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Sep 18, 17 11:32pm

Police arrested two kids yesterday. One was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off.
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Sep 12, 17 12:56am

It's SilverRathiBrachydiosNargacugaSergios
Even though the sound of it
Is something quite atrocious
If you say it loud enough
You'll always sound precocious
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Sep 11, 17 11:39pm

The Cretaceous period is the last period of the Mesozoic era and lasted for 79,000,000 years from the end of the Jurassic to the beginning of the Paleogene Period 66mya.

In the Cretaceous period the supercontinent Pangaea finished breaking up into the seven continents that we know today. However, at the beginning stages of the Cretaceous, Gondwana had yet to break up into Antarctica, South America, Africa, Australia, and Mauritia (the microcontinent containing India and Madagascar). All of this tectonic commotion created both the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Meanwhile, the Atlantic Ocean continued to widen, the Tethys Sea (the sea that separated Laurasia from Gondwana) continued to narrow. The Earth at this time was experiencing a warm climate and because of this underwent high eustatic sea levels thus creating various shallow inland seas. And in North America and Europe shallow inland seas advanced, the most popular being the Western Interior Seaway of North America. Many organisms inhabited these seas and oceans, the most noteworthy being the marine reptiles, ammonites, an abundance of fish, and others.

On land, the dinosaurs continued to rule and some all-time favorites such as Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops made an introduction at the closing of this period. The Cretaceous introduced some new faces as well...new groups of mammals and birds appeared, along with the first flowering plants. Speaking of the evolution of angiosperms, bees also evolved to assist the new flowers. This is a prime example of coevolution.

Unfortunately, about 66 million years ago a massive asteroid, the size of Mount Everest, will strike the planet -- erasing three quarters of all life on Earth.
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Sep 1, 17 5:42am

Facing too many sadness for the past few months, life is really unexpected and vulnerable. So cherish whatever or whoever by your side at this moment, don't wait because the next second is totally unpredictable...
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Aug 31, 17 5:03am

It seems to me that productivity in terms of video game strategy guide and walkthrough creation is directly proportionate to whatever formula you are actively using for what you do. For example the quality of output for a writer is inversely squared to the measure of actual entertainment and/or enjoyment one accumulates from the project currently active. Put another way - you lot are going to find that our most recent project - the Collectibles Guide for Microsoft's Platformer and Action-Adventure jaunt ReCore - is bloody brill!
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Aug 30, 17 4:13am

...I'm scared to death of dentists. I keep thinking that they're not fixing my teeth, but that they... they're, they're hiding things in there. Dog toys, vacuum cleaners, who knows. Who knows?
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Aug 28, 17 3:13pm

Here we are, in the Jurassic Period, which is perhaps the most recognizeable geological period to most people.
It is right in the middle of the Mesozoic Era between the Triassic and Cretaceous Periods and lasted for approximately 56 million years; coming to an end about 145,000,000 years ago. Two extinction events took place during this time, however, neither one of them ranks among the "Big Five".
At the beginning of the Jurassic the famous supercontinent, Pangaea, had separated into two landmasses; Laurasia in the north and Gondwana in the south. This continental breakup created more coastlines and turned the land's climates from being arid, like in the Triassic, to humid with lush rainforests.

In terms of fauna, the dinosaurs mushroomed during the Jurassic and are now the dominant lifeforms on land. The scrawny prosauropods of the Triassic evolved into the famed sauropods such as Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Camarasaurus, Diplodocus, and many others.
"Long-neck" dinosaurs weren't the only staples of the Jurassic... Ornithischian like the stegosaurs and ornithopods also played important herbivorous roles. But you cannot have a functional ecosystem without the carnivores, large theropods like Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus would have stalked the landscapes.
The flying reptiles, known as the pterosaurs, continued to evolve as well and at this point in time have complete rule of the skies yet their position would soon be contested by the appearance of the first birds at the end of the Jurassic like Archaeopteryx which evolved from small coelurosaurian dinosaurs.
Meanwhile, the aquatic world primarily consisted of fish and marine reptiles -- most noticeably the ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs and even various marine crocodiles.

The Jurassic flora was also quite different than today... Sometimes you see pictures of dinosaurs like Stegosaurus next to palm trees and flowers, but this is not the case as there were no palm trees nor flowering plants at this time. Instead, the plants mostly consisted of ferns, ginkgoes, bennettitaleans, cycads, and the very common conifers. It is also worth noting that the first true mammals were scurrying amongst the undergrowth at this time, trying their best to elude detection...

(Modern day cycads shown above).
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Aug 23, 17 10:14pm

So, I am back... I don't know if anyone I know in the past will be reading this, but i'm sorry with the way I acted as a kid. This place is an important place to me. I regret my actions and how immature I was. I had a lot of fun, and the drama was meaningless, but it was how we all got together lol Most of all, I regret not giving the effort into trying to get in touch with everyone. Hit me on PM? Maybe we could talk outside from Neoseeker? I welcome you guys with open arms lol Thank you guys for being a part of my childhood!
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Aug 21, 17 8:50am

This series will be a much shorter continuation of the 'Before the Dinosaurs' series. You can read more on the Triassic Period here.

