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When The Sims 4 was announced nearly a decade ago, I was very excited for it. However, when it FINALLY released, I was met with... disappointment. It lacked a lot of features that the previous installments had. No swimming pools, no toddlers, no cars, and all lifespans practically looked the same. (Seriously, teenagers and young adults were identical.) And I continue to be highly critical of this installment for years to come. Especially when the laughable "Cats & Dogs" EP was released, and lacked all the animals that Sims 3: Pets had. (No birds, rodents, deer, or horses.) and then instead of adding more pets as a free update, they gave us DLC FOR OUR DLC. It was ridiculous. Despite having been a Sims fan since 2005, and Sims 4 coming out in 2014. I would not officially play Sims 4 until 2018-2019, and that was because they offered base game free for a limited time. I refused to purchase a game that still lacked content and gameplay, and was more of an expensive dress up game than it was a simulation.

However. 2022 was the first time I bought a Sims 4 EP and officially supported the game. And 2023 is when things started to get better. I will say after all these years of my criticism, I am starting to warm up to the Sims 4 installment quite well. Yes, I am STILL critical of it. Teenagers are STILL the same height, and appearance of Young Adults (and practically adults, too - other than adults having a cometic change of more wrinkles.) But the games DLC has improved a lot. Whilst we still get our typical S4 cheap & glitchy EPs like Wedding Stories, and High School Years. We've gotten ones that felt like they do indeed focus more on the game itself. The Sims 4: Werewolves, for example. That's the first DLC I bought WITHOUT waiting for it to go on sale, and I bought it on its release date. And I have to say - the Werewolf state in TS4 is the best werewolf state in ALL of the games. Not just by their appearance, but the attention to their behavior, and the interactions they can have. As well as their home world that allows for exploration.

I also bought Growing Together right away, as well. It has "milestones" which feels like the better way of bringing back the "memory" system of TS2 than TS3 had with their "photo album." I also love that Sims can now have "first impressions" of other Sims, and they can even change their traits as time goes by. It feels way more realistic this way, and guess what? Adds to the gameplay. Infants are the best TS4 babies we've gotten yet. The Sims community including myself always made fun of the babies being literal objects in TS4, and you couldn't take them anyway. They were restrained to one bassinet. But Sims 4 proved they could do babies well finally with the infant update. I find them more enjoyable teaching them how to simply CRAWL than I did with other babies in the previous series. It really feels like you can interact with your baby now, and they can really learn.

Sims 4 is still flawed, and it sucks it took them nearly 10 years to get better. But truth is, it is becoming a more enjoyable game. Whilst I still enjoy Sims 3 more, and maybe even Sims 2. I am now excited to build my Sims 4 collection more! (Which I have built it immensely, but still have lots to go...) and I am excited to see what else they'll do with it. Before I'd suggest people NOT to play Sims 4, but now I'll tell them go ahead... although, unlike Sims 3, it still needs EPs to really have fun with.
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How someone will go out of their way to assume something (the word cis) was forced on them by trans folks, when in reality it's just that there were cis people who aren't babies like you are who came up with the term? Delete that.
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Did he touch you better than me?
Did he watch you fall asleep?
Did you show him all those things, that you used to do to me?

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Username Changed, I think I'm finally done with Neoseeker, To anyone who received a PM from me I wish you have wonderful futures and that you get all the luck and happiness you desire in life.
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I check back here every few years tbh LOL because i had such good childhood memories here. Imma come back some other time to upload my new art and wander around here, but i just wanted to say hello again!
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Happy 17th Neoversary to me. Still talking to Vermillion and Virtue.

This sentencei s just to fulfill the minimum character limits and you lost the game.
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I'm not finished yet, this is the start.
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I found a bunch of older tweets from Katsuhiro Harada, who is the director of Tekken and general manager of Bandai Namco. This might not be the most interesting of finds, but I do feel it gave us some insight on what happened with the writing that unfortunately, left a permanent blemish on a previous great protagonist, Jin Kazama!

This is from 2012, as you can see! So around when Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was already out, and before Tekken 7. In Tag 2, Jin still has remnants of his Tekken 6 depiction (cold man who isn't very compassionate) as in Tekken 7, that's when they started doing damage control with his character.

