EpicRaptorMan blogged
Jan 16, 18 1:18am

It is time to step back into Earth's history book...
The geological time scale (GTS) is a system of chronological dating that compares geological stratigraphy to time. The chart here is in tune with the nomenclature, dates, and standard color codes set by the International Commission of Stratigraphy (ICS).
The primary divisions of time are the four eons which are the Hadean, Archean, Proterozoic, and Phanerozoic. The first three of these eons are often referred to as the Precambrian supereon. Eons are then separated into eras and those eras are broken down to periods, epochs, and ages.

When referring to the layers of rock, the terms "eonothem", "erathem", "system", "series", and "stage" are used in correspondence to eons, eras, periods, epochs, and ages.
Scientists classify these units as "early", "mid", and "late" when talking about time, and "lower", "middle", and "upper" when talked about rock layers. (Example: lower Cretaceous Series in stratigraphy would be equivalent to the early Cretaceous Epoch in geochronology). Lastly, the adjectives are capitalized when the subdivision is formally recognized, but lower case when not... "early Eocene" and "Late Cretaceous."
Spirit Walker blogged
Jan 12, 18 3:31pm

I joined this site nearly 10 years to the day. That's wild. I have so many good memories of this place, and I met some really interesting people. I hope, where ever you guys are now in life, that you're happy!
mrronya blogged
Jan 11, 18 6:15pm

Есть 18 первачей 5* персонажей. Гомункул воды фуловый. Вся гексаграмма сделана + 1 Сигмарус.
Монстры со всеми скилами: Веромос, Посейдон, Чандра, Теомарс, Бастет, Гомункул воды, Дафнис, Тесарион, Сюн Фей (панда огня), Мэй Хоу Ванг (макак огня), Лайк, Тешар, Тритон.
Арена 1 золото.
ТОАН 200 этажей 100%
Все остальные данные есть в скринах.
Сколько будет стоить аккаунт?
Elektrakosh blogged
Jan 10, 18 5:52am

Which is okay as I'm crushing it with at least four pages of terrible jokes in Comedy and making a collection of my WIPs in Art. I really need some feedback though, I'd like to improve my artwork somehow.
allingo blogged
Jan 9, 18 3:37pm

I have severely underestimated how wounded the gaming industry is.

Few months ago, i've predicted that by the beginning of 2020, i would completely stop buying modern games. The only games i'll buy will be old games that i didn't had the chance to get. The video game market WILL fall, just like it did back in the Atari's day. But, if it has fallen once, why did he came back? Because the market was unknown in that time. We merely started it. Video games was something new. Mistakes were to be expected. And such, more easily excusable. We gave them a second chance. But now, more than 35 years later, after everything that happen since then, if it fall again, are we going to excuse them again?

I can't even say.

Logic say no. But modern way of thinking will say yes. And the cycle will start again.

Today, a certain term is being spoken by more and more companies. A new genre that will completely redefine the way we play, but also, the way we buy. A complete make-over that no one asked for.

Game as a service

For those who might not know what it means, game as a service pretty much mean that instead of releasing sequels to a game, game dev will maintain a single game for the next 7 or 8 years without releasing any other games by releasing update, patchs, fix, DLC, content, etc. It means less game will be created, 2000% of effort will be putted in after-launch content and our hope for trilogy or saga or whatever great series that could happen in the future will simply not exist.
As consumers, we have the bigger side of the stick. They need us if they want to make money. If we're not happy, they will have to change, Otherwise, they won't make money. This simple thought make all the difference, and yet, no one realised it.

Legion of overly-priced DLC, bigger and bigger chunk of base game cutted out of game and re-sold as paid DLC, anti-consumer marketing tactics, 100% online game, multiplayer-only game, and much, so much more will happen in 2018. Why? Because WE. ASKED. FOR. IT.

