Tainted blogged
Nov 27, 08 4:12pm

If there's one thing I've never understood, it's why the day after Thanksgiving has become the most prominent shopping day of the year. After a day of gluttony, it would seem that the next day would be filled with laziness and recovery from the gigantic meal that took place a day previous. But Black Friday has become the craziest, most cutthroat shopping holiday of the season, and even in the midst of an economic drought it should still be just as hectic as ever.

Before I delve any further into this discussion, I should probably explain Black Friday to all you non-Americans. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, when the Christmas shopping season officially starts. Businesses offer huge sales on hot items, and open much earlier than normal. People rush to these stores as early as 4 AM, because the wanted items would be sold out otherwise.

Taking a quick look at the Wikipedia Article, it seems that Black Friday began as a result of the Christmas parades that happened on Thanksgiving. Department stores like Macy's endorsed these parades, but other than that, it was understood that no advertising would take place until the next day, which would be the day after Thanksgiving. This evolved into offering good deals on that day, which evolved further into those horrific 4 AM sales that you see today.

If you have ever watched a video of some of these Black Friday shoppers, you will see the complete chaos within stores. Before the brink of dawn, hundreds of people are piling into local Best Buys and K-Marts searching for the best deals. People run wildly throughout the stores in search of that one gift that will make the entire shopping escapade worthwhile. People will shove, kick, and punch their way through the crowd in order to see that loving look on their child's face when they open up the Nintendo Wii that mom punched some lady out to obtain.

My mom once told me a story about one of her experiences on Black Friday. She literally ran to the video game department to find the game that I wanted, and when she saw that no employees were there she realized that she was about to get overrun by hundreds of angry mom's wishing to purchase video games as well. So, in order to protect her position in line, she threw her arms around the game case and held on with an iron grip until an associate tended to her.

Does all this seem a bit ridiculous to you? Because it definitely does to me. I mean, sure, the deals can be pretty awesome, but is it really worth the risk of getting trampled by hundreds of soccer moms? And besides, why would anyone in their right mind want to wake up at 3:30 in the morning just to get 50% off on a GPS system?

I think my biggest qualm with Black Friday is the fact that Thanksgiving is holiday of laziness. It's a proven fact that there is a protein in turkey that caused tiredness (it's called tryptophan. For more information, check out this site.) After eating your weight in turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pie, and whatever else your family might enjoy, you want nothing more than to sit back in your recliner and doze off to the monotone voice of John Madden. But apparently, people are still motivated enough to get out of bed the next morning and hit the nearest Kohl's in search of the best Star Clearance Sale.

In conclusion, I should first apologize for turning this entry into a Black Friday advertisement (Buy two games get one free at Toys R Us!) But seriously, it never ceases to amaze me just how dedicated some people are in their quest to fulfill their child's Christmas wishes. I guess I shouldn't complain though, since I reap all the spoils of this day thanks to my mom's dedication and strong grip. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Arietta blogged
Nov 27, 08 2:41pm

Okay, I actually wanted to post this long ago somewhere, but I couldn't because there was nowhere to go.

Last Friday, I went with my dad to his parent's 5th Anniversary, where I actually met two beautiful angels that cheered me up... Until they left. Finally, I met two cousins, who are aged 3 and 6, and I never though I could actually give them all the love I gave them. That Friday night, I couldn't help but notice how they felt embarrassed of nothing, I tried to talk to them, and both of them went behind their parents.
So on Saturday, again with my dad, we went to have lunch to his parent's house, and my cousins were right there. They were trying to watch High School Musical 3, but their DVD was screwed. So I went ahead, tried to see what was wrong with that DVD, and we came to the conclusion the freaking DVD was ruined. So, to keep them entertained, we started to talk about "eating the DVD" (you know, this kind of things that children laugh to), and I was able to play with them after. The problem with them is that they live in Santa Cruz, not on my city.
Boy, we inflated one of those boats you use in the pool (well, I inflated it, and they liked the fact that I was basically purple for wasting too much air...), they sat on the boat and made me pull them on it... And then my aunts took me home. We though it was going to be the last time this year we would see each other. The smaller one was pressing my hand incredibly hard so I can't leave. So they left, and it was the very first time in my life, I felt sad for something like that. Even my parents are divorced, and my dad leaves actually in Spain, but when he left, I didn't feel what I felt when I said good-bye to these little ones. They left just Wednesday, so on Monday I called my aunt and almost begged her to let me see the girls. I took them (with my aunt) to eat some ice cream, and I bought them this famous "Petz" that are very cool for these little ones. Then finally, the night came in, and again the little one wouldn't let me go. Her mom was saying "he won't cry" (and in fact, the first thing I did when I came to my room was cry all over my pillow :P), and they finally gave me the goodbye kiss. I was the first one the younger sister has kissed in the world; and I felt incredibly proud about that fact, because I was able to love them, and they were able to love me.

