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Good new, Resident Evil (Biohazard) remastered now comes in Asian version. This version offers Japanese as well as English subs and text so it is the best DVD version you may want to get. I already know the game but reading text in English feels better in my opinion. Preorder from

I’m sure that by now, many of you heard that Resident Evil Revelations 2 may be coming out. I am all for a new Resident Evil with dark atmosphere and creepy surroundings but let me explain why I think Revelations 2 makes no sense at all. The game was good, a spin off set in between Resident Evil 4 and 5. The story was decent for a side game and the environment was creepy. The monsters were kinda cool but nothing special or old school Resident Evil alike. That is the main problem, it is a side story that ended. RER2 will bring nothing more but confusion and broken side story that ended in the first one.

I understand, Capcom can and will come up with a way to tie things up. The problem is, will quality control be imposed or will we all end up with a part 2 side story that no one cared about in the first place? Capcom is in a tight corner now with financial trouble and what not. The last thing they need is this. Save the budget and release something the fans want or use the money to produce or even remake some of the classics like Final Fight and Mega Man X. Soeaking of Megaman, I will tear eBay from inside out for the X collection as soon as I receive my next gaming budget and by receive I mean pay my bills and use part of whats left.

Any way, I hope I made it clear as of why I think that this is a bad idea. Let me know what you think.

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The rumors were true false, Google will not be buying Twitch after all. Instead, Amazon will finalize the deal soon to acquire the games streaming giant. I am happy that it is Amazon instead of Google and before you call me anti Google crusader let me tell you this:

I have never broadcasted anything on twitch although I am planing to. The likely scenarios if Google managed to buy it would have been:

Google shuts it down and merge it with YouTube. or
Ruin it to the point of no return much like the YouTube.
Google +
Amazon on the other hand has a vision, to become the best and with the ongoing company innovation and services I can easily trust Amazon over Google any day. Don’t get me wrong, I love Google but in this case; not so much. You can read the announcement bellow:

On August 25, 2014, it was reported that the rumored Google deal had fallen through, and that Inc. was in talks to acquire Twitch for at least $1 billion.[37][38] The acquisition was confirmed by Twitch executive Emmitt Shear shortly after. The deal, valued at $970 million, will be finalized within the remainder of 2014.

Twitch will be operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inc, with Emmitt Shear remaining as CEO. Shear touted the Amazon Web Services platform as an “attractive” aspect of the deal, and that Amazon had “built relationships with the big players in media” which could be used to the service’s advantage—particularly in the realm of content licensing. The purchase of Twitch marks the third recent video gaming-oriented acquisition by Amazon, which had previously acquired the developers Reflexive Entertainment and Double Helix Games.

Read more "Weird West" turn-based strategy game has met their funding goal on Kickstarter. Still time for them to reach stretch goals like Mac / Linux support and extra content. HardWest PC

PlayWay is raising funds for Hard West on Kickstarter! A weird west tactical with world map exploration, a hint of adventure and a drop of RPG.

Saying goodbyes have always been portrayed in movies and books as very heart felt and touching. Whether it is the end of the many years of the series Friends or the just newly acquainted "love at first sight," goodbyes find their ways into the hearts of those that become invested in them.

I have been fortunate enough to never have experienced a goodbye like those used in entertainment since everybody, everything and every what now has been here in my own backyard...until just recently. Sunday August 17th was the first day I felt a true goodbye as I said goodbye to my friends group as we all go our separate ways to college this week. It was a truly eye-opening experience and totally crushed me for the first time in years. I had become so emotionally attached to these wonderful friends of mine that leaving was quite the experience for us all. I am so grateful for each and every one of them and their impact in my life, and sometimes it takes till the end to realize that.

