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Thought I'd throw an update on my life, because clearly it's been a very long time and I can see nothing but cringe on my profile.

- I finally got into med school! I mean it happened over a year ago of course but it's been going well, keeping me crazy busy. Can't say I'm enjoying my university as much but nothing's perfect! I love the studying aspect.

- My new pastime hobby is music! EDM to be specific. I like going to raves, parties, save up for concerts and festivals as much as I can. No I do not roll(maybe, we will never know). I'm working on learning to make my own music as well as getting into Djing, so hopefully I can take off there at some point :)

- Besides that I'm mostly just watching TV shows. Gaming is a part of my life, though I really only play Overwatch at this point. And that's completely satisfactory for me.

Not sure what else to throw in. Currently saving up for some international festivals as well as festivals in my country, which might be a tad too far. My social life is great, I've started dating for reals again after a lot of messing around post break up over a year ago. I'd love to hear about how everyone else has been doing :)
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For all the LGBT people out there and for Pride month. Always trying to make the world a better place for all regardless of orientation.

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I have to announce that I am planning on moving to a more passive role on the site. I cannot keep up with the games and activities I've been doing for the past few months. Instead, I'll try to frequent more social forums and maybe game forums. I don't expect the volume of posts I've been keeping.

I will not be joining events or games at this time.

I'll be on the site for sure, just not doing as much as I have been. I can see this developing into a bout of inactivity in the future.

If you need me, I'll be around my other haunts like Steam or Discord, but most of you don't really care enough to chat with ol' Cappy. That, or I've cut contact with you because I'm flighty.

Anyway, this isn't me quitting the site again or anything. I just felt the need to announce I'm not bothering with stuff right now.
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Decided to do some shiny breeding, and i got unlucky with my first drilbur, giving me sad force instead of sand rush with 4ivs. Then in the same box of eggs i got a second shiny drilbur BUT WITH SAND RUSH AND 6IV



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The Prince of Egypt is coming to the West End! I was literally just thinking the other day how awesome it’d be to see the musical live on stage. Guess it’s time to crank up my Prince Of Egypt playlist again! And while I'm at it, save up for a trip to London next year.
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I got a nosebleed in class today. :( My nose became a bit runny and at first, I tried to shrug it off. But I had that lingering thought in mind that it might be a nosebleed. When my nose becomes runny for no reason it's usually a literal red flag. I placed a knuckle gently on my nose and there was blood. I panicked by quickly covering my nose with my hand, but that was, of course, a terrible idea because blood started running down all over my hand.

It's been so long since I had a nosebleed, let alone one in class. Wait, actually, this might be the first time my nose bled in class. I had to ask the person sitting next to me for tissues. Thank goodness she had some! When I took the tissue with my bloody hand she passed me another. I was so embarrassed but so grateful! Bless her kind soul!

I don't think my tutor noticed. Either that or she saw I had everything under control. It may have seemed like I wasn't panicking but deep down I was extremely terrified and anxious. I'm just glad blood didn't run down my jacket because it was white and it'd be hard to wash off. The jacket also belongs to my sister, heh.

I don't know why I got a nosebleed. It was a chilly 9°C this morning so if anything, my nose should've been dry? Anyway, I sure hope it doesn't happen again. It was definitely an interesting experience!
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Okay Here's why I basically believe SuperSaiyan is a times 50 multiplier, & how I understand it.
Also how fixed transformation multipliers, SuperSaiyan Grades works with PowerLevels.

PowerLevels & Multipliers.

PowerLevels & multipliers are two separate things.
PowerLevels are the numbers seen by a scouter.

Now no matter what the PowerLevel is, it gets multiplied by whatever the set transformation multiplier is.

Like if Vegeta has a Base PowerLevel of 20,000,000,000
SuperSaiyan multiplies it by 50 & it's 1,000,000,000,000

Freeza 50%: 60 million
Freeza 100%: 120 million
After reaching his final form, Freeza overwhelms Goku with only half of his true capabilities. However, he unleashes his full power after the appearance of the Super Saiyan.

Note: This puts 50% Freeza as twice as strong as Goku using the Kaiō-Ken x10, and equal to Goku with Kaiō-Ken x20. Goku says in the manga that his Kaiō-Ken x20 attack hardly damaged Freeza.

Daizenshuu 7′s battle powers for both Freeza’s full power and Super Saiyan Goku are commonly said to be only 12 and 15 million, respectively, while normal Goku is given as 300,000 and Freeza at 50% as 6 million. This misconception most likely traces back to the Ultimate DBZ Information Site, a very influential English Dragon Ball fan site in the 1990s that was run by Greg Werner. On the “Little Known Dragon Ball Z Facts” page, item 26 provides a list of all battle powers from the manga or daizenshuu, and it gives these numbers for Goku and Freeza.

