Luciano700 blogged
Sep 19, 18 7:07pm

I been trying to battle my urge more and more lately to just be online over here and not get some productivity going, battle is getting better at a slow pace though.
Thurlow blogged
Sep 11, 18 2:48pm

So I enter a competition at work, i never win, but still thought I'd give it ago. Winners receive VIP tickets to watch Bristol City (my local team) on Saturday inclusive a 2 course meal and drinks. Sounds great. Well I didn't win, however some people mainly the Polish lot entered on my behalf said they'd give me ticket if won.

Anyways we come to work tonight and no one on our shift was announced as winners, so I tell my girlfriend to go ahead and book plans with her friends and partners as was waiting to see if i had won or not.

Bookings confirmed so I have a joyful afternoon with partners friend an partner then one of the lads come to me and says I've just received this email, won ticket for the watch, said he just needed my details so it could e put in my name.

I wanted to go to the corner and cry, was too late to change my other plans. Truly gutted and thought I would share, this is the cleaned down polite version of what actually happened there were a lot of swear words involved and the poor guy who offered me his ticket looked very confused
rubberartlover blogged
Sep 11, 18 11:29am

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Luciano700 blogged
Sep 10, 18 7:41pm

My cousin went on a rampage because Spider-Man was taking forever to install, he also decided to get so badly the new Spider-Man-skinned PS4, even though he may as well had stick to the basic model he has had for almost 4 years.
Thurlow blogged
Sep 10, 18 4:17pm

I decided it’s time to start playing football again and i have joined a local football team called “The Musketeers.”

We have started the season well, with three wins and a draw...

all 4-1...and one 4-all...
Daydreaming blogged
Sep 4, 18 10:26pm

It’s always cool to see what became of the people you used to talk to, so here’s what’s been up with me! :DD

It’s 2018, and I forgot my password for five years. (Last time I logged in was in before this was 2013). In this period of time, Hotmail somehow disappeared so I couldn’t do the “forgot my password” stuff.

I FULFILLED ONE OF MY CHILDHOOD GOALS: I met up irl with an online friend! C: I happened to be attending an engineering conference in Texas, and I met Zanshouken in person. He’s one of my first ever friends here from way back when we were playing around in the Tales of Phantasia (GBA) forums, and it was a fantastic experience! 10/10 would do it again.

I’ll have my Civil Engineering degree with a minor in Structural Engineering by the end of this year. It's my last semester and in 2 days I'll have my last "first day of school" in my life. :c I don’t play video games as much anymore… I finish about 2 new games a year now, I think. My hobbies are in a huge spectrum now. I enjoy parties, raves, hanging out with friends, all forms of art, writing, long walks listening to music. I’ve been going boating, longboarding, skiing, and lots and lots of travelling. (University literally funds all of my adventures, I’m not rich ok) The past year, I’ve been to 7 different countries! :DD

I’ve been dragged into adulthood and into my first professional job. I’ve represented my company in front of city officials, and have been given enough responsibility that even a typo could cost everyone thousands of dollars. (And yes, I have made that mistake. It went by okay, though!) Life has been a wild and fun ride!!

Intrinsically though, the major difference between myself now, and the kid I used to be back when I made the profile “Day_dreaming” is that I got out of my “shy” phase. I’m pretty much the same person irl as I am online now. c: In other words, I grew up, but I’m somehow still a child at heart! I wouldn’t have it any other way. C; I still haven’t forgotten Neo, just because I will never forget how grateful I am for the community here ((for all the good and bad things that have happened!!)) because Neo was such an essential part of me growing up.

Just knowing someone you can’t physically meet is doing well is a relief. I’ll try to keep this updated, every couple of years!
Thurlow blogged
Sep 4, 18 4:19pm

Can't sleep joys of being a night shift worker and trying to adapt to day life when off. Thought id update profile first time since signing up, first time posting here too
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Aug 6, 18 2:42am

Devil Frog, Devil Toad, Frog from Hell are all common names given to this amphibian by popular media. This is Beelzebufo.
Fossils of this frog have been uncovered from the Maevarano Formation on the island of Madagascar and was described in 2008. Beelzebufo lived approximately 70 million years ago during the time of the dinosaurs.

What made Beelzebufo so fascinating was its relatively large size. The species could max out at 16 inches (41 cm) long and weigh 10 pounds (4.5 kg). In addition to their size, Beelzebufo also possessed a gargantuan head! And when compared to their ill-tempered living relatives, the ceratophyrines, who rely on their vice grip-like jaws to takedown prey… Beelzebufo was similar in more ways than one. In fact, it is estimated that Beelzebufo could wield a bite force of 500 - 2,200 newtons! With a crunch equivalent of medium to large sized mammalian carnivores, Beelzebufo should have no trouble killing its prey.
• Source:
And these prey options are pretty much anything that could fit into its mouth... and yes, that includes baby dinosaurs.
Angelus de Lioncourt blogged
Jul 31, 18 6:37pm

EpicRaptorMan blogged
Jul 30, 18 8:41pm

It can be pretty easy for us to forget just how important plants are to the Earth's ecosystem. They have drastically changed the world since their first introductions. Plants shifted the biosphere by increasing the rate of oxygen, they changed the carbonic acid rates, the soil structure, the erosion process, and without plants terrestrial animal life may not have appeared! Just something to think about.

