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Jan 30, 16 6:08am

"When you die, that does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.”

So, live. LIVE! Fight like hell! And when you get too tired to fight then lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you."
Team Hydro Aura blogged
Jan 27, 16 9:09am

Around mid-March of 2014, I stopped feeling.

I didn't smile, I didn't laugh, I didn't cry(now that, there, was the shock to me). There was just... Nothing. Looking back now, it's horrifying; how could I have reached a point where my emotional well had run so dry as to produce nothing, not even a twitch or a smirk? NOTHING?

For years before that point, I'd been depressed. I didn't know it. I thought I ate so little because I did so little, and I figured I did so little because I was an introvert, and, well, I'm sure everyone is sad sometimes. I'm sure it takes everyone hours to fall asleep because they can't stop thinking about their failures or their worthlessness or whathaveyou.

A thyroid problem, the doctor told me. Still don't know if he's quite right, I suppose. (My mother was grasping at straws, so she took that one up in a heartbeat.)

So when it came to feeling nothing, I used the reason I had left to figure out how I had gotten there. Now, there must be a limit to emotion, doesn't there? Therefore, if I have cried myself to sleep for so many nights as I can remember and been smothered by disappointment of my own making, they must be all gone. (The smiles, of course, had been faked for quite a while. An art I have perfected. There were a few genuine ones here and there but they were hard to tell apart near the end if I'm being honest.)

The nothingness went on for about three weeks, in which I did not contact anyone. The reason for this was that I figured they would ask if anything was wrong and I didn't have it in me to lie anymore, and God damn me to hell if I were to be honest. I lied to myself more than anyone, every day and every night, so that would shatter the whole thing.

& What I lied about was that I mattered when I didn't have any proof to show for it. I did, though, but unfortunately a diseased mind doesn't let the light in. So, to think yourself a burden is a simple thought process that relies on external worth: I'm a failure, all of these people are spending time and money on me yet I can't do anything right, and in Psych I learned about depression and I had to hide my shaking hand because they all fit me, and why would I be depressed when I have so many great things, that's just being selfish and inconsiderate and think of all those who have less and-
Et cetera et cetera et cetera, day in and day out. Of course that's just one of the many(and I didn't chase it all the way to the end here).

So, lying, lying makes everything better. AS WE ALL KNOW.

The end of the nothingness occurred on Mother's Day, 2014. Everyone had to go to church, and I had to go to Driver's Ed, which I took for several hours during Saturdays and Sundays at the time. I couldn't miss church as I usually did because then I would miss a Driver's Ed session.

A little sidetrack here: I didn't like going to church at that time because of the people. God's my bud, my bro, but those people drove me crazy. In a small church, you become a part of a small community, and they talk to you and recognize you but it's an arm's length relationship. They ask how are you, but they're not REALLY asking how are you, ya feel me? It's just a common courtesy in our culture and nothing more. But, still, it's pretty much all you get when it comes to the arm's length relationship.

And the arm's length relationship was how I felt about every single one of my relationships. Nothing truly deep and meaningful, just fluff, courtesies, nothing that really MEANS something. (And, really, I was too afraid to talk about the meaningful things - especially in relation to myself - for fear of it being brushed over. That's because I was extraordinarily afraid of it being ignored or brushed over. That I didn't believe I could recover from. I did, I have.) But I couldn't fake that kind of stuff in church because you just can't lie about everything so blatantly in the Big Man's House. It's easy everywhere else, but I couldn't do it there.

I had to go to church with my family, but I stayed in the car while they went in. Halfway through, my dad came out and said, "I'm going to give you a choice. Go inside or don't." I didn't. He started driving. He told me I was dead to him and no longer a part of the family. After this Driver's Ed, I'd have to stay with my grandparents or whatever, he didn't care.

During that car ride I thought about jumping out. Even opened the door at one point. I mean, I didn't care, either. That there was the closest I came to anything even remotely like suicide, I'm glad to say.

