Is getting your guest book sign still a thing around here never understood the big deal about it kinda remind me of the kids and man or women childs on facebook that beg for likes..... Scratch that why am I posting this either I'm bored out of my mind or I'm desperately seeking attention too, either way I should probably leave the internet for a while and go read a book.

I feel like watching Full Metal Alchemist is a "must do" for me. Usually, at the end of the day, I find myself saying " Oh shoot! I didnt watch FMA today!" Even though I watched this already, the anime still gets me excited. If I finish it, and I will, I doubt that Im going to move on and watch another anime. Im probably just going to re-watch the whole series again! Besides, who can possibly stay away from cute Al? The english dub voice for him is so cute.

Usually when I see Phineas, I get all excited and ask for a badge. But today he gave me a Villager of Honor badge. A badge for players who have played over 500 hours. You make me feel horrible about myself Phineas. Thanks a lot...

I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no excuse for some of the shit of human beings. I mean, what kind of scum does it take to knowingly and willfully take from a human being they've never even met? No, that bike can't POSSIBLY be someone's ride home, that bike couldn't possibly be important to anyone. Let me just take this thing I've found and make it mine, DESPITE the harm that I am doing to ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. Dear gods the level of sheer malice or thoughtlessness in this world is unbelievable - who would steal who's been stolen from, lie who's been lied to? Simply looking around, it seems like it's far too many; those who steal BECAUSE they have been stolen from, out of hate and loss, those who lie because it's all been done to them already. It's THAT heartache that you're only spreading around, that loss that you grieved over inflicted on someone else. It isn't okay, hate breeds more hate, stealing a bike to make up for mine being stolen wouldn't heal anything, just rip a hole in someone else's heart.

./rant over, Lizz still pissed at the world

Awww....cmon starting to feel alone! I need people to play super smash with....sooooo if u guys ever online just message me and i will be there! very bored

Well.., this is something interesting.
The close release of Mario Kart 8, and the tracks announced for it, got me thinking about when we might start hearing info about the next title.
Yeah, I know. Already thinking about the next game when the current one hasn't been released yet.
But then, upon looking at the release dates of previous Mario Kart's, a slight picture starts to reveal itself for more than just the release of the next Kart. [All info is for European releases]
It starts with the release of the GBA Mario Kart in 2001. What released a year later? The Gamecube.
The Gamecube Mario Kart gets released in 2003. Two years after the last release. Which then brings us to two years later.
In 2005, the DS is released, and in the same year, so is Mario Kart DS. What gets released the next year? The Wii. It also gives us two years between GCN and DS releases of Mario Kart.
Mario Kart Wii gets released on 2008, boosting the difference of releases to three years and not two. Three years pass, and both the 3DS and Mario Kart 7 are released.
The next year, the WiiU releases. Which brings us to current day. 2014. Three years after Mario Kart 7's release, Mario Kart 8 will soon be releasing.
Seen the pattern yet? Well, let me explain. Providing Nintendo stick with the current handheld-home console releases, three to four years will bring us both the release of the next handheld and Mario Kart 9. The next year will see the release of the next home console. Two to three years after the release of the new home console, Mario Kart 10 will release.
So, that's my future predictions of Nintendo console and Mario Kart releases. Remind me of this post in 2022 and we'll see how accurate it was.

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Chapter 1: Player evaluations and summer sales

As I did last year, I decided to do a comprehensive review of who’s improving and who’s not, so that I could make good decisions about who to sell and who to hang on to. I made a note of the total number of attribute points improved, as well as their improvement in OVR (in parentheses).

Excellent Development

~100 (+4) Melvin (20, CM, 58 OVR)
~91 (+5) Paulino (18, RM, 61 OVR)
~67 (+3) Toledo Nascimento (19, ST, 61 OVR)
~66 (+3) Fletcher (24, CF/ST, 64 OVR)
~61 (+3) Moreno (17, RB/CB, 51 OVR)
~57 (+3) Meirelles (17, CDM, 67 OVR)

Action Taken:

I wasn’t planning on selling any of these lads at the start of the season, but three great CBs came onto the free agent market, so I put both my CBs up for sale despite their good development (they also have low OVRs—so that was the deciding factor). I sold one, Bueno, but couldn’t get rid of Burns. I’ll try to offload him in the January window.

