Kickstarter campaign is live for Zaharia, an isometric cRPG that takes place in a fantasy world based on Middle Eastern culture. Zaharia PC

During my journey on here, I have got to know many different video games. The majority of video games that I played last year were amazing, but something was missing. I could not put my finger on what it exactly was, but it has occurred recently that none of the games I have played even scratch the surface of my favourite game developer's, Cing. I had traded in two games that the developers made as soon as I got a Nintendo 3DS, and I still do not understand why I did.

After mulling over the next game I will get, I finally decided to buy the two Cing games yet again. I rushed to the video game stores in the city centre today to pick up my two favourites of all time, "Hotel Dusk:Room 215" and "Last Window: The Secret of Cape West". Having picked up Last Window in the first game store I went in, the quest was on to find Hotel Dusk Room 215. After visiting 4 game stores, having not seen it, I was a bit disappointed. Then, I remembered there was a very small one in the train station. Not having much hope of it being there, I checked anyway, and there it was, on the bottom shelf for £7. For a game that is 7 years old and extremely rare to find, you could imagine how ecstatic I was.

After playing Trace Memory ~2 weeks ago, I regained my appreciation for the small developers. Even though there were only 29 employees in the company before they filed for bankruptcy, their games never fail to entertain anyone and have heart-wrenching stories. For a game like Trace Memory, which is nearly 10 years old, their stories are still applicable to nowadays. Its Wii sequel will always be my favourite home console game, with Hotel Dusk being my favourite handheld console game. Many people criticise novel-like games, but in my opinion, there are not any other games that hold a candle to them. Their graphics might be a tad on the shabby side and they are aging, but it's the story that they hold that counts.

Thank you, Cing, for making four fantastic games that have moved me deeply. I just wish you guys didn't file for bankruptcy.

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It's baaack bitcheeessss! After a couple of years of sitting around collecting dust in the booty crack of the internet, I have worked tirelessly over the pat few months in preparation for this day. Plus Minus Infinity sports an all new everything and you best tell your friends about it. :P

Bad concept, good game. Watching a painful cut scene between Dr. Eggman and Sonic the Hedgehog midway through this game, I imagine my childhood with SEGA's nefarious mascot who will just not die. The Sonic franchise will not die, I mean, my childhood...

Currently Looking For these level 1 Competitive shinies:

KB Growlithe Male
KB Chansey
KB Togepi
KB Ferroseed
KB Girafarig

Finished MGS (PS1) and MGS: Sons of Liberty (PS2)...I think I liked the first one more XD also just started the next game and its really hard @_@

Yes, her coming out is a truly inspirational thing for those who are both young and old struggling to come to terms with their sexuality. What she did was one of the bravest thing a person can do. However, I feel ashamed by it also. Ashamed in the fact that in 2014 I am still living in a society where "coming out" requires bravery, requires people to make personal sacrifices, requires inspiration. People bash homosexuality as "unnatural" and "wrong" when, looking at the grand scheme of things, it's the most natural thing that we as a civilisation do to this day. Hundreds, if not thousands of animals are known to exhibit homosexual tendencies on this planet. That's all we are; animals. We have are only "better" than other animals because of our intelligence, but that doesn't make us any less of an animal. It's all relative. We're the smartest, sure. We're the most civilised, sure. But looking at other things that can be of importance; the cheetah is better than mankind because it's the fastest, the blue whale is better than mankind because it's the biggest. Homosexuality is not unnatural, it goes against the basic principle of reproduction yes, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. We're a species of 7 billion in number we're beyond the need for everyone to reproduce to keep numbers up, it's no longer as important for the future of our race. That's just one side of the argument, though.

I don't want to make a big deal of this because Ellen is brave, because it isn't a big deal or rather, it shouldn't be. So what if she likes women, you've got hazel eyes, get out of my face you freak.

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Breeding for a shiny 6iv bold carbink nicknaming it "CrystalAura" those people who get hatched self-bred shinys under 20-30 eggs are lucky...

Round 92 of the Articles Of Excellence ends with Taake's review of Rayman Legends. Well, I suppose we have to keep up appearances somehow (this person also won with his review of Rayman Origins a year and a half ago, albeit under the monicker of Rift). Anyway, he describes Rayman Legends as one that tops Rayman Origins in most regards, but manages to also be a bit of an inferior sequel due to their ambitions outweighing the actual implementations of the extra stuff.

Rayman Legends Score: 8/10
Genre: Platformer

Rayman Legends does exactly what a sequel should do – it takes its predecessor, improves on it and adds whatever it deems necessary to add.

quote Taake
I absolutely adored Rayman Origins. It was a return to form after a series of party games, but it wasn't merely a return to the more popular stylings of Rayman 2 and 3. It was more akin to the very first Rayman game for the Playstation, Sega Saturn and PC in which you move from left to right, collecting stuff whilst making it to the end of each level, although it wasn't quite as hard. You also learned “new” techniques along the way, such as punching, floating in mid-air and swimming. In many ways, it was a modernization of Rayman 1, but like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it was able to become palatable towards newer gamers without insulting the intelligence of older gamers. It was brilliant, focusing on a more rhythmic structure whilst culminating its elements into a sublime experience. Even now, it's possible to pick up Rayman Origins and still find yourself enthralled by it.

But what about Rayman Legends? Well, it's a good game, too! It has all of the hallmarks of surpassing its predecessor with its fine-tuned art style, tighter gameplay mechanics and a higher focus on rhythmic level designs placed on a larger scale, but it also had those moments where it felt like it sidestepped whatever issues may or may not have been prevelant or even relevant in regards to Origins' design and as a result, it feels like a sharp step down. A lot of the additions to the overall formula are admirable, but sadly, whatever excitement generated from the elements are cut down once the realization that they're either gimmicky or haphazardly executed at best hits you square in the face. Don't get me wrong, none of these elements turn Rayman Legends into a bad game or even a mediocre one; however, they undermine the improvements that were made on the elements established in Rayman Origins.
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Rayman Legends The Introduction: I absolutely adored Rayman Origins. It was a return to form after a series of party games, but it wasn't merely a return to the more popular stylings of Rayman 2 and 3.

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Yeah so after like what, 5 or 6 years of this bs I'm gonna just build a PC, gotta love the portability of a laptop but I'm not fond of the constant overheating and dinky little PSU and GPU issues. Hhhhhhhhh I'm gonna go so broke.

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Screw life after High School. It was way better when i was still in it. Oh how i misspent my youth doing what most people with a computer do. (and its not watching XXX content all day you dirty bastards.)

I play Ashe and Lux
I prefer playing Lux as mid rather than bottom support.
And Ashe is great at Bot ADC

I would like to get and learn Jinx and Ahri. I prefer attack champions rather than champions that need ability after playing Lux. LeagueOfLegends PC

So if you're reading this now you're probably an old school neoseeker reminiscing about the past right? Or maybe you're just spying on me lol. Anyhow if you're wondering where I got to? well I don't come on here any more except for signing in maybe once every six months. I had some great times here and met some cool people, If any of you guys are still out there drop me a message it would be great to here from you after all this time! Just don't expect a quick reply. XD

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.
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