It's hard to say if this claim in the tweet is actually true or not as Harada seems to say one thing, but another the next. (Like I saw him claim Jin is his favorite character story wise, but then later says he prefers Heihachi and Kazuya over Jin. Which the latter is more obvious.) And I notice oftentimes when they bring up Jin, they change their "intentions" with him. (Team stating they always meant him to be a villain during the Tekken 6 era, in the Street Fighter x Tekken era, they said he's leaning more towards the dark side, but now they just call him an "almost" villain in Tekken 6.) So, take this information with a grain of salt - but I personally believe there's some truth to it, at least.

Now let's start theorizing how it went down. Obviously, Harada does prefer Heihachi and Kazuya to Jin. So, it could be very safe to assume that Harada prefers antagonistic characters over the "good ones." Therefore, he likely got bored with Good Guy Jin fast and wanted to make him a villain, too. The actual writers, though, rejected this idea. Likely for the following, obvious reasons: 1) there's already too many bad guys in Tekken, why add another, especially when it's the intended protagonist? 2) the reason Jin stands out is that he is the Good Mishima. That's his Whole Thing. 3) making him a villain is just a rehash of Kazuya's story and therefore boring and lazy. Also, it makes sense for Kazuya's upbringing and story, whilst it doesn't make as much sense for a Kazama who didn't even acknowledge the Mishimas existence until much later in his life.

So, it seems like Harada and the team came to a compromise during Tekken 6. They'll make Jin the antagonist IF his intentions are good. How the hell they thought the war thing was justifiable is beyond me. But it could be that Harada wanted the stakes to be high for the 6th game, therefore a war and a doomsday monster is a way to achieve a massive event. This would also explain Jin's WILDLY inconsistent characterization. Like Tekken 6 Jin is so different from the previous Jins, he can be considered another character. But even in Tekken 6 itself, he's wildly inconsistent. Such as how he literally relentlessly mocks Alisa when she dies for him. But then moments later he explains to Lars how he had no choice for the war, and how he's doing it for the greater good. WTF? Even if ppl wanna say "oh, Jin was just PRETENDING to be evil because he had to when leading a war!" Why would he be so edgy toward Alisa if he was only gonna reveal his "true motives" to Lars, anyway? This is what happens when writers have conflicting ideas for what they want to do with a character. It becomes a huge, incomprehensible mess.

But after Tekken 6, they likely received A LOT of backlash. Heck, Harada even acknowledges this in an IGN interview after the first official Tekken 8 reveal trailer when he said "many fans were upset when we turned him into an ALMOST villain." (note he's no longer saying FULL ON VILLAIN, despite the fact he was insistent on that during the TK6 era) Hence why they're now backtracking and trying to make Jin into the Good Guy he was once before. (Examples include wanting Miguel to kill him in Tekken 7 for his actions. How many of his more cruel pre-fight intros, and victories were omitted from Tekken 7, and how he's desperate to save people in the Tekken 8 trailer) because Harada realized that even if he wanted another Mishima Villain - no one else does, not even his own team. So, now they're going back to him being the protagonist.

However... this doesn't explain one thing: The existence of Lars.

Like why is, or was, Harada so fixated on turning Jin into an antagonist? We already had Kazuya for that. And other than having the devil gene and his family just happened to be the Mishimas, there's nothing that really indicated Jin would be a villain. In the previous games, he was shown to be caring and compassionate, albeit a little antisocial. He was even respectful to his rival Hwoarang in Tekken 5. (Apologizing for not keeping his promise, and then even disagreeing with Hwoarang when Hwoarang accused Jin of finding someone "stronger to fight." Shows Jin respects Hwoarang's strength.) The other biggest struggle Jin had was killing his family because he was raised pacifistic. (See ending of Tekken 4.) But even that was a question of "maybe killing Kazuya and Heihachi is the right thing to do to save many lives?" Many fans I notice like to say, "oh the story is that ALL Mishimas are bad, they just have their own unique brand of evil." And maybe that's the story Harada wanted to go with (even tho imo it's lame and nihilistic compared to Jin rising above his family's hatred.) But if that's so, then why...

replace the good Mishima with another Mishima that's... now supposed to be that?

