Kokoro blogged
Nov 28, 08 6:18am

You know what I hate? Internet slangs and memes. They're just so stupid and you'll never see me use them, not even on something like MSN. Not to mention, they are so overused these days. There's no point in them, other than laziness or just trying to be funny. I actually have used them a few times now and then a long time ago, but I regret it now. You can say it's "fun", but I don't see any fun in them.

Chad blogged
Nov 28, 08 9:06am

Today, before starting my daily routine on the computer, I decided to flip on the radio. A few good songs came on, and I was too lazy to change stations when one I didn't like came on. So there I was, beginning to type something up for school, already having the wording and what the finished product will look like in my head. I start typing and I notice something odd, I'm subconsciously typing to the lyrics of the song. At that time, "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis was on, and it had just started the singing. Every time she would be saying a word, I would type it in a rythmatic fashion, not typing anything inbetween words. I was seemingly typing in quick spurts, with less than a second break before typing again.

Half-way through the song I caught myself doing this so I decided to turn off the music. I began to wonder if I had done this in the past when typing and simultaneously listening to music, then I began to wonder if I had ever done anything subconsciously to a beat or lyrics that I could hear. Then I thought about how a lot of people require music to get work done or study or do some other activity. Are the beats/lyrics involved actually keeping them focused on what they are doing? After about ten minutes of wondering about this, I just decided to scrap the whole thought process that was currently running through my head about this topic. Still though, I wonder how many others aren't aware that music might have an effect on how they do things.

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Ecto blogged
Nov 28, 08 7:48am

Thanksgiving was at my fathers house this year and, though I do love Thanksgiving and acknowledge it as my favorite holiday, I seem to appreciate it less and less every year and, tonight, I'm just glad it's over. I like to party and love being around people but...when it comes to family...the house just gets too crowded too quickly. Don't me wrong, I love my family and enjoy being with them, it's just not, I'm sure we can all agree, different than being with friends and the sort.

I don't really have a point with all of this...but I must say it's a depressing thought to think Thanksgiving isn't going to be as enjoyable next year as it is this year if I continue along this patter. I've always been a pretty quiet person...I enjoy being alone. I would also much rather have only a couple really close friends than a lot of good friends.

I did work today...pay and a half was enough to convince me. Perhaps I'm just extra tired this year.

Good news is I have tomorrow off. Cheers!

Harvest Moon girl blogged
Nov 28, 08 4:48am

Which is why I won't even bother to spend time thinking of a creative, eye-catching one.

Phil (VulcanRaven) mentioned this to me a little while ago, so I thought I'd check it out. I'm one of those losers who love to learn about other people, so this is absolutely fascinating to me, even if I have never heard or "talked" to most of the members blogging here. I suppose I'll introduce myself though I doubt that too many people will ever read this.

I'm known as Harvest Moon girl on Neoseeker and have been a member since February 29, 2004. There's really not much to say about my Neo history other than I made quite a bit of friends on the site that I truly enjoy talking with. I don't have any epic stories of my modding skills since I never was one, but that's quite alright since I'd make a terrible mod. You would probably see me editing everyone's grammar and spelling, haha. Since there's not much to tell about my neo self, I'll write more about myself.

Hi, the name's Antonia and I can be one of the most sardonic people you'll "meet" if I'm irritated. I've gotten better at controlling what I say though and have begun to sound less sarcastic. Although sarcasm is second nature to me, I still consider myself to be easy-going and nice and if not nice, then certainly very polite. Though I wouldn't call myself gregarious, I certainly do enjoy meeting and speaking with new and different people.

I think I'll probably end up using this as a place for storing quotes I like or posting reminders to myself...like that paper that's been due since October 16th, *bleep*. Am I allowed to curse? Sorry for corrupting the youth, though I'd like to mention that today's youth doesn't need any help from me.

Oh, Happy American Thanksgiving!

Hmm, this looks so bland. I think I'll go and try cajoling Foxshy (Artificer) into teaching me his mighty CSS tricks.

