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Sep 28, 16 7:35am

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Sep 27, 16 3:01pm

Nanuqsaurus -- it's name means "polar bear lizard".
In life, Nanuqsaurus lived in what would eventually become known as Alaska, and just like Alaska today the climate was cold.

And that's what made Nanuqsaurus so unique. It was a tyrannosaur that lived in the far north, and due to living in the colder climates, Nanuqsaurus was only a fraction the size of it's cousin; Tyrannosaurus rex.
Nanuqsaurus may have also been covered in feathers for insulation, but there is no direct evidence to support this.
Another adaptation that Nanuqsaurus had to survive in the colder environments was a heightened sense of smell that may have been proportionally greater than Tyrannosaurus. This would allow Nanuqsaurus to smell prey and carrion from great distances (this would've been necessary since food would often be in short supply).

Nanuqsaurus was truly adapted to the polar conditions.
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Sep 22, 16 10:22am

It's been a while.

Truthfully, I have been in an odd place personally to be thinking about my Neoseeker life. In reality, my personal life kind of effected my Neoseeker life.

I've been thinking about what this site means to me lately and maybe I'm a bit too sentimental, but it really has made an impact on me as a person. I've connected with a ton of different people here, some who are from different countries. I've made friends, but in two different senses.

In the old days, I would constantly talk to my friends outside of the site. Those days have passed, but they have made good memories. These days, I have come to this interesting way of making friends where I see people in different forums. I mean, the population here might be down, but that doesn't stop the community from being more close-knit.

Anyway, I kind of had a psychotic break or mental break, whatever you wanna call it, a few months ago. I felt hostility where there wasn't any. I felt pressure where there wasn't any. I vastly overestimated how my real life situation was going to be. Was I over dramatic? Maybe, but it felt real to me at the time.

I think I'm better now. I am at the similar point when the Classic Gaming forum's revival first began. I want to be as active as possible. I think the best way to keep me sane is to run a forum game, like Concentration right now. I'm also involving myself in sword_of_omens's RPG. I've having a good time in that so far.

Looking back at me being a co-mod in Classic Gaming. I think I might have done a good job if I didn't have a mental break. I was creating decent threads there. The regular visitors and posters thought I was okay and maybe wish to see me back one day. Maybe one day when I'm less of a lunatic I will go back to that post. You might as well call me Pelagius Septium III. That might be a decent name change if I ever decided to get one here.

I'd get into my mental state, but that's too personal for a Neoblog. I'd probably attack that in my real blog.

Anyway, that's the past. I shouldn't get too hung up on it. I'm a posting fiend currently. I'm loving my activity because it is a reflection on how much I like this site.

Until next time!
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Sep 22, 16 10:32am

I think that I must be obsessed with supernatural mangas. If they have ghosts, I'm down with the drama. Bleach, and all the other ones that people know. But the one I like the most is Shaman King by Hiroyuki Takei. If you want to know, he created the characters that are on my signatures and my background and my profile image. He's good...
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Sep 20, 16 3:32pm

Therizinosaurs -- "reaping lizards" are potentially the most bizarre of all dinosaurs.
They look like a cross between a half plucked turkey and a pot-bellied bear. However, despite the goofy appearance, that's not what is so puzzling...
What is so puzzling is their diets! These animals were strict herbivores (omnivores at the very best). But that's not all!
Thanks to the discovery of the primitive therizinosaur: Falcarius utahensis, it is quite obvious that the therizinosaurs branched off from the theropod dinosaurs (carnivorous dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor).
Simply put: therizinosaurs were once stream-lined predators, until they evolved into docile plant eaters!
But why? Perhaps the environment changed or to prevent competition with other carnivores could explain their drastic diet change.

So that opens up another question: Could modern predators such as lions, tigers, and wolves (given enough time and the correct circumstances) evolve to become docile herbivores like the therizinosaurs?
Anything is possible.
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Sep 13, 16 1:35pm

I see you online you better reply. Wow I have to type way more Thani expected. No need to rant for too long but eh. Stacey dash is my new celebrity crush she is soooo pretty but not a slur.
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Sep 13, 16 11:35am

I'm actually grounded at the moment, but you can enjoy the two videos on the offical Kam channel: CodnameKam: Like comment, subscribe!
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Sep 13, 16 10:12am

Spinosaurus gained worldwide fame thanks to the blockbuster film: Jurassic Park 3. But since Spinosaurus' discovery it has gone through alot of different reconstructions.
The most recent reconstruction was in 2014 by Ibrahim et al, and it shows Spinosaurus as a quadruped (for at least some of the time). Although not all paleontologists agree with this.