Werner prided himself on creating all of his site’s content, and much of his site consisted of things he took from Daizenshuu 7, so it is unlikely that he relied on someone else to make his list. Countless other fan sites relied on Werner’s site for information (and often took his content verbatim), so this mistranslation spread throughout the English-speaking Dragon Ball fan community. In particular, the popular site Planet Namek also used 12 and 15 million in their power levels list, color-coding them as being from the daizenshuu. It is possible that “SkullMac”, the individual responsible for maintaining Planet Namek′s power list, made the same translation mistake as Werner, but it is more likely that he relied upon Werner’s site for these numbers.

At any rate, how would someone mistranslate these numbers? This is the way those battle powers are written in Daizenshuu 7:

Goku: 300万
Super Saiyan Goku: 1億5000万
Freeza 50%: 6000万
Freeza 100%: 1 億2000万

“万” (man) is the kanji for 10 thousand, while “億” (oku) represents 100 million. If you do the math, “300 man” is 3 million and “1 oku, 5 thousand man” is 150 million. It is easy to see how someone not too experienced with the Japanese number system could make a mistake converting them, especially since all the previous battle powers in this section of Daizenshuu 7 are written purely in Arabic numerals, with no kanji or mathematical conversion required.

Super Saiyan: 150 million
The warrior of legend, the Super Saiyan, finally awakens. In addition to having battle power 50 times that of his normal state, he now overwhelms even Freeza.

Note: Since Goku was unable to beat Freeza with Kaiō-Ken x20 while Freeza was only using half his power but was then finally able to defeat Freeza as a Super Saiyan, we can infer that Goku as a Super Saiyan must be over 40 times as powerful as he is normally.
This rule of Super Saiyan yielding a 50-fold increase in power is also mentioned in Daizenshuu 7′s glossary entry on Super Saiyan, and in its attack dictionary entry for Super Saiyan as well. It also turns up in the first volume of the Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files (where it is said to be “according to one theory”), Dragon Ball: Landmark, and the Super Exciting Guide: Story Volume, which simply reprints Daizenshuu 7′s battle power list. In the entry for “Battle Power” in Daizenshuu 7′s terms glossary, Super Saiyan Goku’s battle power is given as “over 150 million”.

Also in the Super Exciting Guide: Story Volume, Toriyama revealed in an interview that he thought a multiplier of 50 was rather large, and that he had originally drawn it with the sense of being a 10-fold increase in what Goku had been “up until then”. It is unclear how this would put Super Saiyan in relation to Goku’s regular use of Kaiō-Ken x10 to gain a 10-fold increase in power, and the “up until then” bit muddies things further.
Since Goku had already multiplied his power 10 and 20 times with the Kaiō-Ken as he fought Freeza, did Toriyama mean that he thought of Super Saiyan as being 10 times stronger than that, meaning it would make Goku overall 100 or 200 times stronger than he normally was?

If so, it is hard to make sense of Toriyama saying that a 50-fold increase is too large. If Toriyama meant that it only made Goku 10 times stronger than he was without using Kaiō-Ken, then Super Saiyan Goku is only half as strong as he was when using the Kaiō-Ken x20, at which point he was unable to significantly harm Freeza. Perhaps the answer is that Toriyama is being his usual forgetful self, since he himself admits in the same interview to have forgotten much of Dragon Ball′s story himself, and that we should not take these numbers he throws out too seriously.

That's why the statement made by LordBerus makes sense.

Power increases, Zenkai scaling, after Namek were small for Saiyans in Base.
So Transformations, & Fusions were introduced.

Note: The ending paragraph seems to mostly be a way of explaining why no battle powers are available after the battle with Freeza, saying that past this point battle powers become simply immeasurable. The way the note about near-death power-ups becoming “small” is phrased in Japanese (sukunakunatta), it could either mean that they became small, infrequent, or simply insufficient.
In Base Saiyan PowerLevels did increase but not beyond the PowerLevel needed as a SuperSaiyan to defeat Frieza on Namek.
150 million

This is the reason why I never see multipliers as changing, & why I've always seen them as set.

Raising the Transformation multiplier & or the Based PowerLevel I see as completely pointless when a fixed multiplier & an higher arbitrary Base PowerLevels would accomplish the same task.

An Arbitrary Base PowerLevel could do as long as it doesn't come close to hitting 100Million.
That way it doesn't contradict the statement by Beerus.saying Frieza > Base Saiyans.

