BootyClapital blogged
May 9, 17 6:31pm

I do not use facebook for transactions or middlemaning.

I will only use kik for that.

My kik: ReefBooty
EpicRaptorMan blogged
May 3, 17 5:46pm

Our planet currently consists of approximately ten million species of plants and animals and that number grows every single year as science discovers new ones. We think this is remarkable diversity, yet it is nothing compared to what existed before. We estimate that there have been five billion species on this planet since life began. That means for every five hundred species that ever existed on Earth only one remains today. Thus 99.8 percent of all species that had ever lived are extinct; and mass extinctions only account for a small percentage of that total. No species lasts forever.
Kokoro blogged
May 3, 17 7:07am

As a follow-up to my previous blog, I'm trying something similar to the Featured Forum thread the moderators used to do at Gaming Lounge. But here, I'm not only linking to the forum, but also linking to some of the notable threads.

The forum in question is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Notable threads:

Racers....Introduce Yourselves!
Online Races Planning and Discussion Thread
Mario Kart 8 is finally here! What are your thoughts?
What do you like the most in MK 8 Deluxe over the Wii U version?
What are your favorite Mario Kart tracks?
Thoughts on the Joy Con Wheel accessory
What character and vehicle are you gonna main for Deluxe?
DLC you want for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
What is your favorite Mario Kart game?
Mario Kart Course Rating Thread

Since some of the above threads pertain to the Mario Kart series in general rather than just Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, fans of the series who don't even have the game can always feel free to participate in them too.

So, do you guys have any feedback for this blog post?

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If you were tagged, it is either because you replied to my previous blog, have previously showed interested in the forum, or is just a fan of trying to get activity into forums in general.
EpicRaptorMan blogged
May 1, 17 7:05am

Charnia is a genus of frond-like Ediacaran life form with segmented, leaf-like ridges branching alternatively to each side from a zig-zag medial structure.
Charnia was an organism that grew on the ocean floor and could've fed on nutrients floating in the water. Despite its appearance it is not a plant nor alga because the fossil beds where Charnia specimens have been discovered demonstrate deep water -- where photosynthesis cannot occur.

Charnia was the first living organism discovered before the Cambrian period in 1958.
There is also no life forms, still living today, that resemble Charnia and as of now there hasn't been any specimens discovered outside of the Ediacaran period. Thus, Charnia could represent an evolutionary dead-end.

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tsujack blogged
Apr 27, 17 5:07pm

*facepalm* scheduled one of my college exams for next Tuesday, 2 hours later I get a call from my new employer saying my start date was pushed from may 8th to may 22nd.
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Apr 23, 17 11:02am

Kosmoceratops richardsoni was a ceratopsian dinosaur (more specifically a chasmosaurine) discovered in 2010 in what is now known as Utah, United States. The name means "ornament horned face" and for good reason...
The horns above the eyes are long and thin, but they project laterally and downward. The frill is relatively short and the size of the frill and fenestrae are quite different when compared to other chasmosaurines. Ten hook-like projections line the top of the frill; eight of these curve forward over the frill while the remaining two are located on either side. In total, there's 15 horns and horn-like structures on Kosmoceratops' skull -- which is alot even for a horned dinosaur.

Other Weird and Wonderful Creatures
Weird and Wonderful #1: Opabinia
Weird and Wonderful #2: Hallucigenia
Weird and Wonderful #3: Platybelodon
Weird and Wonderful #4: Yi
Weird and Wonderful #5: Nigersaurus
Weird and Wonderful #6: Pteraspis
Weird and Wonderful #7: Stethacanthus
Captain blogged
Apr 20, 17 1:59pm

I just posted my 10,000th post here on the site. Yay?

Actually, I probably posted my 10,000th post months ago, but with thread deletion and all it doesn't count. Ah well, no worries. What's next for me after 10k? I got my purple icons so what do I go for next? Black it appears at 15,000. I can get that...eventually. I give it about a year or a year and a half maybe. It all depends on how many mental breakdowns I get.

Actually, these icons are more grey now that I see the true black that gets unlocked at 20,000.

I said I'd make a Neoblog post when I hit 10K so here it is. Do I thank anyone? For what? Fueling my spamming? Nope!

If you look back about a month ago, I didn't think I was coming back so hitting 10K was probably never gonna happen. I guess I was wrong. Oh well. I've been wrong every single day of my life so that's nothing new.

That's really it. 10K. Yay.
Kokoro blogged
Apr 20, 17 3:37am

Well, here's my blog post since last year. Anyway, I've been thinking lately, and I thought I would make a blog post about the game forums of Neoseeker, and their activity (or lack thereof).

Lately, I've actually been posting in game forums just about everyday, and I wanted to try and take this further by asking you guys to help, more or less. Two of my Neofriends Saku and Chimaira have both expressed interest in the game forums.

