Deleca7755 blogged
Jun 22, 16 11:08pm

I should probably be ranting on my actual blog but the tab Is most likely not going to load anyway My. Laptop. SUCKS. For one thing, none of the browsers are usable. We all know Internet Explorer Is slow but that might be my only choice, Fire Fox won't stop crashing, Google Chrome keeps "Oh Snap!"-Ing me, and Safari Is beyond broken. There's also Microsoft Edge but It freezes too much and It closed out on It's own when I opened It. So Google Chrome just recently became a pain. It was my main browser but sometimes when I open It, the tabs don't load! I thankfully found a fix and It was to download Chrome Beta. Nothing really changes visually from what I've seen. Everything was fine until It just started giving me the 'Oh Snap!' error every minute. I can't do anything because of It. ShockWave crashes all the time too. There's obviously not a fix because there's never a fix for MY problems. Oh, and I can't uninstall Beta. I always get error 3 when using the set up. My laptop also decides to give me Black Screen Of Deaths from time to time. But wait! There's more!!!11111! Not even the Start Menu works! How amazing. And what caused this you might ask? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Woke up one day and my computer Is dead time to kms.
Deleca7755 blogged
Jun 22, 16 6:39pm

I was like I'm not gonna come on I have like 6 million notifications and I'm scared ( refer to last blog post ) but I realized let's not not log In for forever like that one time so that It's not awkward when I do log In but It's still awkward and soumyeah that's all this Is really short let me think of something to talk about *totally not thinking right now* So I want to livestream on my TubeYou one day but I won't use my voice and 98% of streamers use their voice and stuff. And also I probably won't know what to stream anyway rip.

I actually have 8.
C Falcon blogged
Jun 20, 16 7:56am

So, yeah. There's been considerable time between these. Sorry? I guess. I didn't have much to say, but right now I have at least something to write about here.

The time between the last Neoblog and this one, I was promoted to moderator of Classic Gaming. I had always said how it was funny that I originally was on the fence about helping its revival to the point where I was one of the most active members there. I was so active that Chimaira though I'd make a good co-mod.

I decided to step down on the weekend. I'll give you a little more insight here, though I don't like to get too personal on these Neoblogs. If you were interested in a personal account, you'd probably be looking ta my personal blog instead of this one which deals with my life on Neoseeker.

Anyway, ever since I took my second job, I've been tired. They make me work all night and then I have to get up like five hours later for my first job. The second job is kind of treating my like some kind of work horse. I asked for three days, they make me come in for five. It is stressing me out really. The free time I do have goes straight to playing Payday or something, but this month is hard because I am moving out at the end of it and I've been packing and getting the new apartment set up for move in day. I mean, this is only for this month. Does that warrant me shutting down my life on Neoseeker? Probably not, but I can feel the passion I once had for posting and contributing slip away from me. Some days I don't even feel like posting at all. I'm lost for new ideas and I just felt like it wouldn't be fair to continue to mod if I'm out of ideas and not contributing.

This is not me quitting Neoseeker, mind you. No. I'll still be here. Heck, there might be days where I post a lot too. Overall, I've just kind of lost the fire because I'm bogged down with life. I'm probably going to go back to a dark state of mind too, but that's not for Neoblog discussion.

Anyway, I still implore you to vote in the Classic Gaming tournament or nominate games if we are in that transition. It is good fun.

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Deleca7755 blogged
Jun 10, 16 5:36am

Things I realized today:
1-I am annoying
2-The forums for games suck
3-And so does the community

No I'm not talking about Neo. I'm talking about sites like this and this I have no problem playing on the actual games, It's just the people. This Is why I'm always too scared to check the notifications on anything whether It'd be YouTube or Tumblr, anything. I'm afraid that behind that bell with the blinking number 1 on It, there will be someone just ranting on and on and being butthurt about what I said or me just feeling embarrassed for no reason. I don't know why I get this feeling but I do and It's horrible. I'm a sensitive person so It's hard for me to talk. Instead I just scroll through the thousands of pages watching how EVERYONE seems to be getting along with no arguing then when I come In you gotta hit me with "It's not that hard just blahblah and why are you saying that nothingnothing". This Is why I try not to break the rules and be nice so that everyone doesn't end up hating me like last time. I'm also afraid of Mr. Banhammer and Mr. No Excuses. Forums are like my mom. I'm nervous about going to her and asking a question/talking to her because I'm worried she's gonna be mad or think negatively. And yes, even accidents aren't good enough. It's just......HGRNGRHNFEJDNS stop being so strict I'm trying my best.

Fun Fact: I was trying to shorten the links I shortened In this blog post.
Fact Fun: I am weird.
Fuct Fan: Okay bye.
Nuf Tacf: Now I'm scared for replies on this someone hug me I really could use a warm huggie.
FF: Bye for real.

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marvelguy001 blogged
Jun 08, 16 8:19pm

Selling COC account. TH11, lvl 138 w name change, all max defense towers, all walls lvl 9 with 72 lvl 10. Q 30 K 25 W 10. $600 obo. KIK MorbidVendetta or PM me on NEO for pics ClashOfClans
Deleca7755 blogged
May 28, 16 10:28pm

I heard a fly In the room today so I'm gonna share some stories when I've encountered flies.

