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Iconic Bocchi glitchy banshee wail recreated by the VA when discussing the original sound's creation.

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SELL EU~7 ld nat5=Nigong/Valantis/Hollyberry Cookie light/Grogen/Jaara/Woonsa/Manannan Ld4*=2xKinki/2x Molly/1x Mirinae/1x Deborah/1x Martina/1x Dova Best Swift ~ 223+2/Best Vio ~191/Despair~188+1 Many more sets/i hate doing RTA/1200$+MM/Negotiable
https://imgur.com/a/8QR6PKj SummonerWars
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The site is an afterthought and Chimaira has a point. Most of us are only here because we have nothing better to do or its just habitually logging on to post nonsense. Thread quality is at an all time low. There's still a bit of a murmur in certain forums, but outside of hosting or tech articles, is anything really going the right way here?

I want to highlight a blunder that I find most egregious right now. About a week ago, longtime voice actor Charles Martinet had stepped down from his role as Mario. The site published an article on it, but misspelled his name 4 times as "Martinez." It is even in the title.

I tagged some people in charge yet the article still sits there, incorrectly. A week later. Sure there's not a ton of eyes on this, but where's the quality control? We banged on the drum of quality some years ago with the Quality Team which fell by the wayside.

I don't even know anymore, man. I can only wonder how many other things are slipping by here. How many scams go unheard in Summoner's War or whatever trading forum. They pay real money for status there. I'm not super schooled on what goes on there since I have no interest in the games, but are their needs being met? Seems like a lot of them are moving to Discord anyway.

This stuff has been stirring in my mind for a bit and I felt like I needed to write it down here. Eventually I'll give up the ghost and leave here forever. It's already pulling teeth to interest anyone in my nonsense in Tabletop.
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Me, showing back up to Neoseeker after months of inactivity:
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There's sometimes the claim of both Saiyan transformation multipliers lowering over time and also fused Saiyan transformations having lower multipliers by default.

Both of which are easily dismissed as neither claim is supported by anything official. Toriyama having SS being a 10x multiplier in mind when he drew SS Goku wouldn't work obviously as Goku wouldn't have been anywhere near strong enough to even take on Freeza even at 50%, much less 100%. Even supposing that the Spirit Bomb would've weakened Freeza, Goku was weakened as well, and there's nothing to suggest that attaining a new Saiyan transformation restores the Saiyan like a Senzu Bean would.

Short episode but wanted to knock out two birds with one stone, thank you for reading!
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First of several segments to come where i debunk misconceptions whether common or not using source material. The first one up is the claim that Ultimate Gohan is close to power in SSB Goku when it came to their fight pre-ToP.

First thing, you have Ultimate Gohan and SS2 Goku going punch for punch no clear advantage.

Just imagine if Goku went SS3.

Gohan begging his father to go all out brings back memories of Gohan telling him the same thing when they were in the RoSaT together training for Cell.

Very obviously if Goku was actually trying, Gohan would've been vaporized.

Now moving onto the power of SSB. It was said in the pre-ToP mini-tournament that SSB rivaled the power of the gods.

And you have the narrator saying Ultimate Gohan rivals SSB Goku, probably him using Kaioken included.

With those claims being made, let's look at SSB Goku's performance against base Toppo.

Absolutely schooled him.

Now let's look at SSB Vegeta for fun.

Took him to class as well.

Now let's take a look at Ultimate Gohan.

Well that's awkward, Ultimate Gohan got embarassed.

It just goes to show that statements saying "x rivals y" doesn't really hold much weight.

And this concludes my first episode, thank you for reading!


This is when Goku fought Gohan before the tournament of power happened. This match was to test Gohan abilities to see whether he is good for the tournament...

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I wrote a book and it's getting published! Super excited about everything, and I'd love if you guys would check it out. It's coming out on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and once it's officially out (August 1st) then paperback can be ordered as well.

100th Run: A Regressor's LitRPG Adventure on Amazon

You can also find me on Royal Road, where I write Dungeon Inspector.
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The wikipedia definition of Wokism: Beginning in the 2010s, it came to encompass a broader awareness of social inequalities, such as sexism, and has also been used as shorthand for some ideas of the American Left involving identity politics and social justice, such as white privilege and slavery reparations for African Americans.

