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Dec 1, 17 2:01am

Stegosaurus, was first named by Othniel Charles Marsh in 1887. Ever since its discovery the Stegosaurus was notorious for being utterly stupid.
(Below is an image showing the brain cavity of Stegosaurus (in red).

Soon, Marsh began studying endocasts, which are internal casts of a hollow object, and in this case was the skull of a Stegosaurus. By performing endocasts we can get some general information of the brain's size and shape as well as some specifics on the development of the senses such as vision and olfaction. After comparing the brain cavities of Stegosaurus and an alligator Marsh states:

Marsh then concludes that Stegosaurus had one of the smallest brains relative to any known land vertebrate.

It did not stop there. Marsh also performed an artificial endocast in plaster of the Stegosaurus' sacral cavity, which is located in the hip region. In many vertebrates the spinal cord is thicker where it sends off nerve branches to the forelimbs and hindlimbs, but for Stegosaurus this cavity was unusually large...estimated to be 20 times larger than the brain. Marsh then described the sacral cavity as a "posterior brain case" and "posterior nervous center"-- thus the "Butt Brain" myth was born.

(Above is a comparison of a white plaster cast of a stegosaur sacral cavity and a natural stone endocast of the brain cavity).
It is often thought that this "butt brain" would control the coordination of the hind legs and spiked tail. A few scientists have even gone as far to say this "brain" was used for digestion and reproduction. Alternatively, some speculate that in this space there would have been an organ that was like a radio repeater, speeding up the nerve impulses so that the tail can react quicker when the Stegosaurus was threatened (if only such organ existed). This is all speculated simply because the real brain seemed too small.
The idea of a second brain is silly and generally is not approved by most paleontologists.

But if it wasn't a second brain, then what was it? Well, present day birds, the descendants of some dinosaurs, also possess a large expansion in the spinal cord. Inside this space of a bird's hip was a glycogen body. Glycogen bodies store energy-rich glycogen in the hips. Maybe Stegosaurus had this too? What is frustrating is the fact that scientists don't really know what the glycogen body does...perhaps it helps with balance, or storage of nutrients for when times got rough, or something else.
If this space did house a glycogen body for Stegosaurus we don't even know what biological role it accomplished. One thing is certain, dinosaurs did not have butt brains.

Want to learn more about Stegosaurus? Then go here.
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Nov 29, 17 11:02am

A policeman pulled a female driver over and asked to see her license.
After looking it over, he said to her, “Ma'am, it stipulates here on your license that you should be wearing glasses.”
“Well, I have contacts,” the woman replied.
“Look ma'am, I don’t care who you know,” snapped the officer. “You’re getting a ticket.”.
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Nov 28, 17 8:59am

Kanto: Get given a starter pokemon and an empty pokedex to fill up by catching Pokemon from a Pokemon Professor
Yay, learning about Pokemon by catching and battling!
Rival is a smart ass and always one step ahead.
Team Rocket: We are gonna steal your Pokemon, make you spend all your pokedollars in our casinos and extort money at every opportunity!
Me: Hell no!
The trainer eventually battles the Team Rocket Kingpin, Giovanni in his Gym. He runs off. Wins the Pokemon league. Catches Mewtwo.

Johto: Get given a starter pokemon n empty pokedex to fill up by catching Pokemon.from a Pokemon Professor
Oo, more Pokemon to learn about!
Rival seems to hate the world, particularly dislikes the weak.
Remnants of Team Rocket: We're still gonna go catch and steal your pokemon and extort money only this time we're gonna call our boss on the radio tower so he'll come back while the radio waves force the Magikarp evolve!
Me: Oh no you won’t!
The trainer eventually puts Team Rocket’s scheme into deconstruction. Finds out that the rival is Giovanni’s son. He hates Team Rocket. Hrm.. so that’s what Rocket Boss was up to? Nah, that can’t be right. Wins the Pokemon league. Catches the ever roaming Legendaries, too.

Hoenn: Get given a starter pokemon n empty pokedex to fill up by catching Pokemon.from a Pokemon Professor
Oo, more Pokemon to learn about again.
Rival is a nice guy and Wally got a shiny Ralts! Well, there goes my chance of finding one.
Team Magma: We’re gonna summon Groudon so it’ll make more land for us and pokemon to live on!
Team Aqua: We’re gonna expand the sea so the pokemon who dwell there can enjoy more room!
Me: Wait, have you thought this through? I mean, seriously tampering with the environment is really, really bad idea. No, really.
The Teams are defeated but summon the Legendary Pokemon anyway and all hell breaks loose.
Me: For the love of Lord Helix!
The trainer eventually stops the chaos by catching the offending Pokemon. No more bad weather. Wins another Pokemon league. Good times.