This one is my personal favorite: Me and my sister were at my aunt's house. In the room there was a huge fly buzzing SO LOUD. We hid under the covers for a while until we decided to retreat. A couple days before this, we all made cupcakes together. We went upstairs In the kitchen and got 2 of the leftover cupcakes and ran Into the room upstairs. There were also a bajillion ants In the corner of that room :/ I think we waited for someone to get back?

Trashy: I would take out the trash a lot. There's usually no bugs outside or something. But one day, there was this massive fly who would buzz around the light where the trash room door Is. It scared me so bad that I couldn't take out the trash ;-; My cousin came over and I told her to come with me. It scared both of us this time...But we did manage to take out the garbage this time! After 3 days he finally left. Adding onto this story, when I was coming out of the trash room one day, there was this moskito thing near my apartment door so I'm like "oh heck no". I quickly put here hand on the knob and speedy'd Inside. Bugs react fast.
insanoflex7 blogged
May 27, 16 2:25am

Hey anybody, if you need clones, i have cloned for a LOT of ppl on here, im not a "trusted cloner" yet, (havent looked into whats involved) but I am FAST, and TRUSTWORTHY, you can a lot of the members of my clan DARKNESS RISING, I also can edit IVs, natures, and even abilities, all with powersaves. I have a cyber save editor in the mail, things will be easier when it gets here. But feel free to PM me, I enjoy cloning, hacking, etc...Have a good one! And check out our clan! Were recruiting! _WELCOME We are Darkness Rising! Our aim is t

Squiggle blogged
May 24, 16 6:04am

Well I just beat Champion Iris in White 2. Reflecting back on these playthroughs I've done over the past few weeks, it was fun to get back into my favourite generation once again. Using a randomiser is one of my favourite ways to play the game. It gives me a chance to use Pokémon I haven't used before, as well as some old favourites, with completely whacky movesets. To make them more interesting, I set myself some guidelines:

- Only the first Pokémon encountered in each area can be caught
- They must be nicknamed
- No legendaries
- If a shiny is encountered, it can be caught regardless of being the first encounter or not

Soooo basically a nuzlocke without the dying

Here I shall note down my team as of defeating N and Ghetsis (Black), and Iris (White 2).

~ Black ~

Kao (Claydol) - Lv. 51
Naughty Nature
- Spark
- Blue Flare
- Flash Cannon
- Sludge Bomb

Aristocat (Persian) - Lv. 51
Hasty Nature
- Wild Charge
- Rock Blast
- Strength
- Pay Day

Shredder (Weavile) - Lv. 51
Flame Body
Hardy Nature
- Waterfall
- Gear Grind
- Zen Headbutt
- Mega Kick

Lyko (Lucario) - Lv. 51
Quiet Nature
- Psyshock
- Judgment
- Flash Cannon
- Surf

Quixxy (Gliscor) - Lv. 51
Modest Nature
- Crabhammer
- Dragon Dance
- Close Combat
- Fly

Aria (Altaria) - Lv. 52 [Starter]
Lonely Nature
- Searing Shot
- Hydro Cannon
- Meteor Mash
- Giga Drain

~ White 2 ~

Basilisk (Arbok) - Lv. 61
Adamant Nature
- Teeter Dance
- Return
- Attack Order
- Waterfall

Willow (Chandelure) - Lv. 61
Mold Breaker
Rash Nature
- Hydro Cannon
- Tail Glow
- Signal Beam
- Overheat

Superstar (Starmie) - Lv. 61
Iron Fist
Naughty Nature
- Ice Beam
- Metal Sound
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball

Colossus (Aggron) - Lv. 61 [Starter]
Rock Head
Lonely Nature
- Zen Headbutt
- Head Smash
- Iron Head
- Leaf Blade

Lance (Dragonite) - Lv. 61
Pure Power
Impish Nature
- Iron Head
- Giga Impact
- Surf
- Fly

Luna (Musharna) - Lv. 61
Solid Rock
Calm Nature
- Leaf Tornado
- Psycho Shift
- Air Slash
- Overheat

So will I ever randomise these beautiful games again? Probably. Who knows when though.

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terakins blogged
May 23, 16 1:23pm

Litten and me as pixels!! They're supposed to be like super tiny, so they're blurry in the big photo that shows up lol
Xandersilk blogged
May 23, 16 2:13am



cedricbetz blogged
May 19, 16 2:15pm

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Love billiard? If you do I'm sure you know or even heard of the game 8 ball pool that has been released by miniclip. There's a lot of talk about this game and lately it become a hit to many billiard lovers.

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sharkdragon blogged
May 19, 16 6:48am

What do you guys think of this video? I found this video to be very helpful and encouraging as I believe it's something that we all could use.
jlop148 blogged
May 18, 16 11:57pm

AM NOT IN ANY WAY RELATED TO THE SCAMMER jlop111 ; this username comes from my University ID and proof is when you look at my real name. Thanks and feel free to pm !
Tsuki Shiro blogged
May 18, 16 12:24am

I don't want people to know about my achievements. I want to be remembered for who I actually am. But since the vice principal went up and announced me as the winner of the spelling bee, I had no choice. And now I guess it's actually not that bad being remembered as that. Now that I have a base, I can continue to work harder.
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