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Ways to get money in Luigi’s Mansion. The first method is to find a Speedy Spirit. These are the blue ghosts that appear in certain places like the green cabinet in the wardrobe room (It only appears when the lights are off) You only have once chance to catch it because it can never come back. But catching it is no cakewalk. You need to shine the flashlight at the spirit immediately or it will fly away and never come back. It looks like the orange ghost, but it is blue. After you have successfully caught it, the reward will be jewels and lots of money. The second way is catching a golden mouse. Like the Speedy Spirit, the mouse travels very fast. You can spawn one in the study room by going near the desk and open your camera. You will see a slice of cheese below you. Take a picture of it, and a golden mouse will appear. The golden mouse can also appear while you are wandering in the hallways of the mansion. Thanks for reading, I hope this helped.
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How you doin', Seekers?
As I said in the title it can get lonesome sometimes... Then I get creative with pictures found on the Internet.
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Now it's been almost 9 years since I joined Neo and made so many forum posts and blog posts. It seems like yesterday when I was so excited to be a part of this site. The excitement is still on, it's just diluted due to other "mainstream" social media sites but the charm I find here is nowhere to be found. The friends I made here could not be found elsewhere. I don't have many friends on Facebook who are not from Neo or from my college. So, that's how important Neoseeker is! Almost like a college. Oh, maybe Neoseeker can become an institute in future....Neouniversity :D
Neo encouraged me to be better at gaming, English and life! Helped me to stay positive and social.
Thank you Neoseeker for your contribution to the lives of many and I hope to see many more people participating here for the years to come :)
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What is this? Facebook Beta? Is this a status update?



____ . see perfection
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Animals, plants, and all other organisms will eventually die. And when they do most of the time they will just decay completely, but sometimes they become fossilized. A fossil are the remains, impression, or trace of any once-living thing from a past geological age. Examples include bones, shells, exoskeletons, stone imprints of animals or microbes, hair, petrified wood, oil, coal, and portions of DNA.
There are many different processes that can lead to fossilization. These include permineralization, casts and molds, authigenic mineralization, replacement and recrystallization, adpression, carbonization, and bioimmuration. And this article will go over each process.

Permineralization: This process occurs when an animal is buried by sediments soon after its death or decay process. The empty spaces within the organism are filled with groundwater. Some fossils only consist of teeth and skeletal remains while others are much more detailed with skin, feathers, and soft tissue traces. Of course the more the corpse has decayed the less detailed the fossil will be.

Casts and Molds: Often the organism is destroyed or deteriorates completely which leaves an animal-shaped imprint in the rock; this is known as an external mold. On the other hand, there are endocasts -- or internal molds -- and these are formed when minerals fill the internal cavities of the animal. Common cases are of snail shells and the hollow parts of a skull.

Authigenic Mineralization: These are unique types of casts and molds. Under the right circumstances the body will act like a nucleus for the minerals to form a nodule. If this process occurs soon after death then very detailed, three-dimensional fossils can be preserved.

Replacement & Recrystallization: The replacement process occurs whenever the bone, shell, or skin of an organism is replaced with another mineral. This shift can happen so subtly that microscopic details can be preserved despite the loss of the original specimen.
And a shell can be recrystallized when the skeletal compounds are still present, but in a different form of crystal.

Adpression: Compression fossils, such as fossilized ferns, are the product of chemical reduction of the organic molecules. More often then not all that is left behind is the mere impression of the organism in the rock -- an impression fossil. Other times the compression and impression occurs together. For example, when the rock is broken open, the phytoleim will often be attached to one part (compression), whereas the counterpart will just be an impression. This is called adpression.

Carbonization: The soft tissues of organisms are mainly made up of organic carbon compounds. Throughout the diagensis process and under set conditions a thin carbon, or carbonaceous, film remains. This creates a silhouette of the original creature.

Bioimmuration: This type of preservation is perhaps the least known. Essentially bioimmuration is the product of organic overgrowth on sessile creatures. Soft-bodied creatures have a possibility of being preserved if they are overgrown by another organism with a mineralized skeleton. Bioimmured fossils are visible on the attachment areas of the overgrowing organisms as natural molds which sometimes are filled by diagenetic mineral growth to create a natural cast.
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Just want to clear a few things up here.