"End" is a funny saying because I know this wasn't the end. It was more like a goodbye for a while, as we go the distance discovering life for a moment before reconnecting to share our experiences and having another go at it. After all, we're all still broke college students dependent of our original living quarters (read: home), so we will be back soon enough to rekindle what was lost. Still, it hits us right where it matters most; the fact that these people we've known for years on end that have become staples in our daily lives will no longer be there and that we will need to rebuild from the bottom-up in the food chain again and find new sentiments to fill the voids. We wish that it will work, and with that, we are thrown into the world running.

You never know who your best friends are until you have wept the night away. <3;

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GO: *Gesturing* Hello Plume. Please. sit down.

Plume: Hiya! Are the questions about me being the battle princess?

GO: Well, *sips tea* you must be a master of swordplay with all of the training and fighting you get.

Plume: Oooh! Can I have some tea?

GO: Uh, sure. *Gets up and grabs cup* Take as much as you want.

Plume: Thank yoooou! *Gulps down tea*
You should try your hand with a Spear or something, because being a member in the Princess Brigade is a lot of fun.

GO: *Laughs* No thanks. I am really not cut out for that sort of thing.
Anyway, are there any other sword-users in the brigade?

Plume: Hevelke is, but he talks funny.

GO: How so?

Plume: "The Hero's light shall vanquish the dark!" (In extraordinary ways)

GO: ...He doesn't sound like a dull guy. *Very confused*

Plume: Nope, never! *Pours more tea* He also talks to Ralts a whole bunch, since he is able to communicate just like him.

GO: *Leans forward* Can I have more information on this "Ralts" character?

Plume: *Blushes* It's not like that! He's my squire, he is also very nice and take care of the whole brigade and my cat.

GO: *Shrugs* Love stories make more money. But some "special" intel has told me that your king, is a goose?

Plume: Yes! He's really fair and my not-related-by-blood, brother!

GO: How did he transform into one?

Plume: I bought a goose-shaped statue that would fit by his bedside. But after he fell asleep, he just woke up as a goose. It was unfortunate.

GO: You seem to lead a very interesting life.

Plume: There is never a dull moment.

(A boy enters the room)

Ralts: Hey Plumie, we need to take down another ancient weapon.

Plume: All right! This'll be fun! *She draws her sword and follows Ralts out of the room*

GO: Uh... *Looks at title cards* I hope they both don't die then.
Good luck, Plumie.

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You haven't really added anything to your Neoseeker wall yet!

Here are a few things you can do to get started:

Start sharing on your wall by pasting external URLs or use the share icon throughout the site to let your friends know about cool content.
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A conversation with me and my mom (email):

mom: No way Jose
Me: My name isn't jose, you must be mistaking me for someone else.
Mom: Geez louise
Me: OMG my name isn't Louise >.

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Almost completed my current video game collection. Still missing a few that I own or use to own, though I'm a bit disappointed at the size. Hopefully, I get more games when I get older.

Sonic Flash I'm barely on my first run through the first game. Weird game, it hasn't started with enough action yet but assuming it will get crazier the further I progress. DarkSouls2 PS3

Time for a new series to emerge from the darkness! I'll try to keep with making Top 5/10 lists, so get comfy and enjoy the text!
"One game per franchise"

10. Yu-Gi-Oh: World Championship 2008
Developer: Konami
System: Nintendo DS
I found the game enjoyable because of the fact you can't get a good Yu-Gi-Oh experience if you don't own any cards in real life. In my opinion, this one is the best in the series (as of now) because the duels are fluid, quick, lag-free, and many archetypes are in it. (My favorite is Lightsworn, but it isn't in the game) I've never had the pleasure of an online match, so who knows how good I am? Anyway, I am extremely hyped for Yu-Gi-Oh: World Duel Carnival for the 3DS.

9. Grand Theft Auto
Developer: Rockstar
System: Playstation 3
I believe what makes GTA so popular is how limitless it is. You can do things that would a normal person in prison for life, or the death penalty. I think the reason why I enjoy it so much is because the game can be used as an outlet for anger, if necessary. The RPG is also the best weapon in the history of video games.

