Poor girl, I know exactly what happened. Listen closely and you'll see.

I hate people who do that to others. They have no right to. Stealing their faith, hope, and will to live.

This is me.

A happy girl turned into a lifeless soul. Might as well be dead.

Breathing slowly never worked for me
I cut the throat of betrayal to watch him bleed
a poetic sonnet passion that I scream to the sky
I'm tearing up I feel your love don't leave me behind
a poetic sonnet passion that I scream to the sky
I'm tearing up I feel your love please don't leave me behind

I need to vent. Should I d... wait it doesn't matter, does it?

Really, people need to tell the truth because later on if they lied, him/her will eventually find out, hurting him/her more.

I can't believe people sometimes. They sugarcoat things when the other just wants the truth no matter how hurtful. Even if you didn't want the truth, you need to know. You deserve to know.

I wonder how inconsiderate people are these days about the truth?

I'm pretty sure most people know about the second sentence. I mean, who wouldn't unless if you're an idiot, don't read or never cared enough to know.

I have much more to say but that would get me in trouble. Soooo, au revoir!

An open letter to everyone telling GoT fans not to get angry because something from the book's isn't in the TV show because it's an "adaptation", sit down and let me learn you a thing.

We get it. Just because we've read the books doesn't mean we don't know that when you adapt something for television, there won't be changes. We've seen plenty of them in past seasons so why should this be any different, right? Right. But when the 'adaptation' goes so far as changing motivations for characters which play a pretty important roles later on and making terrible decisions for the future of the show, then I think we have every right to complain and moan. Adapting something for television does not give the writers creative license to change everything about it. That would be like adapting the bible into a sci-fi action shooter (as awesome as that would be, you'd expect people to get somewhat miffed). Throughout all of this season of Game of Thrones, David and Dan have made terrible decisions, but I've let it go. I've told myself "it's okay, this show is just deviating from the books a little. It's bound to happen as they get closer to the books", but when scenes like the Cersei and Jaime altar scene, or the total change in character for Jaime, or romanticisation where there was hate (IT'S LIKE TYSHA DOESN'T EVEN MATTER), and when you pass up a massive opportunity to make this one of the best Season's in anything ever by cutting pretty important characters, or fan favourites (Cold Hands, Silk, Marillion, etc) and even a character that breaks everything Game of Thrones as built so far, it really leads me to question the ability for D&D to lead the show effectively.

We're not feeling a sense of entitlement, we're not bashing it for being an adaptation, we're annoyed that it's being ruined by the people in charge.

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Who ever im trading with pm me what we are doing if its cloning or trading lol ill forget so do it now in 1 hour ill be on then ill stay on and put the time we scheduled too

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WildStar is quite interesting MMORPG. Since it was launches over one months, the number of wildstar players is more than millions of all over the world. WildStar is the most successful game in 2014. As a online game, to kill monsters and upgrade is t...

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If any of you know me, you know that I am a huge Nintendo fanboy. I like Sony, and I'm excited for their conference tonight, but I have spent all day fangirling over rumors that are going around regarding Nintendo's line-up. So, I'll be using this spot to post about that. OH and I just heard something about Ubisoft and a Wii U exclusive...hmm?

  • Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
    - Woo! Outside of Q-bert, Pokémon Red was the first game I owned, and I've loved the series ever since. I hope we get some news regarding Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon tomorrow, as well as how they will be integrated into the third-gen story that we all know and love. I am also interested in seeing some gameplay with the new protagonist models. May is actually my favorite character design in the entire series, not including console (Wes), so I'm interested in seeing more of her crazy chibi form.
  • Star Fox 3DS [tentative rumor]
    - While I do not actually expect to see another entry in the series, it would definitely be exciting. I have never owned a Star Fox title, though I do remember played the GameCube version with my friend when we were little. The series itself has always been something that I thought was worth looking into, so maybe this will give me the chance...if it exists.
  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U
    - Does this require any explanation? Overall, I suppose that announcements of new characters, stages, and assist trophies would make this. It would also be nice to hear some funky remixes of classic OSTs. The things I look for on video games are a little nerdy, but somebody has to do it, right?
  • The Legend of Zelda Wii U [rumor]
    - Rumors have been going around about a new game entitled The Legend of Zelda: Unbound King on the Wii U. I recently completed Majora's Mask 100%, and am working on Wind Waker, so getting an HD Zelda created from the ground-up for a console would be outstanding news for me right now. All I can do is hope for the best, but I am really hoping.
  • Super Mario Sunshine HD [rumor]
    - Following Wind Waker HD's release, rumors popped up about a possible HD Collection coming from Nintendo. Sunshine HD would be awesome to see, so...yeah. It's definitely one of my favorite GameCube titles, if not my absolute favorite, so being able to purchase it on the Wii U would be wonderful. Besides, I am positive that Isle Delfino would be stunning in HD. Take the leap, Nintendo. Take the leap.

