Thinking about starting Neo Duelist League with a new character. Brush up on my creative writing/typing skillz/thing. Maybe join an RP or something.


The thing here is I consider myself a really creative person with a lot of ideas in my head and usually that's where they stay. This is an attempt at physically plotting one of these ideas out. As a fantasy nut naturally this will be a work of fiction and magic so if this isn't you're thing then you are more than welcome to leave right now, this instant. Now. Go. Seriously. You won't like it if you don't like fantasy.

I have no idea where I'm going with this, I'm literally writing what I come up with and hoping for the best. At times it might be sloppy and inconstant but this is an a craft I'm still very much new to so any critism would be immensely helpful. The aim really is to write a coherent story with seeds of information to a world grander than you think, where things are hinted but never expressly stated. This is because, from the perspective of the protagonist this is a completely ordinary world, and in a world where the extraordinary is the ordinary there isn't much need for explanation. Obviously overcoming this is a challenge but as what you're about to read will tell you, the perspective of the story should lend nicely to explanation. I want to get better at creating plot points, interesting narratives, a lore that I can stick to and fully understand, and be able to tie up lose ends and explain the odd with knowledge already gifted tor readers. Essentially this is an attempt in becoming a story teller, and a good one too!

With all that in mind I hope you enjoy this, and look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

The thing here is I consider myself a really creative person with a lot of ideas in my head and usually that's where they

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its dead markets dry scammers run free and any chance of redemption go with opening the flood gates of botters once again and even then the game is begining to become out classed by its competitors. Chaos drive is one such game that offers all that is rage without trading and market but a new innovative combat system that I really get behind but he prices and farm capability is low due to the mass amounts theyve learned from other games about how people manipulate the system.

"know thyself and thy enemy to truly be unbeatable"

This year for Christmas, I got two Pokemon items- Pokemon Y and the subject of this braggy-bloggy thingamajigger: the Sylveon Collection TCG Box.
(Pardon me, I'm so happy about it, I'm writing a... 'review'.)
It actually wasn't a surprise. It had dawned upon me that I didn't have an Umbreon card of my own, which was insane because its my favorite Pokemon (wasn't it obvious?). I looked up the single cards first on Ebay, but quickly decided to just get a full set that came with Umbreon instead. There were two sets/decks/boxes/whatevers that I compared. They were the HGSS Undaunted Nightfall Theme Deck and the Sylveon Collection TCG Box.
At first, the Nightfall deck seemed much more appealing, seeing as how Umbreon was the promo and center of this wonderful deck. However, it always had the same cards. You already know what's in the set- there is not randomness or surprises. It was also $30 on Amazon.
The Sylveon Collection also came with a promo Umbreon, as well as all the other Eeveelutions. It also came with a Sylveon figure and four booster packs, complete with randomness and surprises! Unlike the more expensive deck, this one was around $16-17. Sure, Umbreon wasn't the center and whatnot, but I still got the card I wanted- and it was cuter than the one in the Nightfall deck.
I did some research. I watched unboxing videos.
Finally, I fell to my hands and knees and convinced my brother to get it for me for Christmas. I'm not old enough to order online yet, so... I had to.
It was the first gift to arrive at the house. My brother wrapped it and the days passed.
It was the last present I opened (best for last!), and I quickly carried it upstairs to my room to open.
Inside there were:
  • Four Black and White booster packs (2 Legendary Treasures, 1 Dragons Exalted, 1 Next Destinies)
  • Sylveon Figure
  • Promo Holo Eeveelutions and Fairy Type Energy for Sylveon
It was great, and personally I think the Legendary Treasures generally have better pulls. From the Legendary Treasures I was able to get an Excadrill-EX and four Radiant Collection cards, including Pikachu, Purrloin, Ralts, and Audino. There were a few neat reverse holos in all three packs as well, and a couple holos.

OVERALL: If you are an Eeveelution fanatic, definitely get it. You will love it! If you're not, still get it! The booster packs should at least excite you.

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I hope you have a good time! I'm being away I'm Austria skiing and ranting about the storm. But it's not only stormy here or so I heard... Still 32 km/h are a lot!

Reposted due to an edit not changing the preview.

10. The Wolf Amongst Us ep 1
I call shenanigans on putting the first episode of a five part series in the top ten of the year if Walking Dead 2 isn‘t in the list, synth and neon sexy shenanigans Well TWD2 isn‘t out as of writing, if it‘s great I‘ll make an ammendment. Telltale’s Walking Dead was second on my goty list last year but this has engaged me far more just off of one episode. That shit was crazy now I want to read the comics and more than anything continue the darn story, the ending was Whoa. Further side notes, not too interested in a Borderlands Telltale game, love Game of Thrones but not sure it’s necessary, don’t stretch yourselves thin Telltale. After the fact: Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 came out and it was excellent, still I’d rather continue the adventures of Bigby than watch that autistic girl die, you know it’s gonna happen.