Why not instead make a protagonist that's unrelated to the Mishimas? It seems redundant to kick out one protagonist, only to bring in another one that literally has the same schtick. At that point, what was so wrong with Jin remaining the good one? What makes Lars exempt from the Mishima bloodline curse, but makes Jin more vulnerable to it? Yes, Jin's father is Kazuya - but he wasn't raised by the man. Lars' father is Heihachi. But like Jin, he wasn't raised by his father either. The only "eviler" thing Jin has going for him is that he has the Devil Gene. Oh... and he's more antisocial / not as charming, but I don't consider those inherently "evil traits." In fact, Jin also still has the purity of the Kazama blood in him - who almost seems angelic. (But that's a fact about Jin they forgot after Tekken 4.)

I know fans also like to use Devil Jin as an example of how Jin actually, is secretly, evil and why it makes sense for him to be a villain. Because his Devil shows his "true desires" or some rubbish. But I strongly disagree with this since in Tekken 2 and Tekken 4, we see Kazuya and Devil Kazuya actually interact with each other as separate beings. Devil Kazuya even directly refers to Kazuya by name when Kazuya takes over him in Tekken 4. Therefore, I see Devil Jin more as this parasitic personification of intrusive thoughts or, the devil on your shoulder, that tries to convince Jin to sin, but Jin refuses to listen. I'm sure we've all had our share of awful thoughts that we'd never act on. It doesn't reflect on his morality, and actions.

Finally, as I've said - it's hard to say if Harada's statement is actually true, or just another nonsense tweet Harada made. It makes sense to an extent. But still has its questions. Regardless, I'm glad even Harada seems to realize this was an awful choice in writing. I really loved Jin as the good guy who doesn't let his family history make him bad. That's precisely why he became my favorite. He was, in a way, hope personified to me. So, here's to my hoping that Tekken 8 retcons Jin from Tekken 6 by either explaining it was brainwashing, or something with the Devil Gene, that way to absolve him of the responsibility. And I know this is a long post about a topic well discussed already within the fanbase. But I just thought that tweet in particular gave us an idea of what Harada wanted, vs what everyone else wanted, and how Jin could've suffered from a divisive team that was trying to pull him one way, while Harada was trying to pull him another like in a game of tug of war. I've made a post very similar to this on Reddit already. Except I slightly rewrote here to make it sound less like incomprehensible rambling, haha! And I also wanted more blog posts on here, and I thought this would contribute more content on this awesome website! Stay frosty, y'all. ✌️
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I had some free time, and I was watching youtube videos when a thought struck me that there's not that many people that make cool old school type of gaming montages anymore. so I decided to make one myself.. I made this in a couple of days.

My first mw2 montage.I had a lot of fun making this.

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Much has happened to me since I first joined Neoseeker. Could you believe I made my second account (this one) at March 2011? Nearly 12 years ago? That may seem very insignificant to most people on this website. Hell, it's likely insignificant to everyone on this website. But 9 years after I made this account, an E3-E4 tornado would hit my house. Ever since then, I fall into a depression during this month. And when I realized I made this account during THAT month, it amazes me how March meant nothing to me. How I lived in my state for nearly 25 years yet never suffered from a tornado. However, now, I obsess every time it merely storms. I have to keep it on the most reliant news channel all day long, and I practically can't do anything else. Hearing that it may storm 7 days into the week ruins my entire week.

Yet, I look back when I made this account and realized the time of Spring meant nothing to me. I will admit, storms have always freaked me out. But mostly I didn't like the loud noises. When it happened, sometimes, I would just get up and crank my headphones up. Now, though, that has changed. Now it's a big ordeal.

I think I need to find a good in between. I need to be wary of storms in case something bad happened, but also I need to be calm and not as obsessive and let it ruin my entire week. Especially when Spring arrives. I dread when that happens, and it's only a little more than a month away.

It doesn't help that I've been paranoid about everything. I'm much more mindful of my heart. I swear I can hear it beat every time I lay down now, and it makes it difficult to sleep. I swear it used to not be this way. But it's also getting harder to remember what life was before 2020. I swear my heart beats faster, too. I visit the heart doctors, and they act like nothing is wrong with me. Which could be true. But I'm also paranoid they're not taking me seriously. I've heard many tales of doctors who let their patients die because they were poor folk like I am - ones who are dependent on a copay. And I'm at the point where I can't judge if my docs aren't taking me seriously because of this, or if my anxiety is getting the best of me.