Think i'm wrong? Do it. Prove that i'm wrong. If you can't prevent all of this to happen in 2018, not only i'll be eternally thankful to you, but the whole community will also be thankful to you.
mrronya blogged
Jan 9, 18 3:07pm

Помогите оценить аккаунт.
Есть из натуральных перевородок: Ваннеса(2шт), Посейдон(2шт), Тешар(3шт), Тритон, Алисия, Бастед, Чантра, Дафнис, Раки, Мэй Хоу Ванг, Лайк, Шарлотта, Замир, Джуно.
Гекса перевородки: Гомункул воды, Тессарион, Теомарс, Акмамыр, Веромос, Сюн Фей, Сигмарус(2шт), Кэтрин, Jeanne.
Cо света 4* - Мимир(Варвар), Гемини(Маг брауни), Ария(суккуб), Эва(пиррет), Икаша(Ундина)
Cо света 3* - Бурильщик, Эшир, Линн, Ахман Белладеон, Дарион, Калиса
Со тьмы 4* - Диас, Карл, Светильник Джека, Ран
Со тьмы 4* Мантура, Трэйн, Жултан, Цынк
С 4* монстров: Тревор, Люшен(3шт), Орион, КФГ воды, Луэр, Джули, Галеон, Вердихаиль, Лиза, Хамон,
Баррет, Таня, Часун, Орочи, Дафна, Симит, Квебехсенуф, Стелла, Сихва, Рино, Эмма, Малака, Федора, Арнольд, Брианд и тд.
ТОАН 200 - 100%, на авто харда с 60 босса, иногда авто, а иногда руками помогать.
Арена 1 голда.
Тотемы остались, стихии, скорость башни, урон башни, деньги, и урон 8лвл.
TheTubich blogged
Jan 7, 18 1:42pm

Welp! Another year, another batch of games that I missed or continue missing.Each year I make 2 lists, just for myself. One for games I should keep on eye on this year, and one for games that I miss for some reason or another. And now that I have platforms where I can post my opinions and reviews of this games that are past their interest time slot, maybe its time to make an effort and focuses more on them.So here is my list of games that are in my back burner that will give it my damndest to get and play them finally (when I get my life and get a job that is). Also of course this list is in no particular order.

Battle Brothers!
A tactics game, with many inner mechanics, interesting AI behaifor and overall a massive randomly generated world. This seems to me a combination of “Might and Magic” and “Darkest Dungeon” in a way. Yes, you get a to build up an army, using them as chess pieces in the battle field, but that does not mean they will be forever part of your set. They will die or they will run away, leaving you to just replace them in the next town.However my main interest in this game came from it being praised by some of my fav youtube gamers and even from some devs. Like it was said that several devs in the Valve offices play this game on the regular.

Great looking style, a good deep 2D fighting mechics(you know it‘s good around 50% of the combo list is focused in the air.) and a sort of strategic campaign of creating your Aztec empire. And you do that by a little diplomacy, some religion and lots of violence! And let’s face it; the rare setting is just a great pull.

Danganronpa series
I once had a choice, either get Danganronpa or Virtue’s Last Reward. I do not regret getting VLR, but part of wishes that I also got Danganronpa. Mainly because that all games (except one sorta) that are interlink, and you often get comments like “You will like the X game, if you played the previous ones.“Also, they just seem fun in a dark way. A combination of “Battle Royale”, “Dating Sim” and “Action Court Battles”, its just hard for me not to be interest in this beast.

Super Fancy Pants Adventure
There was a time where I was young, a bit stupider, and really into flash game (aka Newgrounds all day every day). And one of the once I will always remember is Fancy Pants Adventure. Fluid animation, fun momentum based gameplay and bouncy fun music.And in 2017 this game poped up on steam, and joyful nostalgic tear drop from my face as the watched the trailer. The game seem way better that what I remember, and the first sign of me getting some spare cash, this well be mine.

This has been one of those “Best Games Ever” tittles that pop up on lists constantly. And I can see why. You play as a the goddess of the sun, as a dog, going around and helping both mythical and historical figures in a world that is a mish mash of everything. And now that it is finally on PC, it‘s high time I gave it a shot. (also, sometimes NPC will call you a good dog and that is “Game of all years” material in my eyes.)

