Houndoom Trainer blogged

it’s 2am of a saturday, bout to sleep, reminiscing nostalgic memories and i came to remember my time on here. how can i not forget this username that i eventually found cringe over the years? even more so the people i talked to on here; from short, one time conversations regarding trades and breeding pokemon, to those who were regulars in my PMs (and kick, was it?) jus tryna catch up everyday. was pretty obsessed with pokemon back then, i miss that now. it’s crazy to know i was first on neoseeker when i was only 11, but from now in a month i’ll be turning 18. so much has happened between then and now, but what’s there to be surprised in? adolescent years are wild after all. while i dont talk to anyone from here anymore, nor am i active, i still remember the friendships and quick encounters i made on here. i’ve jumped here and there on different forums and such, however now i’ve pretty much rested on discord, idly so. neoseeker was defo one of my first places to have been on, so it’s quite memorable to me now. my discord’s lorraine#1146 if anyone on my friend’s list sees this. :) i hope you are all are leading a happy life.
HopefullyAHero blogged

Holy crap my last list is insane. Bravely Default is one of my least fav games so I have no freaking clue how that even made it on my list. God, I barely played any games back then it seems, Who puts Gen 6 as their fav Pokemon game???

Anyway, it's 12am and I'll keep it short. Time for the 2020 redux.

10. Sly 2 or 3

9. Fire Emblem: Awakening

8. Super Mario Galaxy

7. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

6. Tales of Xillia 2

5. Little Busters!

4. Persona 4 / Persona 4 Golden

3. Any mainline Pokemon game ig. Specifically gens 4, 5, and 7.

2. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

1. Dark Souls II / Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
vinheim blogged

Finished both Trials of Mana and Helltaker's guides in the past week. Loved how those two guides came out. Helltaker was an incredibly short game with probably, if you know your way around it, 30 minutes of gameplay, maybe less. Even so, the guide looks quite charming for such little content the game had.

Trials of Mana, on the other hand, took us basically a week and a couple of days to finish off the main guide, and the rest of the paths / other sections took us a week or so to be completed. The guide is one of my favorite ones thus far :).
Cap blogged

It appeared the large boss was at his wit's end. The group of fighters cornered him. He looked into the crowd to see they had, indeed, turned on him. His eyes darted to the entrance. His once loyal bodyguard was already defeated...

Chimaira has been pinned! He was Deebo - D-Mob aligned bodyguard who will break ya neck

Surely his last henchmen did some damage... It appeared to be true, but he seemed to vanish without a trace...

Kid Clutch has been pinned! He was Proof - Vendetta aligned former superbike racer

Gotenks has vanished! He was Pockets - D-Mob aligned quick henchman

So...this was the end for him. Well, at least that Manny never got to live to see the end. There was some joy to be had in that. The two hulking fighters approached the man and he felt the weight of a steel chair knock him to the ground.

sword_of_omens has been pinned! He was D-Mob - D-Mob aligned king of the ring!

There, the two fighters stood victorious. While they didn't feel any friendship towards each other, they could help but to respect their strength.

Gonzales has won! He was Briggs - Vendetta aligned discharged soldier

Olivier le Fou has won! He was Spider - Vendetta aligned high school basketball superstar
Cap blogged

It was a hectic day in Lazy Town as it seemed Stingy's reign of terror was far from over. He had now claimed official ownership of a huge majority of objects in Lazy Town. They were all emphatically his...

sword_of_omens has won! He was Stingy- Stingy aligned possessive puppet

Everything was his. This mailbox was his. This triagonal sign was his.

The Lost Soul and Thurlow have been possessed by Stingy!

The Lost Soul was This Mailbox- Lazy Town aligned innocent mailbox
Thurlow was This Triagonal Sign- Lazy Town aligned caution sign

Stingy could not be stopped. He caressed his belongings for he possessed them. Nothing could get past him. Not even an instrumental break...

Kid Clutch has been possessed by Stingy! He was This Instrumental Break- Lazy Town aligned 4th wall breaking tune.

The rest of the town's objects could do nothing but wait for Stingy to find them and take it...

Ditnopota has been end gamed! He was All your feelings - Lazy Town aligned 4th wall breaking viewer's feelings.