There was also the issue of Bowman. He’s one of my best strikers, but I know that, long term, he has no future against my up-and-coming strikers. I was thinking that I should hold onto him for another year while they develop and he develops, increasing his value to its max before I sell him. But then there was the fact that Bowman had almost won the golden boot last season, and so teams were offering me twice his listed value. I figured that I probably wasn’t ever going to get more than that for him, so I sold him for just over £350k. It was a lot more than his £180k list price and later on in the season, I had the satisfaction of seeing two different news stories about him not making an impact at his new team and failing to live up to expectations. Haha. Thanks for the £350k suckers!

Good Development

~54 (+2) Puri (27, CAM, 67 OVR)
~52 (+2) Gaikwad (24, CB, 62 OVR)
~47 (+2) Coulson (27, RM, 63 OVR)
~42 (+2) Bueno (18, CB, 56 OVR)
~38 (+1) Bowman (23, ST, 63 OVR)
~35 (+2) Burns (18, CB, 55 OVR)
~32 (+1) Montrose (26, CDM, 63 OVR)
~31 (+2) Konko (18, CDM, 58 OVR) [Joined in January]
~31 (+2) Cordoba (19, GK, 52 OVR)
~26 (+1) Pussetto (19, ST, 63 OVR) [Joined in January]
~19 (+2) Dano (18, CM, 63 OVR)

Action Taken:

None. I kept all of them.

No/Low Development

+5 (+0) Palmieri (19, CAM, 62 OVR)
+4 (+0) Coquelin (19, LM, 62 OVR)
+2 (+0) Masana (17, GK, 63 OVR)
+0 (+0) Fiola (25, CB, 60 OVR)
+0 (+0) Pardo (19, CAM, 51 OVR)

Action Taken:

Masana is a keeper, so I think he’s just lagging behind. He remains as my first-team keeper. However, I transfer listed Palmeiri, Coquelin, Fiola and Pardo at the beginning of the window and got rid of the first three quickly and for good money. Pardo took a little longer, but I finally managed to get £30k for him. Better than nothing.

Going Downhill

-42 (-1) Cresswell (37, RM, 59 OVR)

Action Taken:

Cresswell is a club legend, so I can’t really sell him. I just need to wait till he retires. During the preseason, though, he started moaning about playing time, so I loaned him out. Hopefully he’ll get the message and find a coaching position somewhere…

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Chapter 8: Endgame

As of April 1st, the playoff picture looks like this:

I open the month of April with another ugly 3-2 win before facing resurgent Stevenage. Despite being at home, I only manage a draw. My next game is much better: a 3-1 win. I'm also delighted to see that Plymouth is playing even worse than I am. I’m now behind only on goal difference, which is very good news given that my next game is my game in hand.

Unfortunately, continuing problems at the back mean that I only manage a 2-2 draw. Still, the point puts me into 1st place. After that, I decide to start experimenting with 4-at-the back formations (instead of my usual 3-5-2) to deal with my defensive problems. Particularly, I begin playing around with 4-3-2-1 variations, including my old PES favourite, a 4-3-2-1 that uses two CAMs instead of two CFs. The 4-at-the-back experiment seems to help with defence, though not so much with attack. I only let in 3 goals in 4 games (a big improvement for the 7th-worst defence in the division), but also only score 4 (a big drop for the division’s top attack). In terms of games, that translates to 2W 1D 1L. Not great, but...

...Plymouth has gone into meltdown! I win the division with 95 points, Plymouth languishing in 2nd with 91 points. Next stop, League One football!

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Chapter 7: February and March

February Games

Two wins allow me to push back into 1st place, but then a 2-nil loss to Crewe shoves me back down again. Thankfully, 1st-place Plymouth aren’t playing too well, and with a 1-0 victory over Bury at the end of the month allows me to jump back into 1st.

As of March 1st, the playoff picture looks as follows:


Automatic Promotion
Port Vale...34....60.....+23

March games

The month of March starts badly with a 2-nil drubbing from lowly Stevenage and I’m back into second place. I play much better in a 2-nil win over Rochedale but then can only win ugly at Dagenham, with the final score 3-2. So I’m not in the best form when I travel to face 1st-place Plymouth. Things look OK for most of the first half in the crucial game, but then Plymouth goes up 1-nil just before the half, and they put another past my keeper in second half. The game ends with a score line of 2-0. After that loss, I’m pretty much resigned to a second-place finish.