Th Britannica Dictionary definition of politically correct: politically correct
[more politically correct; most politically correct] sometimes disapproving
: agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people

Many of those using the word Wokism/Politically Correct or deemed as Anti Wokism are using it in an ironic sense of the words, knowing full well what being Woke/PoliticallyCorrect means & see the applied rhetoric in direct contrary to the meanings of the words themselves.
So people are saying with the applied notion of whomever or whatever being unaware of the chaos WokeI'm someone who questions it all & sees Woke/PoliticallyCorrect as being applied wrong on many fronts.....Or purposely wrong by Mainstream Media & The Entertainment Industry with the intention of further dividing & distracting people as both Mainstream Media & The Entertainment Industry knows exactly what really pushes our buttons when certain aspects are targeted to be remade, rebooted, removed, censored, re-written, or redone altogether. They'll shout & scream a few buzz words & many of us will fall over at their feet believing what we're told & with very rarely something is added in addition to, expanded on, newly made, or originally created. Well hardly anything original anymore but where's the attempt
yet we think we've gotten what we wanted when really we didn't ask for to be done that way.

I'm someone who questions it all & sees Woke/PoliticallyCorrect as being applied wrong on many fronts.....Or purposely wrong by Mainstream Media & The Entertainment Industry with the intention of further dividing & distracting people as both Mainstream Media & The Entertainment Industry knows exactly what really pushes our buttons when certain aspects are targeted to be remade, rebooted, removed, censored, re-written, or redone altogether.
Media Manipulation: 10 Strategies the Media Uses to Manipulate Us
They'll shout & scream a few buzz words & many of us will fall over at their feet believing what we're told & with very rarely something is added in addition to, expanded on, newly made, or originally created. Well hardly anything original anymore but where's the attempt
yet we think we've gotten what we wanted when really we didn't ask for to be done that way.

Yes the whole idea of appealing to a wider audience is understood & it's cheaper just to remake an existing work but why take a huge gamble on losing, & or alienating an already established fanbase just to seek & appeal towards a non-existing one.
See some don't think it's about that as it is about switching to a new audience that's fresh faced & gullible, eagerly waiting to shell out the cash for new & shiny cause the old audience has long gotten wise, cautious, & more demanding to please.

So the convictions are questioned, especially when Woke/PoliticallyCorrect content is removed across seas. Or when the majority of Mainstream Media, The Entertainment Industry are owned by many of the same conglomerates, & politicians running things.
That's why I don't think many believe it's about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, etc as much as it is about money. Getting as many distracted as possible, targeting each new generation, so they'll believe they're gaining something & won't notice what they're losing or even ask if anything was lost to begin with.

I think we really need to remember it's all a business & who really benefits from anything here.

At the end of the day it's not about diversity as whether or not you're left with either good or bad writing.

BlackRock, Inc BlackRock, Inc. is an American multi-national investment company based in New York City. Founded in 1988, initially as an enterprise risk management and fixed income institutional asset manager, BlackRock is the world's largest asset manager, with US$9.09 trillion in assets under management as of April 14, 2023. BlackRock operates globally with 70 offices in 30 countries, and clients in 100 countries. BlackRock is the manager of the iShares group of exchange-traded funds, and along with The Vanguard Group and State Street, it is considered to be one of the Big Three index fund managers. Its Aladdin software keeps track of investment portfolios for many major financial institutions and its BlackRock Solutions division provides financial risk management services. BlackRock is ranked 184th on the Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by revenue.

BlackRock has sought to position itself as an industry leader in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). It has been criticized by some for investing in companies that are involved in fossil fuels, the arms industry, and human rights violations in China. Others have scrutinized BlackRock for its efforts to reduce its investments in companies that contribute to climate change and gun violence and its promotion of gender diversity; the U.S. states of West Virginia, Florida, and Louisiana have divested money away from or refuse to do business with the firm because of its ESG policies. The company has also faced criticism for its close ties with the Federal Reserve during the COVID-19 pandemic and for anti-competitive practices due to its significant ownership stakes in many companies.

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), also known as environmental, social, governance,is an approach to investing that recommends taking environmental issues, social issues and governance issues into account when deciding which companies to invest in.

Since 2020, there has been accelerating incentives from the United Nations (UN) to overlay ESG data with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), based on their work, which began in the 1980s. The term ESG was popularly used first in a 2004 report titled "Who Cares Wins", which was a joint initiative of financial institutions at the invitation of UN. In less than 20 years, the ESG movement has grown from a corporate social responsibility initiative launched by the United Nations into a global phenomenon representing more than US$30 trillion in assets under management.

In the year 2019 alone, capital totaling US$17.67 billion flowed into ESG-linked products, an almost 525 percent increase from 2015, according to Morningstar, Inc.

