Pyroguy blogged
Dec 3, 08 6:38am

I've never blogged before. I've never subscribed to a blog before. I've read arbitrary entries from blogs before, but the only one I've ever really followed is Maddox's (if you consider that to be a blog). I'm all for supporting Neoseeker, so this seems fun.

Maybe today isn't the best day to start blogging, since I haven't been really worked up over anything today.

The only notable thing to happen is I fell even more in love with Lady GaGa today. If any of you need new music, go listen to her. Or even better, I'll subscribe to some shameless self-promotion and tell you to go over to the thread I made earlier today and check her out there.

I'm off to watch the last quarter of The Fellowship of the Ring now (I'm breaking down the separate multiple installments of a series into even more multiple installments, it's fun). I have to get up early for math class, in which I have to work on a programming project due in the class right after math. Maybe tomorrow something will upset me enough to write about.

Also, where the *bleep* is the music category? We have categories for TV shows, anime, movies, anime, and books, but no music? wtf?

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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Dec 3, 08 1:34am

UPDATE Here is the original image, in the form of a child friendly link. Obligatory warning Photo is of blood from my peeeeeeriiiioooood~

That seems to be the case as far as polite conversation goes, though there is a saying that "polite conversation" is rarely both. It's a little sad, even pathetic to see people overreact to menstruation.

I know blood scares the hell out of men, whether they admit it or not. They'll put lots of it in games and movies so they can feel so great about themselves when they can stomach the gore while their girlfriends cling to their arms, but when you present them with an excess of it in real life, most of them will just get queezy. Never mind what happens when you show them blood coming that came out of a woman's *bleep*. Never mind that menstruation is the whole reason we exist as a species, and the fluid is just all your brothers and sisters that didn't quite make it. Yes, there are unfertilized eggs in that shit, and one of them could have been you.

An artist's husband apparently asked her to draw her MegaMan, and her medium of choice was menstrual blood. Of course, the folks at GameGrep (and the site that posted it) freaked out. Seriously, it's like everyone has been reduced to the state of awkward teenager who's scared of touching girls. Maybe 4 years of art school has just exposed me to more things... opened my mind to some things most still consider taboo or GROOOOOOSSSS EEEEEEEEWWWWW.


Edit Keep the comments coming, no matter which side of the fence they're on. That's also not the actual piece. It's just a photo I took documenting the process, and the paper in the background just has practice strokes (diluted with water).

And just so you guys don't think I did the piece just for kicks, I included an explanation somewhere in the comments.
quote RCG
Traditionally (and to this day), sons are more desirable in Asian cultures because the son carries on the family name. Yeah, I know that there are people who take on maiden names and what not, but somehow that's not enough. That's why there's all those stories of daughters who were killed or abandoned years ago due to China's one-child law; today, it is illegal in China for doctors to tell a couple if their unborn child is male or female because people will sometimes abort the fetus if it is a girl.

This piece pertains to my mother's side of the family and the fact that is has come to an end because of two daughters (and a son who has no children). That's why the menstrual aspect was so important -- it addresses the feminine aspect.

It all has to do with what you're trying to convey. Example, African American artist Alan DeSouza did a racially driven piece using the blood from his veins; in his case, the blood represented him as a black man, just as feminist painters often use menstrual blood to convey their feminine identity.
Edit x2 Image removed? Had a talk with a Supermod and apparently a vat of menstrual blood "sets precedents" for the younger readers. This is pretty unfortunate, but I guess it means our blogs will have certain guidelines soon. I respect the decision, but I'm definitely disappointed. I enjoyed the discussions that took place here, regardless, though in a weird way, the removal proved something I really wish weren't true.

Edit x3 Thanks to everyone who expressed their support. This whole situation actually makes me laugh, from the first comment to the Supermod interference. Didn't expect it to cause such a hullabaloo! I'll present my case tomorrow, and we'll see what happens.

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Chad blogged
Dec 2, 08 10:15pm

Well, it seems as though blogging + cake was a theme in the main announcements about blogs (found here and here), so I thought I might as well blog about a cake I baked.

On Saturday I was a little bored and craving cake. Now baking (or cooking for that matter) isn't my forte, but with instructions and ingredients it isn't too hard. I found some strawberry cake mix and some strawberry icing, so I thought I'd take a whack at it. I had made one cake before, so I was fairly new at it. Still, I think I did fairly well (except for the icing job).