Sinnoh: Get given a starter pokemon n empty pokedex to fill up by catching Pokemon.
Oo, more Pokemon, eh? Nice.
Rival is uhm... yeah. Barry? Could also be your alter ego in the game.
Team Galactic: We want to recreate the entire Pokemon Universe!
Me: That’s... A little drastic, isn’t it?
The team get thwarted, however Cyrus has other plans.
Cyrus: The human heart is weak! Screw you world, I’m going to remake the universe so there shall be no emotion. It will be perfect!
He summons both Palkia and Dialga using red chains. Giratina pops up and spirits Cyrus away.
Me: This guy sure knows how to bring it down upon himself.
With the help of Cynthia, the trainer goes to the Distortion world captures Giratina and meets up with Cyrus which seems to like it there. Went home, beat the Pokemon League. Nice.

Unova: Get given a starter pokemon n empty pokedex to fill up by catching Pokemon.
Oo, more Pokemon, eh? Nice.
Rival is N? Cheren and Bianca?
Team Plasma: We shall liberate all the pokemon! We will steal them if we have to!
Me: Isn’t thieving pokemon sort of Team Rocket’s bag?
Team Rocket: Oi! Pokemon theft is our plan! Get your own plans, you fakers!
Me: I thought so. Anyway Plasma, you are not getting my team.
Random encounters with Plasma grunts and the rest of the hierarchy are hunted down. Blast that Team Plasma! N is defeated
Ghetsis: That boy is a freak and a failure!
Me: Bloody hell, mate. No need to be like that. I defeated him because he wanted me to throw away my team.
Ghetis: Actually, I exploited the team so I’ll be the only one with Pokémon because I am perfect!
Me: You’re not! Plus you’re not exactly the winner of “Father of the year” award neither.
The trainer beats seven shades of uh,... manure out of Ghetsis’ team. Also gets the chance to catch Zekrom. Happily skips off and defeats the champions at the Pokemon League.

Kalos: Get given a starter pokemon and empty pokedex from Trevor to fill up by catching Pokemon.
Oo, more Pokemon, Good galloping Arceus! How many of them are there now?
Rival: Tierno, Shauna, Calem, Trevor?
Team Flare: We are going to make a better, more beautiful world...
Me: That’s nice. Makes a refreshing change from all that exploiting, stealing and general bullying that most teams go for.
Team Flare: And make money while doing it!
Me: Oh...kay. I suspect that’ll be tough...

The trainer meets up with the Professor who introduces you the Tall red haired guy

Professor Sycamore: Here’s one of the trainers endeavouring to fill the pokedex
Lysandre: Ooh look one of the Chosen Ones have arrived. I'm Lysandre. It is good to see trainers striving to achieve their goals. Oh look you have a Holocaster.
Me: Wow, thanks you are really kind guy. (Although for some reason his whole appearence screams that he could be sort of....villiainous.)

Team Flare are seen attempting to steal fossils, electricity and pokeballs. They are also thwarted. Trainer helps an Abomasnow who was harrassed by more Team Flare members
The trainers find out that Team Flare are not the good guys they say they are. The trainer is eventually contacted by Lysandre.
Lysandre: I shall use the ultimate weapon and erase all life from the world! I’m going to fire the weapon and drop a giant laser beam on all of your heads! The chosen ones will be spared so, you know, for continuation of human life in a less populated, better and more beautiful world.
Me: I really liked you right up until you said that you want to drop a giant laser beam on my head. You’re going down!

Trainer defeats Lysandre once in the Labs then having to choose a button for the “Chosen one” test, in the Team Flare Secret HQ which was a big fat lie. Bloody Xerosic!
Battled and caught a nifty Xerneas in the Secret HQ it was linked to the weapon!
Battled and defeated a pimped out Lysandre who threw down those cool shades in a rage.
*Lysandre: I had given people all the things that they need to help themselves.. .But they just want more and more resorting to theft! People and their entitlement!...
Trainers attempt to reason with him, he decides in his wisdom that everyone shall share the same fate and fires the weapon which resulted in many a fouling of britches and people scarpering. Weapon fired upon itself burying Lysandre.
So in X he said that you would live forever. So basically he had buried himself alive for all eternity? That has to hurt. Poor guy.
Anyway crisis averted, time to go defeat the Pokemon League. The trainer did so.

*I think that this was glossed over somewhere in game. Can't rightly remember if it was mentioned but I got the impression.
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Nov 28, 17 12:50am

The debate on whether or not Tyrannosaurus was an active predator or a scavenger has been going on for a century now!

Predator Theory:
·The cranial orbits of Tyrannosaurus faced forward and gave the animal bionuclar vision, much like a modern lion or human. A scavenger, on the other hand, would not need such advanced depth perception.
·Tyrannosaurus was also equipped with powerful jaws and serrated teeth.
·Due to the long and robust legs, some paleontologists believe that T. rex could run at speeds of 30 mph. However, more recent studies put the average adults of a speed around 18 mph.

