stylishboy blogged
Jul 07, 14 8:41pm

- My FC : 0791-1589-6535 & IGN : Hyowai (Male) or Shady (Female)

- Feel free to PM me or tag me in comments if you offer something

- I want Untouched and right Date met Events so i need to know all infos about your offer(s) : Nature, Characteristics, Date met, and etc. so if you offer something, please provide infos as many as possible

- Some events i just offer for some specific events only, so please read caption before offer and hope you respect it

My topic here :
Fuhong blogged
Jul 07, 14 11:55am

Damn, I'm falling hard for him. Really hard. What is with me? I hate it.

"I keep bleeding, keep, keep, bleeding love. I keep, keep, bleeding love."
Latias Gal blogged
Jul 06, 14 9:15pm

Anyone willing to give me some maybe cloned shinies? Literally nothing to offer because first time playing but hey, gotta start somehow.. XD
Fuhong blogged
Jul 05, 14 10:36pm

Sooooo good. Just listen! They're amazing! I got pretty tired of the original artists, something fresh is nice every once in a while.

Fuhong blogged
Jul 04, 14 12:09am

I love this, it makes me energized and the fact that it's true makes it more awesome though I wish I could get it through my head, haha. IT'S SO TRUE!!!

Fuhong blogged
Jun 29, 14 11:38am

Ugh, stupid minimum characters.... --.-
Looooong stupid minimum characters.............
BlueMew101 blogged
Jun 29, 14 12:32am I love this song so much. It makes me sad when I listen to it, but its a good song. Quite emotional.
Miria89 blogged
Jun 28, 14 7:25pm

153 Horde Encounters later and this cute little shiny Hoppip decides to join the gang on Pokemon Y. Check out the live reaction video ^^'
sureshot780 blogged
Jun 28, 14 8:00am

My ONLY kik/LINE username is
. . . Not sureshot78O
. . . Not sureshot780_

Good luck, stay safe! :)
Fuhong blogged
Jun 27, 14 11:46am

I need someone to trigger my emotions so I can finally have my feelings released. Only a few can break me. I have one in mind...

IamthebestNever, I know I said I wanted you out of my life but I need you to break me, to set off my emotions. PM or not.

I don't care, as long as you do it. I know you know I'm emotionally unstable. Bring out all your negative emotions onto me, please! I'm dying inside and I can't take much more of it! If you do this, I'll do anything... I can possibly do from the internet.

Break me and I'll do anything.
Fuhong blogged
Jun 26, 14 11:57am

I'm not stable and I'm deathly afraid now. Any advice that might help, I'll take it! The doctors, therapists, psychiatrists here won't help. They never answer back to my father's calls. Please help.... please! I can't get through this alone! My god, I feel like throwing up.
DarkWhisperer blogged
Jun 25, 14 9:49pm

It started out as one love one passion
Now it's bursting out into a chain reaction
My sinful deeds I will never confess!
This dead man will make out to be a useless witness

This is just what we wanted which is why it feels so right
Cut slice dig as deep as you can
Look into her eyes and know his blood is on your hands
My new lead is the reaper, and my anger is my scythe
Together we will make this life
Together we will hide!

Hide and seek a sick game of destiny
And this round you will never win (You know you'll never find him!)
Here we go, count to ten let's start this show
Where you've gone she will never know!

Cut-throat executioner, I aspire to survive
It's a case of an unsolved murder
Baby now you're all mine
No services, coffin, no hearse
I'll find a place to hide his corpse!
Under the world
Bury my secrets, evidence will burn
The deed is done I've lost my mind
Last sense of my conscience starts to fade and die
Under the world
Are the sins committed for this girl
This man who died, it's justified
He's out of sight now you're all mine
Now you're all mine...

Hide and seek a sick game of destiny
And this round you will never win (You know you'll never find him!)
Here we go, count to ten let's start this show
Where you've gone she will never know!
She'll never know...

I'm a savior, I'm a sinner, I'm a sick cold hearted killer
I'm a lover, I'm a winner, and I'd do it all to steal her
From a life she thinks she wants, but I know she would regret
Living life out with another man and now he's *bleep*ing dead

It's sadistic, it's pathetic, so simplistic, it's poetic
It's ironic, so psychotic, and I really, really want it
So I took what I deserved, and I said, "Hey, well *bleep* the price!"
So I cut him into pieces, took my demons own advice

Now you're all mine!

Go! Look for your lover
If you keep searching he will show up dead
I am the murderer, you will never see his pretty face again!
Now you're all mine!

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