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Jan 17, 17 7:09pm

“A Quest for Truth”
Are you ready to explore the abyss of mankind?

Wanna check more about Eden?
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Jan 17, 17 7:05pm

The first drop image :)
EDEN is A beautiful story driven adventure game !
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Jan 17, 17 11:37am

The first geological time period of the Paleozoic Era, lasting over 55 million years. It spans from the end of the Ediacaran Period (~541mya) to the beginning of the Ordovician (~485mya).

The Cambrian Explosion really jump started life on Earth, before this most organisms were unicellular and simple. While more complex, multicellular organisms gradually increased in popularity in the beginning of the Cambrian. It was not until this period that mineralized organisms became common. After the Cambrian Explosion, the first representatives of modern phyla appeared.

Creatures such as the first trilobites appeared, as well as other arthropods. Trilobites were once believed to be quite abundant, however, they weren't as common as originally thought... Their heavy armor with the combination of calcium carbonate made for easy fossilization (compared to the exoskeletons of other arthropods). Other creatures such as the anomalocaridids, Hallucigenia, Wiwaxia, etc...
In the oceans, life was indeed booming. The land was desolate. The continents would've been dry and bare with no color; no vegetation whatsoever.
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Jan 16, 17 10:16pm

"The Terrorists now were professional terrorists, not nobles and guards officers, but university students who lived in a world of passionate idealism and passionate hate... The young men, on fire with the idea of personal sacrifice, despised liberalism; socialism----the redistribution of wealth and the end of Czardom----was their direct aim."

Excerpt from the book I've been reading. There's some strange parallels between the socialism movements inside our universities today as there were in 19th century Russia. Terrorism, bombings, and setting things on fire were the norm in Petrograd, Russia. All they needed was a strong leader.
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Jan 11, 17 1:49pm

The Ediacaran Period starts directly after the end of the Cryogenian Period (~635mya) to the beginning of the Cambrian Period (~541mya). This period also marks the end of the Proterozoic Eon and the start of the Phanerozoic Eon.
During this period, time itself was quite different...the days were 21 hours long, there were 13 months, and approximately 400 days in a year.

The life of this time share almost no similarities to modern organisms, the creatures from this time were also quite different than the ones to appear in the Cambrian period during the Cambrian Explosion.
Aside from bacteria and algae, the Ediacara biota include things such as worms, soft-bodied arthropod relatives, and cnidarians. The others, however, are more difficult to understand and may have belong to a young, but now extinct phylum. If so, then this is perhaps the only time a rank so high up on the taxonomic hierarchy to go completely extinct. The Ediacaran period suffered from the first mass extinction.
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Jan 5, 17 1:02pm

Opinions have varied among paleontologists on dinosaur incubation times for years. It was originally thought that dinosaurs, being more closely related to birds, had similar incubation periods. Surprisingly, it turns out that dinosaur embryos took twice as long to hatch as bird eggs of similar size!

Using teeth from rare fossil embryos discovered within fossilized eggs that were close to hatching, scientists counted daily growth markers in the teeth -- estimating that tooth growth accounted for approximately 40% of incubation time.
Using the early, sheep-sized dinosaur from Mongolia, Protoceratops, they estimated that the incubation period would be at least 80 days -- nearly 3 months.
Using the 30 foot long hadrosaur known as Hypacrosaurus they estimated it had an incubation period of around 170 days -- almost 6 months! And many dinosaur species dwarfed Hypacrosaurus and possibly had even longer incubation periods...
(It's worth mentioning that even with these discoveries, scientists have learned almost nothing regarding dinosaur embryos, but it has given us a big insight to the potential behaviors of these animals.)

These long incubation periods raise all sorts of questions about parental care and the potential in migrations. Also, such long incubation periods meant slower reproduction rates; definitely something not good when an asteroid the size of Mount Everest is screaming towards Earth...
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Jan 2, 17 8:35pm

Every season of winter, I always come back in playing Shadow Hearts and watch Koudelka cutscenes. This series have a special place in my heart. :D
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Jan 1, 17 12:51am

Banner for SO! Click through to commission via DA!
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Dec 28, 16 6:46am

Well... i rarely write these kind of things so... Anyways. 2016 is coming to an end, with 2017 just around the corner, waiting to drag you in a dark place. I started my account here in 2012 but i never went to the forum until mid 2016. First place i went were the Xbox boards. There's was nothing really except request for multiplayer games. Then i visited Classic Gaming board. A lot of good thing happened there. Started as a rookie and now i'm their Retro Christmas Tree Designer :) I had a lot of good moment on their board and this is just the beginning.