I didn't. I was dropped off some 40 minutes away in a run-down parking lot. I sat down and read Stephen King short stories while families in their fine Mother's Day clothes entered and exited the diner beside me. I didn't think. I didn't let myself think.

About an hour later, someone ran up to me and spilled tears on my clothes. Dear Old Mom, worried sick, taking me into her arms. I think for a second she really cares-

"He's going to divorce me, he's going to do it, he'll leave me and it'll be your fault. You have to change, you have to or you'll tear the family apart."

Okay nevermind I was right I'm a selfish person and no one should care about me and-

Stephen King, there's a farmer reading in his farmhouse, and my family has gone inside to eat. Before they left, Mom told me she'll come back to pick me up, and I'd better be ready to make some changes.

Weekend Driver's Ed on Sundays is four hours. I went four hours without even the slightest hint that anything may be wrong. I told you guys: master of smile faking!

Now, I cannot say I did not hope someone would ask. I always hoped someone would ask, even if I was hiding it. Counterintuitive and very illogical, yes, but that's what you end up with when you've got diseased thinking, no?

(Also props to Stephen King for Full Dark, No Stars, a very depressing short story collection about the dark realities of human nature. It was just what I needed - no sarcasm.)

The four hours ended and I got into the car. I knew I had to say it. I had to do it, I had to. I was backed into a corner.

I had to be honest.

It takes about an hour and a half to get from there back to my house. That ride, I was silent until about the :50 minute mark. Even after everything, that fear still weighed on me: "she'll just say I'm making excuses, what if it IS just an excuse? I don't know if I really am, and there's no way anyone would believe me, they see me smile and laugh all the time, who would believe that?" (Some already hadn't)

But I would be losing everything if I didn't face my worst fear. God works in mysterious ways, as they say. One side won out in the ceaseless inner argument:

"I am depressed."

And absolutely everything flipped from that moment on.

She not only believed me, she cried because she thought herself a failure for not recognizing it sooner. Everything suddenly made sense to her(this part confused me then, because all of the wrong things seemed normal, but makes complete sense now). I found I was able to talk about many of the problems and fears I'd been having, and I found I was able to cry again.

Cry in relief. Not in hopelessness, not in sadness, not in disappointment. So I guess I did have a feeling left!

I received not only understanding but also overwhelming support from both of my parents. I never would have even dreamed of that happening, of anyone going out of their way to find ways I might better myself. (She still reminds me: make sure you get sunshine, it'll keep you happier!)

I started to eat better, and everything stopped feeling so darn cold all the time. I didn't get as many headaches. I still wasn't quite there, though. I was climbing up, but the blue sky was as small as a pinpoint in the darkness.

Then there was Forward Conference. At the end of each June, a big church around me throws a Christian conference for teenagers in the Gwinnett Arena. My heart wasn't all in it until the last day.

The speaker for that day, Reggie Dabbs, well, I can't say he didn't warn us. "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Yeah!" the crowd screamed.

"Okay. I'm going to list the top 7 afflictions teens face, and if it affects you, stand up."

We shouldn't have said yeah. We SHOULD NOT have said yeah.

My heart rate at that moment could not have been calculated by any scale in existence. They'd just break from being overloaded. I knew he was going to say it, I just KNEW it. And I would have to stand. In front of 16k people.

The first one he said was anger. A guy in front of us stood, we placed hands on him and all shouted a chant matching that of the World Cup - "I believe that we will win" but "I believe in Jesus Christ."

We sit down again. He goes on to the second.


I stand up without hesitation. I look no where but up. I can feel my tears but they don't matter, nothing else matters. It was something I needed to do. To really, truly accept it.

And, you know, my best friend stood beside me. We linked arms, too.

It was time for us to sit down. Reggie said anger again... And more than before stood up. He said depression again. I stood, and more around me did as well.

He said depression a third time. Three girls in front of us stood for the first time. These three had given me the stink eye during the earlier parts of the service(I am the type to holler at concerts when I get excited). The first time I stood, they placed hands on me. They looked somewhat uncomfortable. The second time, I could see them crying. The third time, they stood themselves. I stopped and placed my hands on them that time.