Praetorian_Lord has been end gamed! He was The Month of June - Lazy Town aligned month of the year.
Grayson blogged

Ecstatic that The Show Must Go On!'s free streaming for Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall on YouTube was no. 1 in trending! Truly well deserved, I think I speak for everyone that it was an ABSOLUTE treat. Thank you so much, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber!
Cap blogged

Something interesting on the site happened, though it might have been a fluke. Anyway, a game forum is thriving. Animal Crossing New Horizons has a pretty cool community with two good mods.

Now, will this community stick together a month later? 3 months? A year? I don't know. It is hard to say with this site, but a community-type game like Animal Crossing could harbor active users for time to come. I'd like to remain optimistic. It might be a foolish to think so, but I will.

I say this because I'm sort of part of the crew there. In terms of a nice town or whatever, I'm really low on the Animal Crossing totem poll. I have cool things I like and that's about it. People really get into it and make roads and whatnot. I'm not about that life. Too much work.

Anyway, I'm glad to see Vermillion and Willow lead the rest of the gang like Harvest Moon girl Chad and the others I talk to there.

A recurring theme for these NeoBlogs is not really being able to find my footing in a community here though all active users are all over the place since we're small now. I still don't think I'm there yet, but it's nice seeing people talk about a game again.

In unrelated to Animal Crossing news, Tabletop is dead. I have almost no motivation to start anything again and no one really wants to play the stuff I make. Maybe it is because it all revolved around gambling. Eh. I don't know. It isn't mafia so it isn't going to gain traction.

My once goal in making Special Interest a thriving category is pretty much over. With the exception of Wrestling and IRP, there's no interest in ones I fostered like Food and Cooking or Careers and Finance and ones I had plans for like Collectibles or Academia.

Thus is life! I do hope to see new leadership in Movies and give the forum a boost like Mindenhol and hbn did with Music when they first started.
Agent Aitch blogged

I forgot all about Neoseeker! I might not be around for long but I'm doing a lot better than I was before! I had a lot of family drama going on over the past couple years, and I got caught in the proverbial crossfire way too much and got blamed for so many things that weren't my fault, but now I have my own place, a dog and two cats, and a lot more time for myself than I used to.
daikon blogged

i'm gonna be absent a lot more bcus my family and i have to move out this month, so packing is getting in the way. luckily, spring break is this month so i can spend some time on here.
Lesley Pro_04 blogged

Oops, over two years since I last did one of these!

This past Sunday I was at Hard Rock Cafe in Boston for Thrown Controllers Live, which included musical performances by FamilyJules and Adriana Figueroa, along with the gameshow/panel Thrown Controllers.

Thrown Controllers started at conventions back in 2012 with an initial show at that year's PAX East, and later that year changed over to the gameshow/panel that continues on to the present day. Last year the panel got to tour outside of conventions in a few different locations including Boston & New York/New Jersey, and this year there was a Thrown Controllers Live at the aforementioned location.

That brings the blog to the day of the show. And before I go too much farther, I'll say this: whenever I've gone to events prior, I would always be with someone, such as a parent or my girlfriend. Not this time: Ashley had to work so it was me, myself and I so in all honesty I was a bit nervous prior to this as this was uncharted territory for myself, and I have quite the history of having a general fear of the unknown.

But sometimes, in life, one must face their fears and inhibitions if they're going to accomplish their hopes and dreams. And that is exactly what I did, which turned this night into one I won't ever forget--here's why.

The concert portion was lots of fun with great music from FamilyJules and Adriana Figueroa, which also included some fun crowd participation parts (Pokemon Sword & Shield Gym Leader cover comes to mind, as does Pollyanna). Plus the concert was a great time to finish my food--first time at a Hard Rock Cafe in almost 20 years and the food's just as good if not better!

So once Intermission hit that was a good time to drop my plate off at the bar and use the toilet. Get back from that and I hear a callout asking if there was anyone who didn't get a card with a number on it as that's how they pick the contestants who get to play the game, using an RNG roller set to the range of the cards given out. The card I got had the number 3118 on it.