    Overall, that is all I ask for. It could be a little too much. E3 2014 has been pretty great so far, and I fully expect Sony and Nintendo to keep that up. For the record, my scores for conferences are as follows:

  • Microsoft: B
  • EA: C-
  • Ubisoft: C/? (I didn't get to see the beginning)
  • Sony: B+ (now that it's happened)

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    Wildstarmall is a good website, I am a designer, live game, movie, music... this website is a wildstar site. I like this mmorpg game, and playing it. it's a best game in 2014

    Just finished the Corpse party walkthrough/movie whatever you wanna call it. I compare it a mini-anime similar to silent hill for the storyline.

    Here it is if anyone reads this:


    Time to put my SysAdmin hat on for a moment to explain how to run the popular Windows IRC log parsing application: mIRCStats on a headless Linux box without an X Server. I found no resources online how to do this despite this being, in my view, a very likely use case. Of course, there are alternative open-source IRC stat generation projects that can accomplish this with ease such as pisg, IRCStats and Denora. I personally prefer the features and layout that mIRCStats generates though having tried the others, therefore I was determined to get this running. :)

    This was tested with:
    • mIRCStats 1.24
    • Debian 7 (Wheezy)
    • WINE 1.4.1
    • xvfb (X Virtual Frame Buffer) 1.12.4-6
    This should work into the future with later versions, but YMMV of course.

    Problems and Fixes

    No X Server - No Display

    The first problem that you will encounter is the fact that the mIRCStats application attempts to spawn its GUI window whenever you try to launch it via WINE, even if it has all the information necessary to process stats via its settings file or command line options. (It is more than a little annoying that it insists on spawning a window just to tell you it's updating the stats, but I guess when borrowing Window software I should expect it to follow typical Windows user conventions.) This will obviously fail as no X Server is running on your box and thus there's no display to draw to:
    dynamite@debian:~/mircstats$ wine mircstats
    Application tried to create a window, but no driver could be loaded.
    Make sure that your X server is running and that $DISPLAY is set correctly.
    Obviously installing the entire X Server purely for this on the box is highly undesirable. Luckily, it it possible to fool the application into thinking a real display exists by using Xvfb (X Virtual Frame Buffer) to spawn a "display" that performs all graphical operations in memory. This is very handy when we don't care about the actual graphical output and just want the utility to get on with its job and close, which is precisely what mIRCStats does. Go ahead and install that using your preferred method for your distribution. On Debian, Xvfb resides in the stable repository so it's as simple as: apt-get install xvfb

    Unhandled Page Fault

    Now you have Xvfb installed, you should be able to use the xvfb-run wrapper script to quickly spawn a mIRCStats session and make it process the logs:
    dynamite@debian:~$ xvfb-run wine /home/dynamite/mircstats/mircstats.exe -l "/home/dynamite/mircstats/*.log" -html "/var/www/services.pwnsu.com/neoseeker.html"
    At least that was the theory. In practice, I encountered the following crash at this point from WINE itself:
    wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0xfffffffe at address 0x0000:0x7bc4a744 (thread 0009), starting debugger...
    It seemed to still be having problems spawning the window. It was at this point that I delved into the default mIRCStats Config/settings.cfg file and switched the default starting mode of the application to spawn a tray icon instead of trying to launch a window:
    Minimized = Tray

    For good measure I switched on Automode by default and removed the Countdown to speed the process up a little:
    Automode = Yes 
    Countdown = No

    With those changes made, the command executed previously should work and your stats should get generated. From there on, a simple crontab entry to generate our stats on an hourly cycle was in order to complete the job:
    0 * * * * xvfb-run wine /home/dynamite/mircstats/mircstats.exe -l "/home/dynamite/irclogs/pwnsu/*neoseeker*" -html "/var/www/services.pwnsu.com/neoseeker.html" > /dev/null 2>&1
    Note: It is important to enclose the cmdline variables passed to mIRCStats within quotation marks otherwise you may see behavior like the wildcard * not be interpreted correctly.

    I hope this proves useful for someone looking to do the same. :)

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    Get on with life and keep trying, you'll find someone else. They say. Kinda hard to when you have a broken heart and love far stronger than others.

    I would love nothing more to get rid of this pathetic love for him. Throw it away and never find it again.

    I love him and it would be great if it was gone. These feelings.

    It's even worse that he doesn't care to help me through this but I know words cannot heal what has been done.

    It seems I have to get through this alone and I am not used to that. I've always had help with my emotions.

    This particular love is everything I wanted to avoid but I had to get attached. (BTW, that's sarcasm if you didn't know.)

    I'm sick of it, really sick of it. Falling in love is hell. You feel so happy when it starts then to have it crushed and shattered to many pieces? No, just no.

    I wish I had never met him then i wouldn't have this pain and he wouldn't have deal with me.
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