THIS is another FICTIONAL character. Any relation to real events or people is purely coincidental.

Hi, I am MeTALST0RM – a reputable, but admittedly upstart reseller here on Neoseeker. I’ve bought a few small accounts here, sold some good cards, and made enough cash to buy myself a new iPhone. It’s nice extra pocket money, but it definitely takes some time and effort.

Recently, I saw an internet poll that asked: “If you could take $20 from a complete stranger if you knew you could get away with it – would you do it?” I answered yes... I mean, why not? $20 isn’t much anyway. Maybe the guy will have to skip his morning coffee at Starbucks! Haha.

So that got me thinking. Boy, some of the people selling me their accounts on Neoseeker are really dumb. I mean, sometimes when I ask them to send me ten cards up front for half the payment on their entire account, they send me their TEN BEST CARDS that are worth WAY more than what I sent them. I got tired of telling them what they did wrong - it just kept happening. Noobs. I could easily use that as leverage to get a better deal on the rest of their account, since I have their most valuable assets already anyway. Or I could just walk away at that point, because I got a bargain on some great cards, and the rest of their accounts are kinda just fluff. But then they could complain and leave me bad feedback. That would be bad. And I don’t want to be seen as a scam artist, because that’s not what I am. I’m just trying to get ahead, just like everybody else.

But wow... I can’t believe somebody recently just got scammed out of $2k worth of cards! Really. WOW. How dumb is that, right? And then, things in my head started to go bad. If I had a chance to take $2k from a complete stranger if I knew I could get away with it, would I do it?

HELL YES. THAT would be worth my time and effort. That's like a year's worth of business right there. Those suckers are just quitting anyway! I would almost be doing them a FAVOR. If they get mad and leave me ugly negative feedback, who cares? I could just walk away from my account, and start a new one. The way Neoseeker is set up right now, anyone with 5 positive feedback looks like a reputable reseller! And who knows? Maybe I won't need to stop right there - maybe another sucker will try to sell his account to me – after all, there’s one born every minute! No one will ever know.

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je5us loves you - sell your account to me! Hi I am MeTAL5TORM. I am the figurehead of a belief system here that we call "feedback." Some might call me the leader of a cult - haha, but c'mon now. What I do here is provide order & sanity! When the lost join my cult - er, belief system, I guide them through the darkness and uncertainty, and show them the LIGHT! When you join me, you can take the "thinking" part out of this CRAAZY, unpredictable trade system! It's simple, really. Who can you trust? Trust the little green number! (and disregard the red number - those guys just clicked the wrong button). We have a hierarchy here based on that number. It doesn't matter how I get that number, just remember - MY number is HIGHER than yours. It means I have been here longer than you, and traded more than you have. You mouth-breathers should just do what I tell you to do, because I know how things WORK around here. And when we are done - and I have your cards - you can rest easy knowing that they will be used to their FULL potential. How can you be sure you will get paid if you do whatever I say?? ...C'mon, heh, what's a few cards amongst friends? Besides, you are probably quitting and selling your account because you don't know what you are doing anyway.

Yo any ideas for a death themed pokemon team. dis is for fun i have 1 pokemon set in stone so give a me some ideas! ok pokemon set in stone: Confagrigus Nick: Coffin

Hi I am MeT4LSTORM. I am a Nigerian prince. [shows picture of Nigerian prince googled from the internet] I would like to buy your account for $100 more than your asking price for your troubles! Because I have more feedback than you - and of course I am a prince - You should go ahead and send me your account ID# and password first. That's just how things work around here! [coughs] Don't worry, you will get paid right away! Am I not a prince?

Beware of scammers... my username on here is all in lowercase with a zero for a letter O ... if ever you're interested in buying any of my cards, make sure it's me you're dealing with.