Saku has been wanting to get some activity in the Nintendo Switch game forums, in particular, such as Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Sonic Mania, ARMS and Lego City: Undercover, among others

Of the games above, I'm planning to get Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and Sonic Mania, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (I have the the Wii U version), ARMS and Lego City: Undercover being "maybes". I have been posting in a few of those forums.

Meanwhile, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild forum has been pretty well, in activity, and even got its own moderator. This is a trend I'm hoping to continue with those other forums.

As for Chimaira, him and I have been trying to get activity into the Tekken 7 forum, which so far has proven to be slightly successful, but more work needs to be done.

In the future, I would like to do more blog posts where I would list threads of interest within those forums.

So, do you all like this idea here? Should I change up anything?

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TheTubich blogged
Apr 18, 17 6:21am

I hope this is the way you post on blogs...anyway...

This year has been amazing for games! From consoles to PC, we have gotten a ton of great games, that also have a lot of pedigree behind them. But with this large influx of high budget, high time consumption tittles, the ones that hurt (well sort off) are the small games. Games that dont have a marketing budget, or the ones Youtubes and Streamers miss, since they where contracted by the big companies, or just...appear.
So here are my "Games you might have missed" this year (so far...) (Yes i know the Extra Creditz guys have a show by the same name, but i could not come up with a name) (on the PC since i dont have a console)


Pictopix is a sort of knockoff of a popular handheld series of games called "Picross". Simply put its a puzzle game where you have a goal to fill in square grid, using number indicators, to make a pixel art style image. While no the original, the game is well polished and like the original, it is a fun waste of time in short bursts.

Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine is a simple 2D shooter. With a very old school difficulty, great comic visuals and a setting on a video game world (so there are tones of gaming references and jokes), this game is my personal fav of this year, and it pains me too see that it has gone mostly unknown since it came out so early in the year. This game gets my personal recommendation (for what that is worth).

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is just charming. A "Find the character" style of game (similar to the where is Waldo/Wally books) is a pretty enjoyable time when you just want to relax a bit. Why is the game charming? All the environments are varied , hand drawn and get more and more complex, the folks are animated and all, ALL sound effect are done by one person mouth.

Bedfellows FRENZY

OK i admit this is just so that i can indulge. The is basically a ""Rampage" clone, but with a "Bedfellows" paint job. Bedfellows is a web series (having both comics and videos) of just assholes being assholes. And i just like Rampage OK.

River City Ransom: Underground

I might be stretching a bit, but this in my feed was barely mentioned, even though is terrific. A sequel to the classic. this is a surprisingly long beat 'em up"/ RPG fusion, that has quality in its mechanics and visuals. Overall this is one of the tittle that i just cant wait to get my hands on.


I do enjoy some cheese from time to time, and the SENRAN KAGURA series is just that, They know that they are focusing on pervie demographic and they have fun with it, Stupid jokes, stupid 4th wall breaking, plenty of "Ops i guess i am "naked" now". But with the amount of fun the game has with this, its hard for me not to like. The game as a whole is a Samurai Warriors like game, but you play as ninja girls in skimpy outfits and skimpier magic girl outfit transformation. But again, this just too stupid at most part to be angry at.

88 Heroes

Heroes in essence is hard platformer with 88 being the main theme. 88 levels, 88 seconds to complete the level and 88 characters, all with unique gameplay and style. Say you you die with the fighting game character on a level, no worries, the next character might be Snake, as in from the 2D game Snake and you play as you play snake. Meaning that there are no jumps anymore, but there are some other stuff you need to avoid. A nice idea.

Rivals of Aether

This is just a solid smash bros like game. Good gameplay,mechanics etc. Just a solid tittle.

And that is about all i got. There some other tittle that i saw, but they are in "Early Access" and i dont count thous. But hey if you also have a game that you feel is going under looked, please write about it. I am highly interested in finding hidden gems.
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Apr 16, 17 9:58pm

The name Oviraptor means "Egg thief". Oviraptor is a well known dinosaur and was once presumed to steal eggs, more specifically; Protoceratops eggs. The Oviraptor specimen in question also had a crushed skull and it was believed that this fatal injury was inflicted by the mother Protoceratops that was simply guarding her nest.
However, a study by Mark Norrel et al. in 1993 revealed an Oviraptor embryo within one of the eggs... The alleged thief was a mother who was caring for her nest.
Birds are the direct descendants of dinosaurs and dinosaurs share many characteristics with modern birds, brooding their nests, like what Oviraptor did is one example. It is possible that Oviraptor was covered in feathers to better protect and insulate their nests like birds do today.

Scientists now have another problem; now that the theory of egg stealing has been shattered -- (for now), what was Oviraptor's diet really like? Oviraptor had a short, toothless beak and could have possibly eaten anything... Evidence of lizard remains in an Oviraptor fossil is one clue that puts Oviraptor as a carnivore, although an omnivorous lifestyle is also possible. Oviraptor could have fed on fruits, berries, nuts, and seeds but this is merely speculation.
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Apr 14, 17 11:24am

It's another one of those prehistoric creatures that people often mistake for a dinosaur... Elasmosaurus and its relatives were not dinosaurs; they were marine reptiles.
Elasmosaurus is perhaps the best known of all plesiosaurs. And the source of its fame is thanks to that long neck, which was even proportionally longer than the standard plesiosaur. Elasmosaurus' neck consisted of 71 cervical vertebrae which was more than any other plesiosaur to date.

