The Deathwind blogged
Nov 29, 08 9:32pm

Seriously. One image. One little (okay, 950x120 pixels) image. That's all I want. Something other than my mediocre wit to set me apart. Most importantly, it's what this thing seems dead set on denying me. Probably because I have no bloody clue how to work CSS, but I have a feeling the site plain not accepting my chosen header my have something to do with it. Meh, I'll see what I can do after I finish this post.

This time, the subject of my ire is (dundundun) the Internet- and not just the memes this time (they can still go die in a fire, though). I'm not going to turn this into a "ZOMG LOUNGIN SUCKS" rant because, at the end of the day, it's getting better. Sure, it's not the apex of civility and wit- and it probably never will be, but I can always cling to that foolish hope for all it's worth- but it's making a start. The memes are being booted out, and we might start seeing some actual wit there. I'd help that front, but I'm too busy being a pessimistic douchebag, and I'm not that funny anyway.

No, the main focus of my ire is... I'm not really sure. It's probably a toss up between MMOs, memes (NO I WILL NOT LEAVE YOUR PRECIOUS MEMES ALONE >D) and you. Yes, you, the public. You are what makes the internet what it is. You are the ones who post on forums, upload videos to youtube, hell, you write the blogs and code the sites. You can gripe about how much the internet sucks nowadays, how people overuse text-speak, how they post too many bloody old memes, but until you start trying to change things, it wont happen. No, I'm not saying one person can change the entire Internet- I'm not that naive. But we can make a start with our little corner. With Neoseeker.

Back in 2005, on my first account, when I was a wee little underage user, I didn't really grasp the sense in using "proper grammar" on the Internet. I was whined at for it, over and over until I just started using proper grammer to shut them up. And then it dawned on me. It really didn't take much longer to put my full-stops in where I needed to, and to spell check. Yet, doing so kept people happy, left them off my back, and I can now look back at my earlier posts without cringing. Or so the theory claims, but then, I've changed a lot in three years. What passed for sense and logic when I was twelve seems hopelessly childish to me now. Honestly, I'm glad I made this new account, in more ways than one. It gave me a better name, but it also gave me a clean slate. Somewhere to work from without being seen as the child I once was. Maybe I'm growing up too fast. Maybe I should still be enjoying the childishness while I still have time- in about six months, I'll be taking my GCSEs. After that, I'm my own man. I don't have to do the same things everyone else has to- I'll be free to make all my choices myself. It's... quite scary, really.

But enough of that, I came here to bitch and bitch I shall. Grammar first. It's honestly not hard. It's a few more keystrokes here and there and it looks so much neater. I'll probably wake up tomorrow to be inundated with comments saying that I made mistakes here and there, but at least I try to preserve the English language, God knows I see enough people *bleep* it. =\

Next up, memes. Just don't post them here. Keep it to 4chan or some other similar place. Keep decent forums meme-free please. It's not too much to ask, is it? We were perfectly good at making each other laugh before this... shitstorm came in. We can still do that. We just need to try. I applaud the efforts of the Loungin' moderators- if Loungin' can manage it, then I think it'd be pretty damn sad if the rest of Neoseeker can't. I'm not saying we should all go out of our way to be funny- it's happened before, and it made Loungin' worse- but just to try and discuss things reasonably. Maybe we can crack a few jokes here and there. We can get it right again, Neoseeker. We will get it right. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not even next week. But we will get it right someday, and then it will all have been worth it.

But back to the bitching. Social networking sites. What is the point of them? I don't mean forums this time, I'm talking about things like Myspace. Yes, I appreciate that you can talk to your friends over them, but we have instant messengers for that. Yes, we can share pictures of each other, but we don't need to use Myspace for that. Honestly, all I've seen of Myspace is that it's a site of idiot teens and *bleep* offenders to take advantage of them. Not something I feel we particularly need. But then, maybe I'm just looking at this the wrong way. Maybe I'm just so cynical that I refuse to see the good of sites like Myspace.

Or maybe I don't have anywhere near as much to bitch and whine about concerning the Internet as I thought I did.

Next time... eh, I'll probably just wing it. Maybe rant about the first thing that comes into my head, maybe just give you all a "THE WORLD IS GETTING BETTER" post. Maybe I'll even yell at the world to get it's ****ing act together instead of just bitching and sniping through the fence. Who knows? Not me.

Goodnight, Neo.

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ProudLoz blogged
Nov 30, 08 4:41am

We were all anticipating this movie since the minute we saw Gordon hand out a Joker card to our Dark Knight. Mostly all of us got online and started gossiping about the release of this movie as soon as we left the theaters from watching Batman Begins. It was a great movie and we couldn't wait to see what Nolan had in store for the next sequel. Well, finally my friends, that time has come.

We all shit our pants on July 18th, 2008. We couldn't believe it! Another masterpiece! It was 100 times better than The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and any other masterpiece put together (except Titanic, that wasn't a masterpiece just some soap in movie form). And like last time, we all got on the internet and bragged about how we saw it on it's opening day and we started talking about the sequel. Would they replace the Joker? Would Catwoman be introduced? What about Robin? Will Johnny Depp play the Riddler? Is Nolan even thinking about a sequel? Argh!

I mean, is he really thinking about a sequel? He already has this amazing masterpiece right? Wrong. As much as I love this movie, it's not quite the masterpiece we all thought it was. Better than it's predecessor, but if we didn't have the amazing hype we had before it's Theatrical Release, we would have noticed a lot of things wrong with this movie.

If you're like me and you need to have this movie as soon as possible then you're probably one of those people that decided to download one of the leaked versions of the movie. I'm sure some of you got the DVD version and are bragging about it at the moment, but really, that release sucks. The quality is horrible and probably doesn't even work on a DVD player, that's why I went with something bigger. The HD versions were leaked about a week ago and I got my hands on one of them. So yes, I'm bragging about me getting The Dark Knight in glorious HD. Suck on that bitches.

Whether you got this illegally or not (impossible, it's not Dec. 9 yet) you'll notice that this movie is ridiculously long. It is really long though? Of course not, it runs for about 145 minutes (that's 2 hours and 25 minutes for some of you) and it's nothing compared to great movies like Pulp Fiction or The Godfather, but why does this movie feel so ridiculously long? I can't honestly answer that though, but I'm thinking it's because there's a lot of *bleep*ing talking. Seriously, I thought that what prequels were for.