In my next game against Cheltenham, my form is still off (at least defensively), and although I scrape through with a win, the final score of 6-5 indicates that my back three are really not having an easy time against even semi-decent competition, no matter how pleased I am with my strikers. Well, at least the game was entertaining.

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Chapter 6: The January Transfer Window

January Games

After a draw and two wins, I’m pretty happy with my January performance, but the sale of Chambers is apparently a big deal (it’s in the news reports and the commentators during the game are saying that I’m getting a lot of stick for selling him). I was especially happy with a 3-1 win over Morecombe in which my new striker came on as a sub and then put two past their keeper. That win (briefly) pushes me into 1st place.

But then comes a 2-nil loss to Wimbledon, who—admittedly--are a pretty crap team, and I slip back to 2nd place. I receive an email that day from the board telling me that I’d better make ‘changes’ because my performance isn’t good enough. A bit harsh IMHO. Anyway, I finish January with a 3-2 win over Hartlepool. Hopefully that’ll shut the board up.

January Transfers

Pardo was loaned out without any trouble (lucky, given that he’s only 51 OVR). My crappy GK Smith was easy enough to get rid of, too. I swapped him for a young GK. The new keeper, Cordoba, has a very low rating but he was identified as ‘one for the future.’ Best of all, he’ll accept a ‘sporadic first team’ contract, so no moaning because he doesn’t get to play. :)

But the big talking point in the transfer window is my star L/RM Chambers, the league assist leader. I didn’t want to sell him, but then offers close to the £800k range started coming in (for a League 2 team whose initial budget was £150k!) and I just couldn’t say no. I needed the cash to get myself a new CAM to replace Pardo, to shore up the back and to fund youth scouting to Brazil, Argentina and Germany at the same time.

Most importantly, though, I wanted to get my hands on a hot young striker. I know from experience how important a good striker is to my style of play, and I also know that they cost a lot. I’ve had my eye on one, Pussetto, but he’s worth around 500k, which would normally be out of the quesiton. However, selling Chambers would pay for that. Plus, Chambers is a winger and wingers in my up-the-gut style of play are mainly utility men—they’re supposed to receive the ball and then make an incisive pass into the middle, or to double as fullbacks when the opponent’s got the ball. To some extent, all the awesome speed and finishing ability of Chambers was going to waste in my style, so it’s kind of fair to him too to give him a chance at a club that can put him in his natural LW role. So, all in all, I was sad to see him go, but I think it was the right move.

So, what to do with all that money form the Chambers sale? First, I picked up a new CAM, free Agent Palmieri (19 years old, 62 OVR) and a new CDM, 17-year-old Konko (57 OVR, but with promising-looking stats). Then I hired good old Attila Fiola (CB, 60 OVR, 24 years old) form the free agent pool to help me out at the back. With that out of the way, I traded the slow-developing Azogue and 325k in cash for Pussetto, the 19-year-old, 62-OVR striker who I’d seen in the news as ‘one for the future’. Let’s hope the news reports were right (they sure weren’t for Pardo…).

That leaves my starting line-up as:

........................ST Bowman (63 OVR)……...ST Fletcher (63 OVR).....................

...........................................CAM Puri (67 OVR)...............................................

LM Coquelin (62 OVR)……………………………….…………...RM Paulino* (60 OVR)

.......................CM Dano*(63 OVR)....................................................................

.........................................................CDM Meirelles*(65 OVR)………………………

…... CB Smith [c] (54 OVR)…..CB Fiola (60 OVR)…CB Gaikwad (61 OVR)….

..........................................GK Masana* (63 OVR)...............................................

(*) Products of my youth academy.

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Chapter 5: Lead-up to the January transfer window

Games up to January 1st

After two wins in the league, I’m knocked out of the FA Cup by Cheltenham, and then, in the next game, out of the JPT by Brentford (both 3-2 losses). :(

After that, things pick up though, and with 4 wins and a draw, I find myself in 3rd place, only 1 point behind the 1st and 2nd place teams, and with a game in hand.

