R1DDL3S blogged
Nov 29, 08 3:04am

Champions Online publisher, Cryptic Studios, is offering for a while longer, a closed beta for the MMO.

quote Champions Online Forums
Los Gatos, CA – October 10, 2008 – Cryptic Studios™ announced today that players can now sign up for a chance to participate in the first closed beta for Champions Online™, an action massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) slated for release in the spring of 2009. This PC specific beta begins in mid-November 2008 and players sign up by visiting http://www.champions-online.com/preview_application.

“This closed beta is an exciting step in the evolution of Champions Online,” said Jack Emmert, chief creative officer for Cryptic Studios. “All of us here in the Cryptic offices have been playing the game for a while now, and we’re excited to invite others in to have as much fun with Champions Online as we’ve been having internally.”

Champions Online gives players the power of total customization for their hero experience while they explore a vast comic book universe. Gamers create their hero’s name, back story, costume, powers and abilities as well as design their own personal nemesis and his or her back story, which will guarantee a truly unique experience.

Champions Online is being developed by Cryptic Studios as a cross-platform project including PC and current gen console systems, and is published by 2K Games, the publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTWO).

To participate with the beta, users must register to the Champions Online site and apply for the beta.

This game is being published by 2K Games and will appear "exclusively" on the 360 and PC platforms. The game used to go by "Marvel Universe Online" and is in competition with the Sony exclusive, DC Universe Online, which will be released on the PC and PS3.

My personal presumption is that the initial name was dropped and "canceled" to gain some popularity for the idea and dredge up some more attention for Microsoft. Now they are potentially gaining the upperhand over DCUO by released the beta before SCEA can.

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R1DDL3S blogged
Nov 29, 08 4:47am

Mhm. This holiday season seems to be packed with zombie related releases, at least to me. One of the must buys though, was Left 4 Dead (PC and 360). With an amazing co-operative experience, it is hard to leave this game once you start playing. Up to four players can join together and assume the roles of Zoey, Louis, Bill, and Francis. These players then can roam across 20 maps and take on hordes of zombies, some very stupid and straight forward when it comes to dispatching them (the standard one), but others very tough and take a few shots to destroy (the tank).

When it comes to the single player experience, it is still fun. However, the teammates are a bit "slow" and take time to respond in situations when you are overwhelmed which can be a bit of a pain. The graphics, enemies, weapons, and controls make up for that.

With ten weapons:

  • Pump shotgun
  • Submachine gun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Auto shotgun
  • Hunting rifle
  • Pistol (dual mostly)
  • Molotov cocktail =D
  • Pipe bomb (has a nice flashing red light which attracts the horde like flies and kills them all)
  • Tanks (allow you to shoot them to burn through certain obstacles)

    Three game-play modes:

  • Campaign
    1. No Mercy
    2. Death Toll
    3. Dead Air
    4. Blood Harvest
  • Single-player
  • Versus

    The Infected:

  • "Common Infected" - The regular zombie that is just standing around, leaning on a wall, crying in a corner...
  • The Horde - The typical zombies...in large groups. These guys attack when you enter a certain area or trigger an event. When attacking they sprint towards the player and being slashing and pinning the player in the corner.
  • The Boomer - This big guy vomits on players when it attacks. This vomit attracts the Horde and blocks the screen temporarily. To destroy, knock back and shoot.
  • The Hunter - An agile zombie that crawls around on hands and feet and swiftly attacks the Survivors, pinning them to the ground. When pinned, if you are not saved, you lose your head!
  • The Witch - One of the stronger zombies, the Witch can sustain many gun shots and can quickly kill the Survivors with one hit. The Witch is provoked by gun fire and flashlights. Also provides a bit of fun when playing with friends :D
  • The Smoker -
  • The Tank - The largest of the infected. This guy hulks around and throws objects around trying to kill the Survivors. Only one or two usually appears per campaign.

    Mods are soon to arrive:

  • Left 4 Winchester

  • Ground Zero Mod - Tentative title
  • Additional campaigns
  • Many new maps
    1. Dawn of the Dead Mall
    Sadly for those 360 owners out there, you guys get nothing :P. Mods are only for the PC counterpart which upon inserting the disc automatically begins installation of the Valve program, Steam (See "The Revolution to PC Gaming").

