Jabba Overkill blogged
Dec 20, 16 11:05am

Hey folks. This is the first time I'm writing one of these. The reason behind it is to hopefully incentivize some seekers to try a little harder. Those seekers who spend a lot of time on neo, but instead of trying to help it progress by putting a little effort forward, are content to just sit back and do nothing or even complain about the state of the site. Yeah I'm probably talking about you too.

This will sound like I'll be bitching about a lot of stuff. I will. But I'll be doing so for good reason. So lets get to it; I will be mostly focusing on the neo lounges and other general interest areas because gaming forums are a different case and also because those are the areas of neo I keep track of.

Activity on neo is down; there's no denying this. The golden era of making a post and getting 10 replies before the page reloads are long gone. The sooner we all accept that the better. Does that mean it's neo's fault? Maybe partly. In so many years of administration and moderating by so many different people, there are bound to be mistakes made. More significant is that forums as a form of communication are not as popular anymore. So why are we still here? Well, who the f*** cares? We are, so lets make the most of it.

Now lets generate some activity, shall we? How, you ask? The answer is simple. Create threads. Post. It' as simple as that. The only way to get people talking is to introduce new topics to the community. Otherwise it's just a bunch of people lurking around reading the same old things. This is not just a duty that falls into the hands of moderators or even a select few others. This is something everyone, from the newest member to the most seasoned veteran should do. It's not that hard to start a thread about something...anything. I've been mostly hanging around in movies and books. I see a new trailer about an upcoming film, or read a review about a new book...what do I do? I make a thread on neo about it. It takes me 45 seconds for each one. Why do I do it? I don't know...maybe I have nothing better to do...maybe i just want to find more people that like the things I like and talk about it with them. Or maybe I just want to introduce people to new and exciting stuff about a medium they enjoy. Do you know how many new threads have been created by someone other than myself, Iscariot Tommy Vercetti or Storm in films (which is one of busiest corners of neo) is the past month? Seven.

How about books? The forum was recently revived by someone who rarely reads but tries to find motive to do so more and a lovely Indian that answers to the name Kaharius. Threads started in the past month by anyone except the mods there? Three.

I won't keep this up...you get the idea. The need for everyone to pitch in and start some topics is important if you want to see your favorite communities remain alive or even expand. I'm tired of seeing poor old Chimaira struggling to keep Classic Gaming active, good old C Falcon running around in every corner of neo to post and envigorate communities, Lesley Pro_04 being the only one who cares about sports, the guys at Gaming Lounge doing the best they can to maintain activity. Shouldn't Dark Xionei and EvilTediz597 get some help in reviving the Music forum? Epoch and Mister MacPhisto in the Thinker's Lounge? And many others who have been striving to create communities in various corners of neo.

This rant of mine is close to an end so stay with me for a bit more. All I'm saying is that you cannot rely on one or two people to keep running a forum on their own. They need help...WE need help. And in turn, we should be helping others. I for one, should be hanging out more in Music and Thinker's Lounge for instance. I'm pretty sure you guys should too. Who among us doesn't listen to music, watch films, read, play video games and sports or just think? Are we participating in all of these communities though? Evidently not. So next time we think about the good old days and how neo is dying, we should stop and think about whether we did something to prevent that. Get out of your comfort zone and check out and participate in other communities. Start some new topics about things you love. You'll see that all of us are open to discuss and exchange ideas.

Happy holidays and happy seeking!
SheZow blogged
Dec 6, 16 2:13pm

I need help please. I am trying to put the name of my YouTube channel witch is Flash Sentry but the spot where you record your channel says it's not a valid channel
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Dec 5, 16 8:48am

In the early 2000s a paper published in the scientific journal Nature called: "Cannibalism in the Madagascan Dinosaur Majungatholus atopus."
In this paper, researchers describe the discovery of multiple bones, belonging to Majungatholus, that bore bite marks also belonging to other Majungatholus -- suggesting prehistoric cannibalism.

(Since that time, the name Majungatholus was changed to Majungasaurus).

Quickly, the media exploded with the discovery of cannibalistic dinosaurs. In fact, The History Channel even featured Majungasaurus in an episode of its series: "Jurassic Fight Club." Episode Clip Here.

