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come gather, for i have something to show u...

villager say "is dat leaf special, elder"?
i say "no." and bonk on the head with a stick.
I say "it is not special, it is but a leaf that blew in from outside"
another villager say angry "why are u show us dis leaf den???"
i bonk him on hte head with stick very quickly
I say, "tink about it, dis leaf blew in from outside. we are all but leafs that blew in from the storm. the storm shapes us, and it place us too."
all villagers go "oooo..."
i quickly swing da stick in a widely and knock dem all out all out so dat dey wake up in their beds later and think it was all a dream. dis is da way of a village elda...

but also so dey cannot see me eat da leaf...
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Uhh I think it became more popular recently-ish because 1 of their songs was featured on some show I dont know anything about. I think it's pretty cool for a Halloweener sort of mood.

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i am a new trader! french/english in summoners wars
discord : gabryel#0499
facebook gabryel houde
wanna tell me mp and give me a good feedback ty!
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dun dun dun dun......


dun dun dun dun......


dun dun dun dun......


Provided to YouTube by The Orchard EnterprisesIron Tears (Remastered) · Flotsam & JetsamDoomsday for the Deceiver (20th Anniversary Special Edition)℗ 2006 Me...

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Been gone from Neo but never stopped never stopping. Been active on gamefaqs for the last decade and change (as well as on direct game dev studio forums) and still post on the youtubes regularly (over 1700 videos now). All my neo.friends are neo.dead, so... sad mech panda.

Was feelin' nostalgic looking at old gameplay videos from yesteryear. Thems were the good times. 2001-2006 Neo.Life was a blast.

Shout outs to muh dead homies:
Mishtraham Lincoln
Phister MacMisto
Nameless_Outlaw (silly wabbit - your name was Outlaw)
Grenade King
Algernon (Soldat ftw)
Kyo Daikun MK I through X
OctaGon MSG (before joining the MAGA scum :P )
Section 1(9)99
that Stabby Gonk Droid (heard he made his way into the Mandalorian set)
Krunal (j/k - caught the dude pretending to be me in a forum years ago)

All the supermods of the era before, during and after

All the mods who did their jobs and didn't rest on laurels or sit on a throne of corpse threads

and most of all, YOU, THE PLAYER!!!

And also studly cannon. Meme posting well before it was a fad.

(changed my name to Mr Grey during my time as a supermod - switched back after) YES. IT WAS I WHO BANT YOU. IT WAS I THAT DENIED YOU CHEEZBURGR!!!

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Something that I'd thought I'd blog about to reflect on my years as a guide writer to this point.
Throughout my guide writing career thus far, one could say I always try to be as descriptive as much as possible with the guides I've done. In that time since 2002 I'd have a hard time choosing which guide at this point is my best currently. There are probably a few that I'd love to go back to do a full rewrite at some point. Meanwhile, it'd be nice if I knew a cheap or free class or tutor that could look my work or show me how to improve. On another hand, I'd still be up to co-author a guide with someone. There were a couple times early in my career that I could've had that chance, but never fully materialized. One thing I'd love to do sometime before I retire from guide writing.
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Been playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly lately, a free mod that is freaking AMAZING. Below is a story about one of my experiences.


Cold informed me that 4 stalkers were dashed to pieces at the watchtower just north of our base. So it seemed there's a terrible mutant causing problems.

I went to go kill the mutant, but by the time I reached the watchtower I realized too late that I was horribly prepared. It was completely pitch black dark, and storming. Occasionally lightning would strike in the distance, lighting the landscape, but other than that all I had was my headlamp.

I surveyed the surroundings, and I couldn't see the mutant, so I decided to run towards the ladder of the watchtower and climb up. Just as I put my hands on the ladder, something swiped at me, snarling and growling giving me quite the fright, so I rushed up the ladder as quickly as I could.

I reached the top and was looking around at the base of the watchtower, and I couldn't see what attacked me, I was just looking around in circles when something attacked me from behind and launched me off the tower onto the ground. So it turns out the mutant can climb.

I gathered my bearings and drew my pistol. Then I saw it. A huge 4 legged freaking mutant baddie, face all twisted with lumps growing on its head. I panicked very quickly, and shot an entire magazine into it, doing no damage thanks to it's tough skin. It shook the ground as it moved towards me. As a last ditch effort, I attempted to shoot a gas canister nearby to explode the mutant, but it shook that off too, and it killed me.

Classic example of what a stalker should NOT do. 1. Go at night. 2 Forget to bring ammo. 3. PANIC.
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I find myself coming to the site to sit there and refresh the same few forums over and over again. I don't have too much to say anymore as even looking deep within some forums hasn't really inspired anything.

I find myself without much of a "goal" here right now. All the games I was running in Tabletop have concluded. I have no idea if a new one would garner any activity anyway. I don't really belong anywhere here and have a handful of you I'd consider friends these days.

I think it is a good time to distance myself for a bit. Maybe not forever. I might even still log in day to day. The thing is, I keep refreshing these pages in hopes of....something. It is kind of pathetic, but look who you're talking to here. I'm the epitome of pathetic.

The real truth is I have no where to really replace this site. I'm not on other social media platforms. I don't really want to be either. I'm just sort of here. I exist online on the site called Neoseeker. Maybe that's a metaphor for the site itself. It exists with its few members that signed up eons ago that don't really have much else to do. If the site just up and shut down one day, I really don't know where I'd go, even if I don't really even do anything of substance here anyway.

I took a lengthy absence before and was only brought back in when Chimaira brought back Retro (then Classic) Gaming. I then fell into series of projects and stuff that kept me wanting to coming back here. Now? I don't even know. I don't really want to do anything. I don't want to make any new friends. Maybe I'll just lose interest in logging in one day.

Everyone still here has other ways to communicate with each other in some way I'd guess. If anyone cared about ol' Cap they'd already would have added him elsewhere.

Ah well. See ya later. Or not.
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Hello, I am a reseller of several L&D accounts, tell me what you are looking for and on which server and I check if I have in stock or at my resellers.
I don’t sell double L&D.
Payment only in PAYPAL and in € not negotiable (I need to make a margin on the resale price).
The prices I will give you are in € and not in $ .
My feedback:
Discord : SnowZy#4140

Feedback From Date He is fast dealer and quick!! I love it!! LND (Summoners War: Sky Arena) Xearth +0 / -0 June 22, 2021 Quick and safely tr...

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But do I use GIFs too much? Just a question. I feel like I have been using them quite a bit lately because I just discovered that you can add GIFS from your phone keyboard.
Yeah I know it probably is late to discover that but who cares?
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Just check it through the link, hope it's interesting as you engage in it.
I look forward to posting more of this interesting videos next time.

Comparte videos con tus amigos, familiares y el resto del mundo

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So somewhat recently The5thAvocado suggested in a thread that I should post a pic of my hair. (You can find the thread in Loungin', title is You'll Never be as cool as this 6 year old with a fidget spinner haircut)
Anyway, do you agree? I was thinking about taking a pic and posting it in the Photo Album thread but I wasn't completely sure. So I wanted to ask your opinions. What do you think? Post it as a comment on this post.
(You will better understand if you visit the thread mentioned)
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This happens in the free mobile game Pocket Frogs when you try to add yourself as a friend. [img][/img]