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New Middle Man coming to help you with your trades of Summoner Wars Accounts! People from everywhere are welcome to send me a message through Neoseeker or FB.

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The term is "Regret."

Recently, been spamming up a storm. I noticed I passed long time Neo-Bud Chad in total number of posts. Ask me that years ago when we first met, I would have never believe it was possible. Thus is life when it comes to age and real life. Chad is too cool of a cat to be spending all his time posting here. He's got responsibilities and stuff.

Anyway, my attitude hasn't really changed. I still don't want anything to do with the masses these days. I have my little thing going in Tabletop and C&F. Retro's been moving a little too. sword_of_omens and Chimaira as a mod team in the revival heyday would have been legendary. Instead, the site got me. My enthusiasm was there, but I'm a fraud. I like Retro stuff, but I'm no where near as knowledgeable as Goodman Sword.

I should never be anyone's choice for leader. I can't even lead myself let alone others. I don't even wanna hear it otherwise. I don't wanna hear "Oh Cap, it gets better" because it doesn't. Life is a series of one disappointment after another. If you wanna spin something into "Well, it isn't worse than that one time," then fine. Go ahead and put that effort in, but I'm not going to follow.

Gonna end this before this becomes more about life than Neoseeker since this is a Neoblog and not a Cap Blog.
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thinking about videogames playing around in blender listening to tmbg while the youtube tutorial drones away ..... the footsteps of my roommates friends shake the ceiling occasionally but im fine with it. can i change the colorscheme of this? i can probably make the white background black if i find the right setting.. right? i dunno. oh the newest tmbg song came on. i remember it made me sad but i dont remember why.. funny bc its called i cant remember the dream. hmm. oh well the lyrics are kind of sad so that solves it lol
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its almost too relaxing. the air is cool & i keep smelling my grandparents (now torn down) house. wondering if i can go visit my dog. i need 8 more characters in order to post this cmon man
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hey everyone! :D sorry for being inactive recently, i went to vacation! but ill be posting more form now on :))) hope yall had a good day -boom
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[/code I was thinking, about pokemon,  and how it is impossible for Ash to catch them all. So, it all starts in pallet town, right? Ash wants to fill up tbe pokedex, and create a name for himself, win badges at the gyms. 151 pokemon to collect data research and things... now consider, other regions, here, Ash wants to catch more pokemon, perhaps even, special legend ones, and than there are those, still left to be discovered; it adds more to the pokedex, always a new species somewhere. Sun and moon has the alolan region, akala etc. And i think they are close to 600 pokemon to look for alone, in each region. If we count pallet, that's 800+ pokemon. How will he ever catch them all, with over one thousand different pokemon, and counting? There is Guaranteed to be new discoveries, of different species all the time. I feel as if now, it's just a bit much. I liked when it was the original, 151, now, it almost feels as if they're just lazy; taking household objects,  and calling them pokemon. A set of keys for example. I don't know, i liked that ekans name, was snake, spelled backward.. the different names they came up with.
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Today is a very BORING day. Had to go to school. But during the school period, my friends were all chatting endlessly, I could only talk when the teacher called me. During school I check Neoseeker and there's nothing new. No new threads. No comments. No one posting on my wall. So boring. I could only play after I was done with class and the extra lessons. That means I can't play until after dinner! Ah, well. That's life, I suppose. Can't change it.
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So, according to one of my posts about NeoLove (Credits to Dreadlock Holiday for telling me how to get NeoLove!) I'm going to try to get some NeoLove. I have three now, not sure who gave them, and I'm trying to find some more. But, there are some problems. Lately now, not a lot people answer new forums (You can check three of them made by me by just scrolling down, one of them has been answered by Vermillion.) and, since I'm a newbie, many people may not trust me, ending up that they just 'view' my thread, not answering them. I have a feeling N+ can help earn NeoLove, but I can't buy that either. So...maybe I won't find as much NeoLove as I expected.
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I’m looking to do the story mode and need some players that can help me I can hold my own but need some help and they need to have excellent internet connection cause I’m lately been getting lag like no tomorrow I have xfinity so I have the highest speeds they got so i know its not me but any way is there anyone who has done the story mode and knows what they are doing if so hit my gamer tag up dragon117 it the one with a dragon gamer pic please and thanks again to who all helps me CallOfDutyBlackOps4
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Greetings to all friends. Let me share some information about the video game "Grand Theft Auto V"

The biggest, most dynamic and most diverse open world ever created, Grand Theft Auto V blends storytelling and gameplay in new ways as players repeatedly jump in and out of the lives of the game’s three lead characters, playing all sides of the game’s interwoven story.

Video 1:

video 2:

Video 3:

If you like it, please leave a comment, and watch the video.

Success for all of you.

Bagi para pecinta film khususnya film action dan juga kartun, kamu pasti tahu bahwa Marvel merupakan salah satu perusahaan besar yang menciptakan film yang sangat beragam. Sekarang ini bahkan film mar

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Dear fellow members who are in the Friends of Cap circle,

As you may or may not have notice, I'm taking a fairly large step back from pretty much everything on this site. I can cite a few reasons.

Reason 1 is mostly because I don't feel like trying any more. I can make game threads and stuff, but there's only so many times a person can tolerate me tagging them to play. I can create threads on other stuff I'm interested in, but if it isn't in Loungin, then its going to be ignored. Places I like, such as Food & Cooking only get replies in the stupid "What did you eat today" thread which I'm sure no one reads and only posts in it. No matter.

This ties into Reason 2 and that's because every day I feel like I have less and less in common with the people on this site. I don't care about games much anymore outside of RuneScape. I don't care about whatever they talk about in Loungin. I don't care about any of the other niche stuff like wrestling or Dragonball Z that has a following.

Reason 3 is pretty much a continuation of 2. The people here don't really need me around anymore either. I don't facilitate conversation. I don't possess interest in gathering a group to talk about a game. I have a bad attitude and hold several grudges with certain people here.

I think I'm going to check in often enough, but I might seldom post. It's what I've seen some other fellas do. I think it's a happy medium for those who still think I'm okay and those who wouldn't care if I died in a ditch tomorrow.

Anyhow, if you need me, give me a shout or a tag. I'll check up on whatever you need. If it is for Mafia or some other community event, I probably won't join, but thanks for keeping a grump in mind. If it is some sort of question or whatnot, I'll be sure to try and answer it, though I don't know what you'd be asking me when there's way smarter people here.
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Does anyone happen to have a Houndoom or shiny Houndoom? I cant find one at all and i dont know if its possible to get one unless in the max Adventures
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Hey there I'm looking for anyone who has a Yveltal or Shiny Yveltal, Lugia or Shiny, Kyoger/shiny, make it easier I'm looking for all the Shield Exclusive legendary, I have Sword and I need to Shield ones, if anyone can hook me up that be very appreciated.
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My advice to people is to use their intuition to pick the friends/dates they know they can be. It seems to be a lost art and has saved my ass more than once. Consider how animals have their instincts and it just comes natural.