Fuhong blogged
Jun 27, 14 11:46am

I need someone to trigger my emotions so I can finally have my feelings released. Only a few can break me. I have one in mind...

IamthebestNever, I know I said I wanted you out of my life but I need you to break me, to set off my emotions. PM or not.

I don't care, as long as you do it. I know you know I'm emotionally unstable. Bring out all your negative emotions onto me, please! I'm dying inside and I can't take much more of it! If you do this, I'll do anything... I can possibly do from the internet.

Break me and I'll do anything.
Fuhong blogged
Jun 26, 14 11:57am


I'm not stable and I'm deathly afraid now. Any advice that might help, I'll take it! The doctors, therapists, psychiatrists here won't help. They never answer back to my father's calls. Please help.... please! I can't get through this alone! My god, I feel like throwing up.
DarkWhisperer blogged
Jun 25, 14 9:49pm

It started out as one love one passion
Now it's bursting out into a chain reaction
My sinful deeds I will never confess!
This dead man will make out to be a useless witness

This is just what we wanted which is why it feels so right
Cut slice dig as deep as you can
Look into her eyes and know his blood is on your hands
My new lead is the reaper, and my anger is my scythe
Together we will make this life
Together we will hide!

Hide and seek a sick game of destiny
And this round you will never win (You know you'll never find him!)
Here we go, count to ten let's start this show
Where you've gone she will never know!

Cut-throat executioner, I aspire to survive
It's a case of an unsolved murder
Baby now you're all mine
No services, coffin, no hearse
I'll find a place to hide his corpse!
Under the world
Bury my secrets, evidence will burn
The deed is done I've lost my mind
Last sense of my conscience starts to fade and die
Under the world
Are the sins committed for this girl
This man who died, it's justified
He's out of sight now you're all mine
Now you're all mine...

Hide and seek a sick game of destiny
And this round you will never win (You know you'll never find him!)
Here we go, count to ten let's start this show
Where you've gone she will never know!
She'll never know...

I'm a savior, I'm a sinner, I'm a sick cold hearted killer
I'm a lover, I'm a winner, and I'd do it all to steal her
From a life she thinks she wants, but I know she would regret
Living life out with another man and now he's *bleep*ing dead

It's sadistic, it's pathetic, so simplistic, it's poetic
It's ironic, so psychotic, and I really, really want it
So I took what I deserved, and I said, "Hey, well *bleep* the price!"
So I cut him into pieces, took my demons own advice

Now you're all mine!

Go! Look for your lover
If you keep searching he will show up dead
I am the murderer, you will never see his pretty face again!
Now you're all mine!

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Rome blogged
Jun 25, 14 2:33pm

I wonder, if I wrote blogs here, would anyone read them? Were blogs ever a thing on Neo? I guess we will see.[/onehundredandfortycharacters]
Fuhong blogged
Jun 25, 14 12:38pm

I need help but I can't get it. My therapist is taking forever to schedule anything...
Fuhong blogged
Jun 24, 14 2:41pm

Don't watch it if very sensitive. Poor guy, I wish I could've helped him... It's not fair, this world... It made me cry and my heart reached out to him. Sure, it's a movie but seriously.

Fuhong blogged
Jun 23, 14 9:02pm


For you Draco, Blue, SF, & Star.

May need headphones to hear my voice, hopefully you have them. Please ignore the screeching sound in the background because I have no idea where they are coming from.

Please listen to it.
Fuhong blogged
Jun 22, 14 9:39pm

Poor girl, I know exactly what happened. Listen closely and you'll see.

I hate people who do that to others. They have no right to. Stealing their faith, hope, and will to live.

Fuhong blogged
Jun 21, 14 10:12pm

This is me.

A happy girl turned into a lifeless soul. Might as well be dead.

DarkWhisperer blogged
Jun 21, 14 2:37pm

Breathing slowly never worked for me
I cut the throat of betrayal to watch him bleed
a poetic sonnet passion that I scream to the sky
I'm tearing up I feel your love don't leave me behind
a poetic sonnet passion that I scream to the sky
I'm tearing up I feel your love please don't leave me behind
Fuhong blogged
Jun 20, 14 6:31pm

I need to vent. Should I d... wait it doesn't matter, does it?

Really, people need to tell the truth because later on if they lied, him/her will eventually find out, hurting him/her more.

I can't believe people sometimes. They sugarcoat things when the other just wants the truth no matter how hurtful. Even if you didn't want the truth, you need to know. You deserve to know.

I wonder how inconsiderate people are these days about the truth?

I'm pretty sure most people know about the second sentence. I mean, who wouldn't unless if you're an idiot, don't read or never cared enough to know.

I have much more to say but that would get me in trouble. Soooo, au revoir!
Dragoon blogged
Jun 16, 14 12:40am

An open letter to everyone telling GoT fans not to get angry because something from the book's isn't in the TV show because it's an "adaptation", sit down and let me learn you a thing.

We get it. Just because we've read the books doesn't mean we don't know that when you adapt something for television, there won't be changes. We've seen plenty of them in past seasons so why should this be any different, right? Right. But when the 'adaptation' goes so far as changing motivations for characters which play a pretty important roles later on and making terrible decisions for the future of the show, then I think we have every right to complain and moan. Adapting something for television does not give the writers creative license to change everything about it. That would be like adapting the bible into a sci-fi action shooter (as awesome as that would be, you'd expect people to get somewhat miffed). Throughout all of this season of Game of Thrones, David and Dan have made terrible decisions, but I've let it go. I've told myself "it's okay, this show is just deviating from the books a little. It's bound to happen as they get closer to the books", but when scenes like the Cersei and Jaime altar scene, or the total change in character for Jaime, or romanticisation where there was hate (IT'S LIKE TYSHA DOESN'T EVEN MATTER), and when you pass up a massive opportunity to make this one of the best Season's in anything ever by cutting pretty important characters, or fan favourites (Cold Hands, Silk, Marillion, etc) and even a character that breaks everything Game of Thrones as built so far, it really leads me to question the ability for D&D to lead the show effectively.

We're not feeling a sense of entitlement, we're not bashing it for being an adaptation, we're annoyed that it's being ruined by the people in charge.

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