If you're new to this site to buy or sell, please ensure that you have a read of the below link first:

There may be other posts on here posted by some of this sites Veterans (eg. Muzzler) regarding buying/selling and staying safe

This thread is an attempt to mitigate the effect of scammers on Neoseekers SWFC community. Unfortunately some people have n

Just so I can save this gif huehuehue
oh come on neo :( y u not let me use it in sig or avatar

King「キング」 is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and is the Sin of Sloth with the symbol of the Grizzly. He is the master of the Black Hound, Oslo. King's real name is Fairy King Harlequin, and as the name suggests, he was the king of the fairies and protector of the Fairy King's Forest.

Currently working on my VGC 2015 team, a video game tribute album, and an original game. PM me if you want to trade/battle in Pokemon or play in Smash (Wii U).

6. Shovel Knight
5. Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor
4. Earth Defense Force 2025
3. Alien Isolation
2. Transistor
1. Bayonetta 2

2014 marked a bit of a strange time for the industry. While still selling reasonably well, it was rather clear that people were beginning to see past the smoke and mirrors of the hype train, and seeing some of these games for what they really were. Between Watch Dogs being mediocre at best, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes being about 3 seconds long and Assassin's Creed Unity being almost as broken as Action 52, it was clear that people aren't just going to accept any old thing unless it's actually good. Granted, people are still aboard the Pokemon train and Call Of Duty jumbo jet, but hey, the latter has its moments and the former was a pretty good remake of a pretty good game (though it barely missed the mark necessary to be on the list), so all isn't lost.

Which brings us to the AAA games that were excellent this year – Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor and Alien Isolation. Both of these games couldn't be any different. Shadow Of Mordor could very well be the Sleeping Dogs of spectacle fighters where traditional modern gameplay elements congeal into their own, providing the player with a smooth fighting engine (courtesy of the Arkham games), excellently designed open world with a fantastic array of sidequests and places where you can do some cool parkour moves (thanks Assassin's Creed), and the Nemesis system. It's a system that I'd love to see expanded on by other games as it offers plenty of opportunities for more dynamic enemy encounters than what Shadow Of Mordor offers (an orc makes a getaway and comes back later on, only stronger; or you question grunts as to the whereabouts of their leader). It's through the rest of the elements being some excellent that Shadow Of Mordor finds it way onto the list. On the other side of the spectrum is Alien Isolation, a first person survival horror game where you have to get away from the alien or else, it will kill you. There's no two ways around it – it gets to you, you die. You swat it away with whatever you have, there's a chance of getting away. There are a few flaws, such as some of the moments feeling more scripted than anything, the alien being affixed to your ass while being totally oblivious half the time and being dumber than a sack of rocks, and the 31 flavors of false endings for the last few hours; but it's totally clear that the seeds left behind by Silent Hill: Downpour, ZombiU and The Last Of Us have blossomed into a beautiful, blood red rose given the amount of tension derived from not only getting away from the alien, but also anything else that may attack you.

If you're looking for true beauty, then look no further than Transistor. Developed by the same geniuses behind Bastion, Transistor takes what was a very well made hack and slash game and places more emphasis on timing and chaining attacks ever so thusly. On top of all of that are downright beautiful aesthetics backed up by equally beautiful music. I know that's a bit pretentious, but one look at a screenshot and some casual listening to the soundtrack on Youtube (if it's there) should help that train of thought. That require too much strategy? Well, there's my game of the year pick, Bayonetta 2, which is more about chaining together a series of attacks, dodging at just the right time so that you can slow down time and eradicate or at least severely weaken your enemies, and do all of that while looking damn good. It not only tightens up the frayed ends of its predecessor – already a great game – but it adds the ability to power up and tear everything apart while replenishing your health, all the while retaining its campy feeling that made the first game's story halfway relevant. Both of these games represent everything that I could possibly love about gaming – games that are unapologetically fun and exciting, and games that transcend the boundaries between the traditional and the artistic in a tasteful manner as to remember it's still a game and not a picture to hang up in a museum.