In a very big sense, I learned two lessons more valuable than time itself:
1. Only by accepting your failure/flaws/etc. can you help others to avoid them(or at least relieve the burden, if only a little bit)
2. I have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

That second one hit me that night. Once it did, I cried tears of joy. I always thought those were a myth. It's easy to believe something so great doesn't exist, especially when they're so hard to reach.

Now all of this is nothing I am ashamed of. I'll share it with anyone. In fact, I suggest you share it, and especially share if you think it will help someone you know. Share in anywhere and everywhere, on the book of faces or the tweetster or the spinster or whatever the kids are doing nowadays. And if you want to talk to me about it - or about ANYTHING - hit me up. Really, please do. I'm honest now, and I'll do anything I can to help you.

Because that moment was my miracle. I've been great since then. Sure, depression is a thing that never wholly goes away, but it's a skirmish I know I'll never lose. Never.

At this point you may be saying: "okay, but why didn't you COME BACK after that?"

Well, I may believe that I have nothing to fear, but that does not make me brave. And it would take bravery to face everyone again, and this place again, because I'm different now. I still wasn't sure new me could explain old me's actions. I still hadn't really worked them out for myself. I mean, talk about selfishness... Old me had a piece and a half of it to give everyone. So I also want to say I'm sorry. For being a POS liar, manipulator, gossiper, what else. For throwing away responsibilities I had - even hiding from them. Most of all, though, I'm sorry for keeping the truth from the folks I should have trusted all along.

So there it all is laid out bare. Feel free to ask anything and, as always, I love you all. <3

- Olivia/THA/Whateveryouwannacallme
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Jan 27, 16 7:34am

I've officially branched out into the Gaming Lounge. It is a pretty cool place that sorta reminds me of the PokeLounge, except less specific on Pokemon.

Every time I try to link on this blog I get some dumb error that won't go away and then eventually refreshes the page so I lose everything I typed. I'm gonna do all links when I'm done typing. I'm pretty sure it is this PC's fault. It also won't upload any pictures here by file. It only works by URL. Again, that's the PC's fault.

Lately, I've been thinking about asking the graphics people here to make me a cool avatar. It would probably be Captain Falcon themed, but less Smash Bros. The only reason I haven't asked is because I don't have a lot of specifics I'd like to see. I could say "Could you make me a Captain Falcon avatar?" and then nothing else. The current avatar I have now works just as well for that request. I won't bother them. They are probably busy with things.

I've been trying to keep my promises here by posting a lot. I absolutely haven't kept my promise of two posts a day. Instead, I've posted maybe once one day, and then like six times another. I think as long as I'm keeping active that I'm doing fine.

The truth is, I hate the pink icons. I want to hurry up and be able to unlock the cool green ones.

My oldest blog posts here were far too personal. No one really cares about me personally. Then again, no one really cares about my site life either, but I blog here for fun.

No new friends just yet. We'll see. Old friend Mr Charmed One has been coming on a lot lately. It is good to see him again. The old Harvest Moon forum saw itself get on the Neoseeker Featured bar thing at the top of the webpage since we were having a chat there.

Maybe instead of an avatar, I'll ask for a signature. That might bode well since I don't have one right now.

If any graphics people were reading this or any of my Neoblog posts, they could totally make an awesome signature off my Neolife. Alas, it probably wouldn't look nearly as cool as I'd think it would. Oh well.

I'll check in another time. My past hasn't really inspired me on any stories. It's been all about the future these days.
haalyle blogged
Jan 26, 16 11:27pm

Hi, I don't usually do things like these, but I really, really needed to let this out after some frustration I'm currently having at the moment. Now, from what I know, this is going to be long, so I'll put little pin-points at the end of it in case you don't want to read.

