VeGiTAX2 blogged
Mar 1, 16 10:48am

Yesterday my review went up for the Corsair VOID Surround Headset, it's a universal unit designed for PC, Mobile and Console use and it aims itself at a value segment around $60.

It's a short piece and focused on the nitty gritty so people can get a quick read and general idea what's going on. Because I've tested audio products for so long I have a decent idea of how I want them to perform and I don't think I've shared that.

One of the key weaknesses in headphone design is the low frequency region, it's either a garbled mess that sounds like frequency response or the speaker driver is bottoming out creating really unappealing distortion instead of actual sounds. When you watch an action movie and your TV/Headset/Speakers go to turds you know the moment and cringe through it. Obviously that's not how the media was designed to perform and it's exceeding the spec of your gear in that moment.

To test that I use those same moments, deep frequencies for rumbling atmosphere from trains, cars and everything else. I also sweep through again testing the actual cycle response, usually around 30-35 at the bottom end and going to around 60hz because that's pretty much the sweet spot for most mainstream mediums. If the unit drops out before it hits near their claimed response range it's not a winner in my book, if you say you can do 20hz but it starts failing at 45hz there's going to be issues when people are really engaged in their experience later on.

Going beyond that I look at other elements pitched, the first being the microphone quality and how it handles direct feedback and ambient noise. How is the recording without using mastering? Are the vocals hollow / echoing? Is there any depth to the speaker, does it need an EQ master before it can get used in a video or is it something that could work for an 11th hour edit? Would it work well in streaming without passing it through a software EQ or hardware mixer?

When tackling items like DSP features it's complicated depending on the unit. Is it a stereo headset emulating surround or is it a multi-speaker solution? The results and behavior are actually wildly different as one of those assigns delay and other effects to the channel while the other can do those but assign them to multiple channels vs left or right. Because we're dealing with a product that rests on the ears the strength of those effects plays a crucial role especially in stereo headsets. When the DSP settings are too strong everyone comes off like they're locked in a steel container and everything drowns in post-processing, when they're too light it's easy to question if it's even working properly. Surround headsets with dedicated channels often skip this issue because there's not a case of 5.1/7.1 -> 2.0 -> emulated 5.1, these units can apply some emulation for the sound fields but it's generally not as severe even when converting stereo sound up, there's also a chance for better clarity because of dedicated low freqency, midrange and highs.

It's a tricky thing and even if it seems like it would be the case, few if any headsets perform the same. Earcup design, porting in the headphone casing and other factors settle in (open vs closed).

Anyway, I wanted to share that bit as I kept things shorter but there's much at work when going through a product like that.

Corsair is a name that stands tall in the PC gaming space, expanding their horizons from the days where they only made memory modules that everyone liked to brag about because of the slick heat shields and faster timings. Today the company also produ...

VictoryStar blogged
Feb 28, 16 7:30pm

I have decided. I'm going to do a blind Nuzlocke of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon on Youtube in the future. I've already made my account. I just need to prepare. Here is my channel for anyone who's interested:
Hammy blogged
Feb 25, 16 2:05am

I reserved a RAM stick, and the seller agreed, to which he proceeded to sell it to someone else the very next day just when I'm about to send the money.

People still wonder why I'm an angry person.
Captain blogged
Feb 24, 16 9:04am

Well, here's my first non-Neoblog post. That's because I want to talk about this thing that's been going around. In the Gaming Lounge, this post about character class had the members weigh in on which class they typically pick. I've seen the pyramid/triangle thing posted on other social media sites with other people talking about it. I'll go more in depth with this post.

In the Gaming Lounge, I said I prefer a warrior and rogue hybrid which is very true. I played this game where my class was called a "duelist" and I think it was one of my favourite classes I've played yet.

Typically, I'm just really good at aiming bows or crossbows, or any projectile weapon in a game. That would naturally make me in the more rogue category since archers are part of that family. The duelist I played as not only had a pistol, but a sabre as well. I thought of him as a French pirate who was skilled in fencing as well as shooting. I took out enemies from afar and when there were too many of them, I got to use the sabre.

This was just one game. Games like Skyrim, I've played both a archer/assassin type as well as a no fear warrior type. Both are fantastic. A nice shield bash is a beautiful thing and so is a well placed arrow.