Mocking Alvin blogged
Nov 28, 08 4:29am

Okay, I really don't have a clue where I am going with this blog. It's really just a way for me to rant on (and on, and on) about stuff that interests me, but probably few others. Seeing as i don't know what to expect, i can't really give you a good idea , so you'll have to read to find out.

A short introduction first is probably necessary, as i'm sure very few, if any, of you actually know who i am. I am a nineteen year old English literature and Film/Theatre student living in Glasgow, Scotland. Which is a great city by the way. I barely do any work at university though, and my attendance is shocking, so i don't really know how this whole degree thing is gonna turn out. Erm, my interests i suppose are books, movies, writing, football (sport in general really, i like a fair few, both playing and watching), gaming and going down the pub for a few pints with friends. You can pretty much guarentee that the majority of my posts will be concerning these things. I don't wanna rabble on, so i'll leave it there for now, and maybe reveal more as time passes.

I was going to have an opinionated section of this post, but i figure an introduction will do for now, and then i'll crack on with forcing my feelings and opinions (of which i have plenty) on you tomorrow. Also, pat on the back for whoever knows what the title of this post is in reference to.

Oh, and fancy bloggy layout stuff will be coming soon, hopefully.


Klope62 blogged
Nov 28, 08 4:12am

I guess I'll start this year recap of events out with the Neoseeker Modeling Competition, while I wouldn't consider it the biggest, it was technically the first event that started to this chain.

Around the end Summer '07, in IRC, All Knowing was trying to think of a way to get some excitement and activity to the relatively new clothes and fashion forum. I approached him with an idea and we talked about it for awhile. After he understand what I was saying in general...that was it. I left him to arrange and organize, only with intent to participate.

Unfortunately, it failed. Lots of people said they were going to participate and pictures in, but very few people actually did. The judging situation was messy and confusing, and we never got a great load of people. So, at the end of things, it was rendered a little useless. All Knowing then decided to 'detach' himself from experiment and it seemed like that was the end of it. I was a little dismayed but I honestly didn't think too much about it after awhile.

In January '08, Lazzara decided to attempt to revive it. This time I took a different stance and approach. Starting with this post, I wasn't going let it turn out to be exactly that same as it did prior. I fought hard to prove a few points. After about 3 months of deliberating, arguing, and planning, we finally got something underway. It was hard to get everyone's mind changed and develop something that could maybe work, but it happened.

I functioned as an organizer at the beginning, but once again became a participant instead. I figured more people were going to be needed for that, and since the foundation was already formed, it would be fine. And at the end of the day, it did. I enjoyed it well enough, and came away with a few new friends. Everyone knows I was robbed though, of course. (Neo :o)


Tomorrow; The Epic Elections.

<3 Raz!

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Liliana blogged
Nov 28, 08 2:40am

Well, I guess I should start by telling you the basics about Nintendo.

Nintendo is a company located in Kyoto, Japan founded on September 23, 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi to create and produce handmade cards. Eventually, Nintendo expanded into a gaming company that exploded into the scene in 1966 with electronics such as Love Testers.

But, that wasn't what surprised people the most. What made people awe is in 1974, Nintendo got the right to distribute the Magnavox Odyssey, which is the first gaming console ever created. But even this wasn't as big as what to come next.

Nintendo hired a Student Produce named Shigeru Miyamoto, who helped created the first game for the new Nintendo arcade based gaming. He helped create the first notable game Donkey Kong, which you all know starred the biggest faces of Nintendo today; Mario and Donkey Kong. The rest is common knowledge.

Now, to start about my original point of this post.

People these days see Nintendo as a gaming company that's only in it for the money. Well, I disagree with this statement. Nintendo's newer games still hold the basics qualities that they had many years ago; Fantasy. They make you use your imagination. Unlike the newer games for Xbox360 and PS3 which are very realistic. Games that make you use your imagination can help you be able to use it later on in life, which could come in useful someday.

Nintendo's games haven't really changed much rather than from 2D to 3D. Game titles such as Super Smash Bros Brawl and their new Pokemon Diamond/Pearl are also examples of this.