Majungasaurus is famous for its cannibalistic reputation, however, another dinosaur; Coelophysis, a small theropod from the Late Triassic Period, was once once accused of feeding upon juveniles but now it seems to have been remains of crocodiles.
But that doesn't mean other prehistoric animals can't be cannibals. In fact, cannibalism can be found in the modern world.
• Male Lions often kill and eat the cubs of rivals to establish dominance and to ensure their own, pure, bloodline.
• Sand Tiger Sharks have been known to cannibalize their siblings within the mother's womb.
• Chimpanzees have also been reported as occasional cannibals.

However, there are reasons for cannibalism. Majungasaurus lived in the harsh and arid environments of the isolated island of Madagascar. And when the dry season rolled around, life grew substantially harder, and with the limited food sources as it is -- Majungasaurus had to make the best of it.
Kam blogged
Dec 5, 16 6:03am

I need some suggestions on a new game to play. The requirements are very simple:
Must be between E10+ to T
Must be for the 3DS
Preferred that there is an Avatar function
You guys are the only ones I can ask. Please help.
SpaceMarine blogged
Dec 2, 16 8:08am

Its never too early for a New Year's resolution. In an effort to clean up my confrontational and often self righteous anger postings, if you see a comment that is unnecessarily rude, crass, or demeaning, feel free to call me out. This is your chance and opportunity to provide honest and constructive criticism.

This is what I need. 1.) Quote what I said, specifically, the sentence or paragraph in question. 2. Provide an alternate wording that would be less offensive and more acceptable but conveys the same meaning.

If you don't suggest an alternative less offending wording your complaint will be deleted. This is not the appropriate place to disagree with something I said, but rather the means in how I said it.

Thank you for your help!
Captain blogged
Nov 23, 16 8:21am

Thanksgiving is, wow, like fewer than 24 hours away for us American Seekers and I really just wanted to express my gratitude for what I've found here. Yes, I'm saying nice things. I may not say it much, but I truly am thankful for a lot here.

I've been on the site since '04 and I've made my share of friends (and not friends), but this current bout of activity has really introduced me to more members than I knew even back in Neoseeker's heydays.

So, first I want to thank my friend Chimaira. I've said it a lot before, but without his efforts for the Classic Gaming forum's revival, I would have probably given up on the site and gone back to being inactive. The Classic Gaming forum gave me a sense of community I haven't had since my old Harvest Moon and Sims days. I think he's been a fair mod and a great leader for the forum and I'm happy I decided that I might be interested in the revival.

Next, I wanna thank probably my newest best friend on the site sword_of_omens. He's a load of fun to chat with in the GD and one of my go-to guys for info on classic games. He's also extremely creative in his Keep game that I've enjoyed playing.

Bruce is quite an odd fellow, but he's a pretty good guy to talk to on here. He might annoy us some times, but I can't really see a Neoseeker without him right now. He's quite the entertaining and I wanna thank him for being a bright, albeit borderline insane part of my experience on the site.

Iscariot is what I'll call a veteran of the site and his no-nonsense leadership as a mod for almost every forum ever is kind of inspiring. He's also got really good taste in music and pets. Thanks for being a chill guy when it comes to fun here but not being afraid to throw the book at rule breakers.

I want to thank Chiptune for being one of the first users I met on my return to the site. I wasn't really sure where I'd want to chat, but he was quite nice to me when I first posted in PokeLounge. It's admirable how much time and effort he's put into the Wiki here. Thanks for making me feel welcomed.

Thank you Gotenks for being the most approachable Super Mods I've come to meet on this site. Ask me like 5-7 years ago and I would have been a nervous wreck trying to speak casually to someone with that status. It is also always good to chat with you in Classic Gaming and General Mario.

Thank you Kokoro for your efforts in trying to make forums succeed. You've put in a lot of effort for forums like General Mario to get active again and while it might not have caught on, we still had some good thread ideas and forum games there.

Thanks to new friend IamthebestNever for helping me become more in tune with 3DS games. If it wasn't for chatting with you in ACNL or General 3DS, I probably wouldn't be considering in getting games like Fire Emblem Fates or Happy Home Designer. He's also a very good guy to the rest of the PokeMods and I know he's just as caring to them as I've come to see.