Unfortunately the cake was gone by Sunday (six people at my house, most of which enjoy cake, you do the math), but I did snap some pictures of it with my crappy camera phone before it was devoured.

Horrible icing job. ^

Mmmmm, cake.
Tweety Pie blogged
Dec 2, 08 9:30pm

You have to imagine this being spoken in a soft, charming Irish brogue. Apart from I don't have an Irish brogue, or a soft voice, although hopefully the twang of Merseyside would be considered charming by some. Not, however, through a faceful of mucus, which is the condition I've been under these past few days, from Sunday the day of rest, to this afternoon, where thankfully the manflu has lessened and I can now now breathe through my nose. I never realised how much of a blessing that was until I lost it, it's bloody impossible to try and sleep without either asphyxiating or being kept awake by your own breathing.

So due to being in a degraded, delapidated condition, I curled up on the couch, unable to blog. Did you see all those 'c's and 'd's? That's what I call artisanism, or possibly alliteration. Does anyone care or this just bloggishness coming through my mucus exterior, forcing it's way through the sludge to my fingers on the keyboard, through a load of complicated wires which are way above my humble knowing and onto a pixelated screen. Woop dee doo. That reminds me of how I once wondered about the morality of my particular pixels while playing a bloody battle on the wondrous game that is Rome: Total War. Those dotsof light couldn't give a green monkey's flying toss what happens to them or those they were animatronically hacking to the ground. God I love the freedom of writing without an aim, without the limitations bound by a paper article, or a story which is supposed to be going somewhere, or one of those bloody stupid school assignments where you were given so many constraints and a framework which was tried so hard to be left behind, given only the perfunctory nod and briefly alluded to in an effort to write something vaguely interesting not just for the reader to read, but for yourself.

Not as bad as those 'reading' essays they enforce. Odd place to start a paragraph, that. Anyway, I don't see the point in analysing pieces of writing, off reading in order to dissect, not enjoy. It sucks the joy out of the story, turns it from a tale into a terror. Hey, teacher, leave us kids alone! Sometimes I hate the education system, the way it turns what could be vaguely interesting into something belonging to a syllabus or a curriculum, a load of insomniable waffle. Insomniable, what a word, that deserves a place in the McKean hall of fame. And on that bombshell, goodnight. Or good morning, depending on which time zone you happen to be in at this point.

Bloggity bloggity bloggity bloggity bloggity blogty blog.

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Deathsythe blogged
Dec 2, 08 10:51pm

The work I intend on getting done hopefully this week on the wikis.
    Advance Wars Wiki
  • Upload CO Avatars for the original Advance Wars
  • Finish several CO pages from the original Advance Wars
  • Comission help from previous members of the AW community here on Neoseeker (skythelegend, jondog, dbzmaster, etc...)
  • Properly categorize the COs into their proper subcategories.
    Fable Wiki
  • Reinstall Fable: The Lost Chapters on my desktop - play a bit and get weapon stats/info, clothing stats/info, a bit more mission info.
  • Develop a Weapon/Clothing Stats Template
  • Create the Bowerstone Market
  • Create a list of Quests in Fable II
    Digimon Wiki
  • Try to knock out as many Digimon Profile Pages off of the wanted list as possible.
  • Commission GalacticDramon to take some time away from Sonic to assist me :P
    Guitar Hero Wiki
  • Give it some LONG overdue attention.
  • Contact my previous staff members- commission their assistance - if not start removing members for inactivity.

And then the work I would like to see accomplished on other wikis I am less involved with.
  • Meet with Rome to go over the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, see what needs to be done, and where I can help.
  • Properly categorize the James Bond Wiki - take a pulse on it - see the direction it is going.
  • Get all the game pages created on the Suikoden Wiki. Set them up properly with infoboxes and neotabs.
  • Get all the game pages created and set up on the Tales Wiki, include neotabs, and infobox (the latter depending on the staff's opinion.
  • Add achievement avatars to the Gears of War 2 Achievements

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Dec 2, 08 6:18pm

I figured I could start with Christmas, it does seem to be the topic of the month after all. Christmas for a lot of people is happiness. It's a time of giving, receiving and keeping a tally to make sure it's more of the first than the second.

Last year I found myself disappointed. I found that age has covered the Christmas spirit in a damp cloth, from which I'm receiving less and less until it dries up. Sure I still really get into Christmas. My house is covered in lights, the tree looks like a woman from a Port Kembla street and my room is done out with all the works.