Whatever the case Spinosaurus had a crocodile-like snout, powerful forearms, and straight teeth.
It lived in North Africa about 90mya (a time when that region consisted of large river systems). Spinosaurus and others of its kind were extremely specialized as semi-aquatic hunters.
However, this specialization turned out as a weakness... When the river systems permanently dried up in North Africa, Spinosaurus struggled. It was far too specialized and without its main prey source, Spinosaurus had to face competition with more general theropods (like Carcharodontosaurus). Spinosaurus simply could not keep up with their success and was eventually pushed into extinction.

(image shows a swimming Spinosaurus and Onchopristis (an 8 meter long sawfish that would've been a prey source for Spinosaurus)).
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Sep 13, 16 6:43am

My friend is a yaoi fan(I will not reveal the name). Yaoi is Boy Love. I don't like the genre but I'm fine with the subtle references. A manga called Ultimo(Written by Stan Lee and Hiroyuki Takei), has a guy who looks like a girl and is obsessed with the main male character(I'm not gonna get in details). She's obsessed.
Me: So if Yamato is-
My friend:Rune and Yamato!
Me: Have you been listening to me?
My friend: No, I changed the topic a while ago...
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Sep 7, 16 10:27pm

Lions and Tigers can open their jaws up to ~60°.
But due to Smilodon's long sabers, it had to adapt to where he can open his jaws up to an extraordinary 120°! This is completely necessary, otherwise his sabers would be too big for his own good.
However, this has drawbacks... Smilodon has sacrificed powerful jaw muscles for smaller and more flexible jaw muscles. Resulting in Smilodon having a bite force about 1/2 as strong as a modern lion (of the same size).
Smilodon had a bite force similar to that of a large dog...
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Sep 1, 16 6:39am

I don't know why but I feel like my theme song is Bohemian Rhapsody. The several different notes and stuff like that reflects my personality: Crazy
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Aug 31, 16 10:07am

For centuries, no one knew the precise color of these incredible animals.
But thanks to science and technology, scientists have managed to precisely determine the color of a couple dinosaurs thus far. One of these dinosaurs was Anchiornis huxleyi.
But how did we learn it's precise color?
Well, by performing in-depth analysis of some exceptionally well preserved fossils we see the microscopic imprints of melanosomes (organelles that house melanin). Melanin is a pigment that can be found almost anywhere in biological organisms. This pigment creates different colored hues in the composition of animals (skin, hair, fur, feathers etc...). And depending on the size and shape of these melanosomes we can determine color!
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Aug 27, 16 3:29am

Hi, hello friends from the olden days!! If anyone sees this at all anyway, I have no idea who is still active at all, because I'm not. COUGHS

I'm now working in Japan! Living in Japan has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I still have no idea what I actually want to do, so for now, the job I have will get me by until I figure out all that (I'm 24, by the way. 24 with no idea).

My boss is actually a friend I met on this site ages ago! We were both kids basically and grew up talking to each other since then. He doesn't believe we met on this site though lmao w/e anyway

That's what's going on for me. Life isn't really ~perfect~ though it's to be expected.

If an old friend would like to chat, drop me a line, though it might not be seen for a while possibly! There's also a high chance I won't remember EXACTLY who you are, but I do remember a lot of your usernames, so yeah!

(interests as of now are still FF and KH, and also Roosterteeth and anything from RT if you need an easy ice breaker)
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Aug 26, 16 5:36am

Hey guys! 75 here! I intend to be back for a few days. I just wanted to say along with MasterZX thank you for being a part of my childhood! I was a pre-adolescent kid and neo was one of my real 1st introductions to the internet. A lot has changed since then, but this place helped me to find my feet on this ever expanding and bizarre realm we call the internet.

(Also, do any of you remember Immortal Pokemon ? Well it is a fake account I made to mess with people, making them think it was my brother. Neoseeker staff if you see this message might want to delete the account. I also apologise to everyone I tricked into believing that was someone else, I was a kid and thought it was funny to mess with people. I don't remember the email or password so I can't delete or do anything to it myself. I hope I won't get in trouble with the staff for admitting this. Again I am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause the site and I promise not to do it again. I think it was the only other account I made, if there were any others I don't remember them.)

Part of me wants to delete most if not all I've posted on here as it doesn't represent my personality any more, but at the same time this stuff is too funny so I think I'll keep most of it on here for the sake of laughs!

Love you guys! Hope we get to catch up in the time that I'll be on here! If not, then I wish you very good luck with all your lives! May you find peace an fulfilment in whatever direction you may take in your life's jorneys! Dark Silver Kirby123 Snips Shawn Yasumara Harpie Lady The Champion Maniac Spaf289 Skittles
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