But to go around this unnoticed, Nolan used his secret weapon, The Joker. But even this amazing masterpiece has it's own flaws. The main one being that the great actor died. So there goes the secret weapon for the possible sequel to this. Let's not go there for now, let's explore this movie a little.

Unlike most Superhero sequels this one is different. It doesn't start off all boring recapping what happened in the last movie. I mean, who wants to see that shit? If the movie deserves a sequel, chances are it's that great and everyone remembers it the first one. And who else would be dumb enough to watch the sequel without watching its predecessor? So Nolan knowing this he skipped all that boring stuff and brought us pure action at the beginning to hook us under his masterpiece spell.

We see a bank robbery and in minutes we see the evil villain doing his work. This guy is crazy, he's immoral, violent. We love it. It's what any comic crazed person could dream of, a real life version of the Joker. This bastard cares nothing in this world but pure chaos.

After that, we get boring scenes here and there. The only thing that makes up for it are the Joker's amazing screen time. Which is weird, because we get good scenes here, and then we get boring scenes, then we get action again, and we're back to boring. Is this movie teasing us? I thought I already had a girlfriend for that.

But what's worse of this movie is this character here. Try to guess who it is.

No, that's not ET. That's Rachel Dawes played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Seriously, I don't know what happened, did they run out of makeup each day when they put it all over Ledger's face? They must have had some left overs. Seriously. In theaters I saw nothing wrong with her face, maybe it was because I'm blind and can't see too much details from far away or maybe my expectations were met and I was blinded on those scenes. Who knows, but when you finally get this thing for you to pause and zoom in on your own, you find out that this video was telling the truth. Thank god they kill her off in the end (Oops I gave the plot twist away).

Eventually into the amazingness of the movie you finally get to the part where they capture the Joker (Damn!). Don't worry, he gets away but here's the interesting part. They try to identify him. They tried to match finger prints, probably took some of his hair for DNA matches, everything. They even check his clothes for logos to see if they can find out where he bought them and interrogate those sellers. They do all that, but they don't think about taking his make-up off? Seriously, in the comics you can't do that because his face is literally white, doesn't matter how he got that, but it's not *bleep*ing make-up. In the movie version though, you get people saying how he wears make-up and what not to scare people of just because he's crazy. They even give you a scene and a slight shot of him not wearing make up!

Something tells me Gordan should have never became the Commissioner and therefore gives us another plot hole. I think I would have been a better Commissioner.

Let's try to ignore that small mistake though. As I mentioned earlier, the problem with this movie is that it's really long and the only reason it's like that is because of how slow pacing it is. Everyone is talking trying to explain what's going on like if we can't put the puzzle together, in the end you realize this movie is literally two in one. First you have the Joker terrorizing everyone to scare them, to make them go crazy, just for the hell of it. Then at the same time you have Harvey Dent trying to be the White Knight of Gotham. So, the Joker first tries to kill Harvey Dent, but after failing he decides to do something much more. This is where it brings us to part two of the movie, turning Gotham's White Knight to something evil like the Joker.

Knowing this, you should be aware that the first half is action packed, while the second half isn't quite there. It does have some good scenes like the Hospital explosion and such, but it's nothing compared to the first half like the chasing scene. What's worse is that Harvey's second half didn't have enough time to develop. This freak just goes on a killing spree over the death of his supposed girlfriend. Talk about being pussy whooped. Bruce Wayne didn't have that problem, so what's up with Dent?

Unfortunately Nolan had some mental problems after the death of Ledger and he didn't know what to do with Two-Face. He couldn't compare to the Joker and he knew he was too pussy whooped to promise a sequel. He did what any emo boy would have done when his beloved girlfriend broke up with him, he killed him.

I'd love to go on about how The Dark Knight's flaws, but I don't want to ruin this great masterpiece for you. Maybe while you watch this movie you'll be able to find out why Nolan decided to kill half of his cast on-screen or off-screen, doesn't matter (Surprised Batman didn't die). Even though this movie has its slight flaws you gotta admit that it had you at the edge of your seat even though the characters talked a lot. The Joker is enough for you to watch this movie, and what's best is that you don't even have to watch Batman Begins to understand this movie.

That being said, I give this movie an 9 out of 10. Better than it's predecessor, but not quite there.

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Klope62 blogged
Nov 29, 08 10:23pm

As we all should remember, the Neoseeker Elections were a love child of Ryancola.

Upon looking at it, The Modeling Competition was coming swiftly to an end, and of course, two of my favorite people at the time (Kjgmusic and Shane <3) having parties, I knew it was something I wanted to participate in. I sent a PM to Ryancola and then just sat back and watched.

When the candidates were announced, I was happy to see that I was indeed selected (though I wanted to be in Shane party :P). Also, this;

·Me: "I'm a KJG and I love music. If you love music, vote for my party.".
·Me: Go go go go!
Kjgmusic: Link


And it was also then when I discovered;

·Me: Dude
·Me: "Vote 4 Klope" so rhymes
Kjgmusic: o...o.... :D
Kjgmusic: gold.
·Me: YES!

And that was only the beginning, I was in for smooth sailing...until I took a moment and noticed who all I was running against.

Rome, Snowfox, and ZL, some of the more overall popular of the candidates, all current and past moderator experience, and an influx of pre-supporters.

I knew in order to have an actual chance, I would have to withdraw a bit. Instead of causing a ruckus, or complaining about how the odds were against me, or going into their 'territories", I stuck to my own. I built as big as a core database as I could...with what I had, I asked via AIM and MSN, most of my good friends from Neoseeker for secure votes. I also bugged a good number of people IRC to try to capture them early. It was an all "behind the scenes" operation. The only thing I put forth in public was my banner. Which was really simple;

But enough, I felt, to be charming and to at least implant a small seed in anyone who came by it. Now, of course, there was also the problem that I wasn't a really bigger poster, and still aren't. Luckly though, there was a certain DS game ( :shifty: ) that I began to play, loved, had questions about, and was surprised to see there was an active forum for. I mainly stayed in there, general DS, Loungin'. I posted as much as I could, even knowing then it wouldn't be enough. I was still waiting...