I owe some thanks to the Classic Gaming crew:
Chimaira For being the sheperd that lead the horde that we are :)
Bruce For his experience of neoforum... And his humor :)
C Falcon For being the first one (i think?) that introduced himself and guided me.
Iscariot and Retro I don't remember having anything personal with you guys but you seem to be some good guy with a lot of knowledge in classic games

And all the others that i have missed but who contribute to make this place a better place.

Happy new year to everyone out here, i wish happiness and health to all of you. :)
I'm on my way to celebrate new year so don't expect me here until 2 january.

I also need to fetch some idea for the next Retro Christmas Tree.....
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Dec 24, 16 7:19am

This is a little gift from me! ♥ SakuIamthebestNeveralroy214

"Be naughty or be nice. Either way, I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas."
Lovelotz, Aikopotz
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Dec 23, 16 10:41pm

In the beginning was the Word and the Word (Yeshua) was with God and the Word (Yeshua) is God (Jehovah)
Without The Word nothing that has been created could have ever been created for He (Yeshua) is the creator of all things.
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Dec 23, 16 3:24am

Zurgo Helmsmasher, khan (leader) of the Mardu clan in Tarkir's original timeline, before the future was changed and the dragon Kolaghan became the leader instead. Mardu is the name of the 3 color combination of white, black and red in Magic: the Gathering, and is obviously the best. I will fight anyone who disagrees.
Captain blogged
Dec 22, 16 10:23am

I've been thinking about what Jabba Overkill wrote in his recent blog post about Neoseeker's activity. It made me think of myself as a member here and how I've always treated these forums.

When I was a younger C Falcon, I barely posted in any other forums outside of the ones I frequented. There were a few reasons I didn't post in some places, but most of it was largely unknown or not interesting to me. For example, you wouldn't have seen me post in a FIFA forum back then because I didn't really have an interest in football. You always wouldn't have seen me post much in TV shows then (heck even now) since all I watched were cartoons.

A bad thing about me then was that I pretty much just stuck to GDs as well where I provided very little on-topic discussion. Back then, they deleted most of the GDs, which I didn't like so much since my post count would drop by hundreds. I've come to understand why they were deleted now thanks to Gotenks.

Maybe it was for the best that they are gone. What I used to do was post random nonsense about the friends I had on here. It is still very fun to think about them and to chat about our old times. I thought that posting so much in Harvest Moon and me caring about the people was enough to make me qualified as a mod there, but I kept getting declined. I was miffed about this when I was younger, but I comprehend why I was never given the spot now. I am thankful for being declined. I wasn't ready. My mindset was wrong. The forum didn't have great activity outside the GD. If I was going to be a good mod, I should have had more discussion about the game rather than silly posts about friends.

Back to what Mr. Jabba said. Today Neoseeker doesn't have the activity I knew from 10 or so years ago, but it is a lot closer knit I'd like to think. I get to know Supermods and Category mods though several different forums.

What I really take from Jabba's post is that only a few people make threads with discussion. People complain about the lack of activity, but only a select few create opportunities for it. It was exactly how I acted years ago. I didn't create much activity then and I think I've only slightly improved years later.

I mean, I guess I must have improved because I was co-modding Classic Gaming for a little.

Jabba mentioned that I'm running around posting everywhere. This is sorta true. I wanna chat about Joust as much as I wanna chat about the best way to cook Bok Choy. I also wanna write stupid posts about how allingo is our signature Christmas tree designer in a GD. ]

So, what I guess I'm saying is that I'm gonna try harder to keep talking about specific subjects. If the activity is there, then it's there. If it isn't, then I'll try to get people to come, but I can't force them.

I've always wondered what "guy" I was too. Like, Bruce is the Android guy and Chimaira is the retro gaming Jesus looking guy and IamthebestNever is the guy that likes Budew Swadloon. I guess I am the "member who is running around everywhere" guy. That's a good title for me I think.