There was a time when Counter-Strike was part of my daily routine. So there is a need in me to play the newest version of it. Now I don’t like the whole “Pay for extra stuff” mentality, that CS:GO sorta started, but still. I just need to have that surge of feeling victorious when you hear the announcement of “Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist Win.”

They Are Billions
Even in it’s early access version, seems amazing to me. Build up you steam punk city and defend yourself of a zombi hard. Thats just awesome.

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action
There is only one negative I can say about the game on its services. And that is its name is a bastard to find on your first search attempt!
But yeah, a fun visual novel where the story changes depending on what drinks you serve the characters. Combine that with a nice art style and cute designs and you got a interesting cocktail right there.

Total War: Warhammer 2
Warhammer world and factions, but with massive, massive armies! I… just… want!

One of the best games of the past year. There is much to say. It’s weird in many of its mechanical and narrative designs (mainly the fact that to get the whole idea of the game is to get 4 out of like 12 endings or something). And yet, this weirdness makes the game unique and interesting.

So yeah, this is the my list for the most part. Like I said, there will be an attempt by my part of getting all or some these tittles, play them, enjoy them and if write about them. But first thing first, I need to find a job and get my life semi-out of the dumpster fire.
DarkRula blogged
Jan 6, 18 2:13pm

It's been almost a week since my return, and I intend to stay active. In case you are wondering just who I am, you might remember me from my CDS account. That one had been active since 2006, and it had quite a lot of posts and other content to its name. In 2011, I had created this account as a secondary one, then there came a brief period where I'd started using this one more. However, the CDS one continued to be used until 2015-16, where I had mostly dropped off from appearing. Since that brief period of inactivity, the DarkRula name has been more than just a name - it's become a label for all that I do. So upon my return here, I knew I had this account, so this is the one that will become my main.
With the Switch now dominating the gaming scene, I'll certainly be active in that area of this site the most. So, I'll be seeing everyone around the place, and I expect to get some of my latest reviews soon.
Kam blogged
Jan 6, 18 2:01pm

I recently finished Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia. All I can say is...thank god that's over with...Okay let me explain.
It's not that Echoes was a bad game. Far from it in fact. It's got a great story if not one of the best stories I've ever got from a video game. And that's saying a lot. It wasn't the characters. I loved the dynamic between the Ram Village people, Faye's unrequited love for Alm, Tobin and Gray fighting over Clair, Kliff's general unemotional reaction to a lot of situations, and Alm and Celica's undying love for each other gave the two a sense of purpose which can often get confusing in other games. and it wasn't all the levels because I play it for the story so I always go on Casual mode. What bugged me was one level in general. The levels in this game weren't that complicated really. Sure I died here and there but that's to be expected and I always back up. So I would go and grind, come back and win. But there was one level in particular that gave me severe anxiety and that level was the Rigelian waterfall level. Many of my units were armored units or cavalry so a level with a waterfall you had to go over and mages didn't really mix well. I went into this level confident. I was a full-blown Fire Emblem veteran. I knew a lot. A tactician that started in the kingdom of Ylisse and had brought his talents to Valentia was stopped by a frickin' waterfall. Man did this make me mad. I've never blown up at a video game. This lead to me abandoning the game and stepping down from tactician to a manager of my own island in Tomodachi Life. This is the reason why on my 3DS, my activity log says that I've played over 200 hours of Tomodachi Life. Because I was going through a metaphorical depression of failing a level repeatedly in a game, especially in my favorite video gaming franchise, Fire Emblem. I feel like I'm in one of those terrible teenage sitcoms where the girlfriend(I'm not a girl but I'm the only one with emotions) says she needs a break from her boyfriend(Echoes) and then engages in a relationship with that other guy(Tomodachi Life) then realizes she loves the boy and they get back together just in time. And it's a darn shame that I traded a good story for a kid's version of the Sims(My drug-like addiction to Tomodachi Life is a story for another time.)
I finally got past that level after about six months(Last month) of drowning myself in Tomodachi Life branded alcohol. In comparison, it took me a week to complete Fire Emblem Awakening. Now you can see how depressed I was from not being able to beat this game. I told myself: NO! And I threw Tomodachi Life back into my case and went back my true obsession, being a tactician. Unfortunately for me, I hit another roadblock when I accidentally saved on the final level when there was no way to get back. But I was on game adrenaline. And after about two weeks of once again depression, I went back and beat the crap out of this game. And boy was the ending all the more enjoyable. In those six, nearly seven months, I've sulked about not beating a game and drowning myself in Tomodachi Life and I got myself and ending that really said, 'you worked hard, dude.'
Overall I'd give Valentia a 9/10, the nine because of this game making me so mad that it made me turn to something like Tomodachi Life.
Munakata blogged
Jan 4, 18 8:31am