Pokemon, a game about catching animal based monsters to become the most powerful trainer ever. How real does this seem? Doesn't it kind of make you use your imagination while playing the game?

I look at a lot of the game for the Xbox360 and the PS3, and yes, I can conclude that the Wii, Nintendo's latest game system, is for the younger players, but that doesn't mean it isn't any worse, or better than the PS3 or the Xbox360. The Wii's games are creative and fun, while the Xbox360 and the PS3 games are Realistic and Time Consuming.

Now, this is where it drops into personal opinion. What do you like better? Creativeness and Fun, or Realistic and Time Consuming.

I for one like it when games make you use imagination, and are based around being creative. But as I said, this is personal opinion.

So, do you agree with what people say about Nintendo? That it's the worst gaming company out there? That Sony and Microsoft are the best?

What do you think?

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Star of Spurs blogged
Nov 28, 08 1:42am

No. I'm not going to start a blog. I refuse to start a blog, then when I turn to 15 create a MySpace and act 'emo' for attention whilst having my Cascada CD blaring out of my speakers, and pretend to shut myself out from the outside world.

Eh, this couldn't hurt I guess. I'm Sam, I'm 12 years of age and I think I'm the living definition of a geek. Most of the girls at my school don't like me/use me for practical jokes, because either:

a) They know that I had an incredibly unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who throughout most of Year 5 and 6, or that

b) I'm such a geek I'm in Set 1 (or the top class) for everything except PE (in which I am Set 2) or

c) They know I'm weird, and a complete weakling.

In all honesty...I don't mind being a geek. I really don't care. Of course, my first point is bad (but let's be honest, we've all had a really bad obsession with something at one point), but I like the fact I'm smart. Yes, I get bullied with insults, but...I really don't care. Let them throw insults at me basically, if being a geek helps me with my ambition (writing television series for the BBC - I know I'm aiming high, but apparently I can accomplish it), then I really don't care.

So, sorry if I wasted your time, I'm Sam and I'll probably be on here a lot, rambling for ever and ever. I hope that I'm at least a tiny bit entertaining.

Thanks for reading, and adios. :)

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huntyr blogged
Nov 28, 08 5:17am

On December 6, rock bands will be converging on the Rio Theater in Vancouver for Cthulhupalooza for a rock band festival. There are prizes to be had and, more importantly, fun times to be had!

Why am I mentioning this? Because I will be there to witness sacrifices to the great Cthulhu.

So, if you like rock band, or seeing a bunch of Cthulhu worshippers make fools of themselves, come on out for what should be a good time!

cthulhu rock band harmonix vancouver other
Tainted blogged
Nov 27, 08 8:48pm

Note: The Thanksgiving break has given me a lot of free time. And giving free time will lead to me thinking about random crap, which leads to me writing about that random crap here. So if you are wondering why I am writing so frequently, and why they are about really random topics, it's because I am reaaaaly bored right now. XD

I was watching TV with my dad a few hours ago, and a commercial for Guitar Hero: World Tour came on. It was the one where Derek Jeter, Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps, and Kobe Bryant are jamming out to "Old Time Rock and Roll" like in that one Tom Cruise movie. So anyway, as they each came on screen my dad was naming them off, trying to figure out who they were (he recognized all of them right off-the-bat, except for Tony Hawk). I thought it was a cool commercial, and I thought he did too.

But then he turned to me and said, "You know, I've never understood the concept of that kind of game." I was pretty shocked. Having owned all Guitar Hero games previously, I thought my Dad understood the entertainment in playing rhythm games like that. So I asked him, "What do you mean? Games like Guitar Hero?"

Turns out he was talking about band games, such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour. "No, like those complete band games," he said. "I just think it seems kind of sad. Like, you get a bunch of friends together to play in a fake band."

Well, to be honest, I didn't really have much to say back to him. The way he perceives those games, I guess it does seem kind of sad. It's almost like you can't get a real band together, so instead you just pick up the faux Les Paul and jam with your friends. Instead of practicing in your garage until the cops are called on you, you simply turn the volume down and continue your 6th playthrough of Enter Sandman.

