Hello! My name is Capslock, and I am an avid Fantasica player. I've been both a buyer and a seller here in the Fantasica Neoseeker forums, and still actively buy from other traders whenever my finances allow me to.

I enjoy collecting rare cards, and will try to get my hands on rare (and expensive) LE cards regardless of their stats. So if you're a seller of some pretty rare cards, I just may do business with you one day. :)

Thanks for reading!

well been a long day, registered for 1 maybe 2 classes. damn people wanna argue that I need a math and english class as a pre-req for some programming classes. f**k that if your able to code your able to complete the degree program.

It's about time i played a PC Only game. Infact, it's about time i played any PC game. Yes, due to the fact I still need to upgrade my RAM and Processor and the fact that i refuse to set the textures to low am i only getting around 20-30 FPS but i don't care, I'm still playing it.

Let's just say that for a game that's only at version 0.1.1, it's not bad. Hit detection is way off which makes me accuse people of hacking as I'm blasting a godly amount of Rockets at them with Baby Panays Rocket Launcher for them to still walk free and unscathed through the carnage i just created.

I have a friend who i play it with and we're always doing what we dub 'deathraces' across mountains where we start from one destination and travel to another without any of our cars exploding. That's another thing, the vehicles, the health is odd as it never seems to go down if you crash into a tree at normal speed but if you're boosting and hit a tree or a wall or anything, your probably going TO DIE!

Boosting is great. Somehow managing to blow up your car but stay alive and fly is quite funny, just be sure to parachute back down before you hit the ground.

I hope that by the time Just Cause 2 Multiplayer reaches 0.3 like SAMP is, people will be able to start changing the rules and making more variety of game modes like Deathmatch servers, Racing servers, Roleplay servers and ZOMBIES, I WANT ZOMBIES! Although there are no zombie skins, one could use certain skins like they do for SAMP where the hobos are zombies.

JC2 MP was made by the same guys who made SAMP, right?

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Found another shiny male Growlithe at 682 REs! I just realized all but one of my shinies are male haha! Continuing my search for shiny female Braixen~

I've been hard at work for all the gamers that believe in real gamers ethic. I believe the Neo fans here feel as passionate about by hand, real hard work like I do....Love ya Neo fans!!!!

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What if I was in the hospital
You wouldn't know if
It just stopped

Like if you'd care if I logged off for the last time.
Comment a ♥ if you'd miss me.
Repost if you're brave.

Ugh. My head starts killing me as soon as fall is over. Lol :P DEATH PUN DONE! Scary stories here

Do not follow the behavior and customs of this world. Instead, let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. That way you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good, and pleasing, and perfect.

Doctor Who is a British TV series that is popular worldwide. It features a 'Time Lord' known as 'the Doctor' who time travels with, most of the time, a human companion.

The Doctor Who Fangirls/boys, or more commonly known as 'Whovians', know almost everything about the Doctor.

But how exactly does the Doctor keep his teeth clean?

It's these silly questions that sometimes gets us thinking. Of course, the person reading this might just say he brushes them; but there is no particular evidence for this. Do we see Peter Capaldi in front of the mirror shining his Sonic Screwdriver in his mouth? Does this method even work?

One possible explanation for the Doctor's clean teeth is that he keeps them suspended in a different dimension just like the paintings shown in 'The Day of the Doctor'. The teeth would still be usable, but their status would just never change.

Will Whovians ever know the true answer to this question? Or will it remain a mystery to everyone? The fate of this lies in the hands of Moffat.

6. Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time
5. Bravely Default
4. The Wonderful 101
3. Grand Theft Auto 5
2. Assassin's Creed 4
1. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

2013 was a notable step up from last year. Whereas 2012 was such a mediocre year that I could name all of its worthwhile games on two hands, I'd at least need to be Goro in order to name every good game from 2013 on my hands. This may be a result of needing to end the seventh generation on a high note - whatever the actual case may be, I'm happy with it. I wasn't exactly happy with how Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry and Bioshock were handled this year - the former two were story driven and yet, they were both rubbish; the latter focused so much on aesthetics that the gameplay became hopelessly mediocre as a result. Thankfully, at least Sly Cooper and Assassin's Creed were handled with care. Granted, both had a nonsensical time travelling concept, but both of them either ameliorate or at least lessen the issue by either having a silly story with some fairly well written dialogue, or by having its past plot be infinitely more interesting than the time travelling concept. Grand Theft Auto was given some respect - it went back to what made the PS2 Grand Theft Auto games awesome and - my disappointment in the soundtrack and not taking as much advantage with the three character thing as they could've aside - I dare say that Rockstar had exceeded expectations. I'd also say that Metal Gear, Fire Emblem and Zelda were also handled with care, but not to the same extent as Sly or Assassin's Creed.

Anyway, let the discussion begin - Desmond's ancestors VS Sly's ancestors!

If 2013 did anything especially right however, it reminded me of the core essence of gaming - fun. Well, okay, it also had moments of being pretentious and downright pandering ala Gone Home, but it's hard to give two shits about that game when Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and The Wonderful 101 (and Sly 4, for that matter) were so much goddamn fun! The Wonderful 101 was like a flurry of style with just enough substance to want to keep going, just to see what else it had up its sleeve. Blood Dragon, on the other hand, is like a parody of 80s pop culture and modern day first person shooters. Even without the comedy, it feels like a better version of Far Cry 3, which was quite an engaging game in and of itself. Blood Dragon is a lot tighter, making things a bit easier whilst making kills feel even more satisfying. From stealth kills to lunging right up to them and wrecking them old school... goddamn, it's good! Grand Theft Auto 5, as I had just said, put the series back on track after the rather melodramatic stylings of Grand Theft Auto 4, and between all of the activities that you can do and all of the hell that you can try to raise, it's still a joy to play through it. I'll take San Andreas over it if given the opportunity, but 5 was still pretty good. Hell, Bravely Default even made traditional turn based RPGs seem like fun! Although we'll never see a developer top Skies Of Arcadia or Suikoden 2 anytime soon, being able to experiment with different jobs whilst utilizing the brave default system so that you don't get your bells whipped is enough to keep you playing, and the characters are a joy to be with.

Keep the ball rolling, 2014.

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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas :shifty everyone! But I can't really do that right now. Hmmmm I think I should be adding to my friendlist.

My Shiny Team is complete as of Saturday. Thanks to all who have helped me get my shinies, you guys are the best. God Bless You All. P.S. For tomorrow, Happy New Years!!!!!!
I'm still waiting for Poke Bank to work so I can transfer some Pokemon from my Pokemon Black to my Pokemon Y!!!!!!
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