Earth Defense Force 2025 is another great representation of a game that's unapologetically fun. Though far from perfect given its early PS2 graphical quality, a bit of lag when there's way too much going on and the spiders' webs shooting through buildings, it's certainly not without its charm. It makes every encounter with the giant insect army feel massive. There are loads of insects to fight through, mostly in open or at least semi-open areas, and there's a lot more that can be blown up. The long draw distance helps quite a bit in making each skirmish feel more gigantic than the insects themselves! Too low budget for you? Well, there's Shovel Knight, a game that looks and feels like a game from 1990, but with a generous amount of money donated by people on its Kickstater page. Well, it does feel like it's from the 8 bit era with its simple if very effective gameplay (go through well designed levels, kill enemies, acquire money, defeat excellently designed bosses to get more money to spend on upgrades and whatnot), but it also has some modern concessions such as the abolition of lives and having to acquire the money that was left over when you died... and if you don't get it, it's gone forever. Man, From Software stumbled upon a great idea in regards to dying in Demon's Souls and everybody's starting to copy it. But what elevates Shovel Knight beyond the rank and file is its bosses. They embody the simple yet effective quality of the overall game, but to an even higher extent as they can and will destroy you if you don't quickly get their pattern down – but when you do, each fight winds up becoming fast paced and exciting, and the boss' defeat will be incredibly satisfying.

2015 is looking to be a bit better of a year with new Uncharted and Zelda games, though what's to say that they'll live up to the hype and prior games' reputations? Either way, let's just sit back and enjoy what we can throughout the year!

Read more The Kickstarter campaign to add more features, enhancements, and other content to the next Shadowrun game went live today! It's already past the funding goal and working on the stretch goals! ShadowrunDragonfallDirectorsCut PC

Harebrained Schemes LLC is raising funds for Shadowrun: Hong Kong on Kickstarter! A Shadowrun cyberpunk cRPG set in 2056's Magically Awakened Hong Kong by the developers of Shadowrun Returns & Dragonfall.

I'd like to have friends with Animal Crossing. Anyone want to add me? message me... I think? I'm brand new to neoseeker so I don't know much. AnimalCrossingNewLeaf 3DS

I've taken a short break from streaming with all the drama that's been going on in my own house!

Basically I refused to clean until my boyfriend helped out so I cleaning and it was a complete tip in a few day's, I couldn't cope with the mess and it made me ill from restraining to clean. I've done a massive clean and I'm starting to feel much better!

My stream will continue in a couple of days :)

Man, it's crazy logging back in here and everyone I knew is long gone. Even though it was a long time ago and I was just a stupid kid, I miss them all, ya know?

Been a while since I've really posted a big update, so if anyone bothers reading all this, here you go!
- Some of you may have noticed I posted a couple things in the past about missing a person. Well it was a person I knew online for a very long time, Ryan, and we finally met in person last year in February, then visited a few times after that, and now we've been living together for almost half a year! It's been amazing! <3
- About to take a trip in 2 days to Texas with him actually to visit his family again, can't wait to see Dallas again!
- PS3 died a couple weeks ago, YLOD due to broken soldering on cpu, can't afford the reballing and don't wanna waste the time on a heat treatment since it's so temporary. RIP you brave soul.
- Starting a new computer build with Ryan, this one is going to be specifically for him and later on we're gonna work on mine.
- Working on some game design stuff for a few games, getting back into texturing and modeling
- Got a dog! Sort of. Kind of inherited her? Might be getting a second dog soon c:

A friend of mine (Denny, I think) said this once and I put it on a sticky note on my desktop and it's been sitting there ever since... Thought I would put it here instead. It's nice when people say nice things, yeah?

"Jay (Hmszelda) - Jay is the type of person who is very well known. Through her comic, her clan and popularity, she is known all around Neoseeker. One time I freaked out, and we were both pissed and in the end we were still friends. That's the type of person people look for. Forgiving and kind. This girl right here, she's the shiz" - Soccer Player Manager Free Mobile App Game Where You Compete To Be The Best Football Manager Against Real Managers World Wide!

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