So are band games really that pitiful? I think it depends on how you look at them. If you go in wanting to have fun and play a game, then I don't think it's sad at all. After all, these are still video games we are talking about, and because they are entertaining they should still be regarded as such. So it is not sad to pop in a copy of Rock Band 2 and play along with three of your friends.

But, at the same time, I think that my Dad made a nice point: band games shouldn't really be used for living out your dream of starting a band. Beating Guitar Hero on Expert will not help you learn face melting solos on the real guitar. And just because you can pass the vocals part of Dani California in Rock Band doesn't mean that you are a good singer.

I guess the main purpose of this post is to bring up a new perspective on these virtual band games. I'm sure that my dad isn't alone in his beliefs that these games are made for depressing teenagers who are living out their dream of starting a band in this virtual realm. But personally, I don't think that this genre is pitiful in any way. At the end of the day it's just a different way to approach gaming, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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Blackfalcon blogged
Nov 27, 08 11:43pm

So, I have managed to start a team for the Neolympic Games, and I'm very proud of it. Hopefully we'll all have great fun, and I'm looking forward to meeting new people.

Our Team has been named Team Caption, in honour of the Ratchet & Clank Caption Thread that most of us have participated in at one time or another (Linkin Park Fan and Kamikaze haven't). Some of us still post there (I run it!) and it's a great laugh.

Our team so far consists of Myself, Whitefalcon, Sapphire Dragon, ButchSmudge31, SpaceWalker, GLaDOS portal, Linkin Park Fan and Kamikaze.

I'm glad the Blogs have been released, as it's perfect to document our team's progress in the Neolympic Games. I will be sending our application tomorrow, and then the fun will really begin! Wish us luck!

neoseeker related neolympic games team caption
Ripulse blogged
Nov 28, 08 4:43am

Before I start, I'd like to make a shoutout.

To 2008.

2008, you have been and always will be awesome. You've given us many great things, like the Olympic Games, the Neolympic Games, great shows, movies, games and music, funny news, the 2008 U.S. presidential election, and more. Yes, you have given us some bad things, like the terror attacks in Mumbai, kidnappings, murders, and continuing The Secret Show. But remember, all years have their share of bad events.

Yes, I am looking forward to 2009. Even though you were awesome, 2008, you are still an old man compared to 2009, a fetus. It's not that I hate old men, but fetuses are much more gentle. I admit that I cannot wait for what this fetus has to offer -- the good things, that is.

Mostly, however, I thank you for giving me this: two days of happiness in a row. Thank you for placing Thanksgiving right before my birthday. I am so very happy now. Yes, it is two days of happiness. And it starts right now.

To 2008. Cheers.

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Chiggins blogged
Nov 27, 08 8:11pm

Well today is the American Thanksgiving, or what I like to call Obese Day. I'm looking forward to getting so fat my friends at school wont be able to recognize me. I LOVE turkey and rolls, although I'm not a fan of other Thanksgiving foods. Whats really interesting this year for me are the experiences for two of my closest friends. They are foreign exchange students, one from Germany, another from Norway. Today is their first Thanksgiving, and they are really excited for it. I've been telling them both that when I see them next they better be 9483 pounds heavier than I last saw them.

For me, I'm just going over to some of my family's house. Nothing special really, same thing happens every year. But for my foreign friends, this is their first, and very possibly, their last Thanksgiving.

Well, there is my Thanksgiving thoughts. So, happy Obese Day!

thanksgiving obese november america other
dynamic blogged
Nov 27, 08 7:42pm

... Right, the intentions of this blog have changed! I cannot be bothered to 'enthrall' the many readers I'm sure I was going to attract with mundane stories that really are "you had to be there" moments and shall instead transform this into a page for any musings that happen to strike me during log-on time on Neo! Wonderful, spur of the moment, nonsensical rubbish. Stuff only the English can do properly.

So, I hope to give anybody that reads this a small insight into the cluttered slum that is my head and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it. :)

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