Aya's Party quickly ran through, everyone thought it would be the most exciting of the bunch due to the e-drama and commotion that quickly spawned off it it, and while it seemed quite explosive, it was nothing yet...

A winner had been declared, and Minirizzle ran away with the prize. I knew then, it was time for me to start making strike.

Late at night, after everyone settled in Mini's victory, I made my first post which would continue to lead to a chain reaction;


I started with that, and then begin to attempt to pick up on anyone in the thread who seemed plausible. I was quickly criticized, but I kept with the same consistent message, Klope was an underdog. And indeed, I was.

I still was picking for voters in all the ways I could, in fact, someone posted a negative cartoon after asking for their vote in the thread, in which I edited it and this came out as a result;

After that, he said he was a Klope supporter. Which put a smile on my face. I just continued pushing through, and I actually started to make a stance and an impact. I picked up a lot of the undecided voters, while also even being able to convert others. It felt really great...but of course I couldn't stay on top of my parade for long.

Quickly after a lot of "I'm voting for Klope!"'s started to appear, so the negative criticism from the ones I were running against. It honestly did take me by surprise at first, but I was ready to deal with it.

I felt I stood my own to just about every argument that was thrown at me. And at other arguments that didn't concern me, I stayed brightly out of. I just kept with my message, "Vote 4 Klope!".

Things still seemed to be going relatively good until the last hours of voting. The 'gang up' occurred again, and I was on my own this time. This time it felt much more weird, as it seemed to get more and more personal, and honestly started to take a draining toll. Even then, and once again, I felt I was able to hold my own, and above all, I had fun before the 'srs bzn' stuff kicked in.

Results finally came to a close, so all we had to do then was wait anxiously for results. I wasn't confident, but I felt good enough for what I did, and how I handled all of the situations that were thrown at me. After awhile, Ryancola came in with the results.

I lost.

Lol, only by 9 votes. It was a little disheartening, but honestly I was still proud of myself. To come from behind and then just be 10 votes, out of 200, from victory, to the one who was evident to have the most support behind him.

It was all good in the end though, I let all the had feelings I had behind dissipate, and at the end of the day, I knew this would all pay off in some way. Also, the Kjgmusic party pwned, and I am sure we entertained everyone who was following. :D

Here are the quotes I found major, important, and funny throughout my review of the thread (warning, alot), they are very good reads;

quote ...
Sorry klope, all posts are reserved for §:08 in the name of graphics and markup.
You understand. You wouldn't want to be the Ralph Nader to our Al Gore and put Rome George Bush in power now, do you? :(
quote Klope62
To be honest, as an underdog I deserve a fair chance! I am speaking for our average members here, I do not have a prior foundation to bounce back on at all, but even then I shall not give up! I believe in these people here too greatly, the odds are against me, but you know what? Forget the odds! I am going to have a little faith.

quote Klope62
As I stated then, you guys are the forces that are keeping me to push. I know the odds are not in my favor, but forget the odds. I will keep trying until it is over. I still have my faith in the people of Neoseeker, and that is one thing you can never squash.

quote ...
I don't think anyone would feel fine with voting for a man whose vice president finds pleasure in cock slapping everyone he meets. That simply isn't appropriate behavior. Also, Klope may be part of the normal member majority, but who wants an average joe running their country? Rome is a man with integrity, strength, and a sense of justice, and his excellent moderator experience display the great leader he would be for Neoseeker. Don't vote for Klope62, and "No" for Jes, citizens! Rome should have your vote.
quote Klope62
Maybe your argument would be suffice if you did not ignore the blatant fact that every cockslap delivered by Jespomo has been openly asked for. It is simply a civil service.

Also, you seem to misunderstand. I am not your "average joe" by any means. I am representing the average member in the prospect that I am doing this campaign *not* on a high pedestal. I am staying humble, because I know I really have to work hard to have a voice. So, even though I do not have a moderator tag underneath my name, it does not mean that I lack any of the skills or qualities that it takes to be this party's nominee. That is a fact.

quote Klope62
I will not down talk your success here on the site, it is quite obvious that you have had some. However, it is time for something different. You hold that typical mold here, and I think we deserve something new. A moderator tag does not make the world go around.

quote Klope62
In simple terms Jespomo, it just lacks flow. He used too many syllables in an attempt to make it fill-able. All the while he failed and yelled in an empty premise. Just put him out of his misery, you see, he just phails in comparison to me..

Send Rome Home. Vote 4 Klope.
quote ...
So basically, because Klope didn't like my rhyme, he's better? Right, it's amazing that that's your last-minute campaign plan, rhyming. "Send Rome home!" Ha, Neoseeker is my home. At the top or the bottom, I belong.

quote Klope62
Bottom line, Rome.

"A vote for Klope, is a vote for hope".

quote ...
I was right, Klope was just waiting in the dark to make his strike. Hmmm...

quote ...
And Klope didn't muster up enough concentration to send back the questionnaire. Shucks.
Where's the dedication, really?

quote ...
I don't understand why everyone is voting for Klope, do you guys not understand that he's not taking any of this seriously? I mean, just look at his past posts. Reminds me of Dom.

[quoted someone else]

It wasn't meant to be taken seriously, calm down. =P

quote ...
I'm gay, brown skinned and a teenage male. I tick three key demographic boxes and I'm voting for Klope. He truly is the best choice. And he's black, so he's got to be cool.

quote ...
I'll agree with Snowfox and ZL, waiting to appease voters at the last minute isn't exactly a good candidate. If the voters are important to you, then why are you waiting to gather support now?

quote ...
And you think that none of us have a life? I'm sure most of us are busy with our own lives, but we at least spent a few minutes/hours to post in this thread and give the people our views towards our ideas. Your precious Klope has yet to do that.

I got a rhyme for you,

"Don't vote for Klope,
cuz he's a joke!"


quote Klope62
I find it funny that all you three, mind you, who were all so sure of your positions not so long ago are now ganging up against me.