Player evaluation in preparation for January transfers

When I transfer players, I want to make sure that I buy low and sell high, so it’s important for me to know when players are reaching their peak and unlikely to improve more. That’s the time to sell (assuming the player isn’t vital). So, this transfer window I looked not only at how much a player’s OVR had improved over the first half of the season, but also at how much their individual attributes had improved. For each player, I added up all their attribute increases to get a total improvement score. It was really informative:

Excellent improvement
~63 (+3 OVR) Melvin (CM, 19 years old)
~62 (+3 OVR) Paulino (R/LM, 17)
~52 (+2 OVR) Toledo Nascimento (ST, 18)
~50 (+3 OVR) Meirelles (CDM, 16)
~46 (+2 OVR) Puri (CAM, 26)
~45 (+2 OVR) Fletcher (ST, 23)
~43 (+2 OVR) Chambers (R/LM, 24)
~39 (+2 OVR) Moreno (CB, 16)
~34 (+2 OVR) Coulson (ST, 26)

Good improvement
~32 (+1 OVR) Montrose (CDM, 26)
~29 (+1 OVR) Bowman (ST, 23)
~27 (+1 OVR) Gaikwad (CB, 24)
~20 (+0 OVR) Burns (CB, 17)
~15 (+1 OVR) Dano (CM, 17)
~13 (+1 OVR) Bueno (CB, 18)

No or almost no improvement
+4 (+0 OVR) Coquelin (LM, 18)
+2 (+0 OVR) Masana (GK, 16)
+1 (+0 OVR) Azogue (CM/CDM, 20)
+0 (+0 OVR) Pardo (CAM, 19)

Going down hill
-12 (-1 OVR) Ingham (GK, 34)
-17 (+0 OVR) Cresswell (L/RM, 37)
-28 (-1 OVR) Smith (CB, 33)

So, I think I know now what I want to do during the January transfer window.

Of the ‘going downhill’ crowd, Smith is retiring at the end of the season and Cresswell is a club legend who deserves to be kept around, so no action to be taken on them. Ingham, on the other hand, I’m going to try to get rid of. I’ve spotted a young high-potential keeper with a price tag of £10k (Ingham’s worth £15K), so I’m going to try and arrange a swap as soon as the transfer window opens.

The ‘no improvement’ crowd is also, obviously, an area for concern. Masana is a GK, so slow improvement is to be expected until he’s older, but Azogue I’m going to get rid of. He’s worth a lot of money and probably won’t improve much more, plus I’ve got two other CMs, so I’m covered there. Long term, Coquelin is for the chopping block as well, but I can’t afford to get rid of him now, as he’s a vital squad member.

Pardo is a tougher problem: he was identified as ‘one for the future’ in the news, and that’s why I bought him, but he hasn’t improved a single point in the year I’ve had him. I’ll try to loan him out and see if that gets him growing. In the mean time, I’ll bring in a better CAM to replace him (at OVR 51, Pardo’s a bit of a weak link in the team anyway).

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Chapter 4: The second dozen games.

After the hammering from Arsenal, York bounces back with a 1-nil victory against a weak Bury side, but then draws against the stronger Crewe. After that, another victory against a weak side is followed by a more convincing win against a League 1 side in the Johnson’s Paint Trophy and another win over a reasonably strong Cheltenham side. Over the remaining games, York get 4 league wins and only one loss, allowing them to move into 2nd place.

In further cup matches, I manage another win in the JPT, gaining me a quarter-final appearance, and then tie 3-3 at Crewe in the FA Cup, forcing a replay at York, which I win in an amazing back-and-forth game with a final score of 6-4. So after 25 games, I'm in second place in the league, and I'm still in the FA Cup and the JPT. Things are looking good.

Chapter 3: The first dozen games

So, what’s the right way to start a season? The right way is to thrash Burton Albion 5-1, and that’s exactly what my lads did. And things keep going well after that. After five games, my record is 4W 0D 1L. The sixth game is against League 1 side Sheffield United in the Johnson’s Paint Trophy, which I was booted out of on my first attempt last season.

Not this time. After a cracking 3-3 match, I won 5-4 on penalties. My next match was a Pyrrhic victory: I won 3-2 over Bristol, but my CM Dano, a frequent starter, went down with a torn calf muscle, with an 8-week recovery time predicted. After that, it was time to face Bury in the Capital One Cup, which I was also knocked out of on the first go last season.

Again, no repeats. Bury was lucky to get away with a 4-2 thumping. Then came the difficult bit of the first dozen games. First, I had to travel to take on 1st-place Port Vale, and lost 2-1. Straight off the back of that, it was time to face 2nd-place Exeter at home. My boys played well but still only managed a draw.