Again, I can't believe I actually felt sad, angry, and happy. It was a feeling I wasn't able to experience even though a lot of people I like has left the country. When my dad left when I was 9, nothing happened to me, now these little ones left, and I just can't keep my mind away of them.

Maybe I feel sad, angry and happy because I just met them, and they moved to the other city just about 4 months ago, or so my dad says. I made them have a great time, so did they with me. It's just a whole mix of feelings that I can't explain, and I hope I get better soon, because I will meet this little ones soon, they have invited me to come over when we have a Holiday, and now I am begging for that to happen soon.

If you read all that, thanks, you made me a huge favor (: .

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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Nov 27, 08 10:57am

I will be taking Thanksgiving off so it's highly unlikely you'll be reading any news posts tomorrow authored by "Lydia Sung."

Knowing that I don't need to wake up at a reasonable hour has allowed me to stay up until now, fussing over my blog and an editorial I spent an entire afternoon procrastinating. I hope you're not sick of Mirror's Edge yet, because there's enough drama surrounding that game to last us ten lifetimes.

Yeah, I know that's kind of Sean's territory, but hey, I reviewed the *bleep*ing thing, I deserve to love it too.

My latest personal beef is actually an old one that I chose to ignore the first time around. Remember when some tool decided Faith looked too Westernized and gave her plastic surgery? Sean posted a piece of news yesterday that brought it up... again. The game's producer, Tim Farren, is apparently displeased with the edited image. "Displeased" doesn't begin to describe how I feel about it, though.

So before I collapse for some well deserved rest, I give you my holiday special...

EDITORIAL: Falling for Faith

Happy Thanksgiving, you crazy bastards.

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Chad blogged
Nov 27, 08 10:26am

Why am I doing an overview of a week from a Thursday to a Wednesday instead of Sunday to Saturday? Because I can. :)

Anyway, throughout this week I've logged in a fair amount of hours gaming. The list goes about like this:

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) - 2 hours
Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility (Wii) - 3 hours
Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii) - 3 hours
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) - 11 hours
Call of Duty: World at War (XBOX360) - 2 hours
Various PS3 Demos - 1 hour

I found it odd that I didn't play any more than five games during the past week, but the fact that I had logged in 20+ hours of gaming didn't really come as a shock to me. I really wasn't doing much in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town except for continually trying to complete a few objectives that I should have done a long time ago. Namely, collect all of the Goddess Jewels and Kappa Jewels. This basically means I spent all of those two hours in the mines, descending and hoping to reach level 255 of it before I go crazy. Haha, I still don't think I'll ever collect all of the Jewel's of Truth. In the other Harvest Moon game I played this week, Tree of Tranquility, I had things moving along great. Spring of my second year is coming to a close, and I've made the most of it. I purchased a nice little plot of land that I now have the Town Villa built on, as well as a large patch of strawberries growing in very good soil. I've made at least 80,000G in this season alone thanks to all of those Perfect and Shiny quality strawberries I ship every four days or so.

Animal Crossing: City Folk really hasn't been as I had hoped. I really enjoyed the GC version of it, as well as the few minutes of the DS version I played at a friends once, but I seem to have lost interest I guess. Paying off my house is pretty tedious, as well as trying to trigger certain things, such as getting an invite to Redd's shop in the city. A few new villagers had moved in, but the two villagers that moved in I already have in my town in the GC version, so it was a nostalgic moment, but a little bit of a disappointment because I wanted someone I had never seen before. I really just try to play every day so I don't get the villagers mad. There may be a lot of new features and things involved, but I think upping the difficulty really has turned me off this game. I will still play it though, and hopefully I can find something that will keep me a bit more entertained than my current schedule of talking to the villagers, shaking all of the trees, and then quitting.