Hey guys! I thin i am the most active buyer xD I am addicted to this game and want to have as many accounts as possible^^ Just pm me if you have a nice account and you want to sell it for a nice price.. ENJOY
Lesley Pro_04 blogged
Dec 30, 17 8:12pm

2017 is soon to come to a close, and it has been quite the year in many different respects! With that being said, it only seems right to look back on the moments that really shaped 2017 for me, both the good and the bad.


As some of you may already know, I started streaming on Twitch earlier this year, in May. Mostly, my content has been A Link to the Past Randomizer, however I have mixed it up to include a few No Major Glitches runs as well as a Super Mario Bros 3 (All Stars) stream. In the coming year, I plan on expanding that content to include other titles including Super Metroid.

As a result of my involvement with A Link to the Past Randomizer, I entered a tournament featuring other Randomizer players to see where things stood. Sure, I finished 1-3 in the group stage of the Secondary Tournament, but I really feel like I gave it my all and my experience with said Tournament did not end there as I was also a part of the commentary group.

In itself, commentary was a lot of fun as I got to work with a number of different folks that really helped to make it a fun experience all around! I will never forget my first commentated race where Paradox Cave (a cave with 7 treasure chests on East Death Mountain) had 3 Sword Upgrades and Half Magic in the cave's Mini Moldorm room!

With all the fun that I've had commentating so far, I decided to continue with commentary, now for the ongoing Zelda 1 Randomizer Tournament that will resume after AGDQ 2018. The one race that I have commentated for that tournament so far (a showcase race) was insanely fun and I'll be looking forward to calling more races going forward. Side note: there's also an upcoming Super Mario Bros 3 Randomizer tournament. Will I be commentating for that as well? Stay tuned!

Could have been two, but something came up. More on that later.


Work has definitely been a hassle in years' past, and I'm sure some will remember me complaining about it in more recent times from 2011 onward to the present, but not so much in the past year or so. However, things finally changed for me in August when I saw an opportunity that was knocking at my door.

A year-long probationary period that I was on expired that month, and knowing that I knew that I could seek an opportunity in another work center as let's face it: working front end as a cashier was making me extremely miserable. So I checked what was available on the board at work, and saw that there was an opening on the Consumables team.

Long story short, I asked the proper folks and that opportunity that I saw came true as I was moved from Front End to Consumables! Since then, my anxiety at work is way down compared to what it was and I'm much happier in this capacity than I ever was on the front end! Plus the hours are constantly good so that's a major plus! ^_^

So, with all this going on, I haven't been around on Neoseeker as often. Don't worry, I'm still around and will still be a part of this community for years to come--I've met so many awesome friends on here that I wouldn't dream of leaving! :D

I'll be posting a Sports Year in Review in the Sports Forum at some juncture as that would detract from this blog.

Family: Saying Goodbye

The toughest part of this past year was late November to early December. Because Thanksgiving plans weren't being made with my Mom's family, I thought of something different. Since I wouldn't be traveling as usual as a result, I said to my Mom "why not have Thanksgiving here so we can include Ashley (my girlfriend) as well?"

The day was going very well, but my Mom got a call from her brother in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the news was not good at all, as my grandmother's internal organs were starting to shut down. She wasn't given more than 10 days to live, and that news was devastating to my Mom. The best thing I could do at that point was comfort her as she was distraught.

Fast forward to mid-December. I was set to call my first race with LoZCardsFan23 as part of the Zelda 1 Randomizer tournament later in the evening when I received a phone call from my mom at about 11:45 AM. It was one of those calls in which I knew something was wrong; my heart sank to hear that my grandmother passed away at 9 in the morning.