Who is to say that I have not been campaigning before? I believe I made my current banner the exact day that it was announce that I was a candidate. Perhaps it is that you do not all understand the reason behind my nature. I am a lurker, it is evident by the ratio of posts I have, to my join date and log in rate. That does not mean that I care any less or more than you do. I have been a member of Neoseeker for years, and I have been networking ever since. I have respected the others during the time of their primaries, giving them the chance to campaign, and debate. Now that it is my turn, I am going all out. If you do not like it? Tough. I am in this until the end.

quote ...
Umm, Klope, you didn't answer all the questions, and it's late.

Our problem, Klope, is that you didn't make a campaign until the very last minute. Frankly, we're just not impressed by the lack of effort.
quote Klope
I do not think it is my duty to impress you. Only the voters. I did not answer the questions, such as "what will you do about the gas crisis", because I feel that has no real reflection upon what this is.

Effort is also a relative word, with no bases of a forum to fall back on, I have been doing most of my campaigning in #Neoseeker and my various IM mediums. Just because you yourself have not been seeing it, does not mean it has not been occurring.

quote ...
I am too sure about my position, just felt like stating out some of your flaws. Although I do like the idea of being a lurker and actually wanted to do that in the first place, I decided to go against it because I wanted to let people know that I actually cared about this and that I would be willing to put some of my personal time towards the thing. Not till the last minute.
quote Klope62
Finally, a good argument.

You see though, think of it as a race. You can say I have not been putting effort all you want, but I have. Maybe in a different way than you all, but I have. If this was a foot race, I started off slow, jogging, picking up my pace little by little. I saved up all my energy for one last big sprint.

Guess what, this is it.

quote Klope62
Also, I am not an "it". I am sure I am a human being, refer to me as a "he", my screen name, or my proper name. Do not be so rude.

Vote 4 Klope.

quote Klope62
What will your first act as president be?

No playing around, if I am elected, my first action will easily be accepting my Neoseeker T-Shirt. That is the barrel-bottom truth. :P

quote ...
Klope and I have both been here a long time, but I've been here longer, have been more active, and have more to show for it. Klope's a great guy, a good poster, and has put his contributions forth in a number of Neo-related competitions, organizations, what have you. Still, in the end, he remains in the background.
He's the underdog here because he prefers it that way. It's not a leadership quality, but it's a quality, and, just as things are today, if I made it through this, I'd go to him for valuable discussion and friendly advice in a heartbeat. That's where he excels. He is the whisper in the ear, not the man at the podium.
quote Klope62
What you may perceive as a "whisper", I perceive more like the wind. It is dynamical force that may not always make a sound, but it is always there watching, waiting. It makes the world go round, literally and figuratively, and while it might not get all the credit it deserves...when it needs to strike, it does, and it does so with tremendous pressure and amplitude.

quote ...
Vote! Vote! Vote 4 Klope!

quote ...
Whoops, your arrogance is showing.

quote Klope62
(after Typo-ing a username) Yes, "spance" is an odd inside-complement I use between me and my friends, and since your user name was so close..y'know, I could not resist. :D

quote Klope62
How about instead of attempting to encourage people *not* to vote for me, focus on getting them to vote for Rome? It is a thought. :)

quote ...
quote someone
Blah Blah Blah

Vote 4 Klope!
Klope's campaign, folks?

quote ...
I'm extremely disappointed with Snowfox's and Synik's behaviour, and I'm aware of Klope's history (and the continual in-your-face, relentless, repetitive propaganda is a huge turn-off). I have nothing against ZL, but then, I don't know him either. I don't know if we have similar opinions, or if he'd make sensible (hypothetical) decisions.
quote Klope62
"I'm aware of Klope's history"

...What in the heck is that supposed to mean? :laugh:

[NAME], beyond the fact that your posted reasoning for voting for Rome is absolute and evidential bias, it was clear that you did not approach this with an opened mind at all. You have personally gone after each candidate of this primary, "calling them out", and/or posting things about them in a negative connotation. That is, every candidate except Rome. This is the main reason why your words are being held in very little light.

quote ...
Even if you don't win, you have earned my respect. I don't think I would have even known who you were if not for this election.

quote ...
Rome--- 72 votes (36%)

Klope--- 63 votes (32%)

Snowfox--- 48 votes (24%)

ZL--- 17 votes (8%)

quote ...
Congrats Rome, but I'd have to give the biggest congrats to Klope since he was practically a nobody before this all started(reason why I left his campaign in the beginning, didn't think he stood a chance). But man, he campaigned his ass off here and really got himself heard. So good job Gabe.

quote ...
For those you who posted later, once again, thanks for your support and votes. Spance you, really. =D

And good look candidates and those of you already in the finals. :D

quote ...
I'm sorry, Klope, for challenging and defying the power that is the last minute underdog. Never again shall I underestimate it.


quote ZL
Rome should be glad that me and Klope didn't pull our Secret Weapon. :sonic:


quote ...
The true hero of this story is Klope. Rags to riches, built himself in one day, Rome indeed ;).

quote ...
Klope was the underdog man. And then he kicked so much ass. IT'S LIKE IN THE FILM ROCKY BALBOA. Sure, he lost, but he put up a hell of a *bleep*ing fight. :sonic:

Haha, as said, all and all, it was a great experience. Some of the most fun I've ever had on Neoseeker...but also some of the worse feelings I've felt across the e-.

One again though, at the end of the day...I enjoyed myself, and mad a TON of new friends in the process (all of my running mates included ;p)

ZL and I had a plan though, it was evident that he was getting the short end of the stick. We were pondering what would happen if somehow we merged together...and put our votes together. Of course, we ended up not doing it, but it was all gravy.

Also, I somehow became Xenc's running mate as a result of a joke. Haha, I didn't try at all to campaign for it. My energy was already sucked out, and I wasn't entirely serious about the VP job, so I kind of just let it slide and go. It was funny though, because I saw a lot of "haha, Klope loses again posts".

It was a great experience, but I don't think I would even really consider doing it again.


Up Next: TWENY and a Big Brother

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Demonfurby blogged
Nov 29, 08 9:16pm

To quote a legend:

quote The Deathwind
We have blogs now? We have BLOGS now? We have frickin' BLOGS NOW?
Seriously, what the *bleep*? The start of Neo legitimacy decline started with the NeoWikis, and now, blog. Freaking blogs. But, as I did with the Wiki's, I will start to feed this catalyst with all of my might. So, welcome to the Demonfurry blog.

