Tainted blogged
Nov 30, 08 7:32pm

So I'm sitting here bored out of my mind, trying to decide what to do. My TV is turned off because there is nothing engaging my interests at the moment. I could try and take a nap, but I'm as aware as I'll ever be and I don't think my body would respond well to me shutting it down. I could hit the my.neoforum button over and over again until something new comes up, but I already do that all day every day.

What about video games? I could probably get a half an hour of enjoyment out of my DS, but trying to beat my Time Trials records on Mario Kart DS is frustrating anymore. And I gave back the copy of Animal Crossing: Wild World I was borrowing, so my options are limited to Pokemon, Digimon, Mario Kart, and the new Castlevania game that I have already beat. So I'm going to skip picking up my DS, although that's not the purpose of this blog.

And as for my Nintendo Wii? That's almost laughable at this point. My Wii is actually packed up in its carrying case because I took it to a friend's house. I ended up not using it there, and I haven't had the motivation to set it up again. At my friends house we play Guitar Hero: World Tour and a bit of Brawl, but it wasn't as much gaming as I had expected. What did we do instead? Spent hours using the "Compare People" application on Facebook.

You are probably thinking one of two things: 1.) How on Earth is Facebook more fun than the Nintendo Wii? or 2.) Why are you hanging out with losers who spend their days using the "Compare People" application on Facebook? To the latter, I can't offer much of an explanation. But to the first though, I can say this: I am losing my faith in the Nintendo Wii, and am currently facing a huge case of Buyer's Remorse.

Back in November 2006 when I bought the Wii, I was in love. Wii Sports was cute and fun and all of that, and even my parents were getting in on the action. I bought Red Steel along with my Wii, and I even got a lot of enjoyment out of that sub par game. Things were great.

The first year of the Wii's lifetime were pretty exciting. Games like Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and WarioWare: Smooth Moves graced my Wii for hours upon hours at a time. The first party support for the system was incredible, even if the third party support was still a bit lackluster.

But now there seems to be a huge role reversal in terms of game quality: Nintendo offers a new Animal Crossing title, and Wii Music, while third party developers pump out titles like Guitar Hero: World Tour, de Blob, Call of Duty: World at War, The Conduit. It's almost like Nintendo is purposely cutting me off, leaving me with no options and a bad taste in my mouth.

Don't get me wrong here; Nintendo has brought some stellar titles to the Wii. I still play Brawl whenever I have a group of friends over, and games like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario brought me endless hours of delight. But what do I have now? A crappy music simulator and the promise of good games next year. What if I don't want to wait until next year?

Nintendo seems to have thrown me under the proverbial bus in favor of the larger crowd of casual gamers. It's like Miyamoto has thrown up the bird in my face while conducting a cacophonous symphony of grandma's playing Wii Music. And the sad thing is, I am just going to sit here and take it.

Why? Well, for starters, I'm dead broke. Being broke means that I can't go out and buy a 360 out of spite. Believe me, I would if I could. The 360 has so many good games it hurts. Mirror's Edge, Halo 3, Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, even the latest FIFA is supposed to be tons of fun. But I won't have the opportunity to play any of those games because I'm stuck with Nintendo's ill-fated little bugger.

And I won't be selling the Wii. I am actually pretty excited about Wii MotionPlus (which is really just another middle finger from Nintendo, but that's for a different day, and a different rant), and more importantly, The Conduit. The Conduit is really the one game that is preventing me from driving to my nearest GameStop and getting 30 bucks for my mint condition Wii and 12 games.

So there you have it. A rant from a peeved Nintendo fan who can't find any redeemable qualities about the Wii at present. Is there hope for the console? I think so. Nintendo has always been a producer of high quality first party titles, and I haven't completely lost my faith in the company.

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jespomo blogged
Nov 30, 08 9:59pm

Hi jes here.

I'll probably be using this mostly for talking about the football matches I attend while following The Posh around the country but occasionally something else will get thrown in as I think about it.

I'll start off with a few stats about my travels in the last 12 years with Posh. I've visited 25 different grounds from Carlisle to Plymouth, I've travelled almost 7,500 miles, I've seen 116 games against 67 different teams from Premiership to Ryman League, I've seen 52 players score 176 goals for Posh and I've seen 7 people manage Posh including Barry Fry, Ron Atkinson and Darren Ferguson.