The Triassic Period is notorious for the appearance of the first dinosaurs which appeared at the end of this period. Small carnivorous theropods such as the herrerasaurids were among the earliest known dinosaurs although there is some uncertainty to where exactly these animals lie on the dinosaur evolutionary tree.
Although the earliest, yet most distinct theropods were the Coelophysoidea. These small and agile dinosaurs that included Coelophysis were quite successful and even survived up until the Early Jurassic Period as the ceratosaurs.

Another key group of Triassic dinosaurs were the prosauropods. Prosauropods were relatively large, semi-quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaurs that included the common Plateosaurus.
In conclusion, the late Triassic period was no walk in the park for the dinosaurs and by around 201,000,000 years ago another mass extinction swept across the planet that affected all life. And by the time this extinction caled down, the Earth was in the Jurassic Period and the dinosaurs were free to rule.
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Aug 17, 17 4:33pm

That moment when - You're playing an RPG, and you just beat a tough boss, and then you realize that one of your characters didn't have a weapon.
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Aug 15, 17 2:18pm

First aid kits recover all of your energy, while "food" recovers only some (half or less).
Recovery items, extra lives, and ammunition reappear when you leave and return to the area they are found in.
Destroy Compys.
Raptors are a lot bigger when you're outside a building.
If you see a Triceratops, don't just run. Get out of the way.
Don't get hit by Dilophosaurus spit.
Pachycephalosaurus may be territorial, but Alan Grant is more so! Just shoot them.
Shoot the Gallimimus. They will stampede anyway.
You cannot kill a T-Rex.
Don't jump over a dead raptor. Other dead dinosaurs, it's fine.
Don't listen to Dennis. Raptors will attack you whether you shoot them or not.
Mr. DNA lies to you!
If you're inside a building and you hear what sounds like someone sniffling or kicking at gravel, it's probably a Dilophosaurus spitting.
If you're inside a building and a raptor attacks you from behind, run to the nearest exit. Even if you get a chance to turn around before it kills you, you won't be able to see it.
If you're on a roof, look out for raptors, because at least one will jump up there.
Don't pick up raptor eggs. Ian will try to kill you.
Last of all, don't heed the above advice. It is based solely on my own observations and was written in jest.
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Aug 11, 17 2:51pm

Usually when you think of the mammals that lived alongside the dinosaurs, you usually think of small, nocturnal, shrew-like animals.
But not Repenomamus. This animal was quite large for a Mesozoic mammal at around 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) in length and an estimated weight of 12-14 kg (26-31 lb) for the larger species; R. giganticus.
The teeth and jaws of Repenomamus suggest that it was carnivorous, but when a specimen of R. robustus was uncovered it revealed the fragmentary remains of a baby Psittacosaurus within its stomach.

Repenomamus lived in what is now prehistoric China during the Early Cretaceous period.
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Aug 7, 17 3:12pm

So I finished off the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy the other day by watching Hot Fuzz and The World's End. I liked each of the films quite a lot. However I feel like I sort of identified a number of recurring elements found in all of them and so I naturally decided to do a synopsis of another one that I made up off the top of my head. Of course you don't need to tell me what a steaming pile of horse shit this is, I'm comfortably aware of that fact on my own. Of course if you want to you're more than welcome to.

Also this is only the first 10 or 20 minutes of the film.
  • 99 Red Balloons instrumental
  • Then when it gets to the Bupadumpahdum in the song it shows the "movie studio presents"
  • A film by "Edgar Wright Ripoff"
  • Then when the guitar thing starts Title screen
  • Then when it goes to the main tune it cuts to the protagonist living their miserable life with lots of fast paced jump cuts
  • It's Simon Pegg!
  • He also has some sort of quirky thing of interest that many people either don't have or don't use
  • He just carries it around with him. People don't pay much mind to it but the audience can tell it's out of place and are intended to laugh at it.
  • Gets to work, boss is a prick, gets in a horrible misunderstanding with a client/customer/co-worker that gets him disciplined/sabbatical/fired
  • Goes home, calls girlfriend but obviously he's very emotionally distant/childish so she's having trouble getting through to him
  • Has argument with her, he sits on the sofa and mopes for a bit. Best friend Nick Frost comes home with two cans of Bud Light
  • Funny banter about Bud Light being shit.
  • Then there's a montage of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost getting slashed
  • Wake up the next morning hungover, three missed calls
  • All from the girlfriend, the first one is an old one from like a week beforehand he never got around to checking
  • Second one is from that night and she's like trying to make up with him after the argument
  • Third one is her calling him for help
  • He's all confused so he doesn't really pay that much attention to it, goes out to get the paper, goes to the shop, buys the paper and a cornetto
  • Goes to hand the shopkeeper the change, shopkeeper looks a bit pale
  • Drops the change in the hand, but the coins go through her hand
  • He looks up at her. Her eyes become hollow.
  • He jumps backwards, aghast, knocking over a sunglasses rack and it falls through another customer
  • He quickly runs away into the street, onto the path of an oncoming Car
  • The car swerves and nearly hits another ghost
  • Then the driver gets out and says "Oh my god, I am so sorry are you OK?" to the ghost
  • The ghost consumes the driver and he becomes a ghost too
  • Other ghosts begin to notice Simon Pegg watching in horror and band around him
  • He notices an open spot
  • He runs for it!
  • He makes it
  • He runs home to meet Nick Frost who is eating microwave popcorn
  • He's out of breath so he's just speaking nonsense, sort of like me, right now.
I have no idea why I am sharing this waste of time, but maybe I can make a handy buck in 10 years or so when Mid-2000's nostalgia kicks in and the crowd are itching for another Pegg/Wright film.
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Aug 7, 17 3:54pm