In this article, we will be going over one of the earliest and most well known of the early plants; Cooksonia.
Cooksonia is an extinct group of primitive land plants. The earliest Cooksonia can be dated back to the Wenlock epoch of the Silurian period. These little plants (stem width: 0.03 - 3 mm) continued onwards to become an important part of the flora up until the close of the Early Devonian. Cooksonia could have been found worldwide, but most specimens have been uncovered in Britain which is the same location as where they were first discovered in 1937. It is believed that Cooksonia grew near water such as around a river or lake and that they grew in the form of a shrub. Being as primitive as they were, they lacked leaves, flowered, and roots!! Although it is speculated that Cooksonia grew from a rhizome, but we can't be certain until further fossil evidence is found.

Cooksonia's evolutionary significance is a big one as they represent the oldest known plants to have a stem containing vascular tissue. This makes Cooksonia a transitional representative between the primal non-vascular bryophytes and the vascular plants.
More complex plants have xylem vessels consisting of annular or spiraled thickenings at the walls. While the lesser algaes and mosses do not have these. In terms of Cooksonia, some specimens show a thin black line that could very well be the remains of the xylem strand. However, it is also possible that not all Cooksonia species had tracheids (the cells located within the xylem) namely the ones from the Silurian period. Yet it is possible that the tracheids developed sometime later.

As millions of years flash by, plants across the planet began refining their processes. They evolved roots and stronger builds and morphed into many different shapes and sizes and without them...we wouldn't be here.
Captain blogged
Jul 20, 18 12:42am

There's a lot of uncertainty in my moving forward here. On one hand, I cannot wait to return to a normal member. My request to end my temp period was declined sadly.

On the other hand, I started up the Blood Bowl thing again because...why not?

I think my time at Misc. Gaming was probably my most successful stint as a mod here. I actually cleaned that place up pretty well. All in all, it was a failure as all the things I promised never happened. I didn't get a good community going. I created an absolute flop of a game that I really don't feel like doing any more. I think this time my reputation as a creative mind has been obliterated.

Something happened recently with someone and I can understand it as I've thought about doing stuff like that too. During times like there where I just want to go away forever, I think of burning bridges, but I never do. I think about the better times when I want to do things and want to chat. If I burnt it to the ground, I could never return.

Not that anyone in their right mind should miss me. I'm one of a few hundred that come on here every day. I don't bring anything to the table any more so I'm just gonna stop.

No, I won't go down a self-destructive path like recent events. Even if I did try that, the echo would be almost non-existent since I don't have as much pull.

Cap's Cavern is almost done. It might end tomorrow actually. When it does, I might just take a 4 month vacation from the site. We'll see.
Vega112 blogged
Jul 17, 18 2:51am

Ok, first off, a recycled game is a game that has aspects and gameplay of previous games. Mario Odyssey is possibly one of them! It is a great game, of course, but I’ve noticed that it is very similar to Super Mario Galaxy. It has the same health meter and it also takes place in space. It is also very similar to Mario 64, specifically Mario 64 DS, because I’ve noticed some music playing in the background in Mario Odyssey that sounds exactly like the music in Mario 64 DS. It also has moons, similar to green stars from Super Mario 3D World. Cappy is Mario’ companion, just like FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine. Well, thats the similarities that Mario Odyssey has to other Mario Games. Thanks for reading.
Vega112 blogged
Jul 16, 18 9:33pm

Ways to get money in Luigi’s Mansion. The first method is to find a Speedy Spirit. These are the blue ghosts that appear in certain places like the green cabinet in the wardrobe room (It only appears when the lights are off) You only have once chance to catch it because it can never come back. But catching it is no cakewalk. You need to shine the flashlight at the spirit immediately or it will fly away and never come back. It looks like the orange ghost, but it is blue. After you have successfully caught it, the reward will be jewels and lots of money. The second way is catching a golden mouse. Like the Speedy Spirit, the mouse travels very fast. You can spawn one in the study room by going near the desk and open your camera. You will see a slice of cheese below you. Take a picture of it, and a golden mouse will appear. The golden mouse can also appear while you are wandering in the hallways of the mansion. Thanks for reading, I hope this helped.
Elektrakosh blogged
Jul 11, 18 4:00am

How you doin', Seekers?
As I said in the title it can get lonesome sometimes... Then I get creative with pictures found on the Internet.
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