Which takes me to SuperSaiyan Grades.

The Grades I don't see as Transformations.
It makes no sense, why would Grade2 & Grade3 have their own multipliers to begin with when they're the same form just buffed up within the initial SuperSaiyan Transformation itself.

quote "Daizenshuu Ex Guide"
•Sûpâ Saiya-jin dai ichi-dankai (the normal Super Saiyan, or SSJ1)

• Sûpâ Saiya-jin dai ni-dankai (USSJ 1; the second stage of SSJ1)

• Sûpâ Saiya-jin dai san-dankai (USSJ 2; the third stage of SSJ1)

Goku is the first to go through the transformation into a Super Saiyan. It is widely speculated that the Sentô Ryoku ("combat strength," or if you must, "power level") of the character must be around 180,000, which Goku reaches on Namek; this cannot be confirmed or denied, however (it's merely speculation). The transformation into a Super Saiyan is generally caused by an overwhelming sense of rage and hatred.

In Goku's case, when Freeza shoots Piccolo through the chest (nearly killing him), murders Kuririn by causing him to explode from the inside, and declares he will be going after Gohan next... well... yeah, that just about does it.

The stage is characterized by giant spikey golden hair. The pupils also turn a bluish green color. The power of the character is exponentially increased. Control over this power, however, is not always the easiest thing at first. The Super Saiyan stage has an interesting effect on the Son family, in addition to its normal effects: the way their eyes are drawn changes slightly. Normally, the outline around the eye is not fully drawn (it circles around about 3/4 of the way the eyeball). When in Super Saiyan, their eyes are fully surrounded by an outline (the same way that all villains are drawn; this is due to Toriyama wanting to show the anger and hatred that must be present for a Super Saiyan transformation).

There are actually two stages within the "USSJ" stage, really just varying levels of the same exact thing. In the first stage, the muscles increase in size, while power rises. In the second stage, the muscles increase in size even more, the power rises even more, speed falls, and with some characters, the pupils disappear. In each of the those stages, more energy is consumed, as well.

In the second stage, the muscles increase in size even more, the power rises even more, speed falls.
The body mass increases greatly (creating an almost awkward looking character; so short, yet so buff!).

While obvious that Trunks is able to reach USSJ1, he takes it one step further to USSJ2 (note: this is not SSJ2, which is explained below. Trunks never reaches SSJ2). His body mass increases along with his raw power, but his speed unfortunately decreases, as well. The energy consumption is also increased.

Trunks also introduces the idea of losing the pupils during the transformation, which would surface once again with Broli in DBZ movie eight with the "Legendary" stage (see below). Trunks' raw power is actually greater than Vegeta's, in this form. Trunks holds off showcasing his new power until Vegeta is knocked unconscious, fearful of not only surpassing his father, but seeing the reaction from his father. Due to his lack of speed, while Trunks may have had the power to do battle with Perfect Cell, he simply was not able to keep up, and thus conceded.

They're just Power Ups.
Power Ups of the initial SuperSaiyan form to a point beyond its limits to properly control that much Ki.

Note the massive increase in muscle size for G2 & G3.

Reminds me of Master Roshi's Buff state.
A state which is a drawback of more Ki that exceeded his limits in regular form.

The Buff exaggerated muscular form is famous for this.

To use GreatSaiyaman's posted evidence.

The Daizenshuu entry for Bojack says "By heightening his ki, he enlarges his muscles to power up." So that indicates the muscles enlarge because the ki is heightened and the power up comes from the enlarged muscles, not merely the heightened ki by itself. These bulked up muscle forms should all behave similarly regardless of species in my opinion. They should all have the same essential functions unless stated otherwise, so if anyone wants to say Bojack or Freeza's muscle forms behave differently than a Saiyan's I say prove it. And I don't think they can.

Muscles are commonly associated with strain in Dragon Ball. Freeza's body only bulked up because his Ki size was disproportionally bigger than his Ki control, and Daizenshuu 2 does states Roshi's body bulged as a consequence of his mighty power.

The same thing happens with Grade 2 & 3, the body bulges as a consequence of poor Ki Control of that power.
Through training that tremendous power can be managed in a normal frame.
Hence Grade4.
That's the entire point of G4.
To have that power beyond the initial SuperSaiyan limit in a form that handles it with perfet Ki Control is the goal Goku was shooting for.

Buffing up muscle mass means nothing.
Statements from PerfectCell shows this, Trunks realizes this.

In fact G2 & G3 were pointless as they both had ridiculous drawbacks, so much so that Vegeta who seeks power didn't want to use G3 & Goku never bothered using either.