All this still does not satisfy my hunger, as I find myself in a life which is slowly depreciating. The transition from childhood to adulthood is not one of merely physical change, as we as children always imagined. No doubt when you were younger you wanted to grow up to see an M15+ movie (though does that stop us sneaking in?) or getting to go on the big people's rides at a fun park. Then you get there, you suddenly realise there's a lot of mental and emotional baggage with it.

I no longer enjoy the celebrations I once did and then you suddenly gain a greater appreciation of what you never noticed before. As a child you never realise your parents more or less go without on Christmas, they buy each other a few small things and spend all their money on their children. This year my presents won't tally past five. I don't mind, they're things I want but it's not the same as when you're a kid and spend those first couple of hours ripping through the wrapping paper with twinkling eyes. The magic of Santa has long gone, now the idea of Christmas with the jolly fat man. When you're older you know all your presents, whether it's by choice or making the choice for them. There's no mystery and therefore no fun.

It's a similar thing with birthdays, I personally have always been quite saddened by them. My parents never have a party, it's a shock if they have a cake and a couple of presents. As a child they tried to make it the best time of my life. One year I remember my dad spent months constructing things from wood like swords and a boat to give me a pirate themed party. There was a treasure hunt, a walk-the-plank game and all sorts of little things that stimulate someone. The last two years I've not had a party, though this is deviating from the subject because the reason is no one came. My point is that what was organised was merely a small thing with some friends to a pizza place or bowling, it's not fun or imaginative like it used to be.

Or perhaps I muse too much? I know I still enjoy Easter, but can you really say chocolate has a depreciating value? A lot of people say that things like Christmas are ruined by commercialism, I believe they're ruined by age.

No doubt I will soon have another transition stage. I will begin going on parties to drink and not give a care to the world. I will settle down with my own family, give my kids the time of their life.

A little depressing? Sorry, but I'm like that a lot. Now what I plan to do with this blog you might enjoy a bit more. I feel that I'll use this now and then for just shooting blanks, to know that people are feeling what I am. At other times it'll hopefully have interesting thoughts such as views on feminism or backwards evolution.

Sadly today is a bad day, so I apologise for the somewhat gloomy outlook though if I've made just one person think then it is still entirely worth it. Yes the thoughts were of negative connotations, but perhaps they brought up one or more valid points for you.

Perhaps I should finish this first ever blog entry off with a little introduction. My name is Richard (please call me Richie) and I'm a 17 year old male. I live in New South Wales, Australia but my original birth place was a small town called Southampton in England. I plan to do journalism once I graduate and try out for University. Hopefully this is a viable option given my subjects. Speaking of which, my favourite subject is English. I'm currently taking Advanced English, Extension English and Extension English 2. In terms of journalism credentials I feel these are nicely complemented by Modern History, Economics and Business Studies. I am very much a music person, see me without my iPod around and you're probably in my shower because it's in as I speak... no I'm not in the shower right now thank you. I don't just listen but play, having a very beautiful $1200 guitar so I promise to take some proper pics some time. I'm self taught, having taken some lessons on and off. Perhaps I'll bore you with my hobbies some over time, I mean who wants to hear about a guy who likes to talk a walk along a beach at sunset right?

So this is my first ever entry, I'll try not to make all of them so long in the future but it's not something I can confidently promise. I hope this one hasn't but you off too much, it's more or less been a means of helping myself mentally. Anyway, I'd better get back to my Modern History assessment task so I can get into that journalism stuff later on so catch you next time.

Tainted blogged
Dec 2, 08 4:05am

Courtesy of

I was looking for some Nintendo news today and I came across this little diddy. It's not a new interview, but one that I haven't seen before. It's MTV blogger Stephen Totilo's interview with Cammie Dunaway. In it, she talks about games to expect next year. Now, here's the question that I am hung up on:

Multiplayer: You mentioned two third-party titles. But maybe not since “Metroid,” which was last August or September, has Nintendo internal created a title that we would probably agree is squarely targeted at that audience I spoke of. Does that need to happen more with first-party development?

Dunaway: You tell me… I would assume that a title like [Nintendo-published 3D shoot-em-up] “Sin & Punishment” — and bringing that [intellectual property] to the U.S. for the first time — would start to get at that action-seeking, thrill-seeking need that that audience has. “Punch-Out,” while it may be more of a Nintendo fanboy [kind of game], still, I think, gets at that need for action.
Umm... what was that you just said? As a hardcore gamer, I am supposed to accept Punch Out as the next hardcore title? Sure, Sin and Punishment 2 is a good move, but Punch Out? Really? Next, you're going to tell me that Wii Sports Resort is the Wii's Halo killer, right?

