Bordo blogged
2 days ago

Red Dead Redemption 2 forum. Join our community and participate in a collection of forum threads, questions, answers, and other discussions about Red Dead Redemption 2.

Elektrakosh blogged
Jun 15, 18 4:45am

After much thought, I've decided that I would be the worst person to date, possibly even in the entire universe.
Even though it will never happen due to severe social anxiety and I'm not the pretty or desirable in any way. I also have Asperger's, GORD and dairy and egg Intolerances, I have found that if there was a chance of no one being out and we were at a restaurant, I wouldn't be able to eat a damn thing! Lol!

If you think you have a terrible existence maybe this could cheer you up ^_^
Captain blogged
Jun 14, 18 8:32am

I have recently taken charge of Misc Gaming because I totally need another mod spot, right?

I think these temporary spots are good for me. I can actually see if I'm making a difference in a short time rather than taking on the responsibility and having this grey cloud over me saying "Cap, if you don't do well, you're just hogging a spot for someone else." Yeah, at least in 2 months when I become a failure yet again, I can just leave and say I did what I thought I could do to make this place better.

Misc Gaming is a good spot for me since it is in dire need of a clean-up and I've been having fun with some folks like sword_of_omens and Intoxication and allingo.

Why take the spot now? Well, I had considered it in the past, but it was really Chimaira who gave the final push. He told me to get back into modding so why not try again?

I suppose if I do a good job in Misc Gaming I might get an extension. We'll see what the Super Mods say. We'll see if I think I deserve even asking for it.
Elektrakosh blogged
Jun 10, 18 2:36pm

This is pretty much what I have felt all my life.
Hopefully by the end of my existence, I hope to experience more than what I have been subjected to and feel a thing called joy.

Elektrakosh blogged
Jun 6, 18 9:33am

I have been keeping my promise of posting a terrible one line joke in my status despite being otherwise engaged with real life being a PITA. Having a time breeding those Pokemon with decent egg moves in between bouts of quiet times but it seems that it may be a long way away. My story is coming along very slowly and have not done much art due to just finishing an unsuccessful Exposure Therapy course. I'm now awaiting the next step.
It is true what I have thought all along regarding those whom I am acquainted with and friends. Once I am befriended, I am easily forgotten.
I guess it is the way of the world.
YourDreamS blogged
Jun 4, 18 9:36pm

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BeunHaas blogged
May 30, 18 1:28pm

When purchasing an account always ask for a private mail at neoseeker! This to prevent scam!
Scan the code on the picture to be sure its me!
Warhawk blogged
May 29, 18 2:59pm

Currently have the guides for X7 and X8 on hold until further notice. Although I had done a few guides since then for Ben 10, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, and Detroit: Become Human (Demo). While all three of them can be found on GameFAQs.
Bluephionix blogged
May 26, 18 12:04am

I just come here every once in a while to see the past. I used to spend alot of time on neoseeker when i was a kid. Didn't even realize what it truly was until recently. The nostalgia is killing me honestly.
justindaone93 blogged
May 24, 18 3:36pm

I am only one KIK away ~ Justindafirst ☺
Luciano700 blogged
May 20, 18 9:12pm

Yesterday after we got off from Deadpool, in the same movie theatre we found for the first time ever a Cruis'n World cabinet with an HD display.
Elektrakosh blogged
May 15, 18 12:34pm

Since GA has invaded my tablet and can't be disabled or erased, I have gotten into many a profane argument with it. Now Google has voice recordings of me telling it to "sling it's hook" and go to a place called "foo cary" amongst other things. Just one absent minded swipe of a finger upon the screen and assistant pops up asking if it can help. I just wish you could tell her to take a vacation as I can't change the voice as my tablet runs on EMUI and not Android. I shall now go back to my break from Neo. I needed to vent.
EpicRaptorMan blogged
May 10, 18 11:44am

The theory that dinosaurs were the direct ancestors to birds has become more widely accepted in the recent years due to the abundance of dinosaurs with evidence of hosting feathers. And Microraptor, specifically, has aided in pushing science further into the golden age of paleontology.

Like its name suggests Microraptor was a small dinosaur and in fact it was amongst the smallest non avian dinosaurs. In addition to this Microraptor was one of the first dinosaurs uncovered with feather impressions. And indeed it was. This animal was coated in thick feathers throughout with long, pennaceous feathers on the arms and hands while the legs also sprouted long feathers forming hindwings. The tail, too, had a diamond-shaped fan of feathers.
Interestingly enough, in March of 2012, Quangua Li et al. determined the coloration of specimen BMNHC PH881. By performing deep analyzation of fossilized melanosomes in the specimen by using a scanning election microscope (SEM) the researchers compared their results to modern birds. Concluding that Microraptor's feathers demonstrated a blue-black iridescent coloration -- much like a present day crow.

When it comes around to the subject of flight for Microraptor, well, the story gets much more complicated.
Microraptor was thought to have been an arboral dwelling creature that used its unique quadruple wings for some sort of locomotion and early precursor to powered flight to be seen in birds.
At a time some paleontologists have brought attention to the possibility of Microraptor using its long feathers to parachute from the tree canopies to capture prey on the forest floor. In 2007, this hypothesis was put to the test and revealed that the combined surface area of the four wings and tail would have simply been too narrow for Microraptor to parachute from the trees without inflicting injury.

Others have argued to support the plausibility that Microraptor was a powered flier. The fused sternum, asymmetrical feathers, and shoulder girdle features indicate the potential for powered flight. Although some studies suggest that the shoulder joint was too primitive to allow a full flapping stroke. And when it comes to the evolutionary history of theropods as a whole the shoulder socket faced downwards and back -- thus making it impossible to completely raise the arms. As for the maniraptoran anatomy it too shows that the shoulder socket did not shift upwards until more advanced avians appeared. Yet, paleontologists argue that Microraptor was a special acception to this. Afterall, if Microraptor could raise its arms sufficiently enough then the combined presence of a propatagium and an alula then it could be plausible that this dinosaur was a candidate for powered flight.
Even without a full vertical flight stroke a 2016 study demonstrated that Microraptor's wings were large enough to produce flight via wing-assisted inclined running (WAIR). WAIR is a method seen in some modern birds who run up steep or vertical inclines while constantly flapping their wings. And there are still some benefits for using WAIR over normal powered flight and that is because WAIR requires less energy to perform.


For a long time Microraptor was imagined to have been a glider. Specifically, a phugoid styled glider, where Microraptor would launch itself from its perch, swooping downwards in a U-shaped curve before rising back up again to land on another branch and repeating the process. The feathers on the tail would be in control of drag and trajectory. With the assistance of the hindwings Microraptor would be capable of angling them to bring out the most performance when gliding.
So even though Microraptor could theoretically fly on its own power, scientists still are not completely sure whether or not Microraptor flew or not. Perhaps one day this question will be answered.

Whatever the case was for Microraptor, we know that it and it's descendants were an evolutionary dead end. Why? Well, look you see any four-winged birds flying around your backyard?
Kam blogged
May 8, 18 4:56am

The entire top half of my 3DS screen is black. Sometimes outlines of images will appear and when I move it past a certain point, it turns off,
tsujack blogged
May 6, 18 5:26pm

SUN TSV - 2314
SUN ESV - 3426


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