Well that's how is see & understand Super Saiyan Grades, Transformation Multipliers, & PowerLevels.




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We have a new addition to the family... And boy does he fit right in! He is named Marvin, an ankylosaurus potted succulent. I got him at my university, from a nice lady selling handmade things like candles and other animal potted succulents. Her tiny stall's been around for a while and I've been wanting to bring something home. I was initially very tempted to get the triceratops potted succulent because growing up, they were my favourite dinosaurs (my love for the number 3 is to blame). I decided to get the little ankylosaurus because I just think it's more 'me'.

Marvin has been great! He's been keeping George (my elephant potted succulent) company. Poor George's been so lonely... I got him from two of my beloved friends I met last year and he's been all by himself since then. I'm glad he's finally got some company now. :)

(Might need EpicRaptorMan to confirm he's indeed on an ankylosaurus' back!)

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I am currently OBSESSED with Anastasia the musical! Their soundtrack is so beautiful. I watched the film about 5 years ago and thought only one of their songs was worth listening to (Once Upon a December, obviously). But recently I've changed my mind about Journey To the Past and Rumour in St. Petersburg, haha! Christy Altomare is an amazing Anastasia - I've watched their first backstage vlog online and she is such a delight! Derek Klena is the PERFECT Dmitry. Their resemblance is extremely uncanny - he's definitely got his good looks and cunningness and sarcasm that makes the character so charming. And they've replaced Rasputin with Gleb - who is played by Ramin Karimloo, my all time favourite Broadway actor! Rasputin is admittedly an exhausting and childish character in the film so I'm really glad they made it more realistic and replaced him with a non-magical antagonist. Moulin Rouge's Caroline O'Connor is also in there! Gah, the whole cast is to die for! The musical has unfortunately closed so I'm really sad I'll never get to see them all on stage :(. They closed just recently actually, on March 31st. Everyone thought it was an early April fool's joke but alas, it wasn't!! There's really nothing I can do now but just listen to the soundtrack over and over again and hope they'll be coming to Perth because there are rumours saying they'll potentially be touring around Australia! Funny thing is, I initially had a pretty negative impression of the musical trailer. I actually thought it was pretty badly done, though it slightly redeemed itself when Ramin Karimloo appeared and Once Upon a December played! Okay, that is all. I just wanted to project my thoughts on this underrated beauty because it deserves so much more attention! :)


Once Upon a December - Anastasia
Still/The Neva Flows - Anastasia
The Neva Flows - Anastasia
In a Crowd of Thousands - Anastasia
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For those that want to keep track of I could be looking at writing and possibly other things as you can check out my Facebook page.

Grayson blogged

I don't usually share my thoughts a lot here, but I think it's time to finally give it a go. :) Dunno how long this will last since I get easily demotivated. Let's just see what happens! So, what's been happening lately? I've been living in a shitty hell hole apartment for more than a year and I have finally moved out to someplace else that I think is so much better. It's a bit further from uni but the trip is still direct so I really can't complain. I feel so much happier here, free from pressures and constant financial problems. The old apartment gave me so many bad vibes, but I think moving into this new place has made me into a new person...! I'm also reliving old memories of high school by going back to my heavy musical phase. When I first moved to Australia, it was the year 2016 (a.k.a the worst year of my life). That year, I thought, well, since I know I'll be homesick, I can still listen to some awesome musicals and I'll feel better. Those unlucky songs became terrible associations of my miserable year. But now, listening to them again, man, I took for granted how beautiful most of these songs are.

I've got so many things to say... but I think I'll keep it like this for now. I think I'll also sometimes end with a song I am currently obsessed with.

Song: The Point of No Return - Phantom of the Opera
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Dear Supers,

It is me, sword_of_omens again.

I hear that punk busta Chimaira is applying to be the new mod over at Tabletop Games and I just can't allow that to happen. I am the true choice for that forum.

For one, I already mod a Special Interest forum. With Mr. Allingo taking a sabbatical, I am in charge. As you know, General Chimaria was also in charge there once too. I know I am the Übermod instead of him. I made people play Kirby's Superstar while subliminally making those same people bet millions of Cap Bucks on the Roulette.

Another thing, I am one of the richest due to my gambling skill. If you don't want me to mod, I'll just buy the spot. I am super rich in Cap Bucks. I actually own the Cap Bucks printing press and really it is that Cap guy who gives away stuff on my orders.

Lastly, I win all of the games I play. Isn't the grand prize supposed to be able to boss Cap around so he makes Neoseeker Candyland or Neoseeker Monopoly? Of course it is.