More next time.

Next Match Attending

Lille v Toulouse
6/12/08 8pm
Stadium Lille-Metropole

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Mocking Alvin blogged
Dec 1, 08 12:43am

That's right ladies and gentlemen, i have a new found respect for Elton John. Don't get me wrong, i had a certain amount of respect for him already. No-one who has heard Rocketman could say that this man does not have a great song writing ability, and those who have seen pictures of his stage shows could not deny that the man has style. What i hadn't realised though, was how difficult it is to sing and play piano at the same time!

Now, i am a fairly good guitarist (even if i do say so myself), and i've never found singing and playing guitar at the same time particularly challenging. Having been playing piano since i was like 9, i thought singing and playing a piece of music similtaniously would be fairly simple aswell. Oh how i was mistaken. I got the piano down pretty easily, and i deliberately picked a song that didn't sound too difficult (Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word), but whenever i tried to open my motuh i just screwed up the piano completely. Elton John makes it looks so simple!

What's wrong with me?

Twin_Master blogged
Nov 30, 08 10:54pm

So, I too will put in my thoughts on the who blogs issue, however brief it may be. All this talk about how people don't want to read about other's random crap really got to me. I'm feeling a bit ashamed, as a few of my blogs have started out like that. This whole issue has got me a bit concerned about even posting up.
I feel as though these blogs are a positive outlet for neoseeker members. Hell, it may be short and confusing, but it allows members to have a positive outlet for whatever may be concerning them.
It would be far more convenient to not put restrictions on it.

If members don't want random life stuff mentioned in blogs, they don't have to read it.

If they want to keep blogs generally hardware/gaming site related, they can keep THEIR blog related to that.

I just don't think it seems fair if a few people don't agree with how the blogs are running, they should take down the freedom from everyone.
So now I'm awaiting a PM Inbox full of hate mail. Although, I would appreciate any comments any member may have about this blog.

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Machienzo blogged
Dec 1, 08 5:11am

So I recently read Chad's blog entry on the appropriate use of NeoBlogs within the site. After providing my thoughts and feedback on the issue, I still have thoughts on whether or not to continue posting up entries here. Obviously, there is still doubt over the nature of these blogs and I am pretty much sceptical as to whether or not I am allowed to post things such as my rants here. However, it is in my strong opinion that blogs do remain generalised and not Gaming/Hardware restricted. To me, if that were to happen, things would be much more 'free' and much easier. Otherwise you'd have to constantly monitor your own blog entries as well as others (this would especially be the task of Supermoderators and NeoStaff most likely) to see that it complied with Neoseeker's blogging code of conduct. Also, it'd be much like a prison situation. Okay, maybe not as outrageous as that, but think of it as school all over again. You don't exactly have that freedom to do what you want and the whole interest in it gets destroyed over time. Let's all be honest, at some point in our schooling life we did eventually get sick and tired of the education system. Anyway, after I had heard rumours about the whole issue of keeping Blogs restricted to gaming only, the whole concept of NeoBlogs really threw my interest out the window. At that point I had lost a lot of enthusiasm for the system and was certain that it was doomed for failure. However, in light of recent opposing to the claim, I am confident that I will continue to bring 'High-Quality' non-gaming blog entries to NeoBlogs in the future. Also, in response to my first blog entry in which I pondered over whether or not I should move my blogging activity permanently to NeoBlogs, I've decided that I'm going to maintain both.

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Tweety Pie blogged
Dec 1, 08 4:09am

The foghorn sound of my snozzlers exploding once more erupts through the room. I have the plague, and I am dying. My throat is dry no more how much water is tossed down to it, my head aches no matter how many aspirins are taken, no matter how many walls it is banged against. And to top it all of my nose is rebelling and insisting on spurting a viscous, thick, green sludge out at high speed every minute or so. Little bastard. The very sound of my typing is disturbing by the occasional snot rocket and every tap of a button grinds another jigsaw of pain into my cranium. A growing bag of used tissues is at my feet, a loo roll at my side, as I lament at the current predicament I am in. Woe is me woe is me woe is me. The unending depression caused by my degraded position is made all the worse by the fact that this is a weekend. The only freetime I get, and I'm spending it bitching because I feel crap. Woopdedoo. Perfect for me to miss the game today.