So at that point I had to set my affairs in order at work as well as all my other commitments because this was a family emergency that I knew was going to happen at some point. Didn't know when it would happen, but I knew what I had to do after getting off the phone: pack to leave town for a couple of days.

That was probably the toughest 48-52 hour stretch that I've had in a long time as I was trying to hold my emotions in check for as long as I could. But that only lasts for so long, and then reality hit as we were leaving the funeral home the following morning. With that being said, I was faced with a choice: stay until Sunday's funeral, or take the train back to Boston. I was unsure as all heck, however my Uncle reassured me by saying that I was doing the right thing for myself in that situation.

His words in my mind, I boarded the Downeaster for the first time and rode the train from Brunswick, Maine to Boston. Was struggling to hold it together at times, and couldn't even finish what I got for lunch as my heart really wasn't into it. Then I got home and broke down in Ashley's arms as I was at that point in which the emotional dam was breaking, and words cannot express how grateful I am that Ashley was there for me at that point in time.

On a side note, I did learn one lesson from my first experience on the Downeaster: ride the train facing where you're going, and not facing where you've been, as I had a case of motion sickness as a result. Thankfully the train isn't very stop-and-go heavy as that took some of the edge off, as did napping and drinking water (similar motion sickness on a bus gets worse for that reason).

Unfortunately, my Mom wasn't able to make it down for Christmas as a result of the weather being extremely uncooperative. That made things tougher as my grandmother absolutely loved the Christmas season, but we pulled through, and I made sure I remained in the Christmas spirit with getting gifts for others. Thinking of doing more for next year's Christmas though...


2017 was a very good year for the gaming industry across multiple platforms, with hits including Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, Nier: Automata, Metroid: Samus Returns as well as Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. While I didn't get a chance to play all the titles that I just listed, I did get a chance to watch them all and I'll say this: 2018 has a tough act to follow in the gaming industry, and I'm hoping that the game developers and publishers deliver!

Final Thoughts

Before I call it a blog post I do have a few final thoughts to post about the year, and how I've continued to grow as a person, plus some things I'd like to take on in the new year.

In 2016 my eyes were opened to the benefits of being positive, and that advice continued to help me grow and improve throughout 2017. Things that used to set me off no longer were, and I was finding my way through a number of situations that I wouldn't have been able to before. I took on new challenges which set the table for other things to come in 2018 and beyond.

However, personal growth never stops or else one goes on a back slide in terms of progress and we don't want that! With that being said, amongst the things I wish to improve on in 2018 include:
  • Getting myself out of this phase in which I'm not always motivated. This includes a number of things, including getting out of bed as well as getting things done at home and elsewhere.
  • Learning where things outside of my department are on the sales floor, as well as remaining focused at work. Got the opportunity I wanted, now it's time to earn my keep and then some!
  • Continue to remain true to myself and what I believe in.
This was a long read, but in closing I'd like to thank all of my friends, my family and everyone else that made 2017 the great year that it was! Did I make 2017 My Year? Yes I did! But now it's time to make 2018 My Year all over again and then some!

Happy New Year everybody! ^_^
Alan G blogged
Dec 19, 17 9:52am

No more shopping left to do! Just need to wrap up those presents and get started with the food shopping. It is an endless process, only to be repeated next year!
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Dec 13, 17 9:03am

The year is 1991, and an outstanding discovery has been unfolded near Shell, Wyoming. The discovery is an Allosaurus fragilis and at 8 meters (26 feet) in length this individual is below average in terms of size; this one is a subadult approximately 87% grown. That's not all! At 95% complete, this specimen (MOR 693) is very well preserved and paleontologists will nickname this discovery "Big Al".

Analyzing the bones of Big Al it becomes quite obvious that he suffered from a hard, fast life.