To finish off the first dozen, I beat Southend before losing 3-nil to Arsenal in the Capital One Cup (what can you do…) and then defeating Bury for a second time, this time in a League game.

After 12 games, I’m in 5th place, still in the JPT, and starting to think that promotion is a real possibility this season.

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Chapter 2: The Preseason and the State of the Youth Project

First, the youth project. * indicates that the kid in question is already seeing regular first-team play.

From my academy

*Meirelles, CDM/CB, 16 years old, OVR 63, POT ‘Potential to be special’ (90+)
*Masana, GK, 16 years old, OVR 62, POT ‘Showing great potential’ (80-85)
*Paulino, RM/LM, 17 years old, OVR 57, POT ? I thought high 70s, but identified as ‘one for the future’
*Dano, CM, 17 years old, OVR 61, POT mid-to-high 70s
Moreno, CB, 16 years old, OVR 48 (left academy early :# ), POT between high 60s and mid 70s
Guerra, RW, 16 years old and still in the academy, OVR 50-ish, POT mid-to-high 60s

Bought from other teams after being identified in the news as ‘one for the future’

*Melvin, CM, 19 years old, OVR 55, improved 4 points last season, already up 1 this season
Pardo, CAM, 18 years old, OVR 51, no improvement in almost 1 calendar year :(

Signed as free agents

*Azogue, CDM/CM, 18 years old, OVR 63, POT mid-to-high 60s?
*Coquelin, LM, 18 years old, OVR 62, recently purchased
*Toledo Nascimento, ST, just turned 18, OVR 59, recently purchased but already up 1 point
*Bueno, CB, 17 years old, OVR 54, recently purchased
*Burns, CB, 17 years old, OVR 53, recently purchased

Already on the team before I joined

*Bowman, ST, 22 years old, OVR 62, improved 4 points last season

The Preseason Games

I’ve been working hard on the skill games to up my game and hopefully prevent a late-season slide like last time. So far, it looks like the practice might be paying off. With my 1.5-star York, I first faced a 3-star Mexican team and won 2-1. Next, I lost 2-0 to a 3.5-star German team, but the game was very close right up until their late clincher, with my team constantly threatening. For my last pre-season game, I took on a 3-star German team and drew 2-2. Who knows? Maybe this year we’ll be able to make a proper challenge for promotion.

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Chapter 1: Summer Transfers

After my decision at the end of last season to switch to a 3-5-2, it’s sell, sell, sell. I put all my LBs and RBs up for sale, as well as my mediocre ST Jarvis and my crappy 19-year-old CB Allan (53 OVR, up only one point from the start of last season). I manage to sell an LB, an RB, Jarvis and Allan before the first pre-season game. As a result, my bank balance is looking great, even after I pick up three new 17-year-old backups (2 CBs and an ST). Plus, I’ve still got my most valuable player on the transfer list, Oyebanjo, to sell.

I keep scouting for an RM or LM, as I have only 3 wingers at the moment, one of whom (club legend Cresswell) is 36. Obviously, it’s only a matter of time before Cresswell announces his retirement (I’m guessing one more season after this one), so I know I need something in the wings.

By the end of the pre-season, I’ve found a good young LM, Coquelin, and signed free agent Gaikwad (CB, 60 OVR). On the sales front, Oyebanjo eventually goes for over two-hundred thousand quid. That's a lot of cash for League 2! I use it to buy another 1-star youth scout and my first 2-star youth scout. I won't put those scouts into action until 3 months before the May boost (for obvious reasons), but it feels good to have them ready to go. This year I'll be able to scout Brazil, Argentina and Germany at the same time.

After my new signings, and adding in three players hot out of the academy, my starting line-up looks a lot better than it did at the start of last season:

........................ST Bowman (62 OVR)……...ST Coulson (61 OVR).....................

...........................................CAM Puri (65 OVR)...............................................

LM Coquelin (62 OVR)………………………………………...RM Chambers (64 OVR)

.............CDM Azogue (63 OVR)..................CDM Montrose (63 OVR)……………..

…...CB Meirelles (63 OVR)…..CB Smith [c] (55 OVR)…CB Gaikwad (60 OVR)…...

..........................................GK Masana (63 OVR)..............................................

Looking pretty solid for a League 2 side…

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