So, pre-2010, I wasn't into any real franchise. I enjoyed games for what they were and took no care in their fandoms, until 2010 when I started playing Resident Evil 4. I decided to find more information about it and eventually went back and played the other games as well as the ones after it and then I finally found out about it's fandom. Resident Evil's fandom isn't actually that bad. Of course, there are disagreements like everywhere else, but taken away from that, I got on with quite a lot of people and really, really enjoyed my four years of being in the franchise and its fandom.

Then my interests changed in 2014/2015, where I got 'bored' with Resident Evil, as most of my friends got New Gen consoles and I was basically left alone. That when I found the Sonic franchise (thanks to Roger Craig Smith actually) and learnt about it. I enjoyed the Sonic games (except for Unleashed and Black Knight, but we won't go into that) and I really, really loved the music. However, coming into 2016 (the year for Sonic's 25th anniversary), I realized how far away I was from its fandom. I couldn't relate to it. I hadn't grown up with Sonic or even Mario for that matter. I just... didn't care for his 25th anniversary as much as everyone else did. And so, I've just basically ignored all the rumors and such and felt heaps distant from everyone else. I also found out that it was hard to get along with a lot of people. All there was were debates. 'How to make the games better' and 'why these characters sucked' and I just didn't care! It made me grow out of the franchise... I just, didn't want to play Sonic games anymore (but the music I still listen to). And now I'm feeling empty. I don't know what franchise I want to get into (although, from watching SGB's Sly Cooper Playthroughs, I'm really growing towards Sly Cooper at the moment) and I just feel like I don't know who I am anymore. I used to know who I was when I was into Resident Evil, I used to somewhat know who I was when I was into Sonic and I now... I just don't know.

From my experience, fandoms can pretty much ruin games you play, if the fandom isn't very good. Sonic doesn't have a good fandom, end of story. Resident Evil is meh, but I'd say it's better than Sonic.

I'm just sad that wanting to get to know people that have similar interests with you can often make you dislike that interest. No gonna lie, I know heaps of great people from the Sonic franchise... (most of them being the ones who read my fanfictions), but I just wish we could not always look at the negatives.

Welp, I'm gonna go play some games in which I could care less about the fandoms and keep it that way. See you around.
C Falcon blogged
Jan 22, 16 8:56am

I've been tweaking my profile here a bit. I didn't realize I had the friends option set to private so I fixed that.

That's what I've been thinking about lately.

The PokeLongue has this time capsule thing that they've been doing for a while where you post a bunch of small info about yourself and then when they re-open it you check what you wrote before and update it. I've just contributed to it myself. It asked who my best Neofriends were and I instantly thought "well, none of them are here any more so I don't know." Then, Chiptune informed me that not all of my friends were gone.

That's a really good point. I tend to get lost in the past a lot. I'm falling in that Gatsby idea of trying to repeat the past. It is true.

I think part of me returns here each day hoping my old friends would come back and we'd all have a good time talking about Gorillas and Pitchforks again in the Harvest Moon forum. That's a pretty anti-progressive way of thinking for me. I mean, we get a small conversation now and again there, but it will never be like it was. Those times are gone.

Is that really a bad thing? I was a twerp then. I am still a twerp, but a older, wiser, and most importantly less obnoxious.

It is nice of me hoping that my old friends come back to say hello, but I can't let that limit me. No. I have new friends now in Chiptune and Chimaira. These guys are cool. This is here and now and I'd say they are my best Neofriends at the moment.

Sometimes I let my sentiment get the best of me, but this time I won't let it happen. I've been having a good time in the PokeLounge and Classic Gaming forums. I've just started branching off into the General Pokemon and Gaming Lounge. I can't be limiting myself to being a ghost of a forum where it gets activity once every 6 months.

I'm doing better I think. I've been wanting to contribute a lot. I'm probably going to add a game's profile again this weekend as well as a review like I did with Euro Truck 2. I edited a Wiki yesterday.

Also, I want to make new friends. There's a few people on here that I'd like to get to know better. I'm not entirely sure how one sided that is, but in time it might happen. I shall see.

In any case, these Neoblogs will be here. Chimaira is right about there not being a ton of other people doing things like this. I don't know if it is a lack of interest or few of being too personal or maybe both. I've always been into blogging, so there's that.