8. Bravely Default
Developer: Square Enix
System: Nintendo 3DS
Now, I can't be the only one excited for Bravely Second, can I?
Anyway, if you play the game like it is, a JRPG. You can have a lot of fun, thanks to the decently long main game.
I bought this game because I knew it was going to be a hit, or a miss. It ended up being a pretty cool... "it's okay."

7. Fire Emblem: Awakening
Developer: Intelligent Systems
System: Nintendo 3DS
I bought this game because of an amazing LP on Youtube, and some recommendations from members on Neoseeker. Needless to say, this game has the highest number of play time of my 2DS and 3DS. The music is absolutely beautiful, the best soundtrack on any game on the 3DS. If only Nintendo would release a CD soundtrack of it...
I wish I didn't miss the Ambassador's Program of Sacred Stones.

6. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Developer: Naughty Dog
System: Playstation 2
This game is the origins of my video game career. I can easily run through the game without batting an eye now. It shows how well the game has aged. My favorite things about the game were Daxter's comic relief, and Jak's crush on Keira. Gol's voice game me quite a few goosebumps when I was younger. I still can't go into Spider Cave without steeling myself inside and out. Naughty Dog certainly does know how to make great games, especially since this one can still be fun, challenge, and exciting after all these years.

5. Shin Megami Tensei IV
Developer: Atlus
System: Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo is a smart company. They got an obscure series like SMT and made a deal with another popular IP of theirs and gave people $30 if they registered both on Club Nintendo.
I actually both SMT IV because of that deal, if Nintendo hadn't done it.... I would have never found this unique series.
Atlas is a very underrated developer. It must have taken a lot of time and resources to make a game as polished as this. I purchased all of the DLC available for this game, to show my support for the series.
One last thing, this game has the best voice acting I have ever heard in video games. It tops anything else I have ever heard. The bonds I made with my fellow samurai were even stronger thanks to the lifelike work. This title was definitely worth the $60 dollars that it cost.

4. Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Developer: HAL Laboratory
System: Nintendo 3DS
I love Kirby. I own Return to Dreamland, and I loved everything about it. Is it a bummer that the Super Abilities didn't make a return, I do like them more than the 'Hypernova' ability. I can't say that much else about the game. Triple Deluxe has only a few gameplay elements and a gimmick. But the fact is that it does it so well, I can just pop the game in and play it for some mindless fun.

3. Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Developer: Sucker Punch
System: Playstation 2
This is the series I discovered after Jak bored me after a while. It did feel fresh and new because of Sly, Murray, and Bentley. The dialogue was refreshing after Silent Jak. I hope a Sly 5 comes into fruition soon, I can only imagine what it looks like on the PS4.

2. Pokemon Y
Developer: Game Freak
System: Nintendo 3DS
If you know me, then you know how much I Pokemon. Y developed my love for the franchise even more. It is such an easy game to pick up and play, online or offline. Wonder Trade is also the best feature Pokemon ever introduced. (The walking with Pokemon thing reminds me of a gimmick) The only reason Pokemon Y doesn't take the #1 spot is because the game is a tad on the short side. Hopefully Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire won't do the same. Also, Pikachu, Snivy, and Volcarona are my favorite Pokemon.

1. Dark Souls II
Developer: From Software
System: Playstation 3
It is indescribable on how fun it is to play this game. If you don't worry about PvP or Co-Op, you can have a wholesome experience with DS II, yourself, and pizza.
Without knowing, I bought the special-edition version of the game. It was the best mistake I ever made. The CD soundtrack is utterly fantastic, and the added weapons at the beginning of the game makes my journey to beating the curse that much easier. The DLC is the next thing I have on my "To-buy" list.

Thanks for hearing my opinions. I hope you continue to look at my future Top 5/10 lists. :)

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I loved this man for its finding for the Education world. Anyway, he found this. I'm sharing it.

Copyright and Creative Commons Explained by Common Craft is one of my go-to resources when someone asks for materials that they can use to explain Creative Commons to students. This morning through Lifehacker I found a new resource that complements t...

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