Thank you Oglop for your wit in Classic Gaming. Post like Game of the Month: Pepsiman show that Classic Gaming isn't just about reminiscing but also remembering funny games like that exist too. Your newest thread there brought up a really good question and created some good activity. Thanks for being a good part of Classic Gaming.

Thank you uraniumoreo for being a pretty cool guy. I honestly think you're doing a pretty good job as a mod in Gaming Lounge. You also have pretty good taste in games and I'm not the slightest bit miffed that you beat all my records in Hotline Miami.

Thanks Gonzales for your activity in Classic Gaming. When you post there, you create a lot of activity and are a good addition to our forum games. It was also good to chat with you in General Mario as well. Your Game of the Month post for Crash 3 was very well written and I hope to see another from you later!

Thanks Jabba Overkill for your diligence in Movies and Books and Lit. Your categorizing and making sure all those types of media have threads is astounding. That must be a ton of work to research and post about everything and you must know a lot about all those subjects. You have great support with your co-mods and I hope I can help with Books and Lit in the future.

Thank you EvilTediz597 for your always well thought-out posts. I may not chat with you a lot, but when you do come to Classic Gaming, you write very descriptive posts about whatever the subject may be. While I don't usually post in Music, the bands you add there spark me to at least read more about them.

Thank you NightMoose for sparking activity in the ACNL forum. I know you're busy, but without you, we wouldn't have the fun ideas you bring there. You're also very generous when it comes to AC, selling sets for much lower than what some people want for them.

Thanks to Retro for always posting cool things in Classic Gaming. When you posted your Ninja Turtles stuff, it made me remember how much fun I had as a kid when I played with Ninja Turtle toys. You also know probably the most about obscure Classic Gaming things and you're also one of my go-to guys for questions.

Thank you nani17 for also posting pictures of your retro collections. It may make me and others envious, but just seeing all that classic loot is awesome and I'm really glad you get to enjoy it all.

A final thanks to everyone else I've met. You've all contributed to my staying here and trying to be the best member I can be. I'm sorry if I didn't get to thank you personally. It' a pleasure to meet you all and I hope we can continue to chat on the forums.
Lesley Pro_04 blogged
Nov 22, 16 3:24pm

This week, many families in the United States will be coming together to celebrate Thanksgiving, the origins of which go back to the early days of the Colonies and more specifically where the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in what we now know as Massachusetts.

With that being said, and knowing what my travel plans are, I thought I'd take some time to mention what I'm thankful for this year.

Heading into this Thanksgiving, the one thing that I'm thankful for more than anything else in this world: my friends.

As I compare between the start of this year, and as we head towards its conclusion, I'm in a completely different mindset than I was at the year's start. One that is exponentially better than the one I had before, and one that is stronger and more capable of dealing with things than before.

I really hit a rough patch in the middle of this year, and if not for my friends I'd probably be the same grumpy pants that I was at the year's start, which wasn't a healthy mindset to have.

That being said, I cannot thank you guys enough for staying with me even I was at my worst, and because of that, I stand here stronger than I was yesterday. While I won't name names or specifics here, you guys know who you are as you're on my NeoFriends list (as well as friends I've met on other sites), and it's you my friends is what I'm truly and completely thankful for this year. :)
Harvest Moon Angel blogged
Nov 20, 16 2:00pm

Want to know what has been up in my life the last 6 years? Check out my Neo-Home. I updated it with pictures and information about what is up.
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Nov 17, 16 8:50am

"Short-faced Bears" such as Arctodus (of North America) and Arctotherium (of South America) were some of the largest terrestrial mammalian carnivores to ever live.
Arctodus may have a slightly larger skeleton size than Arctotherium, but Arctotherium was more robust and heavier -- thus making it the bigger bear.
On all 4 legs, these bears would easily be able to look a 6-foot tall man straight in the eyes! But once they've reared up onto the hind legs they could range anywhere from 10-13 feet tall. The superb height is a result of having elongated legs, and on these long legs the Short-faced bears were capable of chasing down prehistoric horses! But instead of active hunting, these animals would've used their sheer size to intimidate other predators in order to steal their hard earned kill.