However, I think that maybe... I should just stop worrying about my heart. No matter how hard it beats, or how fast it beats. I should just stop worrying. Same with the weather. I can pay a mind to it when it comes, but I should stop obsessing. There is only one life for me. I should enjoy it while I do have it. Even if I die tomorrow. If I die, I die. It's a reality I accept. But I guess.

This life is simply so fascinating, such a marvel to behold. I want to live it as long as I can. But is it really living if I spend it all worrying?
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I have prepped my last play in hopes to do anything and has come up short like Dak Prescott.

There is quite truly no reason to keep coming here anymore. Seems like each year I have more and more gripes about the community, the activity, and overall atmosphere here.

Tabletop is truly dead. I cannot even begin to be creative there anymore. It's a shame because creating stuff here was the only thing worthwhile I did. I kind of understand Evil T's post more and more. All that effort in Music and the only thing that moves there is the What Are You Listening to thread where people just post stuff and never comment on it. Such a disheveled community. Oh yeah, there's the What is your favorite___ threads too which lack any creativity or discussion value and really just serve as a point for jokes.

There's really just Dragonball left which actually has proper conversation. You'll get Thinkers occasionally too.

There's been an influx of random bot accounts posting garbage with links that just sit and sit. Maybe they get dealt with but I got tired of reporting them since they just sit.

I don't know what to bother with anymore. There is very little to talk about with you guys and I've been feeling like a gonner for years now. Maybe it really is time to say goodbye. You all say you'd miss me but you won't. Being here makes me sad. It just does. It serves as an outlet for my mania and my depression. Maybe I need to do something to stop the temptation of coming back.

It's whatever, dude.
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i have no idea if anyone is still on neoforums/neoseeker but i had to make another account since mine was deleted for inactivity, i hadnt logged in since around 2015 as i had pretty much forgotten about it. i used to play roblox until last year when i realized i should grow out of it.. i joined back in 2010, purely the golden age of roblox, internet or even life as a whole. roblox USED TO BE a fun, almost non toxic, and kind platform where everyone would actually talk to eachother and respect eachother, even the staff accounts would sometimes join games or answer private messages you'd send them.. now though, it is a dumpster fire, okay their technology have evolved but it feels so cold and corporate now. there is really just no way to really describe how it was at that time, you may say i am biased because i was much much younger, maybe thats what it is.. but i just vividly remember life, internet and roblox being at their peaks back in 2010-2015 (from what i remember, obviously) you might say "its because you dont remember all the bad things that happened to you and the world back then" but i also remember all of those bad things, i can remember being grounded when i was 4 for painting my dad's beige computer case in purple, red and green after seeing a youtube video about customization stuff, i remember everything from shitting in the middle of the bathroom and telling my parents it was the dog and getting grounded for it all the way to the day i realized i slept without a diaper on without wetting the bed (i used to have bladder problems as a kid so i wore diapers until i was 6).. anyways, i just wanted to say that i hope whoever reads this is doing good and that im wishing them the best, i am 17 now and graduating high school with grades going from C's to B+'s, i am healthy (5'10 for 165lbs) and going to the gym, eating healthy and doing sports, i am going to college in IT and am going to live alone, i am totally off social media and am not a discord mod or an incel so i can tell that my life is going absolutely great!! i am just sometimes sad of how people treat eachother, respect and trust are really mostly gone now...... i wish everyone who reads this (except for pedophiles, zoophiles, sex offenders, etc...) a more than great day, afternoon, night and life and bon appetit if you're about to eat. just remember that if you ever stress about something, or if you are scared or overthinking, remember that everything's gonna be alright, if you work hard enough, you can get what you want, ignore anyone who talks bad about you (except if they tell you you're annoying or talking too much because you might be) listen to what people have to say about you but NEVER take it seriously!! anyways, i think i have said everything i had to say, i just had to take a trip down memory lane and say what i had on my mind. if you dont like this paragraph, just ignore it and go on with your day because in the end, this paragraph didnt hurt you, if you read it whole and thought it was too long then that's your fault.

Have a great life and if you're doing bad, i wish you well.
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