Klope62 blogged
Nov 27, 08 4:35am

So, I'll try it out with the new this launching.

In general, 08' has been a pretty big year for the Klopez. I really have to blame the beginning of it on the Neoseeker Election. No one saw it coming (muwahahaha). It was seriously a great, but also dreadful start to an exciting year. ;o

I almost can't believe it's almost over. In fact, that's what I should do...A summary of the year, yay.


...Also, Big Brother Neoseeker, double yay.

And Kat (Nightmare) says; "KLOPEY IS AWESUM. <('.' <)"

Hi bye.

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Chiggins blogged
Nov 27, 08 7:23am

Well lately I've been playing some Counter Strike: Source on Steam. Now, I'm far from great, but lately I've been getting alright. But if you look at my status on a server I've been playing on, my kill to death ratio is 0.27. :( Either way, its a fun game. I wish I could have been playing it back in its prime though. Could you imagine how many people could have been playing at once? I don't have the actual numbers, but that must have been fun.

Now, the game has built up a legacy of being one of, if not, the best FPS out there, along with Unreal. There are communities and friends built off of the game. Clans have been formed. It also helped out Major League Gaming, and people have even won a good amount of money from being so good at the game.

I believe that this is more than just a fun game. Its a definition of our generation. Its one of the best video games out there, ever. So start playing it, and enjoy.

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Spiritual blogged
Nov 27, 08 4:52am

Ever wonder why anime has grown so popular recently? It has been very popular in Japan over quite a long time, but its popularity in North America, and Europ seems to be spread vastly. There is not only over 1000 anime shows, but most actually give you a sense of thought. Over 3,000,000 people in North America today have watched anime atleast once, or have become majorly addicted! It seems like the best animes are always the ones that you can relate to. Even though anime has a lot of haters, most of those people have not even watched anime once!

It really bothers me when people make fun of other people who like anime. I find it is just an interest. I rarely hear about other hobbies like basket ball, watching wrestling, or whatever being an annoyance. I have always accepted people`s interests for who they are. I just cannot seem to wrap myself around people who cannot accept the over 3,000,000 people in North America, and the over 30,000,000 people in Japan who have atleast seen an anime show. Sure, you can agree it is garbage, nobody is denying you, but it does not mean a person is a certain way. Even neoseeker`s anime community seems to agree.

Solitaire blogged
Nov 27, 08 3:37am

So now I'm looking at a nearly empty page, minus the letters and marks that seem to be following my cursor, wondering what I should do with it. Let's see.... I can bring a nice comfy couch, a few side tables for holding goodies, munchies, and drinks et al, the mandatory giant flatscreen, cues music, lights.....

.... now where the heck are the people?

Anime, anime, anime.... this is about anime, and so it should be, I've only been moderating that forum since 2002... sheesh where does the time go? I suspect Wolfie has swiped it, although he would probably insist that Red swipes it from him.... or would that be tek doing the swiping?

I watched The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye fairly recently. Rented the series but would dearly love to own it if only rightstuf would get off their collective fannies and compile it into an affordable boxset. Perhaps a letter of suggestion to the powers that be might help?

In the meantime I'm re-watching an old favorite, Initial D. They really need to continue the series I want to see Takumi vs. Bunta drat it, extra stages aren't cutting it atm. ;_;

Watty blogged
Nov 27, 08 1:29am

Hey, I just came across this little feature in the Football Manager Social Forum and thought I'd check it out. A little bit about me: I'm 18, employed part-time but looking for full-time, and going to uni next year. I'm sporty in pretty much everything I do. I play a lot of sport, I watch a lot of sport, the majority of my games are sport related, I think you get the general gist (pronounced 'jist' btw, yes I know it's a stupid spelling) of it.

I'm hoping that my blogs are going to be vaguely comical or at least of minor entertaining value, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I had one on MySpace and now none of my friends use MySpace so that was all a waste of time.

I have a few nights out planned in the near future so if anything interesting happens I'll be sure to let you know. Not that you're interested of course, just simply because I have to tell anyone and everyone my life story... Or at least the highlights of it.

Simply for my own personal entertainment values, I will now quote various personal ads, and maybe comment on what I think, is truly gripping and sure to entice any member of the opposite, or perhaps same, gender.

Hi I`m Tony from Nottingham. I`m straight acting. Fun loving. Easy going and open minded.
I like to socialise, and I`m a great Mario Kart player (N64).
I do some work on the weights but only to keep fit, not to be muscles of brussells.
I like cozy nights in, and out to the pub, but not really into clubbing.
I think it is easily noticeable here that not only is Tony living in the past with his N64, but he has clearly identified what women really look for in a man. Yes, you guessed it, computer game ability. Watch out though! Don't beat Princess Peach on your home track and your date's mates will ridicule you.

I'm a postgrad student, originally from Scotland but now living in Manchester. Am pretty busy most of the time, but could do with an excuse to escape the study now and again!
This guy really knows how to impress ladies! Calling them 'an excuse' is one of their preferred pet names.