Anyway, you probably don't want a self-pity ramble from me, so I'll try and direct my descriptive energies elsewhere, hohum. I could ramble about rambling in a ramblish kind of way. See? I suppose, I suppose, um, I typed that went away and lost my train of thought. Ah yes, I suppose I could talk about a game or something, extend my borders, reach out of the world of tissues and snot rockets. Good idea mate. Spot on. Right, so. Recently I downloaded the national association badges for Football Manager 08 (thanks to the lovely cgauld7) to replace the generic rounded flags, and they look good. They look really good, they give the game variation that looks good with the Flex skin and cut-out facepack. The game looks really really good. And so does my team. But after looking at the squad line-up in overview mode I saw that I had more Spaniards than Englishmen in my 2014 Liverpool squad. Seeing as I had attempted to roleplay Rafael Benitez in the game this didn't surprise me, but then I looked back at my past transfers, and I hadn't signed a player from an English club for three years, when I panic bought Matt Murray as a back-up keeper from Wolves. Wondering why, it was pretty easy to come to the conclusion that they were all overpriced bastards anyway, and my youth squad produced enough gems anyway. So I clicked on my youth squad, and my assistant rated my top five youngsters under eighteen, only one of them was English, one was Polish, one Scottish and the other two Irish. Bugger that, I really was a foreign outlet. All Liverpudlian youngsters though.

It was time to compare my English and Spanish players to try and observe any class difference, it was- Pepe Reina, Miguel Torres, Raul Albiol, Emilio Insua, Iago, Silva, Fernando Torres, Alfonso Guerrero (regen forward) and Antonio Barragan versus Jack Hobbs, Steven Gerrard, Paul Anderson, Adam Barnes (regen wonderkid), Justin Kelly (another good regen) and Daryl Fisher (regen who failed to live up to expectations). 9 v 6. Looking at that the standard was higher in the Spanish camp, but they were generally maturer players in their peak and internationals, while the English contingent had only two players between 22 and 30, the rest being either youngsters or older (Gerrard). It seemed that the Spaniard were generally better and first teamers, while the English ones would one day be, hopefully.

What a ramble, I probably lost a lot of readers with that, ho hum. You'd have to be dedicated to slave your way through that, and I will be gratified if you did. Muchos gracias, all of you. And I hope your not too bored out of your skull.

Bloggity bloggity bloggity bloggity bloggity blogty blog.

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Chad blogged
Nov 30, 08 3:26pm

There seems to be a bit of a controversy as to what NeoBlogs should be used for. Some say that they should be used specifically for gaming and hardware since this is a gaming/hardware site (it is officially a hardware site, but the gaming aspects of it seem to be more popular). Others say that NeoBlogs should be used like regular blogs, but to a reasonable extent. I'm here to try to say the pro's and con's for both, and decide myself. Who knows, maybe by the time I finish this entry I would have persuaded not only myself, but others to have a similar to view to what my conclusion says is best.

For starters, the arguement stating that NeoBlogs should be used strictly for gaming and hardware related things. I do think that personal game diaries and even hardware diaries would be a good and fun read. Also things about upcoming games, such as members thoughts on games and hardware, prior to or post-release would be a good way to express your opinions on such things. One thing that I find kind of funny with this arguement is that the current set of categories includes things that don't always relate to gaming/hardware such as Books, Movies, Anime, Musings/Thoughts, Web Development, TV and Shows, and the Other category. Now yes, some of these can pertain to gaming/hardware such as movies/books/anime that were turned into a game, and the same with tv shows. Just as well, musings/thoughts could be about games/hardware. Web Development.....well, I'll get back to you on that one as to how people are linking that to gaming/hardware.

Now, for the group who generally agree on having the NeoBlogs used just like regular blogs. Now yeah, almost all of the members from this group do agree that you shouldn't use it for trivial matters such as your dating life, or something like that. I mean, not many people want to know about someone's thoughts on why somebody they don't even know doesn't like them, or that someone looked at them funny today. But, I do like how it doesn't have to be about gaming. This allows the other use for the categories mentioned above that aren't always linked to gaming/hardware. If someone wants to talk about his/her favorite anime/movies/books and give their recommendations on them, then by all means do it. We do have a Movies and Books section, and Anime is a very popular entity that has a popular forum, and has many DVD's of anime series/movies in the Movies section. Same thing with the TV and Shows category, as well as the Other category and Musings/Thoughts. Maybe someone begins to think about something that has to do with the mind and how certain things aid it, like I did here, shouldn't they be allowed to talk about it?