Well, hopefully Neoblog 12 will be pretty rad. Maybe I'll have more updates for you, if you actually read this.

One last note! I've thought about going back into the creative direction, despite me being a horrible creative writer. I had a story once in the creative writing forum, but I requested it to be closed. Pokemon has a creative forum. Maybe I can do a role-play of a playthrough of Crystal version or something.

lt;Insert Awesomesauce banner here?> Hey guys, due to popular demand demonstrated in our Requests, Feedback and Suggestio

VeGiTAX2 blogged
Jan 21, 16 9:09am

Backstory time! Latest Far Cry Primal trailer dives into the world and life around the games hero. See the life and times surrounding Takkar

C Falcon blogged
Jan 19, 16 8:48am

Last Neoblog I was talking about a Section Mod who influenced me. I want to sort of elaborate on that, but first I want to set some background.

This Section Mod was for all GameCube forums, I believe. If he wasn't then it was a combination of sections like Sports Games and Adventure Games. I can't be sure and going to his profile doesn't really show me his moderating history. It might, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Right now, I've been seeing a lot of those Hurt and Heal games popping up in different forums. They are nice and all. I used to be big on playing in them. I'd join in on forums where I didn't even know the game just to play. Maybe that was my problem.

Anyhow, I recall one GameCube game's forum that had lost most of its activity except the one Hurt and Heal. We were getting close to the end when this section mod came in and closed it. He told us that he couldn't believe we kept it going for that long in a dead forum and that we (the participants) were lucky not to get a small ban for spamming.

I then came to find that this section mod didn't really like Hurt and Heals in general because he thought they were too spammy. His view might be a bit extreme, but I have to admit he is right. We were wrong to keep the one Hurt and Heal going in the dead forum. It was going on and on too. Back then, I was mad that he closed it for good, but I've come to understand now.

I guess I kind of took his view on Hurt and Heals. I understand they are kind of spammy, but I'm not on the extreme side where I condone people that play them. The section mod didn't condone us. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I find Hurt and Heals kinda spammy, but I'm not against them. Personally, I will never participate in one again. It is a sort of act of penance. I know I don't need to go that far, but it is how I am.

That section mod taught me a lot. I'll probably write more about him at another time.

Non-Neoseeker related thought:

I recently drove half way across the United States. The trip was pretty good, but way too long for my liking. There's only so much highway one can look at before losing his or her mind.
Raziel2465 blogged
Jan 18, 16 4:51am

So I bought parasite eve only because I had some money left on my PSN account. I'm starting to wish that I bought it sooner. To me its a wonderfully crafted game so far. Especially the story. The game play seems solid so far. To me, its shaping up to be one of the best ps1 games I've ever played.
C Falcon blogged
Jan 14, 16 11:12am

I'm going to be busy this weekend, so I'm going to write a little something right now.

First off, I've said it everywhere but here but I'm very happy to see Chimaira is the new mod for the Classic Gaming Forum. He really deserves it for is efforts in reviving it. It will only go up from here. Speaking of the Classic Gaming Forum, I'm really liking our Game of the Week posts. Next up is Rainbow Dash AX.

I was reading a post in Loungin' on threads created there. I really thought I didn't create any, but apparently I made 4. I went to take a look at them and saw they were a bunch of help posts. I guess young me didn't realize there was a help fourm. Why would I pick Loungin' to ask about help. Anyhow, I don't wanna share them because they are really lame questions on topics like "how do I increase my post count" and "where's my signature?" Dear me.

Loungin' is looking for a new mod too. I should congratulate Avalith on his promotion, but I don't really know him that well. Regardless, if he sees this then I wish him well.

Back in my second wave of activity, I wanted to be a mod of Harvest Moon. I never got that chance, and frankly I didn't deserve it. I was young and pretty immature with my posting. I would, well, sorta spam, the section mod at the time on what I needed to do to become the mod there, but he would always say the same thing. He'd tell me that there wasn't enough activity to have a mod in that specific forum and that the section mod was enough. At the time I sorta had a grudge because of that, but I've learned from it.