9. Gunpoint
Gunpoint has an Angry Birds slingshot effect going for it with it’s secret agent trousers and it is an absolute joy flying about the place, diving through windows with a security guard in your arms and using them to cushion your fall. Just madly fun and the writing’s dope too. Ghost Trick vibes were also felt with the rewiring and I love me some Ghost Trick.

8. Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies
Man I wish these boys would make another Ghost Trick. But hey it’s Phoenix Wright, one of the best written games around, which is handy for what is essentially a text adventure. I defended a killer whale in court, also that new girl is hot, just saying. Virtue’s Last Reward was my numero one last year so me and text adventures kinda get along.

7. Zelda: Link Between Worlds
I got so wound up before you get the master sword because you couldn’t buy weapons from Ravio and I’d get all killed up on bosses and lose my rented items so I’d have to roll through dungeons all over again, man that sucked. However now I’m minted buying and upgrading and having a grand ol’ time in Hy and Lo rule. The music is super don, the freedom to do dungeons in whatever order is also nifty and that get on the wall painty mechanic is really rather saucy indeed. Minish Cap should be on the eShop, Sort It Out Nintendo.

6. Super Mario 3d World
Shit’s no joke after you take down Bowser, it was all fun and games til the Star Galaxy now it’s suddenly gotten evil, I shall play as you one day Rosalina. This is my favourite Mario game since 3d Land which was in turn my favourite since 3 so it might be my favourite full stop. Then again I’ve only had it a couple of weeks, it’s so good, Wii U has come through with reasons to own the console this year I just hope they can keep up the momentum next year.

5. MGR Revengeance
This game is great. Something in my original analysis was causing the filters to not post so this is all you get. Swoosh, fluid, slo mo, spines, that but in more words

4. Bravely Default
This game is great. Default, Default, Default, Default, BRAVEBRAVEBRAVEBRAVE. (This segment was flagged by the filter too) Unacceptable!. Jobs, stacking etc. Marvellous.

3. Bioshock Infinite
Racist Disneyland featuring skyhooks. I remember when this was announced 3 years prior and it seemed impossibly far away. Then it finally came out and was really good. Great world building, story, barbershop interpretations of God Only Knows and that bananas ending everyone was talking about. It was always going to have a cool story, all the Bioshock games have em but this round they upped the combat a bit with the skyhook shenanigans coasting around the place. Minerva’s Den project lead and writer Steve Gaynor worked on this a bit til he left to make…

2. Gone Home
… Gone Home. Minerva’s Den was so my shit it impacted my bowels. Walk around the house reading letters in the 90’s and having plot exposition told to you through voice over. The sense of place through detail is astounding and the story is plausibly the most realistic and heartrending I’ve ever seen in a game. Also a master stroke with the pacing at the end when you think *redacted* but *redacted*, genuine panic. Art game blah blah etc. Dope, and it put me onto Heavens to Betsy and Sleater Kinney, props.

Other Stuff I liked:
Year Walk, Device 6, Monster Hunter Wii U, Windwaker Wii U, back to the schedule:

1. The Last of Us
Earlier I said that the sliding in MGR was maybe my greatest moment of the year but it’s not, it was dying in The Last of Us, the surge as you’re getting slaughtered followed by sudden blackness and silence at the point of death is poignant and brutal. The opening of the game is another high point, it was paced perfectly, and the bit where I thought *blank* might be dead, and the ending. Sure the game was essentially Manhunt down to the sneaking around and brick/bottle throwing but it was polished and a darn sight classier. Also there was a giraffe.

I made a video accompaniment of my top 50 games, but it was junk so it's gone.

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here's the URL that I posted. see here if you want to see my trade list

I'm looking for foreign flawless 5iv 6gen pkm, for Masuda method I still looking for these 5iv pkm Flabebe Pancham Li

If you can breed Timid 5iv Meadow,Sun,Icy Snow,Sandstorm or Vivillon, please let me know.
I can offer Timid 5iv Monsoon or Elegant ones.