There have been a couple of official announcements for NeoBlogs, one found here, in the News articles section, the other here, in the Site News and Announcements forum. In that first source, kspiess mentions:

With the NeoBlogs, any Neoseeker who has more than 50 forum posts can start blogging about whatever they'd like to talk about. You can talk about the games you are playing. You can talk about the weather. You can even talk about sandwiches -- or technology! -- using our NeoBlogging system.
Whether he literally meant that, or was just saying that, is up for you to decide (until he steps in and tells us), but regardless, he does mention things other than gaming/hardware (barring sandwiches, if you thought he was joking) such as weather. In the second source, Redemption says:

Now you can blog about your adventures and challenges in gaming, your favourite movies, your favourite cake, life, the universe, and just about anything.
Again, we see things that have a small chance of pertaining to gaming/hardware, such as your favorite cake (which I'm guessing he slid that in there since it was promised in that first source for blogging), the universe. Now, out of context, you could say the gaming/hardware universe and all things in the universe pertaining to gaming/hardware, but it seems as though not only did he already mention gaming things, but as the sentence progresses he was moving away from the normal stuff you see on Neo. This leads me to believe that when he mentions life, the universe, and just about anything, he means you can blog about anything (within reason), whether it is about gaming/hardware or not. This is just my interpretation of these two official sources. Now if kspiess or Red want to clarify and say that it meant something else, then I guess I was wrong with how I perceived it.

When it all comes down to it, which direction we take NeoBlogs in will better benefit Neo, I'm really not sure. If we blog about anything (within reason), then it benefits Neo's community because we learn more about each other beyond just their gaming/hardware experiences. Which will better benefit Neo's professionalism? Hands down having it strictly gaming/hardware because outside visitors that may stumble upon it would be more attracted to seeing members opinions/experiences with games/hardware than they would be if they saw someone ranting about an epiphany they had that day. Still, do we really need that strict of a professional look? I think it would turn a lot of the members off NeoBlogging which could make NeoBlogging be a failed feature.

At the end of the day, I side with the group that is in a general agreement that we use NeoBlogs for things other than gaming/hardware. I would like to see many gaming journals and the like, but having it strictly that wouldn't be a very good thing. Thoughts? Arguements I missed (there are quite a few)? Am I an idiot because of my opinion on this? :)

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1831 blogged
Nov 30, 08 8:32am

Dear blog, xsynergyx said yes!!!! We are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. :):):) Today I decided to surprise her and we stayed at home playing Mirror's Edge. After much debating and almostthrowingthecontrolleratthewall we have come to the conclusion that while the base mechanics are very very good, it tries too hard to be an action game and the result is a brilliant prologue+ first three chapters, but then it sinks into an infuriating mess that both ignores what made the early game so great, and has a horrible story!

PS, Ecto5 and I had a lovel picnic the other day. We really must do it again sometime.

R1DDL3S blogged
Nov 30, 08 11:27pm

With the coming year just around the bend, I for some reason have become intrigued with some DS titles coming. One just recently released (according to the Nintendo Channel) and the other coming around some time in 2009.


Moon is an action adventure title with a first person view. Set in the year 2058, the player is an investigator of sorts and lands on the moon to investigate a new area found. The game is supposed to play out somewhat like Metroid Prime Hunters and has eight weapons for use. Developed by Renegade Kid, the title is also supposed to have some "horrorish" roots to the story.

Unfortunately, the game has no multiplayer or wifi. Definite put off for me at this point.


This game seems to have all my attention as of late, yet all that many details are available (nor is the profile which I requested yesterday when I found out about the game :o). The game is confirmed to feature 4 player DS download play for you and your friends (that means only one game cart needed) as well as 4 player wifi options :) and according to IGN is coming out December 16, 2008. :)

The game seems to be shaping up nicely after at least eleven months in development and a multiplayer video has been released. While playing you can jump around and shoot, aiming with a single white dot reticule, enemies in generally dark areas. When shot the top screen flashes with a blood splatter border and a brief "grh" sound from the character.

The addition of multiplayer to a gripping story and great graphics which seem to push the boundaries is just another reason to look into this game.

