Castlewars blogged
Oct 30, 16 1:17pm

So guys, in case you haven't noticed by my increased activity on this site, I'm back, fully reformed, ready to restart once more on this site. Say your hellos and whatever, because you're going to be seeing my name quite a few times around the forums.
Metthink blogged
Oct 29, 16 3:47pm

Here is my "movie edition" of Final Fantasy 7 and 9, putting all the game, showing all from beginning to the end of the game of PS1 in only 90 minutes... I hope you like.

Kam blogged
Oct 29, 16 4:20am

I'll admit...I'm an amourshipper. At least, one that analyzes and doesn't make fan fictions and annoying pictures or looks at those said annoying pictures.(Puts on analyzing glasses) In my opinion, the final episode with Serena in it was very eccentric. In my opinion it is that-Aw, who am I kidding. I freaked. I'm transforming into pure anime...
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Oct 28, 16 7:04pm

The Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park was known for it's toxic bite, it's frill, and the ability to spit venom.
But was it really venomous? No, it wasn't. It didn't have the venom nor was there any evidence of it supporting a neck frill.

But Gong et al. (2010) hypothesized that Sinornithosaurus, a bird-like raptor, used venom to subdue it's prey.
By examining the skull, scientists have found grooves in the teeth and pits in the jawbones (possible location of venom sacs). The maxillary teeth are unusually long and are quite similar to those of 'rear-fanged' snakes.
It's suggested that the venom travelled from the ducts to the base of the teeth, where it's mixed with saliva.
The teeth were lengthy, which in turn inhibits bite force -- so the prey (birds, mammals, and small dinosaurs) wouldn't have died from trauma, but instead from a state of shock.

However, there are alot of speculation and controversy about the possibility of a venomous Sinornithosaurus.
Captain blogged
Oct 28, 16 9:50am

Maybe it is one of my moody moments, but for the past week or so I've just been more and more unhappy here. What I'm saying is that just being around the site in general doesn't feel fun anymore and I'm forcing myself to enjoy things.

Concentration was a fun game, but I've grown disenchanted with it. I'm at this point where I don't feel like doing anything with it anymore. The same happened with that Final Fantasy write up I was doing. It was going to be so cool and I was going to include members and we'll all laugh at my stupidity in FF 1 and have a good time. Then, I just didn't feel like doing it anymore. I lost all motivation to write or play the game.

I guess it was really apparent in my Retro Fanzine. It took forever for the third volume to come out and that was mostly due to me not writing it because I didn't feel like it.

I guess I've just lost the spark I had when I first came back. Maybe I should have stayed as a dead member. No one but the Harvest Moon crew would have cared, and they are all gone too, mostly.

A few days ago I said I was going to take time off the site and just recharge. I came back too soon I think, and that's mostly my problem. Maybe I have bigger problems with mental stability than I think. It's a weakness that I absolutely cannot stand in myself so I try to soldier on and act like I'm fine when I'm probably not. Maybe I am fine and I'm just being over dramatic. That's what all this boils down to isn't it? Am I really insane or am I just over dramatic?

Anyway, I REALLY should take time off the site. I really should, but I know I won't. I'll wake up tomorrow and check my notifications here. I'll be back on Monday posting like a clown. I just gotta take time off for myself.

Maybe my best course of action is to quit entirely. Go back to old Neoblog post and change my password to something incoherent so I cannot log back into the site. That didn't work the first time.

Sorry for this post in advance. It is too personal for a Neoblog, I guess.
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Oct 21, 16 7:24am

Platybelodon -- "Flat tusk"
Was an average sized relative to modern day elephants. Platybelodon lived during the Late Miocene and only weighed a couple tons. But a close relative of Platybelodon; Ambelodon (meaning "Shovel tusk") both lived in wet environments, such as swamps, lakes, and rivers throughout Africa and Eurasia.
But what made them so bizarre was their double lower tusk...
It's theorized that these animals used the double lower tusk like a spork, digging it deep into the swampy muck and pulling up large amounts of vegetation. Alternatively, they could've used it to strip bark from trees or to grasp and cut down tree branches.
Minun172 blogged
Oct 20, 16 8:14pm

A Miiverse ban so bad that Nintendo had the balls to wipe out my library of games. GG, Nintendo. Never gonna buy any of your stuff.
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Oct 18, 16 7:31am