Meadow : you can get this pattern mainly in Germany,France,Italy and so on

Icy snow: you can get this pattern mainly in Canada,Finland,Norway and so on

Sun: you can get this pattern mainly in Mexico

Sandstorm: you can get this pattern mainly in UAE, Somalia and so on

Dear Santa, I don't want much for Christmas. I just want the person reading this to be ma frnd forever... Send this to the people you don't wanna lose! Whoever stops this will be unhappy for the first 3 months of ............2014. Tell 20 people you love them, I hope I am one of them... Note from me : If you recieved this that mean i love you as a frnd no matter what♥ Thanks for being here with me this 2013!♥

Been hunting for a shiny Azumarill for a day now...Still no luck but if you were to describe me with a Pokemon ability, it would be Vital Spirit!

Round 89 of the Articles Of Excellence ends with Insanity Prevails surprising the circuit with his first win in what feels like forever! This one review happened to be on F.E.A.R. 2, the psychological horror shooter featuring that creepy little girl. He confirms that Alma is, indeed, creepy, but she really enhanced what was a standard ordinary (albeit well designed) shooter.

F.E.A.R. 2 Score: 8/10
Genre: Survival Horror

While I think some of the stuff could have been executed better, I did find that I enjoyed myself playing through the game. Perhaps not entirely for the reasons the developers had intended, but the fact that I wanted to go back in and keep progressing is a good sign.

quote Insanity Prevails
When it comes to the horror genre a good number of the more well known series play from a third person perspective - either a playable view behind the character or that awful fixed camera option. Yet it feels like first person would be the more ideal choice, putting the players squarely in the shoes of the poor sap that is due to be victim to whatever supernatural forces the developers care to drop in. FEAR 2 goes that route, putting us closer to the horror than other games would as we deal with the dangers of Alma.

You're part of a task force attempting to reach someone involved in some incidents before other special forces reach her first. Then shit happens and then you end up trying to reach your fellow squad mates while dealing with a creepy women who seems drawn to you and then blahdeblah blah. There is a lot of backstory you can dig up about everything though, which comes in the form of data disks scattered around throughout. The environment itself does a good job of providing elements of the story too. When you arrive at the school it initially just plays out as a hiding place for a NPC. As you explore you realise that the school itself holds numerous dark secrets.

The stand out part of the story for me was Alma, as I gradually learned about who she was, how she was involved in everything and why she kept appearing where I was. Despite the interactions with her going the route of OMFG SHE'S HERE I'M SCREWED she was definitely the character I was the most interested in. By comparison, I found it hard to care too much about the others. The most notable friendly NPCs - that being "Snake Fist" and squad leader Stokes - have little interaction with the player so they don't really seem to go beyond their assigned roles. You do get the odd radio transmission from them, but not enough to really flesh them out. The antagonists other than Alma also seem to have little presence. You see them in the first few parts of the game and then they mostly vanish entirely up until the final areas of the game, apparently content to leave all the work to the mooks. I'm not sure why I'm supposed to care about finally confronting one any more than I did about replica soldier 851 whose blood I'd just used to decorate the walls two rooms earlier. The ending is also obvious sequel bait, which may be a little annoying if you're not actually sure if you want to invest in FEAR 3 too.
Read the rest of this review and leave feedback

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin When it comes to the horror genre a good number of the more well known series play from a third person perspective - either a playable view behind the character or that awful fixed camera option.

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I bought the premium pack and downloaded the china rising expansion pack and when I went into quickmatch and tried to go into capture the flag mode it keeps saying 1 or 2 more dlc missing for this server wtf does that mean if im premium ffs anyone know ast all ? Battlefield4ChinaRising PS4

I played the first episode of Walking Dead Season 2 and well, while it's nice to see Clem a little older and stronger than an adult, the fact that Christa's fate is unknown and that Omid... well... is somewhere else alrerady made me sad. And the dog... and when is the second episode coming? I wanna know who Clem thought was dead (Christa or Kenny?).

School is killing me and coming home to a yelling mom, screaming little step brother, annoying older step brother, a step dad who doesn't really care, and a sister who's a emotional teenager isn't making it better

[generic starter on how I'm never active and I'm gonna be active]

tl;dr I'm sorry.

That aside, even though most of the people I knew won't actually see this and even less will probably care to read it (which I understand, I probably wouldn't read this myself), I'd like to apologize to everyone I've wronged in the past 4~5 years on neo. I used to be close to a lot of you and eventually we fell out, whether it was because of a dumb argument, real life issues, or me flat out being an edgy, angsty teen. I'd like to start again (I say that every time but look where that lead) on this site because it has so much potential that I've never really looked at. I'll probably forget about the site again as I deal more with High School and gaming but I have my Skype and Twitter in my description or something somewhere. I know I used to have a couple of you added and stuff happened that got between our old friendship. I'd like to think, whether something severed any of my friendships 4 years ago or recently that I've gotten a little more of a grip on my emotions and I've matured, at least since I first came here.
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