I want to thank that mod and apologize for being a snot. He's really inspired me on what kind of person I've become so far. I know that sounds like a hyperbole, but he really has. I may have vilified him when I was younger, but he really is an influential member to me. I don't think he's still around, let alone a section mod though.

Anyway, I'm doing some important real-life stuff this weekend. I'll be back to regular activity next week. I'll be checking in on my phone a lot, so send me stuff.
VeGiTAX2 blogged
Jan 13, 16 6:35pm

Fun read: Gunnar vs NoScope NC Decision -

"There are no facts here that indicate Mad Panda's declaratory judgment filing had any
bad faith intent. First, there were no ongoing good faith negotiations. Gunnar's demands for
settlement were unreasonable and coercive, unlike the precedent on which Gunnar relies, where
there was a good faith effort to negotiate. Gunnar's laundry list of demands and threats regarding
past and potential future litigation falls far short of a good faith attempt at negotiation."

Adam3k3 blogged
Jan 12, 16 7:19pm

Everyone and their mothers predicted the death of PC gaming the moment windows 95 was out to the public followed by the PS1 and Nintendo 64. Then came the PS2 era and everyone claimed that PC gaming is done. Fast forward five years later and Xbox 360 and PS3 were available to purchase. This time PC gaming had what’s coming for it for sure. Strangely enough, it’s 2016 as well as the second year for Xbox One and PS4 and yet PC gaming is still here, stronger than ever. What’s going on folks?

Reason #1

It is no longer a niche platform! When you thought of PC gaming in the 90s, first person shooters, real time strategy and online RPGs were the first things that came up. Not anymore. PC gaming today host all kind of different styles and games. From Mortal Kombat X to Resident Evil saga. The gap between PC gaming and consoles in terms of an available type of games is now closed. No longer is the PC a master of a few type of games. You can find anything made in recent days on the PC which brings us to reason number 2.

Reason #2

Less reasons to own a console. Owning a console back in the PS1 era was a must. Where else would you have found gems like Crash, Grand Turismo and Castlevania Symphony of the Night? Sure, many games got ported to PC such as croc and final fantasy as well as Mortal Kombat Trilogy but the majority of home versions such as Xmen vs Street Fighter were only available on consoles. New days, everything comes to PC as more and more developers started coming out realizing you can make a profit selling games on PC and even start developing on it when you’re new.

Not to mention you can use any kind of controller o the PC as well as the mouse and keyboard. I personally prefer to use the Xbox 360 pad but you can use PS4 one if you like. The choice is unlimited. So what was the reason to own a console again? The exclusives you say? Well, I hate to break it to you but console exclusives are dying faster than college girls morality. Sorry, but as a consoles owner myself, I hardly touch them due to no real exclusive games to play apart from a very selected few which are great games, just not many.

Reason #3

PC versions are mostly better. If you still don’t know why PC versions are better then you need to come out of the rock your living under and do some research. PC version gives you control on how your game looks and feel. Want the sharpest, best image setting possible? No problem. I used to care about graphics setting everything on high and ultra until I got to play a game in the glorious 60 frames per second. Now I tend to set my settings on med-high as long as the frames are above 50. It’s just better.

Moving on to another important factor which is the price, you can get good deals online almost daily. I managed to get Batman Arkham Origins for about $20 day one. Beat that. Plus Steam sales as well as Origins and are hard to ignore. Plus you get to play old retro games on your current PC with the little help of tweaks and add-ons as well as an awesome community. Playing your favorite game which you got cheap on the highest smoothest settings using your favorite controller, whats not to like?

And let’s not forget about the modding community. Google Fake Factory Half-Life 2 mod and prepare to be convinced. Adding free stuff to a game you already own for free is something console developers hate because they get to release the same stuff as a paid product. Paying for gun skins? Aint nobody got time for that!