    For the extreme gamer

    There is even a ladder for Major League Gaming which can be found here.

    Some other titles discussed this year

  • House of Dead: Overkill
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Dementium - The Ward
  • Dead Space (sorta?)

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  • Twin_Master blogged
    Nov 29, 08 3:45am

    Upon waking up this morning, I felt the lifting of my head from my pillow was a my arduous task then usual. Somehow, I managed to shuffle my self to the bathroom to quickly relieve myself, then promptly return back to my room. Only when I reached the door did my brother announce that Neoseeker had started blogs.
    I pepped up a bit, feeling more awake, and decided to start my own. Having spent an hour just looking at styles I could choose, I came to my conclusion and started typing. I'm pretty sure it's quite bland right now, but sooner than later, it'll expand and become much better than what you see here.
    More or less, this new blog feature is awesome. I am definitely hoping that over the next few weeks, I will be able to continue my blogging with the help of my beloved Neoseeker, and maybe along the way, interest others with my antics.



    My first matter of business. What should my blog posting style be? I am looking at the default colour black but I am not sure what size is necessary.
    Give a shout out via comment to this blog on what you think is best.
    Should I go with Size 1 or Size 2?

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    R1DDL3S blogged
    Nov 29, 08 7:38pm

    For those of you who are not so tech weary or into PC gaming at all, Steam by Valve would be the tool to get you interested. Steam allows for users to download the application free from the "Steam Powered" site. This application allows for:

  • Finding new games
  • Watching trailers
  • Trying demos of hundreds of games
  • Plenty of discount prices
  • AAA titles easily accessed
  • Incredible packages with incredible savings
  • Increased multiplayer functionality
  • Support forums

    As said by Jesh, Steam is like the Xbox Live of computer gaming. Initially Steam was a small program for Valve developed titles but lately it has grown larger than that and harbors many "Game of the Year" titles such as Call of Duty 4, Half Life 2, Bioshock, Fallout 3, and many other expansive titles.

    With an easy to use interface, Steam allows for even the un-tech savvy to enjoy gaming at their desktop. If you are still unsure if this is right for you, plenty of "indie" titles are around for the more casual gamer with hits like Trackmania, Bejeweled, and Audiosurf (personal favorite).

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  • Machienzo blogged
    Nov 29, 08 2:42am

    News has just been released of a Rockstar Copyright FAQ detailing the restrictions and information about installing GTAIV on your computer. As I just noticed on the GTA4.net fansite, a brief outline of what is mentioned is listed below.
    • Activation via Internet (1x per system, no limits, Fallback for systems without web access)
    • Copy protection Securom: The original disc is required for playing (Execpt: Download version of GTA 4, for example from Direct 2 Drive)
    • Requirements for playing (singleplayer): Games for Windows Live account for saving/achievements (1x free creation), original disc, Securom runs in the background
    • Requirements for playing (multiplayer): Active internet connection, Games for Windows Live account, For uploading videos: Rockstar Social Club Account.
    • If you don't have web access or don't want to connect your gaming PC to the Internet, Rockstar wants to offer a not yet specified system to activate GTA 4 via another PC with web access. Details are supposed to be available on launch.
    • For the normal GTA 4 (PC) version with disc installation, activations are unlimited. But the original disc is required for playing.
    • This does not apply for legally downloaded versions of GTA 4: Depending on the vendor the following is possible: Five parallel installations with the possibility to revive a "free” installation, if an old installation is deleted. For this purpose the customer has to have web access with the PC GTA 4 is installed on.
    • Those playing GTA 4 with an illegally hacked version have, according to Rockstar, to fear that the game will not be fully playable.
    • If you change two major components of your PC (like the graphics card or the CPU), you will possible have to reactivate GTA 4.
    For a more detailed analysis, please visit the PCGH site.

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    Star of Spurs blogged
    Nov 29, 08 6:30pm

    The Midnight Hour

    This just struck me, so it probably makes no sense, but I'm currently in the middle of my 'Midnight Hour'. I'm guessing most people have this. It's an hour, usually late at night or early in the morning, when time seems to last forever, or just seems to fly by.

    I'm guessing most people have a 'Midnight Hour'. I find my Midnight Hour is when I'm either lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, or when I'm on the computer at Midnight, trying to stay awake.