I'll start off with Call of Duty: World at War for the 360. No, I don't have a 360 unfortunately, but my friend does and he recently picked up this game and invited me over. Fortunately for me, the controls were basically the same as CoD4 on the PS3, except the trigger/ironsights and the grenades buttons were inverted. We played two spit-screen vs. matches. I ended up winning the first fairly easily, and he won the second. He got a few lucky kills on me and got a five kill streak. With that kill streak he called in dogs, which I thought was a pretty cool feature. I was used to dogs from CoD4's campaign mode though, so I was ready. I found that the dogs were a lot easier to knife in this game than Modern Warfare. However, there were a lot more dogs coming at me and if even one wounded you a little bit, it only took a few more bullets for you to die, so my friend ended up coming out on top by five points in the second match. Then we played the co-op campaign mode, which was amazing. Every level was enjoyable because there were many unexpected things that would happen, such as you walking along through tall grass, and then a Japanese soldier would pop-up and try to bayonet you all of sudden. Still, I found that the AI was horrible, perhaps some of the worst I had ever seen. I had ally soldiers standing next to enemy soldiers, firing at enemy soldiers in the distance instead of the ones right next to them firing at me. Also, I went over to a few enemy soldiers who were shooting at the rest of my squad. I just knifed them one by one, waiting for the next to react, but instead, he just kept on shooting, ignoring the blood-thursty mongrel that just knifed his two friends. I regret not having time to play online though.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.....still amazing. Out of the eleven hours I played it this week, I played it for five hours in one sitting. Haha, I'm still not very high in rank, only one prestige and 51 levels under my belt. Still, one week ago I was level 46, so I made a good improvement. I also got a sweet kill streak of 18, and finished my first game with over 100 kills (Headquarters on Shipment ftw). It was quite fun to say the least. For the various demos, it mainly consisted of doing the Metal Gear Solid 4 and Mirror's Edge demo over and over again. I did play about ten minutes of the Warhawk Demo though, which I still hate for the inverted sight controls. Mirror's Edge is definitely on my "Games to Get" list now, or at the very least, rent. I was afraid that because of the runner vision it would be extremely difficult and hard, but it actually wasn't. The controls seem pretty simple, yet complex with the flexibility of them and use of combos. Metal Gear Solid 4 demo....'nuff said. It was pretty awesome, though I still haven't been able to complete the demo without being spotted.

Well, that's a pretty basic overview of my gaming for this past week. See you next week for another one. Hopefully I'll have played a few more games that just six. :P

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Redemption blogged
Nov 27, 08 8:59am

Its great to see the reception the new neoblogs are receiving. This is an idea that started off a few years ago and finally came to fruition with much of the work done by Tekmosis. I think of it as an experiment in our search to give members more ways to express themselves and share that expression with others.

The neoforums are amazing for many things, but there's just something about a platform where all your own deep thoughts, spontaneous blurbage and other musings can be grouped together at your own pleasure and pacing.

Hope to read many more interesting blog posts over the coming months, especially those that come from inquisitive minds. You ever have that insatiable feeling, perhaps late at night or simply on a beautiful afternoon, where your mind is afire with thoughts or questions, or where some emotion has you in its grip and you just cannot rest easy without exploring it? Has some elusive mystery kept you awake, or were you just too excited by the anticipation of "tomorrow" to sleep? Now those stories would make for some good reading!

Well that's my introductory blog post. Now to leave you with a fun quote that's also surprisingly insightful, especially if you worry as much as I do about what the future brings:

Master Oogway from Kung-Fu Panda: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why they call it the present."

(Incidentally Oogway means turtle in Chinese. doh!).

RabidChinaGirl blogged
Nov 27, 08 8:42am

Blogs? I haven't blogged since my second year of high school. My God, this feels bizarre.

The blogs are a rather great idea. Writers can post about things that are game related but may not qualify as news. Or rather, if there are pieces of news I consider notable enough to be included here as well.

Most of you reading these blogs won't recognize my handle, probably because I do little more than lurk the forums. You'll find my activity is restricted mostly to posting news, game reviews, videos, and running rampant across (moderating) GameGrep.

By the way, thanks a buttload, Howard.

Oh, and I hate you people with your massive monitors. Adjusting the background image of my blog is killing me, so some of you are just going to have to see white! I give up.


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Chad blogged
Nov 27, 08 8:14am

Hey-o, it's Chad. Wow, not sure how to start this off, so I guess I'll just introduce myself. My name is Chad, I live in Arkansas, USA. Gaming is among my many hobbies (others include various sports, movies, anime, hanging out with friends, etc.). I'm still unsure of what I want for a profession in the future, but I would prefer it to be something that has to do with gaming, maybe either writing reviews and/or news for games and game-related entities.

I recently wrecked my car, so I thought I might go ahead and upload a pic of it sitting in a yard just to see how everything looks with an image on a blog entry. So if any of you wanna send me some cash to help me pay for a new car, feel free to do so. :P

Anyway, I've been coming to Neoseeker for almost four years now and I still enjoy it. Some accomplishments/notable events for me were becoming portal staff (now wiki staff), a member of NeoCRS (seriously, go contribute now and you might be lucky enough to have my name grace your daily contribution report after your submission is reviewed :thick: ), a moderator, a member of the news team, having multiple reviews good enough to be published (expect more hopefully), and much, much more. I've also made many great friends on this site and hope to make a whole lot more.