For my first bitch rant, wrestling sucks. When I was a wee 'lil one, I watched the fake- ehhem, I mean, "professional" wrestling. It was entertaining for a seven year-old. It gave me some violence that I thought was real that videogames didn't gave me. It introduced me to scantily clad women beating each other up. Plus, it gave me a boner from said women. Basically, it shaped me into the person that I am today, a loser fagot But I stopped watching when I learned it was fake.m I know, I'm petty. But now, last week or so, I signed up for real wrestling at my highschool. Get this, if you don't have a physical for the first meeting, they make you run laps for two hours. Now, I had no idea we were supposed to have a physical, so you can tell that I was ecstatic to be running for two hours straight with barley any water. Fun stuff. Plus, I signed up with a friend, who is in the same weight class as me, which is, fatass- I mean heavyweight. So, two fatasses running for two hours isn't enough for the bastard coach, he made botch of us get weighed in front of everyone. I clocked in at an amazing 220, while my buddy got 240. Don't get me wrong, we're not super fat, we both are at least 6 feet tall, him being 6'4, and we both start on the offensive and defensive line for our football team, but it was embarrassing nonetheless. So now, after I get home, I tell my dad I want to quit because all we did was run for a Satan-coach, but he already paid the fifty dollar fee for it. It has gotten better, we have actually wrestled, but all I get to wrestle is my fellow fatty. :|

Tainted blogged
Nov 29, 08 8:20pm

You know what I don't get? I don't understand what makes life simulation games so fun. Games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing have no purpose; there are no immediate goals, there is no endpoint, and to be honest, there really is no motivation to do well in the game other than having the satisfaction of succeeding. You just... live. And yet this genre of games is wildly popular, and in my opinion very entertaining. Why is that?

What got me thinking about this was a game called Final Fantasy Chronicles: My Life as a King. My friend is addicted to this game, and I don't really understand why. Basically, you play as a new king who is trying to keep the town running smoothly. To do this, you run around town, and instruct people to do stuff, like fight monsters and learn new abilities.

...and that's it. You don't get to actually fight the monsters, and you don't get to use the new abilities. You just instruct people to do these things, and sit back and wait for the results. You occasionally get to build a new building somewhere in the town, but other than that your day consists of making orders and running aimlessly through the town, trying to find more people to give orders to.

Where's the appeal in that? You don't do anything except help your town grow. And you barely even get to do that, with only a few commands at your disposal. But I guess this is just one type of game in the Life Simulation category, which includes titles like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. And this is a genre which I am addicted to, and cannot figure out why.

Harvest Moon is a bit more structured than Animal Crossing, I guess, since you want your farm to succeed and you want to nurture it until it becomes a large farm with lots of animals and crops. Plus, you get to option to marry someone if you properly woo them. But to attain this goal you have to work, meaning that you will spend your days planting, hoeing, harvesting, selling, lather, rinse, repeat. Sounds pretty tedious, right?

Wrong. Not only is the Harvest Moon series very popular, it is also extremely fun to play. I remember renting Harvest Moon 64 back in the day, and playing it for hours on end. For some reason, I was completely immersed in this rural atmosphere before me, and I loved it. I could spend days planting carrots, selling carrots, eating carrots, whatever. There's some sort of charm that surrounds this genre, which is hard to understand considering the mundane premise of living life on a farm.

Animal Crossing is even less structured. You move into a town with a few animal neighbors, and your goal is to, well... uh... live? Honestly, there is no goal in Animal Crossing; you just play. You can fish, catch bugs, rearrange the furniture in your house, whatever. There's no real goal in Animal Crossing; the game only encourages you to have fun and live.

Sure, there are things you can accomplish. If you want you can try to collect every fish, bug, and fossil in the Museum. You can upgrade your house to the biggest available, as long as you pay off your mortgage. You can even upgrade the town store by simply shopping there. These may not sound like very fun goals to achieve, but remember that you don't have to do any of these things. If you want, you can spend your days planting new trees around the town and keeping it weed free.

And although I may describe it as being a boring game with little to do, I am absolutely enthralled by it; moreso than Harvest Moon even. I've spent an entire day running back and forth along the shore, fishing whenever I see the shadow underneath the water's surface. I've spent some days making a horror movie with my friend over WiFi (haha, that was a fun day). As long as you have the imagination to keep the game fun, the game will keep you entertained.

But why? Why are these games so entertaining? I've tried to find an answer to that question, and I can't. They seem so... basic. So mind numbingly boring. Without any real purpose, the games just seem like they would be unfun. But every time I pick the game up, I have a ball.

Maybe the lack of a purpose is what drives the games. Maybe because I have the choice to let the weeds grow in my town, it drives me to want to clean them up. Maybe because I don't have to pay off my mortgage, it drives me to sell fish to Tom Nook and get that bigger house. I don't really know. But whatever the case, the appeal of these life simulation games doesn't seem to be fading.

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The Deathwind blogged
Nov 29, 08 3:55pm

As far as I'm concerned, the introductory blog post doesn't really count as a post. Seeing as I hate leaving these things so sparce (though I suppose the advantage this has over my ill-fated LiveJournal is that this is all done through Neoseeker, which means less sites to remember to check and more tabs free for my TVTropes browsing), I figured I'd best get down to the bitching promised in the aforementioned introductory post.

First up, the media. Not the internet (this time), seeing as that'd be a whole blog post by itself (though I certainly plan to address one of my major gripes in this post) but the humble television.

Moreover, how much it sucks huge donkey bollocks. The cartoon channels for a start- they aren't as good as they used to be, I'm sorry. This could be just because I'm finally growing up, or it could be because childrens television just isn't what it used to be- though I must salute Fosters' after their little "stunt" on the Thanksgiving Parade. Then there's the rest of the telly- the soaps, the news, hell, even the documentaries once you've watched them all, and lets not forget reality TV. The soaps try too hard to be overly dramatic and just end up being unrealistic and, dare I say it, cheesey. The news only seems to fixate on the bad things- come on, we have all these stories about blood, guts and terrorism, what's the harm in the odd "PRESCHOOL TEDDY BEARS PICNIC GOES TO PLAN"? Sure, it might not be as exciting (read: ratings whore-worthy) as "101 KILLED IN TERRORIST ATTACK IN INDIA", but as things stand I can't help but get the impression that all that ever happens outside of my life is shit, shit and more shit. I mean, Jesus, I get my daily dosage of "SHIT IS HAPPENING" before I even turn on the frickin' telly.