    Basically, it's a period of time where you try to do anything to get rid of your boredom/go to sleep, and you end up just lying down, staring into space. And you start thinking. You don't need to even be thinking of anything in particular, just staring into space.

    And the strangest ideas hit you. The strangest concepts, like my 'Midnight Hour'. The different things you think, and worry about, or are angry about just fly across your mind. It's effectively a day-dream, or a non-minded brain storm - when anything or everything is possible.

    Right now, I'm sitting at my laptop, wanting to go to bed, but I can't, because I'm not tired. And I keep finding myself zoning out, thinking of all these odd concepts. And I find it's usually when I'm in this mode, I get my best ideas for stories or general things that I try to use.

    Does anyone else ever find themselves zoning out, with time either waiting or rushing past, just thinking? Nothing else, just lying back, thinking about anything and everything?

    I'm annoyed, this has got me all interested in stuff. I suppose, in the Midnight Hour, you'll think anything.

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    ctrl blogged
    Nov 29, 08 8:00am

    Okay, so sad thing is that HTML and CSS is greek to me at this point in time, so my blog is going to appear pretty bland. If anyone can link "For Dummies" for me that would be grand. So this is where you all come to be exposed to the mind and works of one of the greats, eh?

    Machienzo blogged
    Nov 29, 08 1:51am

    Wow, so I'm surprised that Neoseeker has added a blog option to their site. I'm unsure whether to move my blog to here or to stay at my current one at http://www.machienzoprimos.blogspot.com.

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    Jesh blogged
    Nov 29, 08 5:48pm

    I've already noticed a trend in the blogs that have been posted. They've mostly all been about games, or the holidays. Well, I wrote one a couple days ago about the holidays, I guess I'll talk about video games. This will more or less be a weekly feature about games I've been playing or awaiting.

    I've been playing tons of Counter Strike Source lately, over 30 hours in two weeks. So, Counter Strike is an extremely fun game that I'd urge all of you to try. It's a multiplayer game, first person shooter. You can play with anyone online, and it's amazing, granted you have fast enough internet, so just get it already. You don't need an amazing computer to run it, since it runs off of the source engine, so it's pretty good. Other games to run off of the source engine are: Half Life 2, Day of Defeat, and the recent release, Left 4 Dead. These games aren't really graphics hogs, so you shouldn't expect to need an amazing video card to play, just decent.

    Also, I've eagerly been anticipating the release of Grand Theft Auto IV on the PC. I won't be able to get it on launch, more closer to Christmas time. It'll be a sweet Christmas this year, Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Call of Duty 5, and Dead Space are all coming my way, and I'll have $170 to buy some games myself. I'll probably be buying The Orange Box, Grand Theft Auto 4, and some other games will probably catch my eye by then too.

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    Mocking Alvin blogged
    Nov 29, 08 1:02am

    A couple of days ago i decided it was about time i started getting myself into a Christmassy mood, seeing as it is a mere 2 days until the first door on my advent calender needs to be opened. The best way to do this, i thought, was to watch some Christmassy movies. It just so happened that The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause was on TV, Four Christmases had just come out in the cinema and i dug out my copy of Bad Santa on DVD (which i hadn't watched yet).

    Now, could i get much more Christmassy than that, movies that mention Santa Clause and Christmas should get me firmly in the mood. But no! None of these films left me with that nice, warm feeling that you get inside when you realise Christmas is just round the corner. I was bitterly disappointed. It also didn't help that The Santa Clause 3 must be one of the worst movies ever made. Four Christmases denied that Santa exists! I don't want that from my holiday flick, i want to be assured that a fat little man in a red suit carefully places my presents under the tree. The word "*bleep*" and its variations are used 147 times while "shit" appears 34 times amid a total of 243 profanities in Bad Santa...what!?

    It then dawned on me, that i couldn't name a good Christmas film to come out this decade. This made me sad. So i had to watch Miracle on 34th Street to cheer me up, my favourite Christmas movie of all time!

    Feel free to tell me what your favourite Christmas movie is.


    K Chop King blogged
    Nov 29, 08 5:16am

    Tofay I made a caterpillar out of wood and then I pretended it was an aeroplane a bit faggy I know but I used my imagination none the less and I had a few minutes of fun. I think that the art of imagination is being lost in todays youth, maybe it's because of upbringing maybe because it's of T.V maybe it's because of video games, but I think what's killing our imagination is our peers. It would seem people are to scared to voice there imaginings because they don't want to be called a fag or a tosser or anything.