Well, I guess that is enough for a first entry. Hopefully I'll see you around Neo and if you have a question, are confused about something, or if you just wanna chat, feel free to PM me and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reading!

ProudLoz blogged
Nov 27, 08 5:53am

Sorry for cussing and when I mean bitchin', I mean it in a good way. It's nice that Blogging on Neo has finally been implemented. This opens new doors for people, specially the ones that feel like writing, either productively or not.

Unfortunately I have to keep this one short but I'd just like for you guys to know that there will be more coming from me once I figure all this out. Be on the lookout for something new tomorrow. :)


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Klope62 blogged
Nov 27, 08 4:35am

So, I'll try it out with the new this launching.

In general, 08' has been a pretty big year for the Klopez. I really have to blame the beginning of it on the Neoseeker Election. No one saw it coming (muwahahaha). It was seriously a great, but also dreadful start to an exciting year. ;o

I almost can't believe it's almost over. In fact, that's what I should do...A summary of the year, yay.


...Also, Big Brother Neoseeker, double yay.

And Kat (Nightmare) says; "KLOPEY IS AWESUM. <('.' <)"

Hi bye.

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Arietta blogged
Nov 27, 08 3:56am

This is my second entry of a blog, and I though I should make something that a lot of people may like.

If you have seen my My Neo profile, you will see that I put pictures and smaller text on it. A lot of people think I did that magic with HTML, but it's just not that. In fact, most tags are escaped (meaning you will see the code rather than the object). This escaped tags include "img", "font", "div", and more.

And effectively, a lot of people though that I was using the "img" and "font" tags. But it's not that. The tags I use in my profile are the "u" (for underlined text) and "b" (for bold text). How in hell did I turn a simple "b" tag into an image and an "u" tag into smaller text (and that, the u tag has no underline...)!? Well guys, it's time for you to believe in the magic of inline CSS.

To start off, you need to know at least basic HTML (well, VERY basic HTML! You will only use the "b" and "u" tag for this), and it is preferred that you know CSS too, but it is not really a requirement.

First, you are going to put a header. To practice, why don't you use mine?

(Right click and properties to see the link).

To put that as your profile header, you would use this code:

<b style="background:url('http://i35.tinypic.com/2i6ywpj.jpg');padding-right:546px; padding-bottom:96px;"> </b>

Don't get scared!! That's actually pretty basic code, but since you may not know anything about it, I will explain a bit of it here:
  • We are using the bold tag.
  • This bold tag, has an attribute "style". This attribute is to put all the inline CSS there.
  • background:url('LINK') is the picture you want to put as a header.
  • padding-right is the width of your picture.
  • padding-bottom is the height of your picture.
  • "px" after the numbers in both padding-right and padding-bottom, says that the padding will be done with pixels. You can use % (percentage) instead of pixels, but then it is harder to get the correct size for both.
  • Inside the tag itself, you see an space. It seems Neo stripped part of my code here :P, instead of putting an space there, you have to put " ". That's actual code to make an space.
Note for those who have knowledge with CSS: You can't use the "width" and "height" attributes in bold tags. That's why they are replaced with padding-right and padding-bottom.

After you put that code, the text you put below it will be hovering over the picture. To prevent that from happening, simply add some white lines below that code.

<b style="background:url('http://i35.tinypic.com/2i6ywpj.jpg');padding-right:546px; padding-bottom:96px;"> </b>

Your text should here. You actually need to calculate the lines manually by previewing your profile.

That's how you add images, but what about the text? Okay, with the text, I decided to have some fun, so I used the underline tag ("u") to play with it (: :

<u style="font-size:10px; text-decoration:none;">I consider myself a HUMAN. An ugly yet beautiful HUMAN.</u>

You should be able to tell, but anyways:
  • It's the underline tag.
  • The style tag you saw a few seconds ago.
  • font-size is what will define the size of the font. Again, notice the "px".
  • text-decoration:none is what I do to get rid of the underline. Clever huh? An underline tag with no underline (:.
That's all for now, if I was not clear enough, feel free to let me know. Comments will be appreciated!

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Chiggins blogged
Nov 27, 08 3:23am

Well lately I've been playing some Counter Strike: Source on Steam. Now, I'm far from great, but lately I've been getting alright. But if you look at my status on a server I've been playing on, my kill to death ratio is 0.27. :( Either way, its a fun game. I wish I could have been playing it back in its prime though. Could you imagine how many people could have been playing at once? I don't have the actual numbers, but that must have been fun.