Blood Bowl write up is scrapped. I don't wanna do it anymore. It was going to be really bad anyway.

Age of Neo is slowly finding itself in the scrapyard too. Maybe I'll get motivated to do something with it. As of right now, this was the biggest waste of everyone's time, by far.

I'm questioning why I asked to take the mod spot at Misc Gaming. I don't think I failed this time around which is probably pretty good. I had a project and I did it. I'm satisfied with my effort.

I did not need 2 months. I kind of wish I asked for just 1. That would have been fine, but now I'm expected to do something in the next month and I have absolutely nothing. Cap's Caverns is winding down and Concentration is AWOL.

My ideas here are an absolute mess and the people I don't like here are getting more and more on my nerves. I should have just stayed away.

The site is doing better and the direction it is going doesn't really have room for me. I don't play games anymore and I don't think I have the enthusiasm for any more revivals.

Yet I log back in, day after day, hoping I'd fit in somewhere that obviously doesn't need me and I compensate with going into niche forms and create a bunch of nonsense I don't see through to the end.

I promise Cap's Cavern will get to an end. I promise you that. I cannot promise anything with Age of Neo. I cannot promise you anything else will come. I also can't promise I'll try to leave the site again since I'm just so...sad here.
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Had a new 4kUtraHD tv delivered today to cooperate with my Xbox One S. It'll take a bit of research and configuration to find what HDMI input the manufacturer choses for 4k Gaming. Hopefully it's in the instruction book, but I doubt it. They seem to always cloud these matters in a fog of
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Red Dead Redemption 2 forum. Join our community and participate in a collection of forum threads, questions, answers, and other discussions about Red Dead Redemption 2.

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After much thought, I've decided that I would be the worst person to date, possibly even in the entire universe.
Even though it will never happen due to severe social anxiety and I'm not the pretty or desirable in any way. I also have Asperger's, GORD and dairy and egg Intolerances, I have found that if there was a chance of no one being out and we were at a restaurant, I wouldn't be able to eat a damn thing! Lol!

If you think you have a terrible existence maybe this could cheer you up ^_^
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I have recently taken charge of Misc Gaming because I totally need another mod spot, right?

I think these temporary spots are good for me. I can actually see if I'm making a difference in a short time rather than taking on the responsibility and having this grey cloud over me saying "Cap, if you don't do well, you're just hogging a spot for someone else." Yeah, at least in 2 months when I become a failure yet again, I can just leave and say I did what I thought I could do to make this place better.

Misc Gaming is a good spot for me since it is in dire need of a clean-up and I've been having fun with some folks like sword_of_omens and Intoxication and allingo.

Why take the spot now? Well, I had considered it in the past, but it was really Chimaira who gave the final push. He told me to get back into modding so why not try again?

I suppose if I do a good job in Misc Gaming I might get an extension. We'll see what the Super Mods say. We'll see if I think I deserve even asking for it.
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This is pretty much what I have felt all my life.
Hopefully by the end of my existence, I hope to experience more than what I have been subjected to and feel a thing called joy.

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I have been keeping my promise of posting a terrible one line joke in my status despite being otherwise engaged with real life being a PITA. Having a time breeding those Pokemon with decent egg moves in between bouts of quiet times but it seems that it may be a long way away. My story is coming along very slowly and have not done much art due to just finishing an unsuccessful Exposure Therapy course. I'm now awaiting the next step.
It is true what I have thought all along regarding those whom I am acquainted with and friends. Once I am befriended, I am easily forgotten.
I guess it is the way of the world.
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When purchasing an account always ask for a private mail at neoseeker! This to prevent scam!
Scan the code on the picture to be sure its me!
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Currently have the guides for X7 and X8 on hold until further notice. Although I had done a few guides since then for Ben 10, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, and Detroit: Become Human (Demo). While all three of them can be found on GameFAQs.