Critics claim ESG linked-products have not had and are unlikely to have the intended impact of raising the cost of capital for polluting firms, and have accused the movement of greenwashing.

Environment Europe Foundation is running an executive education programme focused on Business Transformation, ESG, Sustainable and Impact Investment and New Sustainable Business Models in Oxford in August 2026 url=https://environmenteurope.eu/oxford-summer-2023

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So I did visit the eye doctor! They got me in pretty quick - literally a few hours after I called them. This was yesterday, I think? The doctor said my eye looked all good! He said he believed I just had a floater in it, and it should go away? Buuuut... I'm not completely out of the woods, yet. As he said there have been cases where the eye looks fine, but then a couple weeks later, the patient calls back and their eye has gotten worse. Therefore, there's still a chance some of my retina could tear. I'm just going to hope it'll be okay after a couple weeks.

I also have 20/20 vision! So I don't need no glasses! Wooo!!!
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For the last three days, I've been seeing a constant floater in my right eye. It just won't go away. Come to think of it, I've been seeing floaters more often than I should for the past few months maybe? But now there's one constantly in vision. Luckily, it's only my right eye. But upon looking up causes, I am very scared I may have a retinal tear in it. I really don't want to lose my eye, but I also don't have that money to spend thousands on a surgery for it. I'll visit the doctor soon, and hope it's nothing too big like that.
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I got sick! Given how me and my older brother got sick long after my two other sibs, and how our sickness didn't last as long, I'm unsure if we had what they had or something else lol. But I'm feeling better now. :) I'm also feeling quuiiiite good, because I've been drinking less and eating less, and because of that, I've lost nearly 10 pounds! I can tell, because my stomach doesn't look nearly as big anymore. (Which is where most my fat was. As where everywhere else on my body is skinny, my tummy and thighs are the biggest :( ) Even last week when I drank, because I had gone so long without drinking, I didn't have as much as I usually do. So, that helps with not gaining weight! Anyway, I'm feelin' pretty good now. I hope the mood keeps lastin'! :D

And I don't get sick for a while LOL!
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Some thoughts because I can and I'm like one of the few people who use this function. Kind of keeping it Neoseeker related but not really. Eh, who cares? People only read this when I tag em so that's all good.

Anyway, I want to like take this time to appreciate some of you. I know the past several posts have been anything but, but call this my rising phase since I'm coming out of a hole.

I frequent a certain forum here because the interaction between the people is interesting. I don't really get the subject, but the chatter is fun. I don't know if they are all friends or not, but it seems like it mostly.

Anyway, it reminds me of the past too. In school, there was another group who I was sort of fringe friends with but never really part of their circle. Used to watch them play card games and stuff. Reminds me of the crew on Neoseeker.

In any case, I find myself in a similar position. Fringe friends.

But back to the appreciation part. I appreciate their interaction and stuff. Maybe they don't really expect people to read all their games and stuff, but I check in and I enjoy the interaction. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm glad you guys are friends or at least friendly.

Is it odd? Probably. Some dude just looking in and being like "Hey that's cool. People are friends."

Why did I write this? I don't know. I'm supposed to be writing things on my mind instead of letting it sit I've been told so I'm doing it here.

For those who did give me a shot, I appreciate you too. I'm a bit of an odd one. Thanks for checking into Cap's Game Corner sword_of_omens Allingo Misato Bri Chad

Now go back to your posting. See you next time.
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So my sore throat was almost certainly me being sick and NOT from alcohol or flavor water damage! So, I drank last night as I told y'all! Unfortunately, it's been WEEKS since I last drank, so I had forgotten that I've built an intolerance to it... so, I threw up LOL! But luckily, NO bad hangovers!!!! So I'm guessin' I was def sick last time and that's why the hangover was unbearable. Hangover + sickness = NEVER GOOD. Does this mean I'm gonna drink a lot NOW? No. Not at all! I'm gonna keep it as a strictly WEEKLY thing - if not more than a weekly thing! But next time, I'm NOT drinking wine. Wine is always high in alcohol content and I easily overdo it with wine! I knew that but I only drank wine 'cos I had nothing left. XD
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This is an old movie theater in Henderson NV, I remember our father bringing us here to watch lotsa movies in the early 2000's. Place still looks the same.

Seeing it brings back tons of memories that wouldn't be particularly interesting to anyone else. But I do remember leaning back in my chair once, looking up at the ceiling, and seeing the shadow of a big rat running around.