Now, the game has built up a legacy of being one of, if not, the best FPS out there, along with Unreal. There are communities and friends built off of the game. Clans have been formed. It also helped out Major League Gaming, and people have even won a good amount of money from being so good at the game.

I believe that this is more than just a fun game. Its a definition of our generation. Its one of the best video games out there, ever. So start playing it, and enjoy.

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Spiritual blogged
Nov 27, 08 1:52am

Ever wonder why anime has grown so popular recently? It has been very popular in Japan over quite a long time, but its popularity in North America, and Europ seems to be spread vastly. There is not only over 1000 anime shows, but most actually give you a sense of thought. Over 3,000,000 people in North America today have watched anime atleast once, or have become majorly addicted! It seems like the best animes are always the ones that you can relate to. Even though anime has a lot of haters, most of those people have not even watched anime once!

It really bothers me when people make fun of other people who like anime. I find it is just an interest. I rarely hear about other hobbies like basket ball, watching wrestling, or whatever being an annoyance. I have always accepted people`s interests for who they are. I just cannot seem to wrap myself around people who cannot accept the over 3,000,000 people in North America, and the over 30,000,000 people in Japan who have atleast seen an anime show. Sure, you can agree it is garbage, nobody is denying you, but it does not mean a person is a certain way. Even neoseeker`s anime community seems to agree.

Solitaire blogged
Nov 27, 08 1:37am

So now I'm looking at a nearly empty page, minus the letters and marks that seem to be following my cursor, wondering what I should do with it. Let's see.... I can bring a nice comfy couch, a few side tables for holding goodies, munchies, and drinks et al, the mandatory giant flatscreen, cues music, lights.....

.... now where the heck are the people?

Anime, anime, anime.... this is about anime, and so it should be, I've only been moderating that forum since 2002... sheesh where does the time go? I suspect Wolfie has swiped it, although he would probably insist that Red swipes it from him.... or would that be tek doing the swiping?

I watched The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye fairly recently. Rented the series but would dearly love to own it if only rightstuf would get off their collective fannies and compile it into an affordable boxset. Perhaps a letter of suggestion to the powers that be might help?

In the meantime I'm re-watching an old favorite, Initial D. They really need to continue the series I want to see Takumi vs. Bunta drat it, extra stages aren't cutting it atm. ;_;

Watty blogged
Nov 27, 08 1:29am

Hey, I just came across this little feature in the Football Manager Social Forum and thought I'd check it out. A little bit about me: I'm 18, employed part-time but looking for full-time, and going to uni next year. I'm sporty in pretty much everything I do. I play a lot of sport, I watch a lot of sport, the majority of my games are sport related, I think you get the general gist (pronounced 'jist' btw, yes I know it's a stupid spelling) of it.

I'm hoping that my blogs are going to be vaguely comical or at least of minor entertaining value, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I had one on MySpace and now none of my friends use MySpace so that was all a waste of time.

I have a few nights out planned in the near future so if anything interesting happens I'll be sure to let you know. Not that you're interested of course, just simply because I have to tell anyone and everyone my life story... Or at least the highlights of it.

Simply for my own personal entertainment values, I will now quote various personal ads, and maybe comment on what I think, is truly gripping and sure to entice any member of the opposite, or perhaps same, gender.

Hi I`m Tony from Nottingham. I`m straight acting. Fun loving. Easy going and open minded.
I like to socialise, and I`m a great Mario Kart player (N64).
I do some work on the weights but only to keep fit, not to be muscles of brussells.
I like cozy nights in, and out to the pub, but not really into clubbing.
I think it is easily noticeable here that not only is Tony living in the past with his N64, but he has clearly identified what women really look for in a man. Yes, you guessed it, computer game ability. Watch out though! Don't beat Princess Peach on your home track and your date's mates will ridicule you.

I'm a postgrad student, originally from Scotland but now living in Manchester. Am pretty busy most of the time, but could do with an excuse to escape the study now and again!
This guy really knows how to impress ladies! Calling them 'an excuse' is one of their preferred pet names.

Someone who is easy going, enjoys having a laugh and is just good fun, and is also a football fan they should also be open to new experiences and travel.
This one isn't so much funny as interesting. If you think you might know what these new experiences are then leave a comment. We could even have a mini competition. The one I think is the best will receive a prize! Yep, you guessed it! You get a prize for being the only one to read down this far. Amazing huh?


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