This got me thinking about what Nintendo's first party support is shaping up to be in the coming year. And that led me to the picture you see at the top of this post.

What new games do you see on there? Wii Sports Resort, Punch Out, and Sin and Punishment 2. That's it. We get a few Gamecube ports that I don't really care about, and three new titles. What the heck Nintendo? You used to be so good about maintaining a heavy flow of first party games. Now it's like you don't even care anymore.

I guess this is just another piece of evidence that proves that I am a disgruntled Nintendo follower. Maybe they are keeping their new projects under wraps, but something tells me that Nintendo isn't going to deliver much in the coming year. They are probably just going to sit back and bask in the success of the Wii.

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Arcanium blogged
Dec 2, 08 3:26am

Call of Duty: World At War, the exciting continuation of the CoD series takes an unexpected turn using Modern Warfare game engines. With an all new storyline which takes you through the front lines of the bloody beach of Peleliu, to the heart of Berlin, to all the way to Okinawa. Though the fun doesn't stop there, take your skills to a fresher online system with new perks, weapons, vehicles and maps! Play against people around the world or team up with them in an exciting 4 player Co-Op campaign.

One of the new gaming features TreyArch brought to the gaming world which has never before seen in any War themed game is Nazi-Zombies! Go solo and face the endless waves of zombies or invite your friends to the horror to see how long you work together as a team to repel the Zombie hordes! If your lucky enough you'll get the chance to use the new hidden Ray Gun and easily blast away those Zombies.

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Mocking Alvin blogged
Dec 2, 08 1:40am

Recently i purchased an unlimited card at my local cinema which means i can watch all the movies that my heart desires for only £11.59 a month. I only have to go see three movies a month to save money by buying this, i can't believe it's taken me so long to get it. Before i got this card, i went to the cinema on a friday or saturday night maybe twice a month, but to get my monies worth i have been going a lot more often now.

So, in the past couple of weeks i have been to 3 or 4 early showings, say 11am, during the week and it's amazed me how many people go to the cinema by themselves! I would fell really awkward going to see a film on my own, and frankly find it a bit odd that others don't. Don't get me wrong, i don't judge the people i see, thinking they obviously have no friends or whatever, cause i'm sure they do, but i just can't ever see myself wanting to go to the movies by myself.

So, have you ever gone to the cinema by yourself? If you have, why, and do you enjoy seeing a movie (in the cinema) by yourself or with friends?


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chautemoc blogged
Dec 2, 08 6:35am

I tried and failed. Anyone wanna do a black/white/red motif for me? :P

Edit: Lydia fixed 'er up. Everyone say 'Thannnk youuu Lydiaaa'. :)

p.s. much as i would enjoy it, i am not sarah silverman.

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The Deathwind blogged
Dec 2, 08 2:06am

Seriously. Do the people making these honestly belive that something as simple as not reading a tiny little letter will cause us all to die horrible, fiery climactic deaths? Do they honestly believe that one little Youtube comment will solve all of our romance problems?

Or is it just to waste our time and piss us all off? Probably, I just take solace in the fact that some idiot will lose his bank account to a scammer who may or may not be Nigerian (seriously, why is it always Nigeria?), and that someone will panic themselves to death over a chain mail saying he will die in precisely two hours if he doesn't *insert thing here*. For added irony, the person would not complete his tasks, but die before the two hours just to prove how bollocks the whole system is.

But alas, as long as there is an Internet, there is a little man (or woman) who may not may not be Nigerian who is trying to scam us out of our money. We can, however, treat these as regular salesmen and saleswomen; mess with their heads. They may not appreciate it, but I don't appreciate having to shift through a ****ton of scams and other crap I can really live without, so excuse me if I'm a little short on sympathy for them. Besides, if they have the time to be sending me poorly written emails to get my money (most of which involve things I can't really get at fifteen), they have time to do a proper job and guarantee some money that way. >:E

Anyway, before I vent too many spleens and bankrupt those people who may or may not be Nigerian, back to the robots. Remember how I was saying the game was challenging me? It held up that challenge for approximately seven episodes after the goddamn fighter jet swarm and went back to my mechs being too awesome for the enemy. A shame. But at the moment, I'm on Episode 32 (of 42), which for the record is the chapter I detest most on the normal modes, apart from Episode 33. Episode 32 is the culmination of about half the game's worth of being run ragged by the "Inspectors" a group of aliens that exist for the sole purpose of making your life hell. It starts fairly normally, until you destroy most of/all of the grunts. Then one of the Inspectors launches an attack that does a fair amount of damage to everyone, and a whole asston of enemies teleport in. This is where it gets hellish- an enemy battleship who for some reason seems to excel at being a douche and taking no damage, three endgame-level boss mechs, an asston of a new grunt type and the one enemy you actually need to kill to end all this. Among this, 9 of the 16 units you have aren't allowed to go down, two of which will have no upgrades. What a lovely chapter.