As the show proceeds we get towards about 9-ish (guessing off the top of my head here) and the challenges were fun to that point, but nothing could prepare me for the moment that my number got called, which was exciting in itself! Probably the real highlight of this for me was when I introduced myself with my username as I frequent their individual Twitch streams and have done so for a number of years now, so that was a special moment for me and one I'll definitely remember for sure!

I finished with 2 points, coming up one short of a 3-way tie as I lost to NCS playing Kirby's Avalanche but it was a fun experience, one that I'm looking forward to doing again down the road! I'm probably going to wind up getting a Puyo Pop game somewhere in the near future, just not sure when but it's on my list as I do enjoy puzzle games in my own time!

Before leaving for the evening I got to chat briefly with MasaeAnela. The entire TRG family is amazing as a collective, and words cannot adequately express the gratitiude that I feel for all they've done, as individuals and as a group! Heading home, my heart was very full with a level of gratitude that I rarely get to feel or experience, and that's a feeling I wish to not only spread with others, but to remember how that felt.

I've watched a number of content creators over the past several years, but to me, the TRG Family feels like home. And I'll never forget that.
Tenshi blogged

Another year goes by, but every year I always see February 12th and think, "Ah, there's something significant about this date." And then I think, "Oh yeah, it's my Neoversary." This is the only site where I remember my join date and still talk to 2 members from it almost every day even 12 years later. There's no doubt that joining this site by chance has really influenced my life a lot, in terms of countless hours of conversations, friendship, and advice and opinions that have guided me through my life and led me to make some pretty big decisions. Some things I've done thanks to people I know from here include going to Los Angeles for an Anime convention, applying for and getting a job in Japan for the past 3 years, planning to visit Taiwan, and I've even met Virtue IRL in Japan. I really only log in to check notifications now, of which I almost never have any, but still, thanks Neoseeker. And obligatory mention of Vermillion.
Legendary Boss Hunter blogged

I don't pop up here much, and sometimes for a good reason. But with how things are going, like such good people honest people dying from such tragic events out of the blue. Just felt like it's worth saying that everyone I met here means something to me, even those of you I didn't see eye to eye with and even got frustrated with. We as people hate too much, we judge others too much... And we all find ourselves regretting it from time to time, and most importantly... When we cannot right those wrongs, and I don't want it to come off as if I have a negative view on any one of you guys. Would hate myself if I let petty things like a silly opinion or what you like or dislike make me treat someone harsh.

I may of not really been here the past 7 or 5 years cause of college, work, or just moving on to places like Discord. But just let it be known that I still care about the connections made here and won't forget them. Also that any beef left here, water under the bridge. And I'm sure a lot of people won't see this, but regardless of the fact I hope my message gets to them.

May the rest of the year, the rest of the decade, and the rest of your lives turn out strong.
Cap blogged

The hero received a shocked reception when he returned from his long absence, but his friends seemed pleased anyway. It was a tough battle and he lost his best friend along the way, but he won.

"How did you make it back?"

"I was nursed back to health by my wife!" He grinned and winked. "Your next line will be 'What? You're married!?'"

"What? You're married!?"

The Joestar smiled at his group of friends.

orez has won the game and made it to the end game! He was Joseph Joestar: Hamon User Aligned Trickster

Joesph though back to his fight with the Pillar Men. They proved to be a tough foe. Wamuu really took him for a run on the track, but he proved to be successful in the end.

Kid Clutch has died in the end game! He was Wamuu: Pillar Man Aligned Spirit of the Battle and Wind

His fight with Kars was also intense. Had Kars waited a moment more, Joseph may have met his end...

sword_of_omens has died in the end game! He was Kars: Pillar Man Aligned Perfect Being

Happy to be actually alive, the old teacher gave Joseph a pat on the back.

The Lost Soul has won the game! He was Messina: Hamon User Aligned Pointy Hat Guy

Of course, Joseph's greatest teacher (and mother) was also there, quite happy he lived. Ditnopota has won the game! He was Lisa Lisa: Hamon User Aligned Beetle Scarf Lady Who Defies Age

Yet deep below the sea...something was waking up. An old foe? Joseph would find out in due time....

Introducing: Stardust Crusaders Mafia: DIO's Revenge