For more information, visit the site at corethegame.com

A few images:

With the coming year just around the bend, I for some reason have become intrigued with some DS titles coming. One just recently released (according to the Nintendo Channel) and the other coming around some time in 2009.

Hope these titles can satisfy us "hardcore" gamers :)

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Artificer blogged
Nov 30, 08 4:51am

I admit that few things feel better than coming up with a color scheme that works and works well, but for the rest of us mortals there is a fantastic site from Adobe Labs called Kuler.

When you first go to the site you're greeted with a number of highly rated color schemes that use five colors, like Cold Lake, shown below.

After browsing through a few themes, I found The Sky Through Glass, some of the colors of which you'll see on this blog. Usually I will find a scheme that I like and choose one or two of those colors for a web site. If you want the hex color codes, click on the somewhat hidden button outlined in red below to go to the editor.

At the editor, you can find the color codes for any of the colors shown. You can also tweak existing themes to meet your needs or even create your own color schemes from scratch!

I'd be really interested in seeing what kind of themes Neoseekers are using, so I'd appreciate if you leave a comment here if you're using a theme on your blog that you found or created on Kuler.

Happy Coloring!


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Ripulse blogged
Nov 30, 08 2:02am


My birthday's gone.

Not gone as in I can't find it, but gone as in it's passed. So it's gone. But oh well.

I don't feel like making some sort of big post anymore, so I'll just rate a few games I've played recently.

Animal Crossing: Wild World: 8/10

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 9/10

Mario Kart Wii: 7/10

Kingdom Hearts (yeah I know, I little late): 8/10

Pokemon Diamond: 8/10

Appollo Justice: Ace
Attorney: 8/10

That's it I guess. So tired right now.

Back to my new iPod nano. (Sorry; just had to mention that.)
RabidChinaGirl blogged
Nov 30, 08 1:31am

You know, I think Rick Rolling is dumb. I've only been Rick Rolled once because anyone who knows me also knows something has to be pretty *bleep*ing funny to make me laugh... and most Internet memes aren't. I also grew up when Never Gonna Give You Up was popular, and I listened to it. You friggin' whipper snappers!

But I cannot express how much I respect people who can laugh at themselves, and Rick Astley wins hard for that reason. May he be elevated to the same status as Chuck Norris from this moment on.

This seriously made my day. Warmed my soul a bit too!

I actually don't care about Chuck Norris but still laugh at the jokes. I remember Walker, Texas Ranger pretty well, too. Yeah that's right, I'm a 90s baby!

Rock on, Rick Astley.

I'll need to start thinking about what to write for my next Sunday editorial... thing. I'm considering taking them out of the front page and transferring the Sunday Specials to my blog.

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Tainted blogged
Nov 30, 08 12:36am

I apologize for straying from my normal gaming rants, but I have a request for you guys. I was hoping for some feedback on the color scheme of my blog. I like it, but I'm not sure if it's pleasing to the eye. I would like to hear feedback, as well as any suggestions that you may have regarding the color scheme of my blog. Thanks guys!

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Twin_Master blogged
Nov 30, 08 3:37am

Last night saw me up past 4am this morning, watching the 2nd series of The Unit. Our family absolutely loves that TV Show, and I am absolutely hooked on it too. I definitely recommend, as it has it's fair share of dramatisation, action and cunning feats of director ingenuity. Some of the episodes last night had me guessing the wrong way, which is Exactly what they want to do.
Sometime around 3am, during my father's early morning insomnia toilet break was I caught, and nicely told to go to sleep. But I wasn't tired.
So, the rest of the morning till 4am, I started playing Pokemon Genesis, a user made hack. It's actually quite a good gad, though still in Beta Form.

Anyway now, I'm completely skimped on something fun to add to this...
Nothing. This blog is so damn freaking boring, and is just me trying to get you to watch this series.
Sorry to have wasted your time guys.
Although it can be a little detail to what is install for my blogs. I'm going to try to set a Christmas theme for the holidays so we can all bask in the pumpkin.
Ohh wait, wrong festivity.
Jingle Bells or Santa's hats or.. whatever. Christmas stuff.

One last thing before I duck out to have Breakfast at some Chinese Restaurant, I've managed to get some themes going for my MPO+ forum, so I'm hoping they turn out well. Thanks for viewing, if you have managed to read all this.

