Get on with life and keep trying, you'll find someone else. They say. Kinda hard to when you have a broken heart and love far stronger than others.

I would love nothing more to get rid of this pathetic love for him. Throw it away and never find it again.

I love him and it would be great if it was gone. These feelings.

It's even worse that he doesn't care to help me through this but I know words cannot heal what has been done.

It seems I have to get through this alone and I am not used to that. I've always had help with my emotions.

This particular love is everything I wanted to avoid but I had to get attached. (BTW, that's sarcasm if you didn't know.)

I'm sick of it, really sick of it. Falling in love is hell. You feel so happy when it starts then to have it crushed and shattered to many pieces? No, just no.

I wish I had never met him then i wouldn't have this pain and he wouldn't have deal with me.

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"Take it out on me" referring to do with him and her.

"It's not worth it, it's not working" referring to do with my conflicted thoughts.

"It's not over, you don't have to throw it away" referring to my destroyed relationship with him.

"You're so afraid, so afraid, you don't want it to fade." referring to... I'll let you decide.

I made this for our soldiers. They have done so much for us, protecting us, sacrificing themselves for us. I appreciate what they do and admire their strength and bravery.

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to any of my friends out there can someone try to get on and tell me if its down or not i just want to be sure in case its just my wifi

Do you prefer to travel with guides or travel independently? And I prefer the latter. It is much freer and happier to travel independently with friends. Anyway, no matter which one to prefer, you need to take a camera to keep this journey forever!

It's been 4 months since I first blogged and my insight has changed... It's controlling me, my brain in my spare time I play it, when I'm not playing it I'm watching WiFi battles. I'm done I cant go back, its still amusing to see my opponents fall 6-0 to my incredible team, but I can't go on in life knowing I'm missing various aspects that truly make me human, not pixel.

So many folks have been waiting for Ike to return for the new Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS, and now that he has now arrived with his powerful flaming sword, I am so damn glad to know about that and now it is time to wait till the game's release. :) Although I'm hoping for Marth and Roy to also return but I doubt that, since they brought Ike back.

I'm not a waste. Turn my back on that place Where I've made my mistakes. The ghost in my soul, Is reaching for more. I just gotta say one more thing...

And so, the challenge I set myself on April 7 has now been completed.
Racing through all those Grand Prix's, mixing up drivers and tracks, trying to hold onto as many coins as possible while keeping first place was hard. But I had a lot of Streetpass GP's to get through, and that was what mianly helped. For some reason, Streetpass GP's are harder than the normal ones - and I don't just mean you never know what track will come next. The AI seem more active at trying to race fully to beat you, rather than just their little group at the back. It's as though every racer has suddenly become a rival, and not just the jumped-up rubber-banded second place behind you.
But that's not what this post is about, even though that did help me not give up on the challenge.
I'd essentially worked out an averge for both GP's needed each week, as well as coins per week, so I could average myself out over each week while still doing other things I needed to do. Remember, this challenge was set during the ending month of my first year of university. Work before games is what I go by. I managed to get the average GP's for the first two weeks, but was lower on the third week. The fourth week I hit the GP average again, and almost hit it on the fifth week. Fact of the matter was though, only the second week was close to the average coin count.
From 26,433 coins, I only had earned 1969 in those five weeks. Three weeks, and 1598 coins left to get in three weeks. Seems impossible, but a turning point came. My course was now finished for the year. Meaning I had more time for gaming.
So, in the sixth week, I had 19 GP's under my belt and near enough 700 coins banked. This week, despite it not even being finished yet, I racked up the remaining 900 coins to hit that magic number of 30,000.

And there is the final proof. A great achievement, but I probably won't do another on Mario Kart 7. This challenge was leading up to Mario Kart 8's release, so if there is another challenge regarding coins, MK8 is where it'll be at.

mario_kart_7, coin_challenge

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I would like to boldly declare that 'The Last of Us' is the greatest game I have ever played, from a gameplay perspective, from an artistic perspective, from a narrative perspective. A totally excellent experience.

"She laid her heart and soul in your hands And you stole her every dream and you crushed her plans."

Thanks for the memories.
Been a good time for the last few days, racing on worldwide. Would have loved to have been active more in Neoseeker's Wi-Fi Last Farewell event, but three disconnects within an hour meant the most I got was one whole GP, one race, one half race and one half battle with the group.
But that doesn't tarnish the memories any way at all.
It just made it more fun.
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