Episode 33 is equally fun, if not worse. Three mechs. Three. Two of which are these:


Yeah. Add that to the three Bergelmirs- who are just so damn annoying with their (IIRC) instant hits. =\

Oh well, I'll be home free after these two chapters. Happy-fun-time Special Mode is within my grasp. :D

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Jesh blogged
Dec 2, 08 3:18am

Well, Cyber Monday was a pretty huge bust for me. I was hoping to find one of the video cards I was looking at for less then $100, but none of them went on sale. Turns out, most video cards on sale were the crappy ones, but I'd like to get a new one sometime. I'm currently looking at the ATI 4830. It's looking pretty good, getting like 30 FPS on Crysis isn't really easy. It's comparable to the 9800 GT, and with a little overclocking, can match the 4850, at just a 15% overclock. Which is there if I need it. So, yeah, Cyber Monday, a huge bust for me.

In other news, I'm pissed at Steam and my computer for *bleep*ing up on me yesterday. Won't let me reinstall Counter Strike: Source on a disk, I have to download it through Steam. The only thing worse would've been if I would've had to pay for it again.

Also, the first day of December everyone. Those of you who read this should leave a list of what you want for Christmas, that way I can have something interested to read too. Be sure to include the graphic novel, Watchmen on that list. Great book.

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Sabre blogged
Dec 1, 08 9:55pm

First of all, this is not a rant against those popular here at neoseeker, in fact, it’s not a rant at all.

Why do you participate in neoseeker forums? Is it to make a name for yourself, get help, or to try and climb up the ladder of popularity? There are probably countless other reasons that I haven't mentioned, but who cares.

Let’s be honest here, the majority of people look up to celebrities and famous people because they're...........well, famous. Browsing around the various forums on neo made me realise that there are some members who are like celebrities, and other members who do the job of treating these online personas like celebrities. But hey, is it even a bad thing? I mean, I can say that ive treated some members like they're members of the 'neo elite' in the past. For example, I was foaming at the mouth when a supermod posted in the same thread as me. And I was screaming in excitement when I got the chance to speak to moderator of loungin. Okay, I wasn't really, but im sure there are some people who find it cool that a member of the 'neo elite' has spoken to them. And we can all deny it and say 'loolol, tis kid getz ezited on teh internetz what a n000b lol', but its true, and I am brave enough to admit that I was like that in the past.

Most of the people who are like celebrities here have been here for quite some time, and they made a name for themselves by their achievements online, however silly they may be. If Redemption sent YOU a PM saying YOU can interview the one and only creator of this place Im sure you would be pleased. I would.

Wait, hold on a minute. Is there even a 'Neo elite'? Im probably looking too deeply into this thing.

Ah forget it, you never read this.

*Written by Sabre. Thoughts? opinions? The biggest load of crap you've ever read? Feel free to comment, I need all the help I can get*

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Star of Spurs blogged
Dec 2, 08 2:18am

When I got up this morning (30 minutes late due to my alarm clock), my little brother came in, shouting about advent calenders, and 'Where's my Bart Simpson Calender?!' And then I realised. It's December already.

Bloody hell, this year's gone by fast.

So, when I'm sitting in my Science lesson, I'm just thinking about the year, and how quickly it's gone, and what I can actually remember from it. So, I've tried to make a list of 5 things that really stood out this year.

5: Lewis Hamilton winning the F1. Was probably all the news footage the day after that kept it in my mind.

4: All the hype before and after 'The Dark Knight' aired. Maybe because all the Joker fangirls TALKING ABOUT IT EVERYWHERE.

3: Michael Phelps rampage in Beijing, and Usian Bolt pretty much breaking the human speed barrier.

2: Everything about the LHC and CERN. Seriously, how stupid were some of us?

1: 1 surely has to be Obama winning the election.

So, that's all I've really got about this year. It's gone past really quick, and I don't have that many memories of it.

What do you lot remember about this year then?

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