The arrival of humans, however, made life harder for the Short-faced bears. Humans over hunted and forced other predators into extinction and eventually the bears too.
Although, not all bears went extinct. Modern bears such as Grizzlies (who were omnivorous) weren't as specialized as the Short-faced bears (who were primarily carnivorous), and even though both coexisted with one another the Short-faced bears fell short and did not survive into the modern era...
sillydog22 blogged
Nov 15, 16 9:39pm

This website is censored af. I can't make one funny comment or start a sick trend without offending "the children" that use this site. Stupid children
Captain blogged
Nov 14, 16 10:19am

I'm back to "normal" or whatever that means. For me, I guess that means happily posting in a bunch of forums with reckless abandonment. I remember I used to be like that back in the young C Falcon days. I really didn't start expanding my posting until recently, but you kind of have to with how the site is now.

I've taken an interest in cooking so I'm hoping to get some activity going in the Food & Cooking forum. I'm interested to the point where I really wish I considered culinary school over traditional college. I'm not the kind of guy that enjoys learning stuff though books and lectures. I feel like I would have liked learning things by doing them. I did graduate with a degree in literature, but I only did it because I was decent in English class and decided that it would be the easiest choice in college. Alas!

This is not a person blog! Time to talk about Neoseeker stuff.

I'm happy that Classic Gaming is doing well. The guys there have really become my friends here, or at least it feels that way.

Speaking of people on Neoseeker, I kind of wanna do this thing were I write about certain users and talk about how cool/influential they are to me. I suppose it is a lot of praise and feel-good whatever, but I'm just trying to be a nice dude. I feel like I was pretty mean to a lot of people on this site over the years. One time I flat out told some dude I didn't like him in a post. That's really rude of young C Falcon.

I'm trying to make amends for that behaviour. I wanna take some time and write good things about users. Sure, most might just be my friends, but I'm gonna take some time to write about people I'm not friends with too. I'll do it here probably since I don't know where I'd post this on forums. It is too personal for a discussion based place.

So, be on the lookout for that I guess.


Share recipes, tips, and cool tidbits.

EpicRaptorMan blogged
Nov 10, 16 6:32pm

At first, this medium-sized, rebbachisaurid sauropod may look the same as any other sauropod.
But, you'd be wrong...
It was discovered in the country of Niger in Africa and lived during the Middle Cretaceous period.
Some of Nigersaurus' odd characteristics include: A relatively short neck (compared to the length of the tail) and a flat, vacuum-shaped mouth that was packed with hundreds and hundreds of teeth; arranged in about 50 columns and multiple rows.
The jaw was wider than the actual skull! And this is theorized to be an extreme adaptation used by Nigersaurus, a low browser, to be capable of pulling up the most amount of low-lying vegetation as possible in one bite.
Kam blogged
Nov 10, 16 2:01pm

I'd like to clarify one thing that many of you are probably wondering. My picture is Hana Asakura from Shaman King Flowers. There, I said it.
Seraphim blogged
Nov 5, 16 12:16pm

Hi, pretty new here. Just looking to buy/trade summoners war accounts. Idk who I can talk with or what I'm supposed to really do but...that should my objective pretty much. Thanks.
Captain blogged
Nov 4, 16 10:15am

Last post was pretty grim. Sorry about that.

Anyway, things are plateauing right now so I'm kind of in a stable state.

I've been reflecting on what some of my Neopals have been telling me like allingo, Chimaira, and sword_of_omens. I have good ideas and I suppose I stress on them too much. Sometimes my ideas of innovation build up and instead of exploding from creating so much work for myself, I implode and meltdown like you might have seen.

The truth is, I really wanna do all my good ideas. I really wanna see forums like Classic Gaming and General Final Fantasy have my cool ideas in them.

It isn't really Neoseeker's fault for why I'm so worked up too. My ideas here are just a fragment of me. I have these ideas and ambitions in real life too like my personal blog and my work life. All these things tie in and it just creates this massive weight. It's ironic because I have all these ideas and I weigh myself down with things that aren't even materialized. The heaviest thing, to me, are all just weightless ideas. I don't even know why I do this to myself. Maybe I'm just compensating with my lack of career aspirations/skills so I keep myself busy by doing things I know I can do here and on my personal blog.

Anyway, I apologize to you guys. In short, I've gone crazy. The C in C Falcon actually stands for "crazy."
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