Okay, before I write a whole blog of incoherent babble about the news, time to bitch about re-runs. God damn re-runs. This is the lesser part of my television-based ire, since I can appreciate that you can't constantly churn out new episodes of new series (unless you want them to be steaming piles of monkey bollocks, which I for one don't), so that one gets a breif reprieve for now.

Then we're onto the "reality" TV. Oh boy, I'm gonna have a field day with this. Reality TV doesn't exist. There is no way you can stick a camera anywhere without people trying to make themselves look good for it. Take Big Brother- the TV version, not the Neoseeker one (this time). It's not reality anymore, it's a group of corporate bastards sticking the most controversial group of people imaginable out of the "ZOMG I WANNA BE CELEBRITEE" volunteers into a house and passing the popcorn amongst themselves. And there are people that somehow find this crap entertaining, but hey, at least it's not another bloody rerun, right? Well, yes it is. It's the same crap with different faces each year. The worst part of it all is that my family watch this shit. Three months a year of utter bollocks- and then there's the other nine with slightly-less-utter bollocks. I'm sorry, I'm re-running with my terminology already, aren't I?

Time to move onto an issue that's probably closer to the hearts of the Neoseeker populace at the moment; memes. Pass the flame shields and shit deflectors, people, I'm probably going to catch some flak from the memetards among you for this.

Memes are not funny. This may sound hypocritical after I've saluted Fosters for their Thanksgiving stunt, but that's more out of me appreciating the song and tittering at the people rageing at being Rickrolled again. Yes, Rickrolling is a meme, but that's irre- okay, it is relevant. The point, however, is that memes are funny precisely one time. That is five million times less than I have seen some of the more notorious offenders here. No, it is not "Over 9000". In fact, the humor level of that meme is far UNDER 9000. No, you can not has cheezburger. No, I will not lol at your cats. Most importantly, no, I do not like Mudkips.


By using your damn brains and coming up with something original. If I can make a group of people laugh with what little wit I have left, so can you. Just... think a little. Humour comes much more easily than you'd probably think.

And last but not least, the giant robots.


That, dear viewer, is one of those little bits of praise and happy fun time I promised to squeeze into the hall of rants. Or just plain nerdery, which given the subject matter here is very likely. Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2, a Strategy RPG featuring... giant robots. Lots and lots of giant robots, from all sorts of mecha anime- or just the Banpresto (the comany behind SRT) Originals, seeing as those are the only mechs featured in the OG sub-series (the only ones that have ever made it out of Japan, owing to the HUGE lisencing costs). I could write a whole blog on why I find it awesome; the script- which unlike some other SRPGS with huge casts I could mention (hey Fire Emblem), actually gives everyone a decent amount of screentime-, the gameplay (always my biggest concern with games), and just how plain satisfying overkilling everything is. Just yesterday, I started EX-Hard Mode (the game's hardest mode, where the enemies actually get upgrades, you can't customise weapons and all the pilot upgrades cost twice as much), so I could get the happy-fun-time screwing around mode. Now, being the sort of person who would normally run away at the mere mention of the phrase "Hard Mode", it's honestly not as bad as I thought it would be. Until about 13 stages in, that is.

This particular stage is the only one I'm struggling with so far. In this stage, you have to protect a badly battered space battleship. From nothing stronger than a host of fighter jets. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. These jets are the most agile little buggers ever- think about 10-30% chance to hit one while they're set to evade attacks- which they will always be on your turns, much to my chagrin. The battleship starts horrendously damaged, and if it goes down, you start again. This battleship also takes a surprising crapton of damage from these jets- though that could be more me refusing to upgrade it since I'll only have it for a few chapters and wanting to save money for the ton of awesome I'll get later on, but hey-, and once you've sent all your mechs over to deal with the first 10-12 jets, another group swarm in to **** you up. That's as far as I get before they all butt**** me and I have to restart the episode.

And I am bloody loving the challenge. Every time you go through the game, a large amount of the money and Pilot Points (PP) you've collated over the course of the game is inherited in the New Game+ option, which then leaves me with everyone joining with enough PP to get all three of the essential skills at the start- on normal, anyway, where you only need 260 PP to get the "Big Three", whereas on EX-Hard (where skill costs are doubled) you need 520 (unless the character is awesome enough to have one of the Big Three inherently), something only about three or four of the cast have stocked up throughout my files. For the first time since my first playthrough, it's giving me a hard time and for that I am thankful.

And that's all that I promised with the title done. Next time I dare to think about anything other than how the hell I'm going to get through this game (29 stages left after this, and it only gets worse from here! =D=), you can expect me to turn my ire to the Internet, and possibly some bits of school. Maybe even a summary of the epic hell I've fought through OG2 by the next blog post.

Until then, live long and prosper!

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Tweety Pie blogged
Nov 29, 08 7:12pm

So here's me, ruffling through the weekly shopping. Having snaffled a pork pie as a starter, looking for some real nourishment to kick me off for the weekend, and I open a perfectly innocent bag, strewn on the kitchen floor and find some innofensive plastic wrappers, emblazoned with 'McVities Penguin Wafer Triple Chocolate'. My mind went into insta-bitch, thinking of how poor it was likely to be. It wasn't too bad when I think about it, although it had the familiar wafter texture of chocolate-wrapped disintegrating corrugated cardboard. Inevitably something I will never grow fond of. Unlike jaffa cakes, the addictive little bastards, in their tubular packets, waiting to be seperated from biscuit to orange stuff. When you take one you take another and once two are gone you have to finsih the pack to avoid feeling guilty. A vicious cycle but one that whoever makes jaffa's have perfected. Bless them. Still don't like penguin wafers, or wispa's actually, prefer the aero. Love mars bars and toffee crisps as well. Oh yeah. And them cookies you get from the co-op, with three choclate and the size of my eyes when I look at them. Hell yeah.