Paladin Kah Adi Mundi, better known as Kaharius, has proven time and time again that he ranks in the top percent of members on this site. His various positions as a moderator along with his wide range of interest has made him a site-wide choice as a contender for greatest member. I do not intend this essay to be a romanticized ode to Mr. Kah, rather a testimonial to his accomplishments.

First off, Kah has been granted the high honor of moderating several forums. His current lineup consists of the Action and Shooters genre for PC games, Books & Literature, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, and Sports/Simulation for PC Games. Looking at that lineup shows that Kah is a very adaptive member who has many different interests. He is also in charge of sections of games both in Action and Shooters as well as Sports and Simulation for PC. The PC gets many different games, both published by indie developers as well as the more well known namesakes. This means that Kah will have to keep an eye on a wide variety of games. That sort of honor is not given easily. What makes the position even more powerful is the fact that Kah has only been a member of the site for 4 years. Sure, in a typical 4 year period he should have learned the ropes of becoming a proper member, but when looking at other members who hold mod types like this, most of them have been on the site for much longer. It shows that Kah is an exceptionally mature member who is not held back by seniority. In his mod history, he is also a valued mentor to another up-and-coming mod with Grayson. Not only is his leadership known to his faithful members in his forums, but to his co-mods too.

Second, Kah is a unique person that without, this site would feel lacking. In the time I have known him, Kah has always mocked modesty that so many people abuse. Instead of being gracious for compliments, he outright accepts them. The inspiration for this essay came from him when I jokingly asked if he wanted an essay on why he was the greatest member. Instead of saying something along the lines of "Aw shucks, Cap, that's not necessary," he stated "Yes please" with an emote. This shows that Kah isn't trying to fake modesty in praise taking. He knows his worth and isn't afraid to show it. While it may come off as vain sometimes, it is usually in good fun. On the other side of things, I see it as a display of confidence which is something this world lacks. It is a refreshing sight that someone not only expects the admiration of his peers, but may also demand it. I know this essay is only a sliver of what he may expect as well.

Third, Kah is a creative individual. He is known to frequent the graphics forum where he has made some very nice banners. The prefix tags for Retro Gaming were of his origin. Without them, the forum is even more organized with a nice display as well. As a member of Retro Gaming, I am thankful that he took the time to scale and resize images to make a nice display for us to categorize threads. He is also seen the the music forum where he is shown to have a wide taste in music. It shows that he can appreciate the art of music even if he can or cannot play any himself.

Kah is a great member of this site. I am happy to have someone like him to call upon in certain forums. My own progressive initiative has been fulfilled sometimes because of his mod powers. His artistic contributions are quite nice. His peers also enjoy him and it would be an odd thing not seeing him here. In conclusion, Kah is a fantastic member and I do hope this essay is up to his expectation.
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Aug 7, 17 1:38am

These fish first appeared in the Devonian oceans some 400,000,000 years ago and they eventually met their end at the close of the Cretaceous period along with the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and many marine reptiles.
However, in 1938, a sailing boat dragged a living coelacanth from the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of South Africa. As you might expect, this discovery made headlines across the world. Since the rediscovery, the West Indian Ocean coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae) has been located in numerous locations and inbetween 1938 and 1975, 84 individuals were captured and recorded.

In 1997, a second species of coelacanth was discovered in a market on the Sulawesi island in Indonesia. By July 30, 1998 a second Indonesian specimen was captured alive and survived for only six hours -- enough time for scientists to document. The fish was later described in 1999 and was given the scientific name Latimeria menadoensis.

The coelacanth is a good example of a Lazarus taxon. The Lazarus taxon is a taxon that disappears from the fossil record only to reappear again later.
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