Scavenger Theory:
·Some scientists believe that Tyrannosaurus was quite slow and incapable of chasing down prey.
·Famous paleontologist, Jack Horner, who is in favor of the Scavenger Theory says that the eyes of T. rex were too small to spot distant prey.
·The arms are too small and too weak and were useless for hunting.
·The olfactory chamber was also highly advanced and would grant the T. rex the ability to smell carcasses from miles away.

However, many scientists agree that Tyrannosaurus was both a predator and a scavenger. For example, modern day lions are known to actively hunt, but they are also known to steal carcasses from hyenas or scavenge when the opportunity presents itself.

In favor of the Predator Theory, in 2013, a hadrosaur tail was discovered in South Dakota and interestingly enough had a four centimeter-long Tyrannosaurus tooth embedded within. What makes this discovery stand out is the presence of healed bone that grew around the tooth; fusing the vertebrae together. But what does this mean? This means that this hadrosaur escaped the attack and lived on for months or even years!

Even with this evidence, it still doesn't end the long-lasting debate. So what are your thoughts? Is Tyrannosaurus a predator or a scavenger?
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Nov 23, 17 4:40am

A prehistoric flying squirrel? Well, not quite.
This is none other than Volaticotherium antiquum, a gliding mammal of the Jurassic period.
Volaticotherium was no flying squirrel, but it did possess a gliding membrane. This membrane extended between the limbs and then to the base of the tail as well as the fingers.
This gliding mammal also had a couple other adaptions that allowed it to be so successful: A flattened tail to increase air flow and proportionally longer limbs (a trait many flying/gliding animals share). Being an arboreal, or tree-dwelling, mammal the toes of Volaticotherium were designed for grasping...the hands on the other hand were poorly preserved.

Volaticotherium's teeth were also unique. Long, backward curving cusps and lengthy canines implies a carnivorous diet, but being as small as it was, Volaticotherium probably only ate insects.
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Nov 16, 17 9:47am

A priest books into a hotel. At reception, he asks if the porn channel is disabled.
The receptionist looks at him in disgust and says "No, its just regular porn you sick bast*rd!"
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Nov 12, 17 9:36am

Gaming is my life. I live games, breathe games and sleep games (and eat and drink them too, for good measure!). Been playing them since i can remember, and have put so many hours of them into my young life!

My passion is gaming and making games but I'm interested in ALL things design. If you haven't figured it out by now- Games are my passion.

But honestly I'm passionate about anything creative or mind-expanding - I'm VERY passionate about music (any progressive music, electronic/ambient/downtempo, KScope music label) and I even worked at a record company at one point. I love photography, poetry, reading (non-fiction or fiction), science and cinematography.

A massive thanks to:
  • The guys in the Dynasty Warriors threads, you know who you are (quick shout-out to Gotenks and Captain ). My favourite place to hang out on Neoseeker nowadays!
  • My boys on the Playstation network, my "clan". 4HM for life!
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Nov 12, 17 10:33am

So somehow I had finished the post game (luckily my dream did not spoil that for me) but there was a new feature unlocked involving Pokemon Amie only with the villainous bosses. WTF, right? So I click on a Giovanni icon and the first one in 'the team' was Cyrus. In order to make this little ball of no emotion tolerate you, was to feed him when hungry and leave it at that.
Swapping to another which was Lysandre was to feed, show him how much you have progressed and if you had progressed further that last time you fed him he'd get happier.
Depending on which game you got (I had Ultra Sun) Maxie was next and you fed him and had to do an Battle Archie mini game and depending on the outcome he'd get happy if you got more points each time you tended to him.
Next was Ghetsis you fed him and there was two minigames for this one. First one was "Kill N" in which you had to build an elaborate trap for the boy to step into. The most brutal would make him happy. The other was tending to him more that Giovanni so he would become stronger and overthrow the Rocket boss.
The last one was Giovanni and to make him a happy boss was to go collect the strongest pokemon and give them to him. So in effect if you made several high levelled teams and gave those teams to him he'd be your bestie and made you an honourary Rainbow Rocket Admin when fully happy. Your trainer would get the outfits and hair styles of all the organisations if you made them all happy as a reward plus some people in game would comment on your appearence when dressed up.

Yep I'm messed up and I'm sure I've missed one or two out. Pity this was not real.
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Nov 6, 17 8:20am

An old couple celebrates their 50th wedding anniversary in their home.
"Just think," the old man says, "we were sitting here at this same breakfast table, naked as jaybirds, 50 years ago."
"Well," the old lady snickers, "what do you say -- should we get naked?"