    Ecto blogged
    Nov 29, 08 3:59am

    Ughthfhffhf...so it's the day after and I feel like shit. My head is spinning and the heater is unusually loud...and focusing on objects takes work.

    Anyway, despite what you see in movies and shows, the whole 'raw egg in your drink' thing does not help hangovers. So, I figured I'd take a moment or two and disclose the incredible secret of ginger tea and its power...which is enough to gather a religious following on the note of it's hangover curing capability.

    Note that ginger is a natural antioxidant and is used with thousands of herbal remedies. It also has a decently strong taste and, if you're not a cook, should consider purchasing yourself a stick of raw ginger and seeing what sort of use you can use it for.

        How To Make Ginger Tea
      You can purchase boxes of ginger tea in stores. Don't do it. The quality of much more poor than something you can make yourself in, literally, 3 minutes or so.

        Step 1:
      Take your clove of ginger and wash it. It's really not a huge deal sense you're going to be cutting off the skin anyway, but it's always nice to do when purchasing anything from the local grocery store.
        Step 2:
      Now you're going to want to cut the skin off your ginger as that part doesn't help your condition nor does it taste very good. In fact it's pretty yucky, don't use it. You might find it to be a bit tricky due to the unusual shape of the clove but it's not too difficult to do.
        Step 3:
      You should now have a giant piece of skinned ginger and it's smell should be hitting your nose about now. Good, eh?

      Chop up the ginger into thin slices. The goal here is giving it as much surface area as possible. Note that chopping your ginger into fine little blocks works but you'll have a bit of trouble trying to drink your tea without those blocks getting in the way. It's better to have larger pieces with a larger surface area.

      You've seen people chop up banana's in slices, right? Imagine making each slice of the banana as thin as you can get it, that's how you should chop up your ginger.
        Step 4:
      Now simply take your chopped ginger and put it in your cup of hot water. Because the pieces are relatively large and ginger is heavy you're not going to need a filter or anything as it'll just fall to the bottom. Let it steep for about five minutes or so and you're on the way to recovery!
      I usually like to put cream in my tea but I've noticed it doesn't work as well with ginger. Instead, try replacing it for honey...works quite well if you ask me. Just depends on how you like your tea, really.

    Star of Spurs blogged
    Nov 28, 08 7:55pm

    I've come to the conclusion that most people on msn are idiots.

    Not all of them, I'll make that clear - some people on msn are very nice to talk to. But I always find there's a few dumbasses who seem to never get the picture.

    There's 3 types of msn annoyances.

    1: People who types like 'Hi m8, wuu2 - u gun movii 2nite?', which is both hard to read and really annoying,

    2: The people who continue to send you winks/stuff to be downloaded, despite you saying you don't want it, and

    3: The idiots who post 'r u der, r u der' every freaking second, and keep nudging me.

    Maybe I'm just adding the wrong people.


    OK, maybe I should say something worthwhile in this blog rather than just a general, every day common stereotype moan.

    I think I have a small problem, in which I laugh hysterically when I am performing in Drama, or just speaking to the class in school. It's usually at the worst time too - like today, in R.E., I laughed when I was told to explain what to do about Child Labour. It's not really good when you're standing up, laughing for no apparent reason whilst 25 other kids look at you and think you're a dick.

    It's nearly Christmas - I know it is, the adverts have started. I feel let down by this Christmas for some reason - not only has my Tottenham advent calender not got a number 25 door, I just haven't really felt that excited for Christmas. I'm not really excited for my birthday either - strange for me, I'm usually really excited.

    But I don't know what it is about this year. Maybe I'll feel more festive when I get to the 20th or so. Maybe I'm growing up.


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    Tweety Pie blogged
    Nov 29, 08 2:00am

    And candy canes and silver lights are go. Christmas adverts are already established on the TV sets of the nation, and love them or hate them, it is now only three days until the run-up begins with Advent and calendars are opened across the country. It is the festive season soon, a credit crunch Christmas as some jobber in the media will term it, with the usual shopping rush and midnight ambulance services. All it takes is a brief line of a Christmas advert to sprout that shit out of my mouth. Which is what blogging is all about I suppose. Probably.