Image Credit:

Reason #4

Many options. Want your games digital with fast delivery and best prices? Go with Steam. Want DRM free version? Go with Want physical copies? No problem. Changing the hardware is also cheaper than you might think. My brother got a used GTX 650 and is playing everything on high with no problem. My GTX 750 is rocking, even more, frame rates and that’s dirt cheap. All you need is a cheap graphics card and some ram. Almost any PC can run PC games provided you set the right settings. Stuck on something? Google or Youtube it and your done.

. . . . .

Yes, consoles are still popular and are not going away anytime soon. The exclusive games are mostly worth it and if all your friends game on consoles then its the only way to go. Gone are the days though when you can just put the cd in and start the game. The new era of consoles brought new problems like hard disk space and long updates and installations making it no different than your average PC game.

Yes, console gaming is still relevant and the only way to go for many gamers but if you’re serious about your hobby or want to save money in a long run then, at least, consider PC gaming. Trust me, there are hundreds of amazing games you never heard of due to lack of advertising and most of your favorite console franchise started out on PC like Call of duty.
C Falcon blogged
Jan 9, 16 11:07pm

I've been thinking about these Neoblogs and making them a weekly thing. I don't want to hold myself to it because I would hate to force myself to write something. Neoseeker isn't really a bloggy website either.

Anyway, I was really active earlier this week. As the week drove forward, I got really busy with work and I couldn't fully engage myself with the community.

I'm fairly proud of my contributions. I added a page-thing for Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well as a review and a bunch of screenshots. It might not be like much to someone else here, but I'm happy to contribute. I would like to contribute more later. I just have to think about what I'd like to contribute. I can post screenshots easily for games on Steam that I have. I would rather write something maybe. We'll see.

The Classic Gaming forum is moving along well. My new friend, Chimaira, posted his classic game of the week. I never played Tomb Raider to a full extent. I played what the PC version allowed me to before crashing. I already have an idea for my game of the week in the future. I'm looking at February-March time. I'll be sure to link it on my profile when it happens, if you're reading this now and have any interest in anything I do. You might if you are actually reading this.

I was really thinking about writing something on my past for my next Neoblog. I will save my main idea for the next one, but I still wish to mention my old friends here. I see some are still around, but I haven't sent them a howdy hey. I don't think I will either. It isn't like I don't wanna see them again. It just doesn't feel like an appropriate place for me to go and post. I have nothing relevant to contribute in whichever forum they frequent now.

Well, there's that. No major holidays to wish any readers well on at the moment. I guess I'll just wish you well in general then.
ChibiLion blogged
Jan 3, 16 5:11pm

Just to let everyone know, the Leafeon icon credits go to Kattling!
❥Katt's Deviantart:

The Leafeon background credits go to Kitsooki!
❥Kits' Deviantart:

I just thought they were both cute and I pretty much love Leafeon so, yeah ;^; But, they have tons of other awesome Pokemon artwork too! Try to check them both out if you can! ✿
C Falcon blogged
Jan 2, 16 3:57pm

Seven of these already? Still no good name. Oh well. Might as well keep it "Neoblog" at this point.

2016 has just started and already I'm making a big move in my life. That's more personal so that doesn't go here since the theme of my Neoblogs are how I'm feeling about the site.

In my observation, Neoseeker is relatively close knit. When I first started here, I'm just going to assume there were a lot more users active. Today, maybe there's less. I can't say for sure because I don't have any concrete stats.

Anyway, despite what feels like fewer members online, I really feel a sense of unity. It is nice to see and probably one of the reasons I keep coming on here every day.

I wish I had more interest in things so I can actually chat with said users about whatever it is that's popular.

Regardless, I'm well on my way of whatever I wanted to do for 2016. I've been posting wherever I can.

The past on here really doesn't hold any more relevance to me anymore. Those users are gone and more than likely aren't coming back. Returning here because of them may have been one of my main reasons for returning, but I'm staying for the new people I've come to meet. I guess I can call this a second revival for this account.

Whatever it is, it is a pleasure to meet you.
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