Yes, coming this year I am hoping to become a more predominate member in Books and Lit as well as trying to add own threads in Music. I think Cooking has a chance to be more active with a few threads popping up over there. On top of all this, I want to become friendlier with other members I haven't really talked to this year. I think by expanding to other forums, I'll get to meet these members and get to know them.

We'll see about returning as a co-mod one day if I'm needed. I'll always be "maybe" interested in Classic Gaming. That's one thing I've taken from this year.

Hey folks. This is the first time I'm writing one of these. The reason behind it is to hopefully incentivize some seekers to try a little harder. Those seekers who spend a lot of time on neo, but instead of trying to help it progress by putting a lit...

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Dec 21, 16 12:50am
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why wouldn't we be able to watch anime on telephones? The anime destinations recorded underneath are portable perfect and you can watch any kind of anime on these locales in HD. These anime destinations stream every one of the scenes of even old fash...

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Dec 20, 16 11:05am

Hey folks. This is the first time I'm writing one of these. The reason behind it is to hopefully incentivize some seekers to try a little harder. Those seekers who spend a lot of time on neo, but instead of trying to help it progress by putting a little effort forward, are content to just sit back and do nothing or even complain about the state of the site. Yeah I'm probably talking about you too.

This will sound like I'll be bitching about a lot of stuff. I will. But I'll be doing so for good reason. So lets get to it; I will be mostly focusing on the neo lounges and other general interest areas because gaming forums are a different case and also because those are the areas of neo I keep track of.

Activity on neo is down; there's no denying this. The golden era of making a post and getting 10 replies before the page reloads are long gone. The sooner we all accept that the better. Does that mean it's neo's fault? Maybe partly. In so many years of administration and moderating by so many different people, there are bound to be mistakes made. More significant is that forums as a form of communication are not as popular anymore. So why are we still here? Well, who the f*** cares? We are, so lets make the most of it.

Now lets generate some activity, shall we? How, you ask? The answer is simple. Create threads. Post. It' as simple as that. The only way to get people talking is to introduce new topics to the community. Otherwise it's just a bunch of people lurking around reading the same old things. This is not just a duty that falls into the hands of moderators or even a select few others. This is something everyone, from the newest member to the most seasoned veteran should do. It's not that hard to start a thread about something...anything. I've been mostly hanging around in movies and books. I see a new trailer about an upcoming film, or read a review about a new book...what do I do? I make a thread on neo about it. It takes me 45 seconds for each one. Why do I do it? I don't know...maybe I have nothing better to do...maybe i just want to find more people that like the things I like and talk about it with them. Or maybe I just want to introduce people to new and exciting stuff about a medium they enjoy. Do you know how many new threads have been created by someone other than myself, Iscariot Tommy Vercetti or Storm in films (which is one of busiest corners of neo) is the past month? Seven.

How about books? The forum was recently revived by someone who rarely reads but tries to find motive to do so more and a lovely Indian that answers to the name Kaharius. Threads started in the past month by anyone except the mods there? Three.

I won't keep this get the idea. The need for everyone to pitch in and start some topics is important if you want to see your favorite communities remain alive or even expand. I'm tired of seeing poor old Chimaira struggling to keep Classic Gaming active, good old C Falcon running around in every corner of neo to post and envigorate communities, Lesley Pro_04 being the only one who cares about sports, the guys at Gaming Lounge doing the best they can to maintain activity. Shouldn't Dark Xionei and EvilTediz597 get some help in reviving the Music forum? Epoch and Mister MacPhisto in the Thinker's Lounge? And many others who have been striving to create communities in various corners of neo.

This rant of mine is close to an end so stay with me for a bit more. All I'm saying is that you cannot rely on one or two people to keep running a forum on their own. They need help...WE need help. And in turn, we should be helping others. I for one, should be hanging out more in Music and Thinker's Lounge for instance. I'm pretty sure you guys should too. Who among us doesn't listen to music, watch films, read, play video games and sports or just think? Are we participating in all of these communities though? Evidently not. So next time we think about the good old days and how neo is dying, we should stop and think about whether we did something to prevent that. Get out of your comfort zone and check out and participate in other communities. Start some new topics about things you love. You'll see that all of us are open to discuss and exchange ideas.

Happy holidays and happy seeking!
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