Then it occurred to me that even games without the typical character class system makes me sorta play the rogue and warrior hybrid. Payday 2, I use a typical lightly armoured build with a shotgun. I'm quick like a rogue, but I go in for the close combat like a warrior.

It happens a lot I suppose.

I won't talk about magic because seeing as I don't care about magic, I don't have much to say. I don't even bring a mage on a crew/team typically.

Duelist is in that pyramid/triangle right between rogue and fighter. That's where I'd see myself.
haalyle blogged
Feb 23, 16 11:36pm

It's been a week since I've started my course and I'm really enjoying.

Although, first off, once I got the train and was on my way out, I was putting my card back in my bag when a lady comes up to me and asks if this was the right station. I just replied with a 'yeah', she thanked me and continued on. Then, after college, I was on my way back to the train station when I was stopped at the lights by another lady asking where the train station was. I suppose I look friendly or something. :laugh:

Anyway, here's an orange:

Now, of course, this isn't complete, but I'll say it looks pretty good... apart from not looking very orangey.

Not else much to say except: Detective Red.
Captain blogged
Feb 22, 16 9:07am

Back in my second bout of activity (which was my main time here), there was a trend with my Neofriends on writing in their profiles or Neohomes (heh) about what other users say about them. I have no idea why this was a big thing, but it was. I still see some of the older users having what users have said about them in their profile, but it doesn't seem nearly as popular now as it did then.

I even recall a thread in Loungin' where people would write what they thought about a few users. That was always open to a sort of disagreement like "What? No! I'm not a spammer!" or "No! You suck!" I think its closed now, but then again, I'm not sifting through the thousands of pages in Loungin' to find a thread that will only bring back bad memories.

This made me think of now, though. What if this was a thing still where people would write about what other users say? No. I'm not asking you to write it here. Frankly, I'm not sure I want to know. Not a lot of people here know me that well as I've only been really active for a few months now.

There's some users here that I feel like are the "that guy" if you know what I mean. You don't. That didn't make much sense. I'm saying like so-and-so user is the user that always references Zelda or so-and-so user is the guy that really likes cars. You get me now? When a topic comes up in say a general discussion, you would @ tag them so they can bring in more on the subject or bring them in because they might find something interesting. I've done it myself here.

I just can't help but wonder what "guy" I'd be one day if people ever get to know me better. Currently, I'm thinking I'm the guy that cares too much about his past. No matter.

Updates? Still don't know what happened to the FAQ. It is okay. American Truck Simulator is probably going to get updated again so my whole achievement guide is going to be outdated. That's really it. I've been a bad member lately. I haven't really been posting all that much and I'm drawing a blank on Neopoint earning. I don't really play a lot of games to review and I don't really see any games I can add to the site.
haalyle blogged
Feb 16, 16 11:42pm

As a few of you know, I've decided to go into a diploma of Game Development. And it's as I imagined it would be.

I had two different lessons today, being the first day for me. Introduction to 3D and Production. Introduction to 3D is basically as the title says. I'm using a software called 'Maya', which is used across various places such as animation. Production is about the Pre-Production part of doing concept art. The group I'm in are all doing Game Development, so the lecturer said this would be really good for us. (It was really hilarious when he got us to do some quick portrait sketches of the person sitting next to us. We only had 10 seconds for one sketch, that was so funny!)

Although I have to spend a lot of study time away from Neoseeker, I'll still always be here. And I feel like making these blogs some points of my progress throughout this course, just so you guys know what's up with my limited activity and such. I am looking heaps forward to this and seeing where it takes me!
Captain blogged
Feb 16, 16 9:32am

I've done some thinking about the last Neoblog. Regarding my FAQ thing, I don't think it went through. Iscariot said I should have a number there, which I have seen before, but it isn't there. I feel like it either is still being check, hasn't uploaded correctly, or was rejected. I'm thinking it just didn't upload correctly. I originally typed it in Word online and had to convert it to rich text, and there might have been an error in that. I don't really know, and I feel like I'm going to have to talk to a CRS person. Luckily, I know one.

I think Chimaira is right about me having to be more positive about what I'm contributing. I've been playing the heck out of American Truck simulator and taking all sorts of cool screenshots. I might edit the game's profile on here since the current one is a bit...lacking. I'm not trying to put it down. The current profile is just very short. The one I wrote about Euro Truck Simulator 2 was a lot longer.