    Imparting knowledge to the younger generations should be another part of every educated human being's life. I arrived late to the bus this afternoon and whiled away the journey giving a bunch of 11 year olds a much needed education in order to raise awareness that the key to the rest of your life is in your trousers. It's refreshing, morally sound and probably a good deed, educating the masses, do it today.

    Seeing as this blog has no rythm or flow so far I suppose I should try and implement some, like the finesse on a rake or the varnish on the rough farming implement, the lick of paint on a tractor. No clever turns of words, or nuance between each sentence, no subtle allegory of love through a chess board. Just a load of shit patted into squares and lumped below a picture of some bubbly, which seemed to have crept it's way into my 'My Pictures' folder somehow. My determination to head every blog entry with a picture from that depleted folder seems doomed already, and it may need replenishing at some point. Rambling, rambling, rambling, you can only every stop when your in mid-flow and realise what you're doing. There I go again. See? However, when blogging I assume you have to check yourself, realise you're doing the right thing, and carry on regardless. It really annoys me when my English teacher bangs on about how I shouldn't comma before an 'and', alright, if it's a list, but it has no flow, no substance, no subtle break between the rythm of a piece of writing. The comma is essential. You gotta believe me.

    Bloggity bloggity bloggity bloggity bloggity blogty blog.

    musingsthoughts christmas caption header awareness comma
    Tainted blogged
    Nov 29, 08 1:52am

    I figure that it's time I bring out my Christmas list for this year. I'm going to break it down into two categories: Realistic things and unrealistic things. The latter will be the really expensive things that I wouldn't ever really get for Christmas, or things that I wouldn't be able to use if I got them.

    Realistic Items:

    Animal Crossing: City Folk - I'm not going to lie here. I haven't touched my Wii in a month or more. In fact, it actually was packed away in its carrying case until yesterday when I considered playing it, but then settled on one of those "Plug-N-Play" Pacman games instead. Anyway, at this point it's pretty clear to me that I'm in need of a solid Wii game to keep me interested in the system, and City Folk is that game. I know it is not much of an upgrade from Wild World, but I am still an avid Animal Crossing fan and I can't wait to mess around in the City. Once I get my WiFi fixed I'll be sure to pick up Wii Speak as well, so I can actually interact with my friends online.

    Guitar Hero: World Tour - Yes, I know that there have been some issues with the drums, and the game lacks polish, but I shall remind you readers that the only next gen system that I own is the Nintendo Wii. This means that my options are pretty limited in terms of band games. And from what I've heard, Vicarious Visions has put tons of cool features in this game, and has made sure the the Wii version did not get completely screwed. And so I am still excited to get my hands on this game, if only because of the inclusion of Float On.

    Nintendo DS Lite - You are probably wondering why I would be wanting a Lite right after the announcement of the DSi, and I am not completely sure myself. But, I do know that the battery on my original DS is failing, and I am only getting one hour per charge. And honestly, after hearing about the poor quality of the pictures from the cameras, I've realized that paying that extra 30 bucks for DSware is pretty ridiculous. So I am going for a DS Lite.

    Unrealistic Items:

    Xbox 360 - I was extremely disappointed to learn that my brother was selling his Xbox 360. But, since he bought it with his own money, I had no say in the matter and soon enough it was gone. And so now, in the midst of all the high quality titles being pumped out on the system, I am forced into staring at my Wii, hoping that somehow I will magically obtain some Wii points and finally relieve me of this drought that I've experienced.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Whenever my friends talk about how much fun they had in Zombie Mode, I can do nothing but sit in my chair and squirm. The game looks awesome, and I am itching to get my hands on it.

    Mirror's Edge - Wow. This game looks absolutely breathtaking, and I am sure that I would enjoy it. I am anxiously awaiting the day that I get to play it.

    Left 4 Dead - Co-operative zombie killing? That just sounds awesome. I picture something like Dead Rising, but with first person mechanics and a friend that can play with you. It's everything I wanted in a game, and Valve is at the helm. How awesome is that?

    So, there you have it. As you can tell, I'm experiencing some buyer's remorse with my Wii purchase, but I haven't completely lost hope yet. However, I am now much more inclined to go purchase a 360, if only my budget would allow it.

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