At least 19 pathologies can be located across the animal's skeleton several of which showed osteomyelitis; a bone infection.
- Five ribs on the right side (3, 4, 5, 6, 14)
- Left ilium
- Right scapula
- Manus phalanx
- Gastralia
- Cervical vertebra
- Three Dorsal vertebrae
- Caudal vertebrae
- Chevron
- Two metatarsals
- Two pes phalanges
All of these injuries managed to heal, except for the broken toe on the right foot. This injury was on the 1st phalanx of the 3rd toe (the toe which beared the most weight) and would have caused extreme pain and forcing Big Al to limp. As time passed the toe injury failed to heal and became infected, being afflicted by an involucrum. Struggling to find food and water during the harsh dry season, Big Al would eventually collapse in a dry river bed.

This dry river bed would swiftly envelope Big Al's corpse with sand and mud. The well preserved bones on the left side of Big Al also indicates that he laid on his left side at the time of death.
There is little sign of any animals scavenging on Big Al's carcass, however, upon close inspection there is evidence that hundreds or even thousands of beetle larvae used his body for nourishment.
As Big Al's carcass laid in the barren stream bed, the scorching heat from the sun dried his muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. His jaws opened, his head was pulled back, and his tail extended creating the well known "death pose".

It only took half a year of many flooding events to completely bury Big Al in sediment.

Image credit goes to Patriatyrannus on deviantart.

The discovery of Big Al made global news and in 2001 BBC released a follow-up special to the successful Walking with Dinosaurs titled The Ballad of Big Al featuring Big Al and the events of his life and death.
The Ballad of Big Al
Gamerdude97 blogged
Dec 11, 17 9:16am

So a few days ago I found a video in my youtube log that I didn't watch. I'm 100% certain that I didn't watch it and found it weird that it would randomly be in my log like that. When I checked out the video it turns out it's some absurdly weird hacker video that says "I have an X-Mas gift for you" in my home language. When I further decided to check out the comments on the video several other people from my country also commented that that particular video had randomly entered their log even though they didn't watch it either. That's so strange...
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Dec 10, 17 5:46am

This was a super predator of the late Devonian period. There are currently 10 separate species of Dunkleosteus with the largest species, D. terrelli, growing up to 6 meters (20 ft) in length and 1 ton in weight...one of the largest placoderms to ever exist.

Just looking at this animal and you can tell it was a monster, but add in some biomechanics and it becomes all the more scarier.

Using biomechanics, D. terrelli had a highly kinetic skull that was powered by a four-bar linkage mechanism. This four-bar linkage consisted of kinetic joints connecting the skull, thoracic shield, jaw depressor muscle, and inferognathal (lower jaw). Just like in all other four-bar linkages, there is a firm foundation (in this case being the thoracic shield) and three movable parts. The cranio-thoracic articulation attached the rear of the skull to the thoracic shield and the skull is rotated dorsally by the epaxial muscle, the jaw joint is pulled forward and the inferognathal rotates credit to its attachment to the thoracic shield.
By using computer models to stimulate skull motions and bite forces it shows that D. terrelli used this mechanism to increase jaw speed and power.

Speed: Within 20 milliseconds the jaws would swing open from a closed position...so fast that the jaws created a suction; sucking the doomed prey deeper into the mouth. After 50-60ms the jaws would be slammed shut again. This feeding habit is called 'suction feeding' and can still be seen in some modern fish today.

Power: Dunkleosteus also had one of the strongest bites in history!! Computer simulations reveal that a large individual could generate a maximum bite force of 4,414N on the anterior fang and 5,363N on the posterior part of the blade.
These numbers greatly exceed those of all modern fish and most modern mammalian predators, including the Spotted hyena which is capable of cracking bones. Only super-sized alligators and dinosaurs excel in this category.

And what is the point of all of these adaptations? Well, the marine habitats that Dunkleosteus lived in also contained a vast array of placoderms, early sharks, arthropods, and ammonoids. All of these potential prey sources displayed some sort of protective armor, which Dunkleosteus had to break past to reach the edible flesh below.

Fun Fact: Only the armored head of Dunkleosteus is known, so paleontologists are uncertain as to what the rear portion looked like. However, they based their reconstructions off of a much smaller yet more complete placoderm, Coccosteus for aid.
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