I had some idea for the Neoblog. I originally converted this blog to be about my life on Neoseeker, but there isn't a whole lot to say really. I've been posting and that's really it. I could talk about my fear of becoming a moderator so I don't apply. That's not really that interesting. Instead, I was thinking of featuring some other ideas here. I don't wanna make this blog too personal because that's what my REAL blog is for so I wanted to do something else here. I'm trying to keep it video game related so I thought I'd do a sort of game reaction. I'd take a game that's on my mind or a game someone wants me to write about in the comments and just reflect on it. What do I mean by reflect? I mean if I played it, I would write about what I liked and didn't like and if I haven't what's keeping me away or what I think about it from an outsider perspective. It isn't really a review because I'm not trying to point out the flaws or positives of a game. I'm just going to write my reaction.

I thought about doing something like this in the creative writing forum, but that forum doesn't see a whole lot of activity and plus it isn't really that creative. I think the blogs here is more of a better place. I could do it in a different forum, kinda like uraniumoreo has his Neoseeker Sims, which is awesome by the way if you haven't read it.

What am I even saying? This may not even be a good idea. I'm still thinking about it.

In the meantime, I'll keep posting and thinking of good contributions. The Wiki is something I have been dabbling in, but not as seriously as Chiptune or Ciel Phantomhive.

Anyway, that's really it. Maybe people will start getting back into the Neoblogs. I've seen a few people in the last month posting things. That's pretty cool.
Captain blogged
Feb 12, 16 9:54am

I saw some of the turbulence on the site recently. I guess it was foolish of me to think everyone is happy with everything. This is a gathering of people. There is hardly a chance for utopia. Perhaps my expansion to places other than Harvest Moon has me see more views. I'm used to one or two posts every 6 months.

Regardless, I'll probably just carry on my obliviousness. People won't have an opinion of me if I have nothing important to say. I really don't have anything of importance or relevance to say anyway.

I think last Neoblog I was talking about American Truck Simulator and how the forum wasn't correct. It has been fixed now and I put up some screenshots of it. I wrote a FAQ/Achievement guide, but I think it is either still pending or rejected. Oh well.

I've made some new Neo-friends here. I was actually hoping to become friends with Iscariot as whatever he's posted is pretty cool and he has good taste in music.

I thought about my old friends here yesterday and how if they ever returned, which is highly unlikely, as to what I'd say to them. I mean, sure I'd be very happy and say things like "Oh it is so very good to see you again. How are you? We need to chat on some instant message thing." Sure. What else? They've changed, I'm sure. I'm probably forgotten in their book too so they don't care about me. Just as well too. When I was friends with these people, we had something in common. Now it has been years since we've talked last and I know nothing about them. I know some of my old friends from here that are still active have moved on to their new forums. I don't have any interest in those games/activities so there's no sense idle chit chat about the old times.

No, I am a new C Falcon and the past is the past. The new C Falcon talks in the Gaming Lounge and Classic Gaming. I mean, it isn't much, but it is something. The new C Falcon also wants to get Neopoints. I think I've at least doubled what I had in the past now.

Well, that's really it. I hope that in the next Neoblog I can say what happened to my FAQ/Walkthough thing. I'm guessing it was rejected. They don't have to tell me these things which is fine. Perhaps old buddy Chad/luigi009 would know. I don't feel like pestering him.
Kam blogged
Feb 12, 16 7:29am

On the day of Fire Emblem Fates, I will come home from school. I already checked the calendar. I have nothing except for school(BOO!). And I will not stop until I find that special edition. I will crush anyone who gets my way!!! PREPARE FOR THE FULL MIGHT OF KAM!!!!
Raziel2465 blogged
Feb 10, 16 9:13pm

I bought, played through, and beat Firewatch. i recommend it to any one who dos'nt mind of the "no enemies" game play. I had great fun playing through it, and I'm on my second playthrough right now.
Captain blogged
Feb 3, 16 9:42am

I haven't done of real noteworthy things lately other than write another review. It seems like it was fairly well-received since I've been getting notifications on people liking it. That makes me happy that I've contributed something of quality here.

This is a good site. I've been here since 2004 and it really is a part of me. I've made good friends here in the past. Memories of them still hold weight in my mind.

I feel like when I talk about the past here, it is more of a eulogy than anything. I really need to stop being so melancholy about what I did here and focus on the now. I can't really repeat the past C Falcon life, no. I don't really want to anyway.