Perhaps one of the most confusing animals of all time.
It had 7 pairs of legs and 7 pairs of spines, Hallucigenia used these legs for transportation, (but perhaps this thumb-sized animal might've rather clinged to a rock instead), while relying on the spines on it's back for defense.
But that's not all, identifying the head was also an obstacle... But finally, after 50 years, scientists have discovered which end was the head. The new model shows a pair of simple eyes, rings of teeth around the mouth, and a foregut lined with small teeth that would help aid with digestion.
Hallucigenia was alot scarier than originally thought...
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Oct 12, 16 6:03pm

One of the weirdest creatures in history -- Opabinia.
Perhaps the first thing you notice about this prehistoric creature are probably the 5 simple eyes... This creature also had a long, flexible proboscis (that was tipped with grasping spines) to capture prey such as worms. The length of this proboscis was 1/3 of the animal's entire body length (which was about 4-7 centimeters -- 2-3 inches).

When the reconstruction of Opabinia was revealed in a scientific meeting in 1972...people laughed.
But soon the reconstruction was confirmed and Opabinia is still one of the most bizarre creatures of the Burgess Shale fauna; and prehistory as a whole...
onlygraphics blogged
Oct 9, 16 1:54am

Nyo! Nyo! Nyo! I'm bored Nyo! Let's have a pudding Nyo! Then go to sleep Nyo! See you Nyo!
Kam blogged
Oct 8, 16 4:13am

Guys, I just want you guys to know I won't be here for the next two weeks. I'm going to Washington D.C next week and then Alabama the week after that, I'll try to post videos on my channel as often as possible.
Sorry, guys...
Captain blogged
Oct 5, 16 9:51am

I'm thinking about my past again on the site. A trend on here currently is to look at the mypostcount thing on here and see how many posts we have in total. I took it a small step forward to look at my old posts just to review them.

I ended up reading a bit of my old posts in Harvest Moon and I was flooded by memories of the old gang. Most of them I haven't heard from in years.

Then I got to thinking how much of a jerk I was on occasions. This brought me here to write an apology to those people.

It was probably just a small incident in their lives which they probably don't care about at all, but I've been getting bad vibes lately. I don't know how to describe it, but it is kind of like Déjà vu except I kind or re-live the moment. It is usually quick, but I feel bad about things I have said.

Anyway, old friends, I'm sorry. I really am. I was a young gun back then and I thought I was cool.

There's others that probably deserve more of a personal apology, but it seems that is water under the bridge. I wasn't a good C Falcon back then.

Maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion. Maybe what happened wasn't so bad anyway and it is just me overreacting once again.

In any case, I was a little twerp back then, man. My posts were awful and borderline spam!

If any of my old pals are reading this, send me a PM. I'll chat it out with you or give you that personal apology. Both?
InnerDemon blogged
Oct 5, 16 4:09am

Great Snipes from the No Land Beyond and more. Thanks if you take the time to watch.
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Oct 3, 16 6:42am

Prehistory has had its fair share of large animals.
But we only really think of dinosaurs and maybe a big shark or crocodile.
But what about snakes?

Anacondas and Pythons are huge snakes in the present day.
But roughly 40,000,000 years ago in what is now Egypt, another, larger snake lived... It's called Gigantophis and it grew over 10 meters long! It was the largest snake to ever live...
But in 2009, that record was broken.
The new record, belonging to Titanoboa -- "titanic boa", lived approximately 60-58 million years ago (just after the K-T extinction) and grew anywhere from 12.8-14.8 meters in length and 1 meter wide (at the thickest part).
Titanoboa's habitat would've been wet and this giant snake could have eaten anything it wanted: Birds, turtles, mammals, and even crocodiles!
Titanoboa wasn't a venomous snake, but as the name suggests, it was a constrictor. Titanoboa was strong enough to squeeze the life out of its prey before swallowing it whole...
Kam blogged
Sep 30, 16 10:33am

As a man, I often feel like my schedule is full running. I am varsity on my cross country team. Two Sat. ago, I went to Brown County in Nashville(I live in Indy), then last week, I went to a event, where I got third out of, like, 500 people. Then tomorrow, I'm going to County. I have a very tight schedule for a thirteen year old...
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