Don't make the mistake of promoting Chi-guy. I'm the real winner and that's what the future of Tabletop needs.


Ps: As mod, I promise to make Snarf_of_Omens only land on the go to jail space.


Card games, board games, pen&paper role playing games. All the good stuff that don't require a $200 console or a $2000 PC ;).

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Whaaaat, that post is 8 years old?? Well since Square Enix has had a lot of new releases and characters have changed since then, let’s do a second wishlist for a new Dissidia game! A note to those who stumble across this: I am in live with the idea of Dissidia becoming more “Square Enix Dissidia”, not just “Final Fantasy Dissidia”, so yes, crossover characters galore! Also, many Square IPs are spin-off or sister series to FF anyway, so there.

New addition italics

Final Fantasy I

Heroes: Warrior of Light, Red Mage
Villain: Garland

Final Fantasy II

Heroes: Firion, Minwu
Villain: The Emperor, Leon

Final Fantasy III

Hero: Onion Knight, Luneth
Villain: Cloud of Darkness, Xande

Final Fantasy IV

Heroes: Cecil, Kain, Golbez
Villain: Zemus, Maenad

Final Fantasy V

Heroes: Bartz, Faris
Villain: Exdeath, Gilgamesh

Final Fantasy VI

Heroes: Terra, Locke
Villain: Kefka

The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

Heroes: Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Zack
Villain: Sephiroth, Genesis

Final Fantasy VIII

Heroes: Squall, Laguna, Rinoa
Villain: Ultimecia

Final Fantasy IX

Heroes: Zidane, Kuja

Final Fantasy X

Heroes: Tidus, Yuna, Jecht
Villain: Seymour, Shuyin

Final Fantasy XI

Heroes: Shantotto, Prishe
Villain: Kam’lanaut, Shadow Lord

Final Fantasy XII

Hero: Vaan
Villain: Vayne, Gabranth

Final Fantasy XIII

Heroes: Lightning, Serah
Villain: Barthandelus, Caius, Snow

Final Fantasy XIV

Hero: Y’Shtola, Minfilia
Villain: Gaius, Nael

Final Fantasy XV

Hero: Noctis
Villain: Ardyn, Aranea

Final Fantasy Tactics

Hero: Ramza
Villain: Folmarv, Ultima

Final Fantasy Type-0

Hero: Ace
Villain: Cid Aulstyne, Qun’mi or Nimbus

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Hero: Layle
Villain: Jegran

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Hero: Marche
Villain:. Llednar

Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Hero: Luso
Villain: Illua

Final Fantasy Dimensions

Hero: Sol
Villain: Elgo

Final Fantasy Dimensions II

Hero: Aemo

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Hero: Benjamin

Adventure of Mana (Final Fantasy Adventure)

Hero: Sumo
Villain: Julius

Secret of Mana

Hero: Randi
Villain: Thanatos

Kingdom Hearts

Hero: Sora
Villain: Xehanort

Chrono Trigger

Hero: Crono
Villain: Magus

Chrono Cross

Hero: Serge
Villain: Lynx

Dragon Quest XI (as representative of the series)

Hero: The Luminary
Villain: Mordegon

The World Ends With You

Hero: Neku
Villain: Joshua

Parasite Eve

Hero: Aya
Villain: Eve

Hero total: 49
Villain total: 42

Some entries, such as Mystic Quest, are wishful thinking yes (Benjamin REALLY needs some time in the spotlight though), but I do believe that Mana, Chrono, and Dragon Quest have a place in Dissidia. In terms of those who I really wish was added to Dissidia, I really prefer Folmarv over Ultima, I don’t think Dissidia needs another “end of the game witch” character like CoD or Ultimecia; it needs someone who was present in the story and Folmarv is a nice breath of fresh air, being possessed Templar whose presence is quite threatening in Tactics. You knew you were in for a fight whenever he showed up.

I really love Chrono Cross. I really do. I think Serge is awesome and Lynx is a straight up badass. I can imagine playing as those two in a game series like Dissidia would be really fun, with Serge Dash & Slash and Flying Arrow’ing everyone, and Lynx blasting people with Feral Cats and Glide Hooking people. They can use elements to balance out the rest of their gameplay, like Serge having PhotonBeam and Lynx having a version of Gravtionne.

I don’t know much about Layle, really, but it seems like Crystal Chronicles had its own following and Layle is about the only suitable candidate to represent CC, and given his appearance in Opera Omnia versus all other CC characters Square knows it too. Layle would be a nice addition to round out representing another big part of the FF franchise.