BaronBrennenburg blogged
Oct 02, 15 4:46pm

I just realized I could play MHFU on ppsspp online!
I have done none of the tavern quests, however, but would like a partner to play with sometime. Shoot me a message sometime if interested, yeah? MonsterHunterFreedomUnite PSP
nymarena blogged
Sep 27, 15 10:19pm


CHEAP GEM SERVICE (14K gems for 40$)

As title says, I can buy for you 14k gems packs for only 40$.
Or this packs:
2,500 GEMS (7$)
10,000 GEMS (25$)
14, 000 GEMS (40$)

1) If you playing Android device and already linked your CoC with your Google+ account: All you need to do is provide your Google account details (login and password) that linked with your CoC village
2) If you playing Apple device and never played on Android device: First you will need to create (or take your existing) Google account, link your CoC village with that Google account and then give me that Google account details. To do that you will need to have any Android device or PC with Bluestacks!
Payment method:
Paypal(all payments via ‘pay for goods and services’) and Bitcoin.


EMAIL: nymarena

WHATSAPP: ~584248107258

DELIVERY:Instant after your confirmed payment, we can talk on Skype while I do the service (max 20 min but only during my online time – UTC -430)

if youre unsure at this, you can always give your DUMMY Account not main so you can try my service for authenticity.
Contact me before do any payment

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laurikaltiomaa blogged
Sep 23, 15 9:46am

i've got a leftover steam gift for kf1 and defence alliance2 that came with kf2 deluxe edition, you can see that it's in my inventory, if anyone's interested go ahead and make an offer (trading cardsor another game?) KillingFloor PC
Keane Ingram blogged
Sep 11, 15 7:23am

I managed to get a free trial of Xbox Live Gold so was able to get Gears of War 3 for free - have been playing it since, that's one that was on my 'to play' list so pleased about that :-) Also on the list - Mass Effect 3, Metal Gear Solid 4. I have been playing Skylanders: Swap Force with my son on the Wii too.
Adam3k3 blogged
Sep 09, 15 4:01pm

Hey guys, long time no blog. Been busy writing gaming guides (faqs). That's something I been doing since 2002. It's a shame IGN abandoned traditional FAQs for Wikis but oh well. Anyway, my Gears of War Ultimate Edition guide is live. Check it out if you need help. Talk to ya soon.
Gears of War guide
duyphuong blogged
Sep 09, 15 10:41am

[------AVAILABLE -----]

TRICHUOTSAVILLS | Lv 159 – Hall 10 / King 36, Queen 38 [Change Name Available]

– Devices: iOS + Android
– Change name: Available
– Check my clan: COC FOR RENT
– My Website:
– Chat with me on KIK: duyphuong7
(KIK is a free software for Chat. Easy to setup KIK on iOS or Android devices)


Please check my website to see the full picture and price for all the COC bases that I'm selling now:

My Website:

My Clan for selling COC account: COC FOR RENT

Chat with me via KIK.
My KIK: duyphuong7

I only contact with u via my KIK: duyphuong7
All other KIK are FAKE!! Don't be scam by any scammers!

ClashOfClans iPhone

Selling (21) Clash of Clans accounts! - Check my clan "COC FOR RENT"_ My website: (Updat

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duyphuong blogged
Sep 09, 15 10:38am

HLAM1991 | Lv 138 – Hall 10 / King 27, Queen 32 [Change Name Available]

– Devices: iOS + Android
– Change name: Available
– Check my clan: COC FOR RENT
– My Website:
– Chat with me on KIK: duyphuong7
(KIK is a free software for Chat. Easy to setup KIK on iOS or Android devices) ClashOfClans iPhone

_ HLAM1991 | Lv 138 - Hall 10 / King 27, Queen 32 _ - Devices: iOS + Android - Ch

duyphuong blogged
Sep 09, 15 10:21am

Check my clan: COC FOR RENT
Contact me via KIK: duyphuong7
Let's check my website
ArcticWyvern blogged
Aug 19, 15 6:06pm

“The truth cannot be held by clinging to order coated with rhetoric and lies. Covering up what is inconvenient and ignoring the real issues, will not hide the rips in the skin. Is providing false peace really that noble?”
Adam3k3 blogged
Aug 18, 15 7:16am

The awaited remake is finally official after a group of modders attempted to complete the job by themselves, great news and I am personally happy to see the project officially started but there are a few things that I'm worried about.

While Capcom is officially making the remake, the original director as well as a number of stuff who worked on the original is no longer there. And with the new guys and director taking over as well as the disasters Resident Evil 5, 6 and revelation I'm not entirely sure I want these guys to handle my childhood dream.

The Original remake was awesome and I was wishing for Resident Evil 2 and 3 to be handled the same way by the same guys. To be honest, I want the new remake to have an option for the tank controls. Keeping it old school with an option for the new generation although I'm not sure if the new generation even played the original to appreciate the remake.

All in all, I want a good old school game, not insane graphics and a bad game. Capcom, this is your chance to make things right so please do it.
yellowface7 blogged
Aug 17, 15 6:09pm

As you can tell, I just changed my profile picture to this new, interesting one. It is actually a DUMMY picture from a Nintendo game. I do not know what but I found it on The Cutting Room Floor.
Ciel Phantomhive blogged
Aug 16, 15 10:46am

Brave Fencer Musashi
Chocobo's Dungeon 2
Chrono Cross
Digimon World 2
Final Fantasy Anthology
Final Fantasy Chronicles
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
The Legend of Dragoon
Legend of Legaia
Legend of Mana
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Tales of Destiny
Tomba! 2 - The Evil Swine Return
Rhapsody - A Musical Adventure
Oblivion blogged
Aug 16, 15 8:23am

Wow its been a while
tsujack blogged
Aug 13, 15 9:39pm

Well there goes 99 strength Time for the next one, which is next Idk.

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