Looking back at that paragraph, it's full of early-morning spelling, which I hope is full of character and has a unique charm to drag readers from far and wide to this blog. This could just be wishful thinking, but I seem to be doing a good job in rambling so far, which I like to think is a great plus. Possibly. Hopefully. Or it may just be pork pie fuelled randomity, I need a drink. Wahey. Happy Saturday people. Random shit forever.

Bloggity bloggity bloggity bloggity bloggity blogty blog.

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Blackfalcon blogged
Nov 29, 08 5:52pm

Sent the application yesterday, so the team is in for the 2008 Neolympic Games! =)

I ran out of time trying to organise people and their events, so I hope i got this right:

Blackfalcon- NeoDuel

Whitefalcon- Poetry & Creative Essay

Sapphire Dragon- Digital Graphic Large Piece

ButchSmudge31- Halo 3 Match & Guitar Hero 3 Match

SpaceWalker- Creative Essay & Poetry

GLaDOS portal- Super Smash Bros. Brawl Match

Linkin Park Fan-Digital Graphic Large Piece

Kamikaze- Live Drawing & Photography

So there we have it. I guess now all we can do is wait! :)

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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Nov 29, 08 4:15pm

Image taken from Penny Arcade

Most of you have probably already read or heard news of all those people who got shot or trampled on Black Friday. Nasty business, that. Makes me sad, truly, but happens every year. Instead of building some kind of immunity, I'm still grossly appalled by it all. How callous do people need to be, to shove a pregnant woman hard enough so that her unborn child is killed, or to continue browsing holiday inventory after trampling a man to death?

Absolutely disgusting...

I got to experience Black Friday madness myself this year when a friend and her beau took me to the Cabazon Outlet, which about one to two hours (drive) from where I live. Seeing all those cars lining up on the freeway, waiting eagerly to exit and search for parking was something, but I was expecting more people to show up. A cashier at Converse told another customer that the day hadn't even begun yet, and that makes sense. We went to the outlet in the wee hours of the morning, meaning I didn't get a wink of sleep until 10:30 am (or so) when we finally made it back. I expected to knock out for a short nap then wake up and squeeze in some afternoon news writing, but instead I was passed out until nearly 6:00 pm.

Never again, never again.

At least I was educated in the ways of name brands and discovered that I really like Tumis. Regardless, I couldn't bring myself to blow half a month's paycheck on any article of clothing or accessory. Instead, I picked up a crudely made yet cool bag from a vendor for $26 exact. It's a little distressing to see people dropping money without a second thought though, as I witnessed countless times last night. But everyone needs a hobby, right?

Which is why I'm still offering my valuable time and money to Blizzard. I've written an editorial in the past about how annoying the grind to 80 was lookin', thinking I'd never get there. I haven't, but on-and-off leveling has taken me to 72 (as of a few minutes ago). I've respec'd Demonology for better soloing capabilities, and I honestly haven't seen my Felguard in months. But that's okay, I've still got points in Affliction, with which I have a rather bizarre obsession for.

Screw Destruction, this Warlock is an Affliction-woman through and through.

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Harvest Moon girl blogged
Nov 29, 08 8:00am

Don't tell anyone but you-know-who told me he liked me today! Well, he didn't say it directly, but I know that's what he meant when he complimented my shoes today. Suzzie Q thinks I'm lying, but I think she's just jealous of my awesome My Little Pony lunchbox that my mommy bought for me. I think that's why she didn't share her chocolate milk with me. Suzzie Q always shares her chocolate milk with me, Bloggie! Some times when she's not in school because she's sick, I'll have to sit with Jason and he never shares anything! That's not very nice at all because I always share my sugar cookies. Next time Suzzie Q is out I think I'll sit outside so I won't have to sit next to stinking Jason! He's not like him at all.

I think we're going to get married one day, Bloggie. Not that he knows it...yet. He's still busy giving flowers to Jenny. Ugh, Jenny. Just because her hair is the color of the sun and mine's the color of boring old dirt doesn't mean anything! My mommy says that my hair isn't boring and that it's the color of chocolate but I don't think that she's telling to the truth. I tried tasting my hair and it didn't taste like chocolate at all! I bet Jenny's hair would taste like the sun. Maybe like Sunny D! I wonder if she can unleash the power of the sun. I sure hope not because that would make him like her even more! I mean, wouldn't you totally like the girl who could have the sun's super powers? I'm more like Pluto...not even a planet anymore! One day he'll wake up and realize that my My Little Pony lunchbox is way cooler than her Kim Possible one!

So, it's 2:45 in the morning and I just got back from a party. I've also realized that I am an absolute failure at being part of the corrupted youth of today. I am nowhere near hardcore enough to be a crazy partier. I think it's because I just don't give a shit and get no special thrill or enjoyment out of drinking (especially not beer). Therefore, parties where everyone gets trashed don't entertain me in the least. Well, that's not true. They don't entertain me when I'm with a large group of people I know. When it comes to random parties with complete strangers, then I don't mind it at all. Does that make me odd or anti-social? Oh, well. I remember back when I was 14 or 15 and I thought to myself "Yeah, you're going to be so cool and partying at least every weekend just like Gustavo (the older brother) did." Yeah, so much for that. On the bright side, I did stop by KFC and buy this delicious chocolate cake. If you've never had it and you don't mind consuming 1,800 calories, then I highly suggest it.

I may have to try The Jeans on soon to see if I should start running again. I can't possibly be the only person whose decision on whether they should go to the gym or not is based purely on how well a pair of jeans fit them. I've had this pair of jeans for some 3 or so years now and they've yet to fail me. If I can fit into them, I'm good. However, if I can't then it's time to go running. Which reminds me, I need to find my car keys since they have the little access pass thingy for LA Fitness.

Damn, I have to wake up in 4 hours to drive the little brother to his football (soccer) practice. Um, morning everyone!

Aya Chan blogged
Nov 29, 08 10:25am

I finally decided to really try tonight, and I managed to get the layout of my blog looking alright. To be honest, it looks like someone stumbled onto this page and threw up a nice range of different pink coloured bubble gum, but that's all part of the appeal. If you even like bubble gum that is!

Well, I don't really have too much to say honestly. I just wanted to brag about my not so amazing accomplishment, harhar.

