil 400Mil
SuperSaiyan Grade 4 Teen Gohan 1Bil 800Mil
AscendedSaiyan (SS2) Teen Gohan 3Bil 600Mil
AscendedSaiyan (SS2) Buu Arc Goku 3Bil 900Mil
AscendedSaiyan (SS2) Buu Arc Vegeta 3Bil 700Mil
AscendedSaiyan (SS2) Buu Arc Majin Vegeta 3Bil 900Mil
SuperSaiyan 3 Buu Arc Goku 15Bil 600Mil
ChubbyBuu Buu Arc 6Bil
GreyBuu Buu Arc 7Bil
SuperBuu Buu Arc 9Bil
SuperSaiyan 3 Gotenks 11Bil
Ultimate Gohan Buu Arc 15Bil
Super Buu (Gohan absorbed)15Bil 100Mil
KidBuu Buu Arc 15Bil 700Mil
Base Saiyans BattleOfTheGods Goku Somewhere below either 60Mil or 120Mil
Increases/Decreases in Power scaling is Nonlinearity, while Multiplers are linear.

English translation of the Akira Toriyama interview from the 2016 Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary 'Super History Book' in Japan

Mark Shepherd blogged

Maybe I am struggling too much in my Mega Man Paraphenalia.

Someone out here knows Haalyle — wouldn't you think? I mean what is the darn game that makes you collect a bunch of oyster shells just so you can get the master sword? They know why we are seeing the Vulpix. This could even be worse than communism. Communism is sort of like, you want to buy a book Earl Ofari Hutchinson's Black and Reds and Amazon is charging over fifty dollars for it. Like the rare Pokemon games. I guess you start to put two and two together. And who knows how many fakes they are selling. Percentage wise I think you are better off buying an used Samurai sword. Schlieffen plan for Anarchists — Plan 1. Make sure that President is completely ineffective and kneels everytime a black man is shoot (Probably while he is wearing some Sonic the Hedgehog underwear, with his fingers crossed behind his back like the volleyball players do. I have no clue why Volleyball players do that.)

I'll take Lovecraftian, which is what Saga pretty much was. I mean Homo Sapiens is advanced. But magnificiently burnished? You think so cap? I mean please you guys don't tell me that you own all of the Ninja Turtle games. There were some real clinkers.

Kill it and wear its skin over my back like the Yamnaya did, supposedly with wolves. Fallout 3 shows a post human catastophe. Maybe a new dose of Bucky Balls.

Treasure Net forum. Some guy says his son works for a video game company and made the game Medal of Honor. I call cheese. According to Darwin, sexual selection shapes species in two ways — by giving rise to competition among males for mates, and via females decisions to mate with particular males.

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Cap blogged

This will be a little different than our usual ho-hum posts about how I don't belong here and whatever. No. I will be posting something semi-positive!

As you know, Tabletop Games has been my home for quite some time now. If you don't then uh....sorry. I'll tag you more in Cap's Game Corner. Recently, a user named Count Dracula has been resurrected and through his infinite power, has claimed the Game Corner for himself. We cannot allow this.

I have, in the past, tried to pass the buck of Tabletop's leadership on sword_of_omens, Misato, Praetorian_Lord, heck even Gotenks, but to no avail. I suppose this means that I must be the one to take over and end Dracula's reign. I will provide some examples why it must be me.

Number 1: Emberguard said so. Yes, THE Emberguard said I should take over. Others who have said so include Misato and I think Bruce too, but Bruce has been compromised by the evil Count Dracula.

Number 2: Gotenks is getting tired of editing things for me. It would be a lot easier if I could edit things for me instead. Cut out the middleman. We don't even need to hire one from Summoner's War. We could just have Gotenks take his break and catch Pokemon.

Number 3: Count Dracula is weak to my power! I haven't shown my hand just yet, but I know his weakness that even the Belmont family don't know.

But honestly, the whole of Tabletop has been a passion project of mine. It's silly. It's nonsense. It's games. It has a lot of me both in name and in spirit there. I enjoy you guys hanging around Trent Infinite Intoxication and all the others.

Now, let's send Dracula back to Dracuseeker!