Someone who is easy going, enjoys having a laugh and is just good fun, and is also a football fan they should also be open to new experiences and travel.
This one isn't so much funny as interesting. If you think you might know what these new experiences are then leave a comment. We could even have a mini competition. The one I think is the best will receive a prize! Yep, you guessed it! You get a prize for being the only one to read down this far. Amazing huh?


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Ripulse blogged
Nov 27, 08 9:23am

My birthday! On 11/28, I will be turning ** years old! (Sorry, but you can't know how old I am. Sign my guestbook, please!

I'm hoping to get one of those new 4th gen iPod nanos. Yellow is what I prefer. I guess I'll also get some books, games, and podcasts off iTunes.

So basically, about me... I'm just a simple person. I joined Neo in 2006-07 under the username Silver_Raikou- changed to Silver Raikou with a free underscore name change. I actually was on Neo long before that; I never really bothered to join.

That's basically it today.

Fun fact: I'm horrible at HTML tagging.

Current Motto: Forgive; don't forget.

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Jesh blogged
Nov 27, 08 1:11am

That's right, it's holiday time. The hustle and bustle of shoppers starting to get ready for Christmas. The sound of buttons popping of your favorite pants from eating too much. Two big holidays are here for the Americans, and gamers alike. Christmas is a time of giving, and receiving! I know a lot of people have some big games on there Christmas lists, as do I. Most of them are hot new releases within the past couple of months on the PC. They are: Fallout 3, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, and Call of Duty: World at War. All of these games should definitely be exciting and fun for me to play for awhile.

Also, I recently got a couple of books as early Christmas presents of sorts. Most notably, though, was the graphic novel Watchmen. I'd really say that you all should read that, and see the movie when it comes on March 6, 2009. [03.06.09]

This has been my first blog of hopefully many to come. I hope you enjoyed reading it, the future ones will be a lot longer. I love all of the new features Neoseeker has been creating lately, and it's making Neoseeker into a better site overall.

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Liliana blogged
Nov 27, 08 4:00am

Hey guys, Twilight here with My New Games blog. Here I will tell you all about the new games I get and what I think about all of them. Including ratings.

Okay, here we go!

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesa
Bought - November 08, 2008
Platform - Ds (Dual Screen)
Rating - 8/10

Review - I like this game. The voice actors are good, the plot seems okay, and the moves are very good. I love thr glyph system, and the game is quite challenging. Shanoa, the main character is also very cute, so I have no problem with how the characters look. I recomend this game for ages 13 and above because of mild language and blood.

Metroid Prime
Bought - November 01, 2008
Platform - GC
Rating 7.5/10

Review - I did like the majority of the game. It was quite difficult beating, and it was very hard to overcome the bosses. For the first 3D Metroid game ever, I'd say this is pretty good. I didn't like the effects the used in the game though.

Super Smash Bros Brawl
Bought - N/A (Plays it at friends house)
Platform - Wii
Rating - 8/10

Review - Kind of disapointing for the next Super Smash Bros. I loved the graphics and all, and the new Adventure Mode is very fun. The new character made ma giggle, mainly because they added Sonic. <3

My dislikes about the game lie with two factors: The Characters movesets, and the online lag. I hate it when there is a fighting game, and they creators make a new version, and they screw with the movesets. It makes you have learn all stuff again with a character you previously pwned with. The online lag speaks for itself.

Pokemon Diamond
Bought - September 07, 2008
Platform - DS (Dual Screen)
Rating 6.5/10

Review - I did like the fact they made new pokemon game for the DS, but this was disapointing. The graphics were poor, even for a DS game, and the gameplay was the same as it always is. The new pokemon aren't really, 'cool' persay, but they are so broken it's amazing. I didn't like this game.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Bought - November 26, 2008 (3rd Time Bought)
Platform - GameBoy Advanced
Rating 9/10

Review - I can say one big this about this game; AWESOME. For a GBA game, this really shows how much work Camelot and Nintendo put work into this. The game's plot, story, and graphics are all amazing for the time it was released. I suggest this game to anyone who like old school handheld games. I would give it a 10/10, but the one bad thing about it is the time length. It take about 10-20 hours to beat this game, and please do remember, this is a GBA game. Good job Camelot!
If you all have questions on why I gave these rating, leave a comment. If you have comments, well, leave a comment. XD

Final Fantasy IV Advanced
Bought - November 30th, 2008 (2nd Time Bought)
Platform - GameBoy Advanced
Raiting - 8/10

Review - Can't say many things bad about this game. It's quite fun, with a very long plot, and very good characters, creatures, weapons, spells, and such. I loved the moves you could use in the game, and I love how the character's stories tie into one. But, what was kind of bad is because of it's lagging quality. At times, the attacks would come slow after the command. Pretty good game.

Final Fantasy IV DS
Bought - December - 28, 2008
Platform - DS
Raiting - 9/10

Review - I LOVE THIS GAME. It offers so much as the previous one for GBA did but more. Sure, it's harder, but it's very fun! The cut scenes are amazing and voices are played so well. The graphics for a DS game are awesome. I loved this game

Well guys, that's all for now. See you next time.