Oh actually, there is something! Do any of you deal with UPS, or have you dealt with them in the past? I have heard some horror stories about them and I'd like to know if things went alright for you. As it stands now, a package that I was supposed to receive today never showed up, and when I tried to track it down online the website greeted me with:


Funny, considering UPS didn't show up today, and if they did someone would certainly have been home (and most likely not have sent UPS away to return on a later date! Hmmm).

Twin_Master blogged
Nov 29, 08 6:56am

So, I woke up at 11am and it's now 3pm (well, 5pm when I posted this). All in all, a rather short day.
I've managed to achieve the following so far:
  • Start a blog
  • Make a first blog entry
  • Make a blog header
  • Help my brother with Neoseeker's blogging
  • Iron 6 shirts
  • *bleep* around on MSN
  • Make a second entry
Damn this day is roughly boring.

Ohh wait. Holy crap. It seems to be raining outside. And heavy winds as well. Might as well take a photograph to give you all an idea. Or better yet, a video. As you can see, it progressively gets more intense to a point where I felt like not getting any more wet than usual.

Aside from those instances, it's been pretty lackluster. I hope it'll pick up more tonight. Where as most of this afternoon has seen me bloggin'.

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Twin_Master blogged
Nov 30, 08 12:51am

So, I said I'd fill you all in on the changes I made to my PSP.
Well, here goes.
  • Upgraded to Firmware 5.00 (Custom Firmware 5.00M33-3
  • Installed .ctf files (Custom Themes)
  • Got some freaking awesome MGS4 themes
  • Got a GBA Emulator
  • Got some pretty good Pokemon Fire Red hacks
  • Bought myself Football Manager Handheld 2009
I would definitely reccomend this custom firmware. It's the bomb.
And for all of you viewing, here's what my two MGS4 themes look like. They're so damn sexy.

Although, I must say I find the 1st theme much more appealing and it is the one I have been using. A reminder that these are for
Firmware 5.00 and above ONLY

playstation portable gaming related mgs4 theme psp firmware pokemon
Twin_Master blogged
Nov 30, 08 12:51am

Well, many people have asked or even heard about my PSP story. Alas, it is a story that has put me through much angst over the past 2 months and I've been having to explain it constantly, as people have become confused over my immediate change of heart during this issue. Keep reading and you'll soon find out.
    One cool Wednesday night - (22nd September 2008)
I was sitting in my room, the very same place that I now blogging from. As usual, I was playing around on the internet and on my PSP. Was getting pretty bored with the default theme so I decided to do a flash0 file change to give it a bit of pizzazz. I managed to change it without hassle. Success! Now it fits in with my Half-Life 2 wallpaper. But really, I didn't feel like keeping it at the time, so I tried to change it back. Then came the big mistake.
I stupidly decided to delete my flash0 files then re-transfer the originals which I had backed up. Stupid. I shouldn't have *bleep*ed around with it in the first place. So, once I had done that, I restarted my PSP.
A big blank screen.

"HOLY *bleep*! I JUST BRICKED MY *bleep*ING PSP!"

I then rushed to get my brother's PSP and tried to install a Pandora battery with it, to at least save my baby. I got as far as the installer, but the screen kept saying (Game could not be started).
I almost shit a brick.
After about an hour of mourning, I realised that the guy at school who had originally put custom firmware on it could probably help fix it. So I decided to put it in my bag and bring it to school the next day.
    That Thursday morning - (23rd September 2008)
So I woke up, still pissed of at my PSP. Got ready for school as usually and caught the train there, as usual. Immediately I went searching for my friend (Ross, the PSP guy). I told him my predicament and he said he'd help out. Unbeknownst to me, this was one mistake I would not make again...
    5 *bleep*ing weeks later - (26th November 2008)
After almost 5 god forsaken weeks away from my PSP, I had finally pester him enough to bring it to school to give to me, which I got that afternoon at the end of school. 5 weeks. I'd been getting excuses about him not having time or it just barely working, but I didn't expect it to take 5 weeks.
Upon receiving it, he cheerfully exclaimed that it was safe on firmware 1.50, so I happily walked off with my PSP to catch the train, whilst he sped off in his car. I turned it on, but nothing. it was still *bleep*ing bricked.
"Argh, *bleep*, how am I going to sort this out!? Never going to trust him again. At least I have my PSP back. At least!"
So, on the way home, with my bricked PSP in my bag, I contemplated my options for getting it fixed. It was a somewhat vast list:
    Plan A - Get Ross to fix it
    Plan B - Use brother's PSP
    Plan C - Use other friends PSP
    Plan D - Buy Pandora battery from eBay
    Plan E - Send PSP to Ville_Valo
Within a few hours of deducing this list and talking to friends over MSN, I quickly eliminated. All plans but plan E.
"Shit, I guess I AM going to have to pay some moolah after all"
I started talking to Ville_Valo about the predicament. He offered to send over a battery instead of me sending my PSP. A good compromise only I didn't have any money. We also had a nice chat on the side as well. But, as I browsed youtube as well, some Pandora guides caught my fancy. I told Ville to just consider it, as i left the conversation (As he went to bed)
Looking at the vids, I was still determined to have another crack at Pandora'n it again. Too bad I didn't have a Sony 1gb stick. Luckily another friend did, so a quick chat help me to trade my Sandisk for his Sony. So, I was all set for one last try the next day, before all hope was lost.
    A New Hope [Trademark LucasArt] - (27th November 2008)
Good ol' reliable Sean had my Sony 1gb ready and waiting. The day say me as anxious all through school. I got home as fast as I possible could. Began looking over my Pandora Guides, and getting all the firmware I need, as well as the special apps to use it. I began the arduous task at 4pm that afternoon, secluding myself in the study. A prompt 2 hours later (Due to the slowness of our only XP computer, which was required for the Pandora) I finally had my success.
I was ecstatic and overjoyed. I had fixed my PSP. I let it be known trough Neoseeker and MSN. Lots of people congratulated me and I thanked them, also thanking those who had so whole heartedly offered support and assistance. Thanks so much guys. Thanks to Machienzo (My Bro) letting me use his PSP in the process.
    The following events
The following few days saw me make many changes to my PSP and play some of my long untouched and missed games. I would indulge on this, but it is better left for another blog...

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