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The Deathwind blogged
Nov 30, 08 3:32pm

Seriously. One image. One little (okay, 950x120 pixels) image. That's all I want. Something other than my mediocre wit to set me apart. Most importantly, it's what this thing seems dead set on denying me. Probably because I have no bloody clue how to work CSS, but I have a feeling the site plain not accepting my chosen header my have something to do with it. Meh, I'll see what I can do after I finish this post.

This time, the subject of my ire is (dundundun) the Internet- and not just the memes this time (they can still go die in a fire, though). I'm not going to turn this into a "ZOMG LOUNGIN SUCKS" rant because, at the end of the day, it's getting better. Sure, it's not the apex of civility and wit- and it probably never will be, but I can always cling to that foolish hope for all it's worth- but it's making a start. The memes are being booted out, and we might start seeing some actual wit there. I'd help that front, but I'm too busy being a pessimistic douchebag, and I'm not that funny anyway.

No, the main focus of my ire is... I'm not really sure. It's probably a toss up between MMOs, memes (NO I WILL NOT LEAVE YOUR PRECIOUS MEMES ALONE >D) and you. Yes, you, the public. You are what makes the internet what it is. You are the ones who post on forums, upload videos to youtube, hell, you write the blogs and code the sites. You can gripe about how much the internet sucks nowadays, how people overuse text-speak, how they post too many bloody old memes, but until you start trying to change things, it wont happen. No, I'm not saying one person can change the entire Internet- I'm not that naive. But we can make a start with our little corner. With Neoseeker.

Back in 2005, on my first account, when I was a wee little underage user, I didn't really grasp the sense in using "proper grammar" on the Internet. I was whined at for it, over and over until I just started using proper grammer to shut them up. And then it dawned on me. It really didn't take much longer to put my full-stops in where I needed to, and to spell check. Yet, doing so kept people happy, left them off my back, and I can now look back at my earlier posts without cringing. Or so the theory claims, but then, I've changed a lot in three years. What passed for sense and logic when I was twelve seems hopelessly childish to me now. Honestly, I'm glad I made this new account, in more ways than one. It gave me a better name, but it also gave me a clean slate. Somewhere to work from without being seen as the child I once was. Maybe I'm growing up too fast. Maybe I should still be enjoying the childishness while I still have time- in about six months, I'll be taking my GCSEs. After that, I'm my own man. I don't have to do the same things everyone else has to- I'll be free to make all my choices myself. It's... quite scary, really.

But enough of that, I came here to bitch and bitch I shall. Grammar first. It's honestly not hard. It's a few more keystrokes here and there and it looks so much neater. I'll probably wake up tomorrow to be inundated with comments saying that I made mistakes here and there, but at least I try to preserve the English language, God knows I see enough people *bleep* it. =\

Next up, memes. Just don't post them here. Keep it to 4chan or some other similar place. Keep decent forums meme-free please. It's not too much to ask, is it? We were perfectly good at making each other laugh before this... shitstorm came in. We can still do that. We just need to try. I applaud the efforts of the Loungin' moderators- if Loungin' can manage it, then I think it'd be pretty damn sad if the rest of Neoseeker can't. I'm not saying we should all go out of our way to be funny- it's happened before, and it made Loungin' worse- but just to try and discuss things reasonably. Maybe we can crack a few jokes here and there. We can get it right again, Neoseeker. We will get it right. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not even next week. But we will get it right someday, and then it will all have been worth it.

But back to the bitching. Social networking sites. What is the point of them? I don't mean forums this time, I'm talking about things like Myspace. Yes, I appreciate that you can talk to your friends over them, but we have instant messengers for that. Yes, we can share pictures of each other, but we don't need to use Myspace for that. Honestly, all I've seen of Myspace is that it's a site of idiot teens and *bleep* offenders to take advantage of them. Not something I feel we particularly need. But then, maybe I'm just looking at this the wrong way. Maybe I'm just so cynical that I refuse to see the good of sites like Myspace.

Or maybe I don't have anywhere near as much to bitch and whine about concerning the Internet as I thought I did.

Next time... eh, I'll probably just wing it. Maybe rant about the first thing that comes into my head, maybe just give you all a "THE WORLD IS GETTING BETTER" post. Maybe I'll even yell at the world to get it's ****ing act together instead of just bitching and sniping through the fence. Who knows? Not me.

Goodnight, Neo.

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