I didn't ask for that avatar I mentioned in Neoblog 12. I'll wait a bit longer.

What I am trying to push is American Truck Simulator being linked correctly. I want to write a review about it and add screenshots for it soon. Maybe I'll contribute more to it later like adding wiki pages on it. I honestly don't know too much about the game since I got it yesterday, the day it was released.

I've been seeing more users are blogging now. That's always good. I like to read other people's blogs. I don't really know them and they absolutely don't know me, but I guess that's how we make friends here.

The Harvest Moon forum saw more activity. Mr Charmed One, now known as Anomaly came by and posted a lot last week. Maybe I should call out to other old friends of that forum, though I don't want to bother them.

Anyway, let's hope American Truck Simulator gets sorted out because I wanna contribute to the site. If it doesn't, then no big deal. I'll write about some other game.
JimmyKudo blogged
Feb 2, 16 6:51pm

So I've been away from Neo and the Pokemon Community for what seemed like forever (but was really only a little less than 3 months. The reason being I am trying to get back into my education and I am trying really hard. I plan to be more active on the forums posting or replying to posts at least everyday. However, as part of my plan to get back into my education and graduate, I've made the decision to limit my time on video games to 1 hr every weekday and 2 hrs each on Saturday and Sunday. As a result I will most likely not be active in the Trading Forum and will mostly stick to discussion forums. Anyways, I don't know if anyone will read this but I have returned...sort of.... Oh! Happy Groundhog Day!
Dragonmaiden blogged
Feb 2, 16 3:44pm

Oops, late! Heh! I meant to do it at 1PM, at first, and then I meant to do it at 2, and then of course I meant to do it at 3- or 3:30, for some time allowance since I hadn't done all the stuff I was gonna blog about. And then I had to talk on the phone some, and then fix my tea, and so now it's a 5:00 tea instead of early afternoon tea. Oh yeah, I forgot- as to the hints of yesterday, the 10/6 is a reference to the Mad Hatter's hat, because that's what the tag on it says. Because of the Mad Hatter and his tea, see?
And the picture of a mouth was because mouths often have words in them, like dictionaries do. =P
The other pictures are because of the Anime Reviews I'll be doing in the blog- the drawings of eyes, for seeing the anime, and the mouths, for reactions :happy: So without further ado...

Today's tea:Orange Pekoe & Pekoe Cut black tea, 3 sugars, served hot in a petite white teacup with pink tulip print around the rim; also served with deviled eggs (the good kind) and buttered toast. Not a very imaginative tea, but I was late anyhow, and it's my first day of blogging! >:I

From the first dictionary page of Funk & Wagnall's Standard Desk Dictionary**, with my version of their definition so as to avoid copyright stuff getting my blog banned,
Today's vocabbylary: Aardvark- A mammal of Africa. It burrows and eats ants. 土豚 ‎(hiragana: つちぶた, katakana: ツチブタ, romaji: tsuchibuta)

Aardwolf- An African mammal which resembles a hyena. (I couldn't find a Japanese translation! x{ )

Aaron- First Hebrew high priest, Moses' older brother. (None of the translations I found were the same. Whoops, sorry. :/ )

Anime Reviews
Today's episode of anime was... K-ON! Episode 1! I hadn't seen this one before, but I did like it pretty well after I finished it. Of course, it was just the first episode, so it's a bit early to tell, but for it's genre I like it! Also, I'd give it 6/10 so far! It's really hard to rate a first episode ._. It's actually difficult to rate anime at all, since there are so many different types ^^' But that's my rating for Episode 1 of K-ON!

**(Also from Wiktionary and such for the other)

So, that was my blog! Did you like it? Did you hate it? Would you rate it a perfect 5/7? :P That's a different joke, and it's not mine. Anyway, whatever. Back tomorrow, hopefully at an earlier time than 6 PM! Maybe at about 1? I'll really try this time! Honestly!
Dragonmaiden blogged
Feb 1, 16 6:05pm

Whoopsie! I overslept today, so I won't be blogging 'til tomorrow. But that means you guys get a some fun sneak peeks! ^-~ And it is they are... *drumroll* : 10/6, Sneak_peek_A , Sneak_peek_B , Sneak_peek_C , Sneak_peek_D , Sneak_peek_E , Sneak_peek_F , and Sneak_peek_G! I'll be posting pretty often after tomorrow ^-^ Look forward to it.
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