Elasmosaurus were slow swimmers and they fed on small, fast moving fish. But how could a reptile of such bulk be able to catch speedy fish? Simple, Elasmosaurus could hide its large body in the ocean depths and raise its neck right through the center of a shoal of fish, snapping up a few before swallowing them down.
There is also questions pertaining how Elasmosaurus reproduced. Did they give birth to live offspring in the oceans or did they crawl onto the beach and lay eggs? Well considered its sheer size crawling onto the beach was not only unlikely, but also dangerous. However, other marine reptiles such as ichthyosaurs and nothosaurs (as well as sea snakes today) have been known to give birth to live young. So that possibility is still open for Elasmosaurus and maybe one day we'll know the answer to that.

Contrary to popular belief Elasmosaurus wasn't capable of lifting its neck high out of the water. The neck was simply too long and too heavy and Elasmosaurus wasn't equipped with strong enough neck muscles to do so, especially when you take into account that there was no water to support the weight.
Captain blogged
Apr 13, 17 1:25pm

I've overwhelmed myself once again.

Everything I said in 31 was true, but it came out of a place of hurt. Maybe it came off a tad more harsh that I intended. Maybe it was perfect. The fact is, I've overwhelmed myself with activities. The site is supposed to be fun. It really is. Why would I be here right now if a shred of fun didn't remain?

The thing is, this site has been a part of me for ages. I join in 2004 and had bouts of activity, but the site never left my mind. I threaten to leave the site every other month it seems and that's because I'm constantly doing things without taking into account of how much I can actually do. That was one of the reasons I had a month long mod position here.

Anyway, I'm gonna try not to do that again. I know I wanted to be everywhere at once, but maybe being frequently everywhere at once is a bad idea.

Sorry if I'm not into conversations and post making like I used to be. I'm doing it for my mind's sake. I've said it multiple times already that when my meltdowns come here, I know it is time to stop. I got some good people here that seem like they are willing to look past my absolute madness here.

Also, I'm PayPal verified. Is that a new thing?

Anyway, I'll be here if you need me.
karlos1507 blogged
Apr 9, 17 7:35am

Looking for a well-established Deck Heroes Account. Europe server, willing to pay upto £150/$200 for the right account. I won't waste your time, so please don't waste mine. Thanks
Captain blogged
Apr 7, 17 1:07pm

I've been pretty inactive all week which was partly by choice. You see, I've done some thinking.

I think I've covered my highs and lows enough here, but I think I'm wrong. I think I'm in a permanent low and my spurts of activity here are just a façade.

I've been thinking about my posting here and it really isn't that great. I looked at one thread in particular which was my "In Your Last Played Retro Game..." My idea was pretty original and could have been fun. What am I reduced to now? Reviving dead threads with one or two sentences that say "Oh, haven't played this one. Always liked it. Maybe I'll play it some day."

That's it.

So, I'm thinking I'm done. I don't have any more words to say about anything.

I'm also taking into account all the other things I've said in the past like how I never really felt accepted anywhere. I made a few good friends here and I'm thankful for them. Cheers guys. You made my last year or so better and gave me hope.

The truth is that I just don't wanna pretend any more. I don't wanna pretend liking people here that I don't like at all. I'm tired of the kumbaya feeling in some communities. I've just had it. The site isn't fun any more for me.

I feel like a lot of other people here feel similar about others. They only like them out of proxy. I don't care that it sounds mean or if I'm wrong. I just don't. These final few words are just my inner thoughts and they'd eat away at me if I didn't let em out.

If you are one of those few friends I made here, you already know where else you can find me. If you don't, I'm sorry and wish you the best of luck in the future.
EpicRaptorMan blogged
Apr 5, 17 12:38pm

Sharks have been around for millions and millions of years and they come in all different shapes and sizes. One prehistoric shark in particular can be instantly recognizable -- Stethacanthus.
It is famous for its unusually shaped dorsal fin, which resembles an anvil or ironing board. Small spikes, which were actually larger versions of placoid scales (or dermal denticles), covered the top of the dorsal fin and the top of the shark's head. Scientists are uncertain what these spikes were used for, but the dorsal fin was obviously used for display and perhaps intimidation. It is also worth noting that only the males had this unique feature.
Lastly, two long metapterygial structures trailed from behind the pectoral fins which were called fin whips. Perhaps these fin whips were used during mating, but we can't be certain...

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Weird and Wonderful #3: Platybelodon
Weird and Wonderful #4: Yi
Weird and Wonderful #5: Nigersaurus
Weird and Wonderful #6: Pteraspis
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