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Chiggins blogged
Nov 27, 08 3:51am

Yea, I know. DEVPEN is kinda dead. Oh well. I've written a few articles on it that I'd like to share with you. They are ordered oldest to newest. Once I post up a new article there I'll create a link to it here.

 So close to the end!

Better thank NPH for his contribution... but put it in a place where everybody can read it.

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Artificer blogged
Nov 27, 08 2:26am

Hi Neoseeker, I'm looking forward to blogging about my experiences with web development and NAMFox. At least, that's the plan; I hope I don't become too busy...

But you might find things here about designing themes for forums, various HTML/CSS tips and tricks, and some information about NAMFox (both technical and non-technical) that might not appear in the NAM forum.

My first post will probably be an FAQ about how to use the theme switcher in Loungin' in your own forums, since a lot of mods seem to want one. Stay tuned...

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Tainted blogged
Nov 26, 08 11:54pm

In a video game world dominated by heart pumping action and quick, responsive control systems, it is pretty rare to find a turn-based role playing game in the headlines as a best selling title or a highly anticipated game. Games like Halo 3, Call of Duty 5, and even the Madden series are all games that I would lump into the category of "instant gratification" games. You want your character to do a certain action, so you press a button and immediately it responds on screen. And there's nothing wrong with that, but where's the love for classic, turn-based RPGs that were so popular back in the days of the SNES?

Final Fantasy was a hugely successful game on Nintendo's flagship system, the NES. The game featured advanced graphics on the system, as well as an in-depth weapon and armor system that seemed to transcend the limitations of the era. And the series took off, spawning numerous sequels and offshoot titles.

When you think of a mainstream RPG, what do you think of? For me, the first thing that comes to mind is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The game was not your typical RPG; it was an action RPG that traded in turn-based combat in favor of live action. It was a huge seller on the Xbox 360 and was the first RPG to sell on the system.

A more recent example of a mainstream RPG would be Mass Effect, the Bioware RPG that seemed to draw from the battle system used in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The system is mostly real time; you get to control your character and the aiming of his weapons in real time. But, if you want to switch weapons or biotics, you have to go to an "attack wheel" sort of thing.

What I'm getting at here is that the mainstream RPG is not what you might think of when you imagine a traditional RPG. It seems that the genre has drifted away from what it once was, and is now just a shadow of its former self. To be popular in the gaming industry today, an RPG has to fit into the "instant gratification" style of play. Turn-based RPGs are seen as tedious and too much effort for the common gamer, who prefers to twitch shooting of games like Halo.

Don't get me wrong here; I love the feeling of mowing someone down with a Battle Rifle as much as the next guy. But when it comes to RPGs, I prefer the slow, turn-based system of games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and dare I say it, Pokemon. Something about the mind-numbing level grinding and unbearably long boss battles gives me that contentedness that others get from their FPS and Action games.

Where am I going with this? Well, I am trying to figure out what kind of effect mainstream gaming has on the RPG genre. While it is good to see that the genre is alive and well for all gamers, but at the same time, what if the turn-based games of yesteryear seem to fade away into oblivion (ok, sorry, that is a terrible pun)? I know that's a pretty ludicrous thought, but there's no telling what effect the mainstream taste in video games will have on the genre.

One thing I have noticed, however: the turn-based genre is alive and well on the Nintendo DS. Square Enix has had a very successful life on Nintendo's handheld, porting over classic Final Fantasy titles with updated graphics and new features. I am delighting in this, picking up title after title of turn-based RPGs and loving every minute of it. If there is one console where the traditional RPG is still going strong, it is on the DS.

So what are my final thoughts on this matter? Well, I think that my opinion on this is as crude and jumbled as this blog entry itself. I feel like the console turn-based RPG is a dying genre; the mindset of gamers has shifted into the "instant gratification" way of thinking that we see in so many other things outside of gaming. However, I am excited at the continued success of traditional RPGs on handheld systems, and feel like the system is bright. Now if you excuse me, I have a few random encounters to get into.

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Chiggins blogged
Nov 27, 08 3:30am

Well here is my first blog. Mostly this will serve as an introduction about me, and what I do in my life.

I'm in my senior year at high school. Hopefully after I graduate I'll be heading down to Illinois State University. I've been getting into more and more gaming lately, playing more Counter Strike Source. I'm gonna be building my own computer, and *hopefully* have it done by the time I graduate. Web development is my strong point with computers. I actually do some work with Neoseeker itself. I do some pre-release testing with some features, such as the Tags. I also do some coding, like the Spoiler Tags and the Video Tags on the NeoWikis. Now, I don't work at NeoHQ, so don't confuse me with the real workers.

Well, thats enough about me. If ya wanna learn more, feel free to ask me anything. You can send me a private message, or you can instant message me from any of the contacts on my profile. Thanks for reading!

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Tainted blogged
Nov 27, 08 2:12am

What's up guys? Basically, I am going to be using this blog to work on my writing skills, and to rant and rave about whatever video game topic comes to mind. I might occasionally post a user review of mine up here, because I think it would garner more feedback this way. Anyway, this isn't much yet, but expect some awesomeness coming soon!

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