The two immediately strip to the buff and sit back down at the table. "You know, honey," the little old lady says slyly, "My breasts burn for you now as they did 50 years ago."
"I'm not surprised," replies the old man. "One's in your coffee and the other is in your oatmeal!"
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Nov 4, 17 10:32pm

Here we have a small semi-aquatic mammal that lived about 164,000,000 years ago during the Jurassic Period. Its remains were discovered in what is now Mongolia embedded in lakebed sediments which further points to a semi-aquatic lifestyle.
A distinctive feature of Castorocauda was its tail. Their tails were broad and covered with scales and hair, although hair growth lessened towards the tip and the caudal vertebrae was flattened. This paddle-like tail would have been great for Castorocauda when propelling itself through the water. On top of that, impressions of webbing can also be found in between the toes.
If you haven't realized it yet, Castorocauda is quite similar to a beaver or an otter. In fact, the genus name Castorocauda means "beaver tail" and the species name lutrasimilis translates to "similar to otter". And like the modern platypus, Castorocauda seems to be adapted to digging as well. We know this by looking in depth at their robust forelimbs.

Judging by the animal's teeth Castorocauda was a piscivore, feeding on fish and small invertebrates within its Jurassic environment. And by Jurassic standards at 500-800g (1 to almost 2 pounds) and 42.5cm (17 inches) in length, Castorocauda was a very large mammaliaform!
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Nov 4, 17 1:50pm

Our most exciting school task to take on yet is to pick your favourite novel and do around 20 full page illustrations. I picked The Martian from Andy Weir, wish me luck so I can finish it on time!
You can still reach me here, but I might be unavailable for trading and breeding sessions.
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Nov 4, 17 11:51am

A penguin was driving down the road one night, when the "Check Engine" light came on. He pulled over at the gas station, and the attendant said he'd take a look at it, and tell him what was wrong.
The penguin went over to a nearby shop and bought a vanilla ice cream cone. He finished the ice cream, threw the wrapper away, and walked back to the gas station, where the attendant was waiting for him.
"It looks like you blew a seal," said the attendant.
"Oh, no. Its just vanilla ice cream," replied the penguin.
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Nov 2, 17 8:49am

The family wheeled Grandma out on the lawn, in her wheelchair where the activities for her 100th birthday were taking place. Grandma couldn't speak very well but she could write notes when she needed to commmunicate.
After a short time out on the lawn, grandma started leaning off to the right, so, some of the family members grabbed her sat her up straight and stuffed pillows on her right side. A short time later, she started leaning off to the left so some of the family members grabbed her sat her up straight and stuffed pillows on her left side.
Soon, she started leaning forward, so family members grabbed her and tied a pillow around her waist to hold her up. A nephew arrived late and came up to grandma and asked 'Hiya gran, you're looking good how are they treating you?'
Grandma took out her little note pad and pen and slowly wrote a note to the nephew 'Those bastards won't let me fart!'
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Nov 2, 17 1:53am

After years of being blasted into a net, the human cannonball went to the circus owner and told him he was going to retire.

"But you can't!" Shouted the cigar-chomping boss. "Where am I going to find a man of your caliber?"
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Nov 1, 17 9:18pm

Only one skeleton of this sauropod has been discovered and that was in 1984. However, this solo skeleton was essentially complete making Amargasaurus well known. This animal was small for a sauropod only reaching 9-10 (30-33 feet) in length and weigh up to 2.9 tons (5,800 pounds). Amargasaurus is a part of the family of sauropods known as the Dicraeosauridae and like other members within this family they too had relatively short necks (of about 2.4 meters or 7.9 feet). And that is where this sauropod's unique feature lies... Amargasaurus' cervical vertebrae were installed with upwardly elongated neural spines. The neural spines were bifurcated down the entire neck thus creating a double row. The longest of these spines was located on the eighth cervical and reached 24 inches in length.
The true purpose and appearance of these spines is still currently unknown. It is, however, possible that these spines were covered in keratinous sheaths (which could add alot of length to the overall structure) similar to present day bovids such as antelopes, bison, and goats. These spines may have been used as a weapon against carnivores when the sauropod's neck was lowered and suddenly pulled backwards when the predator attacked. Other uses could possibly include display for courtship or intimidation for rivals. Some scientists have also hypothesized that rivaling males would interlock their spines when fighting. And a more bizarre hypothesis was made by Gregory Paul in 2000, he thought the spines could have rattled into one another when the animal shook its neck; creating sound.

In 1997, Jack Bailey suggested that the spines of Amargasaurus supported a sail used for display. Though unlike other sail-bearing animals such as Dimetrodon, Amargasaurus' neural spines were forked, creating a double row along the neck and back. The possibility of possessing two parallel sails only 3-7 centimeters apart seemed unlikely. Also, the presence of a sail on the neck would hinder flexibility.
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